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i'm looking for the agent who listed and sold more homes in my condo community? how can i find out?

Asked by sara, 08816 Wed Apr 23, 2008

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Just because they sold the most it doesn't mean they are the right fit for your specific needs. You never know if they sold the most because with the team concept all sales go under the teams leader when there associate might have sold the most. You should select the agent that will best work for you.
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NJ Home,
Agents who are the "most" busy often are SO busy once listed, they delegate their transactions to assistants, and does not necessarily mean they are the best. It can mean they have a larger pool of people to draw from, possibly just from years in the business.

Also, please DO NOT list with an agent with the "highest" list price...based on comparatives sales prices, if it looks, walks and sounds like a duck...well... it is a duck. Agents who list high just to get a listing are just wasting your time and theirs (in the long run), especially in this market. You want a competative price to get sold, not an outrageous one which agents AND their buyers will not even consider looking at.

Proper home preparation (staging/cleaning/minor repairs etc.) prior to showing the home can get you more money in the long run when priced correctly from the start. Your Realtor should be able to help you with the "prep" work, and if you listen it will pay off in the end.
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NJ Home,

As a realtor, I must disagree with Dr. Cheng's invision of picking the agent that gives you the highest "estimate". That is the worst choice you can make. You do not want your overpriced condo sitting on the market, making numerous price adjustments...chasing the market down. The end result being one of two things (a) you sell for much less than had you priced it right the first time or (2) you expire off the market only to list with a competent agent and by that point your condo is old and stale to the market.

Do NOT pick the agent who gives you the highest price. Make sure your condo is priced within it's comps and that you have a full service competent agent with a strong marketing strategy. Interview them, see how they will market and advertise your home, etc. To use the highest realtor because they have the most buyers is a ridiculous statement and I wouldn't give it much thought. Everyone has access to the internet and that is where all buyers start their search irregardless if they are working with a top agent or an agent from a small mom and pop office.

Start interviewing and find an agent that works well with you.

Good Luck

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
973-228-1000 ext 132
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Why do you want to know?
Ask any Realtor, they can tell you.
However, know that just because they "sold the most" does not mean that they are the Realtor for you and your situation. I would interview three and select the one that best suits your needs. You do not want to be "lost in the shuffle".
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
If your question is how to help a realtor to list and sell more homes in your condo community, then I am an expert.
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Having a local agent run the report is not a good way unless you know and trust the agent and then if that's the case, that is probably the agent you should be using anyway.

There are more important factors to consider than just using the agent who has sold the most, and that is a loaded question, are you looking for listing agent or selling agent which is the agent who brought the actual buyers?

I'm assuming your selling?

Use an agent who is familiar with the area, not just your condo community. That agent should also have experience selling condos in general. If that agent is a FULL TIME agent as their sole profession and has a good marketing plan to expose your property to the most buyers who are also qualified buyers, ready willing and able to buy and buy now. That can be a difficult task by the way.

Let me give you a good example why I feel this way...

I wrote in another blog somewhere here which I can't find now but I've sold a condo recently in a condo complex in an area I have never listed or brought a buyer to look before but did my research, listed and sold the unit in about 61 days from listing to close. That kinda debunks the theory I think your getting at.

Good Luck either way...

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Call a local agent and have them provide you a print out of all activity in your association.
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The most efficient way is to contact a local Realtor and ask them to run a report from their MLS that shows the sold properties within your condo community. This report can show you important information like days on the market, listing agent, selling agent, listing price, sold price, and many more details. This report can be emailed to you.
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"The reason I do not become a realtor is because once a person become a realtor, s/he can not tell all the truth because they are licensed."

Cheng I'm sorry you feel that way, I am a realtor and proud to be one, maybe because I carry a sense of pride in what I do, I do it well, and hold myself to a high standard of ethics. I can understand your concern but realtors should not all be lumped into that category, I'll be the first to admit there are a hand full of realtors out there that have no business being "in the business" but that goes for any profession and lumping all realtors into the same category is just not right. As the market goes through its cycles, the herd seems to thin itself out and those scoundrels you speak of tend to go in other directions as making a living as a realtor means more and more work, only a very small amount of them may stick it out.

BTW. you mensioned over 200,000 buyers were referred to you to buy? How did that come about?
I understand answering peoples questions in forums but getting a referral from that is not so common that one can make a living from it. You have 200,000 buyer referrals or 200,000 questions? If buyer referrals be careful what you do to help, you don't want to get in trouble for practicing real estate without a license.

If you are getting that many referrals, maybe you should think about a career in real estate. You can make good money as a realtor and you don't have to be an evil, money hungry, back stabbing, greedy liar, cheat, who only looks after their best interest ;-}

Can you see how you can be a reputable stand up guy, look out for the best interest of your buyers and still make money?

Good Luck whatever you decide.


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By the way, Victor, I was not that interested in real estate, but since I got over 200,000 buyers were referred to me want to buy, so I just have to become expert to answer their needs.

Sometimes, you may wonder why you got so many buyers went to you, but you did not realize that's because I told them you could be a good match to them.

I think they trust me simply because I am not a realtor, and I would not sell their interest for some commission, although, I do believe realtors should make what they are supposed to.

