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How many mortgages for rental properties in CA now?
I heard that: now, you can only apply maximum 4 loans for 4 rental properties in CA. Is that true? If so, is there any maximum amount limitation for each loan? Thank you!
Mortgage Help!!
I am trying to fix my credit score using a program through Wells Fargo. In March when I started my scores were 543 with Experian & Equifax was 529,TransUnion was 502. Now this month it's 664,618,…
Are there FHA lenders for small mortgage loans for Savannah,GA?
There are some homes in and around the Savannah, GA region (up to 60 miles) that I am interested in buying provided that they pass FHA inspections. I'm a first time home buyer with a FHA preapproval…
in NJ. does interest on rental security deposits have to be addressed in lease for tenant to get the interest?
i lived in apt for 7yrs. landlord held $2175. for the 7yrs but now that i am leaving he says he owes me no interest because it isnt written into lease? i think he is trying to rip me off?
What is the opinion of The Money Store?
Interested in knowing how reliable for mortgages
can you geta fha loan with a 626 fico and 7% down?
looking to geta fha loan witha 626 and 7-10% down what are the qualifactions? basics
What credit score do I need to buy a house and what can I get approved for?
My middle credit score is a 670 and I would like to buy a house in the next 4 months. All of my accounts are current for the last year but I have some late payments from about a year and 3 months ago.…
Hi, I am seeing a lot of conflicting information.
I just need to know how long does the deed in lieu stays on your credit and can you purchase a house after two years?
Credit @ closing
It was put into our contract that a credit of "X" was to be put towards actual closing cost. However, I was told that a credit on the hud will not be allowed and that it is standard with all…
Does PHFA have a new rate?
I have just read that PHFA interest rate update was made on 10/07/2011 10:00 AM, Does anyone know the new rate? I have tried the website to look for myself but it's not working right now.
What programs or tax breaks are available to a Veteran who wants to buy a NYC coop? Or a condo?
\Please let me know anything you might know about this! Thanks!
have a judgement it's being paid off by wage garnishment for the last 2 years and it's not reported on my credit do i have to pay b4
Judgement being paid by wage garnishment do i have to pay judgement in full before closing.
Im trying to find a loan as a foreign national in RI. Any suggestions or help?
I am an Australian/British citizen looking for a property in RI. I am full time employed and have a 20% deposit in hand. I do not have a Social security number or pay tax. Any suggestions on where to find…
Who is a good multi-family loan broker in San Francisco? I have a 7 unit apartment building that I'd like to refinance. Thanks!
I have a 7 unit Victorian that is a cash cow. I bought it years ago, and refi'd into a lousy loan a few years ago. I'd like to have a great 15 year fixed loan. The LTV is at least 60, and the…
I have a primary residence that I want to turn in to an investment later. And a second home that my parents live in. I want to refinance both but not
sure for how long to refinance for. I want to pull out as much cash as possible so I can have money for a down payment for my future house and keep the payment as low as possible. Is it smart to do a 40yr…
Tell me why can someone living in a home for over 8 years, have originally put down 20% on the original loan of $300,000 which was a $60,000 down
payment and still be asked for private mortgage insurance when asking for a refinance? And have credit scores (both parties) over 800? Insane, haven't we got good enough track records, this is not right.…
How to get an FHA loan? Score under 600.
We're looking to relocate to Chattanooga after I graduate in December. He is on a fixed income with no debt. We don't have a lot to put down. I'm not working at the moment.
My husband wants to take out a loan on his late mothers home. The house is paid for and is divided four ways. We would have the loan in his name.
Make the payments until the house is sold. The loan would be less than what his share would be when sold. Can we do that?
I have credit problems that are all nothing but medical bills. I currently rent and have never made a late payment. I don't have any other debt
but recently learned it may help me to get a credit card and pay it off every month. I'm on disability, was in a serious car accident and will be getting a settlement enough for paying for 50-75%…
Refinance - 5 1/2
I purchased a condo 3 months back. Now rates on 5 1/2 are going down. By what date could I refinance my loan?
Owe 165K on my home with no equity. Want to get a 2nd home, combined inc. of 80K with 700 cr. How difficult would it be to get a 2nd 100K loan?
Getting married this year and would like to see my options in expanding. What do I need to qualify for a 100-130K Loan? My fiance is not on my current mortgage.
I need a pre-qual ASAP for my investor!!!
Investor looking to expand his portfolio with 3 properties. Buyer needs an updated pre-qual for 55K and another for 32K. They catch is we need a FANNIE MAE lender and will finance an INVESTMENT property…
Need refi. Equity in house plenty. Not FHA. Thoughts? Thanks
t647 FICA, $125000 in equity, 100000/yr income. No late ones in over a year. Before that wife cancer treatments caused cc debt and some late. FHA turnedd down. Any thoughts on refi. Thanks
My present mortgage is at 4.87% -- since I can't sell until the market improves, is it worth it to refinance?
I purchased my condo in May, 2009 with the intention of taking advantage of the 1st time homebuyer's credit AND because, at 53, I thought it was time to own my own home instead of renting. Everyone…
Refinancing a Queens co-op? Worth it?
