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Previous lender asking to sign affidavit?
I refinanced with this lender a few months ago. He just emailed me: Can you sign this affidavit in front of a notary for me. Please send it back when you get a chance. This was during the time when…
I been trying to work with my current lender for my home mortgage. I was current at that time and now fallen 2 month behind. Need help with short-refi
after all the paper that I have provided them all this time they said my loan has not been with HSBC for 5 yrs they are not able to help me at this time to do a mod or anything else for me...My options…
I am a real estate investor looking for a good reputable hard money lender or private money investors. Is there one that you would recommend?
I've come across a great deal and need additional funding. My other sources are not able to assist me on this deal and I would hate to pass it up. I am willing to also do a jv agreement or something…
I live in Europe. I have put an offer on a house in Anaheim, I would like to put 60 to 80% downpayment.
Is there any local finance available for foreign real estate buyers to finance the rest?
high ltv Home equity
What is the best bank/program out there for HELOC? I am looking for LTV 80% or above and lower interest rate.
Is there any way to get money offered by the seller towards closing costs back in cash?
I am in the process of buying a short sale property and the bank that owns the property is offering me back $9,900 towards closing costs. I figure that closings costs won't add up to nearly that much…
Is it better to get a streamline 203k and then a home equity line of credit later on or just apply for the full 203k at the beginning?
I'm interested in a fixer upper. The bones are good but the kitchen and bathrooms need a gut rehab and the electrical and possibly plumbing need updating. I'd like to apply for the full 203k…
we are from uk and planning to move TX, want to buy home,what kind of down payment need to pay ( minimum ) to buy any house ?
for $300000 budget how much down payment minimum need to pay if we want to buy house over in TX,USA ?
FHA Owner Occupancy Rules - Getting Married
I just purchased a duplex with an FHA loan and signed the 1 Year Owner Occupancy contract. I move into one side of the duplex next month while the other side of the duplex is rented. My boyfriend just…
Financing Issues: Lender bait and switch:
I was in the process of buying a three family house, owner occupied and I am a first time buyer. There was money for downpayment (20%), no credit issues everything was fine. Just one day before we were…
Where would you go if you have a great Fico score (both over 800) and money for a down payment?
A mortgage broker seems like a middle man that is not necessary if I can walk into a bank and get a loan. I was wondering if a big bank can offer a cheaper mortgages than say a smaller local bank. What…
We want to move to & buy a home in the woodstock area and we have Excellent credit and 20% to put down on a home.
But my husband has not been offered a job there yet. What happens with the mortgage?
Can an international graduate student (on F1 student visa) get mortgage?
I am currently a Computer Science PhD student on F1 student visa of UT Austin, and I am planning to buy a condo/house in Austin, TX. I have 5 more years to finish my program, and I am now supported by…
Will any lenders refi & cash out if you have not been on title for 12months?
Have bought a property at about 15% of FMV and want to refi for 50% to repeat the process. Can anyone suggest who to talk to? There is no debt associated with this property.
lease purchase homes
where can i ftnd listings
i am trying to obtain a loan for a second home.
i owe 300k on the current mortgage, i have 90k income and approx 100k for a down payment. 740 fico. does anyone know how much of a loan i can qualify for? tit-for-tat
Down payment assistance-First time home buyer in PP
Do they still have down payment and closing cost assistance in Pembroke pines and/or Broward County? I have been interested in purchasing a townhome in the area but it's hard for me to save the money needed…
I’m looking to get pre approved for a loan
I’m looking to get pre approved for a loan we have a 603 and 626 score. About 6,600 income . I have a car loan that is paid by the primary person on the loan and its been 11months almost 12 months…
Looking for mortgage lenders provide loans for foreign national (F-1 visa) with low down payments and interests rates.
Hello Loan Officer, I hope you can help me with getting a better mortgage loan. Here is the overview of my current credit situation: Credit Score: 700 Credit History: 10 Month Employment History:…
Can one buy a home with only 10% down in the Bay Area?
I currently own a home in San Francisco. We are considering putting it on the market so we can buy a home in Moraga. Our home will fetch about $1.1M and the home we're looking to purchase is on the market…
Doing refi plus pull money out to cover equity line. equity/second line wants separate appraisal to first. Why am i paying more for another ? Thanks
2nd are telling me by law they have to pull another appraisal due to 'new bank laws'. Broker is calling BS on that ... if all appraisals are independent, why ask for another other than being…
how do I apply for a usda loan?
I have been looking all over the internet and every time I call somewhere for more info I never get an answer. I don't like giving my information away over the internet I would rather go somewhere.
place in country and has 28 A. Current loan is on house only and fields rented out. OK?
Son wants to refinance place as he has a high interest rate. House is worth approix $125,000. and when financed they counted the house only as their rules didn't include farm. But, the rate he has…
First time homebuyer
I want to buy my first house, I have a been working at my current job for 16 years, I have a low credit score but can put around down $10000. How do find a company willing to give me a loan.
Foreclosure, On title but not morgage
My house was foreclosed. I am not on the mortgage but am on the title. mortgage was in my husbands name . Can i still get a mortgage? credit score is 688. I have 20% down, no debt, job.
