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Will we get approved for a FHA or a first time home buyers loan?
My girlfriend of two years and I are looking to buy a house together. My credit score is 649, hers is 652. I have worked at my current job for a year, making $25,000 a year or roughly $1900 a month salary…
I want to purchase a home and my credit score is low 500's. Where can I go to get financed? I have a good job and make good money.
I am in my mid-40's and unmarried. I live in Austin, Texas and I want to stay within 10 miles of my current location. Thank you.
Construction loan
Does anyone have recommendations for a company who does residential construction loans (that would transfer into a mortgage) that would serve Southeastern PA?
Forclosure Lending Advice: Previous Owner Stripped the Kitchen and Bathroom
We want to put an offer on a Foreclosure. The house would be in great/beautiful condition except that the previous owner removed the toilets, sinks, and removed everything from the kitchen except the backsplash…
I have a 2013 return with an AGI of -3000. I have a 2014 return with a AGI of 22000. My proposed PITI is 800.00 mo will I qualify for the loan?
If I don't please evaluate the amount of AGI I need to qualify. I can reduce certain expenses and amend either the 2013 return or the 2014 return. Thanks
I need a rent to own or owner financing .. 3/2 or 2/2 with an extra room
I need a rent to own or owner financing .. 3/2 or 2/2 with an extra room
Mortgage insurance
I have been in my house about 15 months. I currently have an fha loan at 4.125. I owe $218 on the property and I believe it's worth around 260. Is there any way I can get out of paying my mortgage…
Scared of the underwriters! How accurate is "desktop underwriting"? We have less than perfect credit, and this is a FHA loan.
We "passed" desktop underwriting, and got a letter of approval for financing. We found a house, and finally the offer has been accepted by the bank. (It is a short sale). We are putting only…
Conventional loan after 2 years past short sale?
I am hearing i have to wait 4 years to get a conventional loan. I short sold an investment property that went very south with extenuating circumstances. The developer sold 1/4 or property and turned the…
What's wrong with a 203k loan? My current lender is "not a fan" . He thinks they are a nightmare. Everything I read on the internet
says the opposite. We are looking at buying a home that needs cosmetic updates (badly). House is priced well under our budget but, we can't afford reno costs out of pocket.
Low 600's score with a foreclosure can I still get a mortgage?
Credit karma one score is like a 620 the other is a 601. It has jumped like 30 points in the last few years. I also have a foreclosure a few years ago. Long story there. But I'd like to buy a…
Should I replace my mortgage with a home equity loan?
My wife and I are looking to refinance the house with the goal to eliminate our PMI payment (we are at ~75% LTV). Upon doing research I found that I can refinance the full mortgage into a home equity loan…
Is it legal for a realtor to contact my loan officer if they are not my realtor or the selling realtor when buying a home?
I recently purchased a home contingent on me selling my home. The home I was trying to buy received a second cash offer and I went under contract of my home that same day. They accepted the second offer…
my hone worth on zillow on 472k and my balance left is 300k. can i take cash out 150k for home addition?
My home worth on zillow is 472k and my balance left is 300k. can i take cash out 150k for home addition?
Lender Refuses to Separate "Points" from other "Loan Origination Fees" on GFE & HUD-1. What is Advantage to them? My Recourse?
Hi Folks -- Another very picky question for the experienced RE experts in LA. Responses from Lenders, Underwriters and Escrow Agents especially welcome: My Closing on a LA condo is June 15…
My parents are relocating from LA to Hemet. They have rented always and now have some cash due to a lump sum pymt from landord to
vacate property which will be demolished. They want to buy a small home but dont have working income but Social Security supplement. Can they buy?
Need a home equity lender for credit scores in the 630 range
I have approx 85g of home equity and my income is more than sufficient for a home equity loan. My credit scores are in the 630 range because of delinquent accounts from years ago. I pay all my bills on…
Need home equity lender for credit scores in 630 range
I have approx 85g of home equity and my income is more than sufficient for a home equity loan. My credit scores are in the 630 range because of delinquent accounts from years ago. I pay all my bills on…
Construction Loan OO requirement.
If I'm getting an OO construction loan to build my house, is there anything that would inhibit me from selling the home a few months after construction is finished--let's say if I didn't…
In escrow and looking for a portfolio lender (20% down non-warrantable loan,
The HOA is in litigation with the builder over separate building because of "slab leaks". This is the eighth and final lawsuit that the HOA has filed, with the first 7 being settled out of court in favor…
After losing our income for 2 years, we had a cooperative short sales in Nov 2012. Shortly after than, we got a very attractive job offer and with
sign on bonus and everything, we brought a house in Nov 2013. We were lucky to find a lender who gave us a loan but the mortgage is a 5 years fixed at 4.5%. It's been more than 2 years after the short…
Advice on the most advantageous types of loans to purchase owner-occupied multi-family?
Building would be 5 commercial Would convert 2 to 3 units to primary residence for owner occupied while remaining units would be income producing.
Financing pre-approval options
Hello, I am currently living in Brazil and will be moving back to the US next week. Yesterday I tried getting pre-approved with HSBC, but the broker told me that because I don't have the money for my…
I'm a single mom who never bought a house before I've been working in the same job for four years. my credit
around 600 making about 35k/year. I have 10000 in saving. i don't owe anything but car payment. Can I qualify to buy a home/condo? please help me.