I originally bought my co-op in early 2008 w/10% down, $147,500 purchase price, 5.2875% APR. Current loan balance is about $127,000 and it is no longer my principle residence (renters are in place). I'm…
I am seeking an investor(s) with a Self-Directed IRA or 401(k).
Looking to purchase REO and properties near college/universities and hospitals.
Is there a way to get my option arm to reset early?
My option arm will reset in 2012, but my agent tells me that if it reset today I would get a great rate, 4.5%. I have 2 more years on a 7 yr arm. Would my bank consider letting it reset early?
Cash-out Refinance of Investment Property Under $50,000
Paid cash for property and rehab. Have owned property for 13 months. Comps in area are approximately $55,000. Credit is 700. Looking for 75% LTV ($37,500 - $40,000) cash-out refinance of investment…
Can my husband buy a home in his name with 1 full tax return stubs for 2011 41k and 6 months stubs & a return for 2010 for only 9k. on job for
1y 6mo He wants to buy in feb of 2012 at that time my husband will have been at his job for a aprox 1year and a half and will have his w 2s to reflect both years and stubs, Is not haveing a FULL 2 years…
Investor with 4 homes - evaluating buying 2 more homes.......need help with conventional loan for 100k or less
I am an Investor with 4 homes - I am evaluating buying 2 more homes.......need help with traditional loan for 100k or less per home - in other words, I am not a flipper and not looking for 'hard…
I have a credit score on average of 629, hubby has one of 555, can we qualify for a home loan? We are both 22, and never owned a house before.
We currently pay rent of 515 per month, and would love to be home owners, but know nothing about it. I know that our credit is not the best, and we have paid off all collection accounts. Can anyone give…
Parents are on morgage but all 3 of us are on the deed. I have always lived their and payed all the bills. I want to get them off it. Do I refinance?
They signed the morgage on their own to get me to move back to our home town. I had a credit issue then and couldn't get a home loan. They put me on the deed with them so I would have some type of…
how much interest should have been paid to me or decducted from my rent if I paid a $500 security deposit in 2004 and currently live in campbell, ca?
I moved into my apartment in 2004 and still live here (2011). I have never received a deduction on my rent or a check and recently found out I should have had either. How do I find the interest rates…
Is there any owner fiancing?
I would like to know if any owner would fianace the home in Deland or Deltona
I would like to get into the USA banking system to borrow money to purchase properties.
I do not live in the USA but have a LLC and a bank account that I have just opened, and I have three properties already and would like to purchase more.
is there such a thing as a 40 year mortgage ?
most people don't know about it.
Why Does Running a Revenue Generating Business on the Grounds of a Condo Complex Scare Lenders?
I recently had a lender tell me that some banks are not lending on the Marina City Club because it has been recently reported in the HOA docs that there is a ‘for profit’ business being run…
Is there a way to buy a HUD home with low Credit Scores? I am on disability and have no Bankruptcies looking at a 20K house with little down.
I am on disability and want to buy it seems cheaper than renting, but have low credit scores because of past mistakes. I know I can afford 250.00 a month in a payment. Want to buy a HUD home not looking…
I'm new in this business and looking for a mortgage broker and a real estate attorney in CA. I've contacted several people so far, but
with few results. Please help. I need a mortgage broker that i can work with to help me with all my deals and approve buyers with low credit scores and who does not have a down payment. Also, i need…
Unemployed spouse- Does her $$$ count as "income"?
My current scenario- I was pre-approved for a certain amount, but ideally would like it to be about 20-30k more. My spouse is on the pre-approval as "non-purchasing spouse" due to her credit…
I'm 24 y/o work as an auditor and have a credit score of 750. Looking to buy a home and have 250,000 saved for down payment. Is buying 800k?
possible My credit score is based on just credit cards I am trying to buy a 2 family house in brooklyn ny.
Any lenders offering more than 4 loans on cash out refi of investment properties? Rates? terms?
Have 4 LOC on other properties , and looking to cash out refi on several other "free and clear " cash flowing rentals.
refinancin my house what happens when ur interest rate lock extension expires and lender is at fault im at 4.94 and rate r lower can i get lower rate
i had 60 day rate lock that expired got a 10 day extension that will expire ive worked with 3 loan persons 1st family problems didnt have 2nd loan rep take over for 16 days that one quit took 7 days to…
Is it possible for someone with a low credit score to get a loan, from somewhere other than a bank.?
Our rent is so much more than we would pay for a mortgage, so it only makes sense to buy a home, our kids are young and it's important, however my husband is the only one that works. Our credit isn't…
How can I find a mortgage broker willing to offer some guidance?
we are in a bind. We already know that because of a foreclosure date and bankruptcy we must wait to finance a mortgage. What we don't know is how soon we can start searching. I've hears of others…
How long does it take to get the pre-approved letter after being approved through an automated FHA system?
We went to a broker Monday to fill out the application for an FHA mortgage. On Wednesday, he called us and said that we were pre-approved through an automated site and that it would take some time to get…
How to get approved with a huge amout of student loans?
My husband and I would like to buy a house, NOW. We have been trying to clean up our finances over the past year. but I am really worried that mystudent loans are what will stop us from our dream. I cannot…
Need a Bank Of America Pre-qualifaction Letter
I need a letter in order to submit an offer on a Bank Of America house. please call me if you can help 770-307-8751
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