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Wed Jun 10, 2009
Marvin Jensen answered:
Tue Mar 31, 2009
Becky Nay answered:

This home is not for sale. Without seeing this home I would say $145,000-$155,000.
This is based on the sold comparables in the area within the last 90 days.
I hope that this helps you in your home search.

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Mon Aug 24, 2009
Valencia Bradley answered:
I Know of 1 duplex that has a lease to own feature please give me a call @ 801-558-6140 for more details.
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Tue Jan 27, 2009
Ron Templeman answered:
Most states have a transfer tax that comes out of a transaction. In my state (Delaware) it's 3%. 1/2 is paid by the buyer and 1/2 by the seller. Other fees may be recording fees and courier fees to pay off any existing mortgages. Your state may have other fees. Consult a Realtor or real estate attorney. ... more
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Tue Dec 6, 2011
Dallas Texas answered:
GREAT QUESTION: No you dont UNLESS in are in foreclosure status you might then want to confirm with bank.
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Mon Jan 19, 2009
Dallas Texas answered:
No all mortgages balances must be cleared prior to close, try work out with lender for a short sale which may affect your credit scores.
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Fri Feb 6, 2015
Benjamin Thorn answered:
Take a look at and I have more success with those two sites locating rentals for clients looking for temporary housing than any other resource as of late. You may pay a little more having pets, but if you love them like I do they are worth it :). Good luck. ... more
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Sun Dec 16, 2012
Cameron Piper answered:

I understand and feel your heartache in your post. Please keep in mind that you will come out of this alive - even though you don't feel like it right now.

First things first, all you can do is all you can do. Do your very best to sell the house and continue to try to pursue a break even sale. You may however need to begin to discuss a short sale with the bank. Do a search on Trulia Voices for "short sale" and you will find plenty of great advice on how to get it done.

In the mean time, go find some work, anything will do in the short term. Deliver pizzas, wait tables, work at McDonalds - this will help stem the tide until you find better work.

Next write out a budget - every dollar in and every dollar out. Prioritize your spending, focus on food and shelter to start and then pay each bill in order of priority, once you are out of money you are done. Those that don't get paid will scream, but remember all you can do is all you can do.

Drasitcally cut your lifestyle - do you have car payments? - sell the car, buy a $1000 beater until you get back on your feet. Do you have two cars and only need one? - sell the extra one. Remember that eating out is a luxury, so is cable, starbucks and the newspaper. Put your student loans on hardship deferral and start clipping cupons for groceries - every little thing adds up to a big total in the end.

It will be painful but you aren't going to crash as long as you are willing to make drastic cuts now in order to save your entire financial situation. Good luck and post back with more questions.

Check out and read one of his books "The Total Money Makeover" or "Financial Peace" - if you can't afford one - check it out from your local library.

Cameron Piper
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Thu Jan 15, 2009
Other/Just Looking answered:
It is difficult to say since WaMu ceased to exist this morning. FDIC seized WaMu and sold the bank to JP Morgan Chase for $1.9 billion (WaMu has $310 billion in assets).

It is the largest bank failure in American history.

It may be that the WaMu folks handling short sale approvals are still at work, but I suspect that things will be uncertain for them for a week or two while Chase digests the meal.
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Tue Sep 23, 2008
Joshua Hanoud answered:
According to the latest NAR statistics (from memory, don't shoot me if I'm wrong here) the statistic is approximately 5 years.
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Sun Apr 12, 2009
Frank Diaz answered:
Just purchase bank owned properties or foreclosures. Of course, you will hae to qualify for financing and these types of properties generally need repairs.
The one I saw last week, had no appliances, and holes in the walls. I still consider it a good buy and submitted an offer on it. ... more
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Tue Aug 19, 2008
Maria C answered:
Hello Dennis,
If you are relating your question to Salt Lake City, I run a CMA on the property you inquiring and it came to $145,000. However here are the comps I used.

