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For Realtors or Brokers - In todays market - What are you getting your most bang for buck in Advertising from ?
Hi Guys What are you having the best luck or leads come from in Todays market - Advertising Where - Trulia , Active Rain , Google Ads, Print Advertising , Craigslist or where ? Thanks Stephanie…
How do you handle "active" children who visit your open houses?
This past weekend I had to ask children not to run through the house, refrain from doing cartwheels in a crowded bonus room and lastly, stop using a tree branch for batting practice with the roses.
To other agents or potential sellers in Hollister, Morgan Hill and Gilroy.
I have a qualified buyer looking to purchase a home in one of these areas. They need a separate spot, side yard or alley access to park a 10' x 30' boat. If you have anything please email me…
Does anyone know if "theredx" "landvoice" "REAP007" these are lead generation suppliers for Expireds and FSBO?
Hello All,I wanted to find out if you would guys prefer one over other exipreds and fsbo lead generation tools. Please share your thoughts.
Court Foreclosure
Is there any link to the homes to be foreclosed next month?
I need a good buyers agent in Lake Stevens
I have a client in Lake Stevens that needs an agent 300k price range. Please email/call if you're interested. Thanks!
Buyers agent in Gilmanton needed for my client
I have a client that is ready to make an offer on a home and would like me to get an agent for them. If anyone is interested in a client referral email me or just go to this link, complete it for more…
Not sure if I'm thrilled with the changes at Trulia Q & A and blogging.
When answering --- everything is in one paragraph without a break, making it less legible. When blogging --- I usually put my thoughts together on WORD, then transfer to Trulia. But sentences ran long…
Staging a home for sell - Do you do it for Free? Charge a fee? Recommend a professional?
Thanks to all the great shows on HGTV buyers expect a staged home. When getting a home ready for market how do you approach the staging of the home? Do you do it? Free? Fee? or Leave it to a professional?
Pre-FIRM home appraisals.....
How are homes being appraised that are built prior to the FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) elevation requirements? If the house is built below the Base Flood Elevation and a new buyer cannot buy flood…
What company do you recommend that makes flyers/postcards for your marketing campaigns? (i.e. to get listings, buyers, etc.)
Has anyone used Vistaprint for this? I have used them for my business cards only. Thank you in advance for your input!
Active Agent looking to switch offices.
I'm currently with Keller Williams, I like the people and the 70% commission,but I don't like the office fees seeing how they have done nothing to help me earn business. what are some good companies…
San Diego Realtors...I need a referral!
I have a buyer purchasing a vacation property in Pacific Beach. I would love a referral to a property management that does vacation rentals at the beach...there are plenty on google, but would love a first…
Would you put your client's house on "hold" or cancel the listing while looking for a new home?
My clients have a very specific location they want to move to, with limited inventory. They thought they found the right home, and put their house on the market in order to sell it and buy the other,…
I'm a new agent. I wanted to know if all brokerages require agents to pay a full year of E&O insurance before they move on to a different firm.
Since I'm new I'm quite perplexed that RE firms don't prorate you if you want to leave the firm mid-year, the brokerages ask you to pay the remindar with no expectations of refund at a prorated rate. This…
Who has had success with Trulia ads.?
I have only gotten 2 leads in 6 months with my Trulia ad. I only have 10% of the market share. Obviously some of you have had success with Trulia ads. What is the minimum market share to start seeing results.
What CRM system do you use that you really like? CRM - client relationship how do you track the conversations and 'touches' you have
I'm looking at how to improve my systems and would love to learn of a better one than I use now.
Anyone else experiencing problems with drop-down menus overlapping and thus not opening? Does your search for an agent feature work?
Mine has not been working for quite awhile now particularly the drop-down menu under my name.
Are there any real estate agents that speak Chinese in Sacramento?
If you are an agent in the Sacramento area then please contact me to help with a potential client that we could work together with.
When looking at comps and a property is built in the mid 2000s and the area around is in the 1950s and 1960s, how do you adjust for comps if....?
No recent sales for that year built home, how do you adjust for comps to get to a market value for a home that is built in the mid 2000s?
Any agents in Van Alstyne want a client referral?
I have a client in Van Alstyne who asked me to refer her to a good buyers agent she wants to start looking asap. If interested you can email me or go to our site for more info. https://thelendersn…
200-250k client of mine needs an agent in Laredo
If interested please email me or go to this link complete it and our broker will email you details. Thank you!!
I need open houses done at my listing in Hemet in the Wilowalk community. 1173 Pink Dawn.
If you are a licensed agent who would like to do open houses in Hemet, at my listing in Willowalk please let me know. This weekend from 12:00-4:00 Must use generic signs but feel free to pass out your…
I'm a newer agent and haven't dealt with FHA loans yet. I have my personal property up for sale and was
asked if we would consider taking an FHA loan as a seller. What are seller concessions when dealing with FHA? Is that a per property thing to get the house up to FHA conditions?
What is the estimated time of arrival of my T shape chocolate cake?