Home loan for H1B and F1 OPT
My husband is on H1B visa. I am on F1 OPT visa valid till 2016. We have good credit score(>740) and expect our combined annual income would help us get approved for higher amount. Any banks/credit unions…
How fast can an FHA loan close?
From start to finish, what is the fastest time an FHA loan can close in? Are there any time length requirements that the process must take a certain amount of time? If so, how long?
Can I get a FHA loan with a bankruptcy and short sale?
My chp 7 bankruptcy was discharged June 2006. My mortgage was included, but I continued to live in the home, and never reaffirmed the loan. My credit report has always reflected that the mortgage was discharged…
When can we obtain an FHA or Homepath mortgage after bankruptcy Chapter 13 discharge which included a home deed-in-lieu surrender?
Would a default include surrending our last home in our bankruptcy filing? And would we have to wait 36 months to get an FHA loan? Is there a 36 month wait to qualify for a Fannie Mae Homepath loan too?…
I need pay for cash companies to contact
I need companies that works with pays for keys programs or related
streamline and get parents off of FHA ARM
streamline and get parents off of FHA ARM
Does applying for a loan jointly with spouse who has no credit history but equal income help or hurt getting approved?
My husband has very good credit history. I started working only last year and make as much salary as he does. We expect our combined annual income would help us get approved for twice the amount of loan…
HI I am a British citizen, ex British Military currently based in Camp Leatheneck, Afghanistan working for the UK MOD and US DOD. I want to move my
family from Asia to the USA, settle them while I continue to work in Afghanistan. Can I get a non resident mortgage, for approx $150,000. My salary $7000 PCM, and no liabilities, 50 yrs old full employment…
How does water damage and mold affect the appraisal value of a home?
I am interested in a home that has flood/mold damage. I have received estimates on repair costs, and believe that purchasing the house is still possible. Ideally, I would like to use cash to purchase…
Are physician mortgage loans available in NY? What is the 'catch'? ?
My husband is a 3rd year fellow finishing in June. He has a job lined up where he will be making $200K annually starting at the beginning of his contract which starts this summer. We are looking to buy…
Can I consolidate unsecured debt into one payment without settling down the balances and ruining my credit?
I looked into debt consolidation today. They advised me to stop making payments, so they could negotiate with my creditors to settle for a percentage of my balance. Not what I thought debt consolidation…
Any recommendations on where to get a portfolio loan on a primary residence (or is this possible)?
We have excellent credit and income and 10% for DP. We have an ever missed a payment on our primary residence, but do have short sale we are only 1 year out of at this time.
I need a hard money or private lender who's willing to fund the purchase price for a property.
Executive Summary: 3114 thoreau Medows Rio Rancho New Mexico Purchase Price is $78,000 rehab is $18,000 ARV is about $144,000 Borrower will be financing the total rehab cost
My husband and I are both staring new jobs soon and would like to buy a home this year. Will the new jobs screw up our ability to obtain financing?
I am staying within my current industry, just taking a slightly higher paying job at a much better company. My husband will be starting in a completely new industry. Overall our finances are pretty…
Which company is offering the best rates for no to low documentation loans?
Looking for a company & or investor (not a bunch of agressive brokers) that offers solid rates for commercial and or cash out residential loans with little to no documentations.
I need a hard money loan in New Mexico for owner occupied property to pay property taxes.
There is no mortgage or liens on the property. I have 4 of the 26 acres that I am dividing (I have gone before the county commissioners who approved the division upon payment of the property taxes). I…
Does anyone know of a lender that will offer financing to a current graduate student with a family cosigner?
I have a 786 score and 20% down. Does anyone know of a lender or mortgage broker in South Carolina who will finance a condo that is non-warrantable? I am in the process of purchasing a primary residency…
Regarding home buyer new question, If underwriting requires a pay stub after closing how does that work?
What if you start the job and it doesn't work out it can happen; then they remove you from the house?
Are Title Charges and Government Recording and Transfer charges will be same and can be ignore when comparing the different mortgage lender?
Hi, I am building a new home. The builder has given me the closing date april 24th. I am shopping for Mortgage lender. I am planning to use the same title company as builder has recommended but I may…
Is possible to get a fha loan in michigan on a coop?
Is it possible for my family and I to get a fha loan on a coop property in ann arbor michigan? If so what lenders do I need to go to? The property is in colonial squares if that helps.
I short sold my home in Las Vegas earlier this year due to a heath issue. Can I get a conventional mortage before two years.?
I had heart surgery two years ago and as a result of a long recover I had to short sell my home. Now my health is back to 100% and my Dr. agrees so I'm looking for new mortgage. I have over 20% no…
In need of a commercial mortgage broker in Houston
I am in need of a good commercial mortgage broker in the Houston area. If you are a COMMERCIAL mortgage broker please send me an email here on Trulia. Thank you.
Do you need some credit card accounts or loans that your paying on to get a home loan? Even if your credit score is ok?
My husband is planning on buying a house in a year or so, we rent our house, vehicles or paid for, and he has no credit cards or loans. We would like to keep it that way but have been told you need some…
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