USDA home loans
Does anyone know where I could obtain a USDA home loan with a 620 credit score in Ohio? The home that I am wanting to buy is in a Fannie Mae property.
Do I continuing shopping for a loan while waiting for the appraiser?
I am in the middle of refinancing my primary home. After getting GFE's from several lenders, I have chosen a 15 yr fixed conventional loan with a local credit union. I have already put down my…
Mortgage - Bank or Broker?
I'm buying a condo home for around $200K. I'm looking at 5/1 ARM with 10% down. I have really good credit: 790 FICO, $100K income, and low debt. I received initial quotes from many brokers.…
What is my recourse if my own agent is hidding information from me?
We are closing tomorrow and she is telling me that HUD is not ready while my lender within 11 min of this email is sending me the HUD
Who can the Self Employed obtain a loan from?
My husband and I are both self employed and are really having a horrible time finding a mortage co willing to lend even though both our credit scores are well over 700 and awesome credit history. We own…
how do I find a lender who does mortgages for co-operative housing in Los Angeles?
I know that co-ops are not common in southern california and thus most of the lenders don't do financing for it. I'm in the process of buying a co-op but want to know if I have a choice of choosing from…
Is it possible for a buyer to get a loan on a manufactured home in a park with a land lease?
We're getting a number of listings for manu homes in a park and I have lots of leads but cant find a lender who can! Is there a minimum loan limit that all lenders can do?
FHA loan Q: Can the 2.25% FHA cost be paid as part of closing costs instead of adding to loan??
From what I hear, it is mandatory to add this cost to the loan and it CAN'T be paid as part of closing costs. Is that true? Have a short sale approval where the bank is giving a 3% credit for…
Can I use rental income as a payment for my mortgagae?
I have a large amount to apply to a downpayment but the only income I would have is from the rental that my boy friend would supply
Do you have to wait an additional 2 yrs with FHA if you go from a per diem position?
To A part Time position where your pay scale Triples and it is in a field you went to school for
Will refinancing remove MIP?
I have an FHA loan from 2009. I did an FHA Streamline refinance in November, 2011 and got down to 4%. But I heard that if my homes value is up (and it is) and if I'm at 80%, I can do a refinance…
I am a teacher, my boyfriend is a Navy vet. We are trying to buy a home, our mid credit score 610.
We are looking to buy in the Reno, NV area. Any help would be appreciated.
can you make an offer on a new construction home???
my fiance and i are first time home buyers and are interested in new construction homes,can we make an offer on the the price or ask for free upgrades? should i consider getting a real estate agent ?
Are there any other loan products beside VA and agriculture that require low/no downpayment?
I have a client who doesn't qualify for VA or FSA loan, but could really use a nothing down loan. Any other programs she might consider?
What is the APR in relation to the Truth and Lending act and do you find it helpful?
Does the disclosure make sense, is it helpful... thoughts?
In PA, can a married couple only have 1 spouse put the mortgage in their name?
If I buy the home, we won't need to put down 20%. If we buy together, they will make us put down 20% because he has several rental properties and look at him as an investor even though this will be our…
Need help.. I have lost my house is there any program that can help me to get another one now I have a steady job and I can do payments Thank you
I been told that the are programs for people that actually lost their homes , in my case I had a house with an ARM type of credit , at one point payments were very high up to 1400/month on top I lost my…
Can i use a co signer to do a refinance?.?
I was tell by wells fargo that you can't have co signers in a refinance. Is this true or is just with them?
Closing Costs in Philadelphia
Each mortgage company has given me estimates on closing costs. What closing costs are mandatory regardless of which company i go with.
I own two investment properties (free and clear) in Virginia. As a Foreign National, can I refinance these Properties.
I hold a B1/B2 Visa and an ITIN Number. I do not have a credit history in the US or any income in the US other than the rental Income from those properties.
Do you have to wait an additional 2 yrs with FHA if you go from a per diem position?
To A part Time position where your pay scale Triples and it is in a field you went to school for
I am looking for a mortgage program to Finance or Re-finance Investment Properties in Virginia. Can anyone help me in finding an interested lender?
I am a foerign national with a B1/B2 Visa and an ITIN number. I have no credit history in the US but I have Income letter from my Home country emplyer..
I am an Australian investor who is looking to buy homes in Atlanta.Are there any lenders who will lend 60% of value for 5-7 years at 7-8% p.a.?
Looking for 5-7 year loans at 50-65% ratio. Currently have 50% / 5 yr /7% arranged by local agent in Memphis for 2 homes. Are thre any Atlanta lenders who want to fund 3 homes , avearge $ 60,000 each ?…
Is there any help available yet for owners who pay on time but are unable to refinance with a jumbo loan and a mortgage underwater?
No one will touch our jumbo ARM which will come up in 3 more years. I've been looking everywhere trying to refi to no avail.
Why are banks not loaning these days?
Banks have made the loan process next to impossible. The hoop-jumping is endless and then when it's time to close, you can't because something ends up being wrong, missing or they drop the ball…
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