Cough, cough, notice anything new? While the VIP3 badge is not going to dramatically change my life (we have established that through many blogs) it is indeed an exciting day! For those who have popped…
I need a buyers agent in Lexington ASAP anyone want a client referral?
If interested please email me or go to this link complete it and our broker will email you details. Thank you!!
Anyone with a successful track record in China Cove?
Need an idea of the value of a 5 story, 3 bay 6 car garage (double stacked lift) 6000sf cliffside home less than 100ft from Cove Beach?
Is it a smart career move to become a real estate agent at age 40, with the economy the way it is? How long does it take for training?
I asked about training because of my age. I am concerned that being 40 may be too late to start this type of career. I was interested years ago but at that time i was in another career im ready to change.…
Website solutions for design and function
Our company recently entered a new web contract, but I'm always searching to ensure we have an optimal solution with CRM, IDX, a great interface, etc. To other small real estate business owners - what…
What marketing have you used that has effectively helped you find listing clients?
I don't like to reinvent the wheel... What marketing has been effective to bring listing clients your way?
I am a licensed broker in California as well as Florida. However, My brokerage company is not yet set up in Florida to hang my license.
I need some help next week. I will need someone to refer business to and partner with for various opportunities. Does anyone know any great realtors or lenders to work with? And if they're not you, what…
Does a $1,000 bonus (or any bonus for that matter) to the selling agent make much of a difference or is money better used as incentive to Seller?
I have seen several listings where there is a bonus (usually $1,000) to the selling agent. Often, it is contingent on getting it under contract by a certain date. I have never received one of these bonuses…
Has anyone used or heard of the lead generation site
I got a call from a solicitor selling leads by county. Anyone with any experiences? Thanks.
Logo design for web and print
Who did you use for logo design and what images were provided? I don't like the look of the image on our site, but before I suggest edits I'm wondering what sizes and extensions others were provided, and…
Is anyone else experiencing problems with this site in regards to posting sold properties or searching for an agent?
Just wondering if my computer is freezing up or if Trulia is working on the site.
Should a seller leave the nails in the wall of the home they are selling?
I have asked many Realtors this question: "When a seller packs and moves their items out of their home, should they leave the nails where photos, pictures, art, etc. used to hang or should they remove…
Trulia Blogs Down still?
Anyone heard an update as to what's happening with the Blog section on here? It's been quite a while since we were able to update or create new Blogs.
I need a buyers agent in Amherst, NY for my client!
I have a client I would like to refer in Amherst, NY who is pre-approved for $130,000. If any agents/brokers want this referral please go to this link at our partner company, and fill out the form. Then…
Making upgrades to a house.
My parents are trying to sell their house and have not gotten any offers yet. They are thinking about making some upgrades and they would like the opinion of some agents. They have hardwood floors under…
career change to real estate
Hello all, I always had held stable jobs with decent incomes paid bills and allowed our family to have a normal life nothing spectacular.. I always like the idea to work on real estate, but never gotten…
Sub-agency why ignore the option?
No agent in my market offers compensation or cooperation for sub-agents. Clearly it is not in the best interest of a buyer to work with a sub-agent. But isn't it in the best interest of the seller to at…
Background/credit check on prospective tenants?
I have a warehouse building with a few vacancies that I need to fill up. I am getting some interest in the units and I am curious what services others are using for a background/credit check on prospective…
When it comes to self promotion advertising (blogs, newsletters, website, social media, etc.) how much time are spending on a weekly or monthly basis?
Advertising properties is easy, you start - you finish. What I'm wondering is how you keep all the balls in the air with unending self promotion. What are you doing, how long does it take, and are you…
Is It a Waste of Time to Hold Open Houses on Saturdays?
Sunday open houses have always seemed to be all the rage, but do you know other agents who do them on Saturdays? Is there a better response on one day vs. the other? What's the magic of Sunday?
Do you walk 10,000 steps in a day?
As I am focusing on video as a method to connect with people in my area in hopes that they'll call me for their real estate needs, I've been shocked and dissapointed to discover how unsatisfactory my appearance…
2013 Year in review and beyond
How was your market in 2013 and what are your predictions for 2014?
For Trulia Administrators -- why don't you work on fixing your spam problems before shutting down the blog function? I just had to scroll through
3 pages of spam before coming to a legitimate question. With no ability to blog it's going to be very difficult to maintain my level 3 VIP status if I have to go to Herculean efforts just to find a legitimate…
Quick Poll: Trulia "Profanity Filter"
Fellow Trulia Professionals, have you run into Trulia's new "Profanity Filter" blocking your answers in error?
Are Internet Leads the New Floor Time?
I distinctly remember when I first started in this business that floor time was a major focus for lots of agents. Everyone wanted their time slot and there was always someone willing to take your shift.…
What challenges are you and your buyers facing in reagrds to the mortgage industry?
The mortgage industry changes everyday. In my opinion, not to the better because they are overcompensating for mistakes that they made in years past. What are your thouhghts?
Will FHA Finance 100 year old home?
I have a client who wants to buy a single that's over 100 years old. As for we know the home seems to be in good shape and updated electric and plumbing as far we know. Was told that FHA will not finance…
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