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what will happen if i miss one mortgage payment?
I need some extra money this month and I was planning on skipping this month mortgage payment.I need to know what the bank will do an dhow bad will it affect my credit.
Our landlord is trying to short sell the house. Our lease is up March 31, 2010, originally the landlord told us he was foreclosing , later
he said he hired an agent and will try a short sale. We agreed on a rent reduction and have a good relationship with him. The agent emailed today and said he's going to put a lockbox, that was unexpected,…
I'm interested in a short sale, it's renters occupied (month by month). We went and saw it and they were saying that they will keep the
ceiling fans because the landlord agreed to it. It is possible? What are the fixtures/appliances that should not be removed? Is there a checklist of what should stay? Who's liable if anything is…
when are the tax forclosure properties up for sale in Delaware?
goverment tax forclosure properties, where do you get a list for these properties?
I'm buying a foreclosed house in Boynton Beach. The HOA treasurer just informed me that if I close on the house, I would be responsible for the
$7400 late HOA fees due from the previous owner?? The listing agent says this has "all been taken care of", but has nothing in writing to show this. What can I do to protect myself? I am in…
Can the new homeowner break into the property the day after my foreclosure sale date and throw out my?
belongings and property just because they are the NEW property owners?
we are current on our mortgage payments - however we have struggled to pay them for the last couple of years - we have an opp. to live in a family
house ( the house my father grew up in) for however long we need to rent free - we have to sell our house quick b/c we will be falling behind on our payments shortly - we don't want to stay in our…
The lender got a judgments for mortgage dues to sell the condominium. the day of sale in foreclosure lender bid and won the auction for the property.
5 days later the same property was auctioned this time by the association for maintenance dues and I bid and won the auction for the same condominium. Who is the legal owner of that property? any due,…
Condo in dublin - $345000 it for real?
I came across this condo in 3265 Monaghan Street, Dublin CA 94568 sold for $345000 when compared to other condos selling in the near vicinity for $390000 to $405000. Is this condo's price is for real or…
looking for few foreclsed property bank want to sell at Whitestone, Flushing, Bellrose
and surrounding areas. Serious agents or who wants to represent me as buyer agent pls contact.
Can I collect past rent if my landlord rented me a room, knowing the home was in foreclosure?
If my landlord rented me a room, knowing the home was in foreclosure - And, did not disclose those terms with me - am I entitled for all rent paid to the owner?
The house that i live in is in foreclosure i do not own it, I have never met the own. I pay the culb house each mouth and know i just fine out the
bank has the note on the house a letter came to the house what do i do. I call the bank and their said cannot give me any information. So were was my money going to each mouth,because its been going on…
Can I take the rent money and get another place to live and not pay the landlord who has a foreclosure on the property.?
Was not warned of a pending foreclosure, sale will take place next week, and we wont have money to move if we pay current landlord this month.
I own a condo in Germantown which I purchased for $315 five years ago. Then about 4 years ago I moved out of
Maryland and now I live in California. I have kept a tenant in the house since then. The rent does not pay for the mortgage and I pay net about $600 each month out of month . The current value of house…
We made an offer on HUD home and were accepted. During the process of closing the very nice stove/oven was
stolen out of the property. HUD is only allowing a $200 credit at closing for the stolen appliance. It was a four year old model which retails for close to $2000. Is this our only option, other than scuttling…
Can some one call me about this one I am an agent!?
How much is it foreclosue? -- This question is about this property:
I foreclosed on my condo, and the second lender sent me to collections. Both loans were purchase money, so I do not owe them. How do I make them stop?
I have spoken to a California attorney in a phone conversation and he confirmed that the second lender was wiped out during the foreclosure. He said that lenders send us to collections hoping we'll…
Please help! I am from Pennsylvania and my wife has recently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and waiting on
meeting of creditors. Our mortgage company just sent us a letter stating they wish to move forward on foreclosure of our home with 2months past due. My wife just sent one months payment and we are now…
How do I did out about a foreclosure home?
I have found a foreclosure in Krum Texas i am wanting to know more about who would I contact?
I have a homeowner in my community that stopped paying dues over a year ago!