802413 Listed at 134,900 Sold $139,500 with $ 8,800.00 in concessions

797210 Listing $ 139,000.00 Sold $139,90 with $4,000.00 in concessions.

773084 Listed at $150,000 Sold $150,000
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Mon Aug 24, 2009
Kristie Jensen answered:
Are you speaking of the University of Utah Medical Center or one of the regional hospitals such as the new Intermountain Medical Center? Also on the schools, do you want more information on the public schools and school districts, or the colleges and universities in the area? You can find information about the schools on my website by going to and then clicking on schools. If you need more specific information, please feel free to contact me at 801-450-7428. ... more
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Tue Sep 23, 2008
Mercedes Holte answered:
The first step is to contact the city code enforcement office. They are in charge of making sure that issues mentioned herein the question stop from occuring.
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Wed May 27, 2009
Maria Morton answered:
What specifically are you unhappy about? Perhaps if you discussed your concerns with the agent, you could come to terms. Perhaps not. In that case, just tell the agent you no longer want to work with them. Put it in writing so the file can be closed.
You might find that they are relieved. Sometimes people just don't click. Personally, I have fired three buyers so far this year. And if any of my buyers wanted out of our contract, I would let them go. Why would I want to be around someone who doesn't want to work with me?
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Thu Feb 19, 2015
Joe Patton answered:
Check out my website at and click the spinning apple link in the upper right corner of the home page. Fill out the quick info sheet and then select the city and school you want information on. It will email you a free, printable report on any of the schools you choose. In terms of the neighborhood... In Arcadia Heights, you are looking at mostly larger single family homes ranging in size from about 3000 sq.ft. to about 5000sq.ft. + and built between the 1960's all the way into the 1980's with a smattering of twin homes (twin homes typically share a common wall with the neighbor) built mostly in the 1970's and being about 2500 sq. ft. to 3300 sq. ft. in size. This area can command a high price. The twin homes will run you in the high $300's while the single family homes start around $450,000 and go up to around $800,000. This is a VERY nice area and if you can afford to buy in this price range, now is a great time to do so. The market is still a "buyers market" and you should be able to secure a pretty good deal for yourself. This neighborhood should have no trouble gaining in value as the market firms up in the coming year or so. Some things to consider with homes built before 1985 ish: Depending on what the previous owners updated, the house may need a roof replacement in the near future, asphalt shingle roofs ususally last about 20 years. It may need some plumbing updates (older homes may have iron pipe and they can corrode over time, say 30 years or so with Utah's famously hard water. The decor may also show its years in terms of the style or colors of the home, orange shag carpet and harvest gold counter tops were always my favorite along with avocado green appliances and bath fixtures! The house may need windows to be updated as well, double pane window were not mandatory in those days which can severly effect your utility bills for heating and cooling. Another concern may be lead based paint. Any home built before 1978 will require a disclosure form and an informational pamphlet provided to you by your real estate agent, educating you on the possible dangers of lead based paint. In short the pamphlet reads: Don't eat paint chips! and don't allow anyone to inhale the dust when you sand lead based paint! It also explains some remedies for the removal of lead based paint, one of which is to prime and paint the walls with a Latex paint. People deal with the lead based paint issue all the time, so you shouldn't have to demolish you house to remedy the problem. All that being said, you may find homes where most, if not all of these issues have already been handled and will not be a factor in your search. I try really hard to be the guide and advisor we Realtors are supposed to be, so I figured you should have the "nitty gritty" and let you make an informed decision with some relavant info to think on. If you have any other questions about this neighborhood or any other real estate questions, feel free to email me at the "contact me" page of my website. I hope this was helpful and good luck in your home search! ... more
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Mon Jun 16, 2008
Mike Davis answered:
For forclosures in Washington County fo to and click on forclosures for all the properties in Washington county from January to date
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Mon May 26, 2008
Don Tepper answered:
Best thing to do is get a lawyer. Customs vary in different parts of the country, so I can't speak to Salt Lake City. (However, I do have some good contacts there, if you want to send me an e-mail.) But generally an escrow company holds the money until all parties direct that it be released. You say that the deposit wasn't tied to the purchase of any property. Does that mean there was no other individual or person involved whose permission would be needed to release the money? If that's the case, then, yes, I'd be very concerned, too.

And how have you been making your requests? Hopefully in writing. And, recently, hopefully by certified (or registered) mail--something you have a record of. And even if there is another person who must agree to the release of the funds, the escrow company should have communicated that information to you.

So: Get a lawyer. Let him or her handle it. You've done what you can.
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Mon May 26, 2008
James Graham answered:
The advice is to get an attourney, however I would need to know a little bit more about why the escrow company got the money in the first place and why your realtor hasn't got it back for you! I would love to know which company it was! ... more
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Mon May 26, 2008
Marvin Jensen answered:
Do you have a written contract? If so, what does it say about the Earnest Money deposit?
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