Mid-way through they filed for bankruptcy. Shortly after, they worked with a bank and were able to refinance their loan for a considerably less amount. It still looks like they don't intend to move,…
I thought with foreclosuer you never give the asking price and especially if the house needs alot of work done inside and outside. How much should?
you offer off the top of listing price and how can you go back with a offer if your offer is turned down and they have more offers
I am purchasing a house on land contract, but found out in is in foreclosure as of April 19 and your company is the mortgage holder. This is the only
property that your defendant has in Canton. what should i do/ We have paid him his rent each month for the last 4-5 years and the monthly cost that we were paying was going toward my purchase. Please…
I just put an offer in on a short sale can I call the bank myself to check the status
I just put an offer in on a short sale can I call the bank myself to check the status
Buying a house on a short sale. Everything accepted, by homeowner and the homeowner paid a mortgage payment and the bank says we have to
wait 30 days. Closing was to be last week. Now what? Any recourse? What if the homeowner makes another payment?
I am a renter who think's the property is under foreclosure. What should I do? Do I need to move out or continue to pay rent?
On March my landloard called me to let me know someone was going to take some pictures and do an appraisal of the property I was renting. I calledthe condo's association to ask if the property was…
Short Sale house becoming a foreclosure?
I am curious how long here in San Diego county does a Short Sale home generally stay on the market before a bank forecloses and it becomes an REO. How many factors are involved and what kind of timeframe…
Should I consider 'Deed in lieu of foreclosure'? Or other options?
I owe $152K($57K 1st, $95K HELOC-different lender) on a house in AZ. May sell for $135K, leaving me $25K short. Stocks wiped out, no savings, 401K lost $34K, worth almost nothing now. Requirements for Deed…
What should we expect in mediation court with Chase??
Have been in short sale process with them for 20 months. At one point they accepted an offer (we have had several close to BPO) then negotiator quit and it all fell thru. It was our primary residence…
How can we find out if our offer on a foreclosure was ever submitted to the bank?
We offered twice on the same foreclosed home and didn't get the house. We were told the second time that an all cash offer was submitted and that offer was accepted. The house has since closed and…
I have signed a purchase agreement on a home foreclosed by Bank of America & sold to FNMA. Someone fell asleep in the process & the deed from
B of A to FNMA has been lost. Who can I talk to to get this resolved. My money is in escrow for more than a week. I want to move in. Can anyone help?
#7602 Clair Wood Ct., Apollo Beach, FL
1. Can you supply me with more information, taxes, HOA fees, and interior and exterior pictures? 2. Are you asking the full amount left on the mortgage or is this negotiable? 3. Will this be a short…
i'm going through forclosure, can the bank come after my salary, saving and checking account if the property sold for less than I owe on the
property? i'm going through forclosure, can the bank come after my salary, saving and checking account if the property sold for less than I owe on the property?
just claimed chapter 7 bankruptcy. house is in bankruptcy, and its been discharged. the sheriffsale is in july 15 2010, i moved out and i went back
to the house, and i found that they change the locks on the house and they had inspectors in the house to winterize the house can they do this. is this legal?
What happens if our landlord does a deed in lieu of foreclosure after we have been served, and answered Summons of Foreclosure? Do we still fall?
under Obama Law enacted may 2009? When that law says 90 days from sale of home for us to leave..what does that mean.. 90 days from deed in lieu of foreclosure or does it mean 90 days after the bank sells…
Someone has a referee deed on my house. What happens next? If he sells do I get any proceeds? How long does he have to sell. What if I have a buyer?
I have a ten days notice to vacate. I was in the process of getting a buyer. I have one now. But I have the eviction. He does not want the house but feels he has waited too long. Does he have to sell the…
I'm looking for information about a company called Green Credit Solutions.
I've been offered a job as a Sales Rep by an affiliate of theirs in Sonoma County to seek out homeowners in need of loan modifications. Supposedly, Green Credit works with DRE "sanctioned" Real Estate…
Frustrated borrowers are calling real estate agents for help with their loan mod applications that are currently handled by loan mod companies.
What is going on with loan mod companies/attorneys. Borrowers said they are not calling back. Lots of homeowners are worried about the status of their loan mod applications.
Foreclose or not? Options?
We purchased our townhouse for $185k and now its work about $150k. We're upsidedown by about $30k. We since rented it out and baught a house. Financially, should I walk away and let the townhouse foreclose…
My investment property was foreclosed on by my neighbor's lender. The lender also evicted my tenant without my knowledge.
It seems that there was an error made back when my neighbor & I split up the ownership on a duplex. The engineering company put the incorrect lot numers on a Condominium Plan. However, I purchased…
My house will be sold at an internet auction. The bank has a maximum bid $ 3000.00 higher than the final judgment. My questions are?
1: Does this mean that the bank is bidding that amount regardless? or they can let it go for less? 2: The second question is obviously: If the bank bids what I owe them, will I still owe them money? 3:…
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