So, it happens that realtors often could not believe there are such a great things that they were refer many buyers and did not have to pay commission nor referral fee.

Some unethic realtors even tried to attack me in all kinds of ways, but I could understand. People work for commision could not understand people who don't.
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Dear Victor,

Dr. Cheng is my father, and when I was discriminated by some unethic realtor, I told my father to get even. The reason I do not become a realtor is because once a person become a realtor, s/he can not tell all the truth because they are licensed.

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which neighborhood do you want info on.
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If you can get your hands on the MLS sold data, you can look for the names of the agents on the sold listings.
Web Reference: http://getprequalified.com
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You need an agent who is agressive and available to answer your questions follow up on showings and be able to devote time after listing you home. I an agent is never available when you call them and you have to leave messages and wait to hear back from them, chances are that is what they do when a client call them or another realtor calls them. In todays market clients need immediate results. You need an internet savy realtor and a realtor who keeps up with technology. List with some one who answers the phone at least 80% of the time. and replies to emails instantly or within a few hours.
If you have any other questions please call me 908-770-5999
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Mr Cheng or Dr Cheng, how many profiles do you have?
You seem very interested in real estate for not being a realtor. What's your deal?

Choosing a realtor based on awards they won is just ridiculous, the only way to know for sure is by examining the list/sell ratio and list/sell price per agent and those statistics are just not available to the general public, you'd have to do many detailed searches using the realtors access to the mls and compare the data.

Just interview the agent and see if they are comfortable speaking with you, if they seem knowledgable but not a know it all, are they pleasant or have an entitled attitude, are they coming to your house for the first time telling you how much your home is worth with a ready made cma or do they first visit your home to speak with you about your motivations, needs and preview your home in order to gather appropriate comps?
Because an agent has a fancy resume, listing presentation (digital or printed) does not necessarily make them the best choice.
How will the agent market your home?
Just in the MLS and if so which one or will it be in more than one and if so which ones and why?
Will they advertise in homes magazines?
Will they advertise your property, not just themselves online? if so where and how will your home get exposure? will they advertise in newspapers? where & why and how will it benefit your home selling?
Will they create color property brochures to distribute at open houses or other events like street fairs and so on? these are the important questions.

In my opinion a real estate agent must be an effective marketer and if they do not understand how to market and the basics of marketing or the difference between marketing and advertising, chances are you just hired a fast talking slickster that put on a good or bad show for you.

By the way I consider myself to be a little anal when it comes to pricing, marketing and paperwork and I gotta tell you, I recently just sold a townhome in the North Brunswick Renaissance complex someone else here mensioned, it was not my main target area, actually it was my first time ever visiting the complex.
I did my research, asked a lot of questions to a receptive, realistic seller and was able to price the home correctly and market it properly and had it listed, under contract and sold in 36 days we closed 3/13/2008 the property address was 331 Hawthorne Rd., North Brunswick

As a seller you must have realistic goals, and have a realtor that knows what they are doing, they should also be a FULL TIME agent, not a weekend warrior, experience is not a be all end all either, I've spoken to agents that have been in the business over 25 years and they seem to be complete morons, its a wonder how they sell anything!

Interview the person, as a person, as a marketer and then what they know about real estate.
I can talk forever on this topic and my mind is going a mile a minute, I'm sure this article is all over the place but that's how my mind works. ;-)

I'll leave off here, gotta go to the movies now. Nighty, night all...

Good Luck...

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Another one is The Oaks http://theoaksatedison.blogspot.com/ that just sold. If your community is this one, you may find this Preferred Community Realtor@ a magic. She got Gold Medal of Million Dollar Club in both 2006 and 2007 when many realtors did not realize thousands of buyers flood into Greater Edison Area.

Ok, Million Dollar Club required a realtor produce over two millions sale a year, with Silver medal, one should exceed $5 millions sales, and Gold medal is over $10 million ...
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I keep track of a list of which realtors are the best sellers of which condo and townhouse communities as you can see, say, Canterbury at Piscataway@ http://canterburyatpiscataway.blogspot.com/ , just sold 9 units for past month, almost sold out again because you got this wonderful Gladys realtor who won top 3 realtors in Piscataway last year, 2007.

No matter who you list with, she will be able to get it sold; she got hundreds of buyers moving to the area in hand. So, that's the reason you want to pick the listing agent who estimate your home with more value than trying undercut you ... After all, listing agent seldom sell their listing anyway.
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You can go to realtor.com and find out current listing agents of your condo community, and call each to see if they are "from the town". Get those who are from the town to come doing market analysis, invite 3 to 5, and pick the one can give you the highest estimate.

The reason for realtor living in town is that they can provide your buyers much more info about town, such as school. e.g. if a realtor can tell buyer that his or her son went to all schools in great East Brunswick and got into Ivy league schools, that would help tremendously. Do not get realtor who are from out of town never lived at your town.

The reason you need to pick the highest estimate is because every realtor has 500 to 1000 prospective buyers in their hands, and each one has different network, so the highest one seem to give you the best access to their buyers. e.g. I know a realtor used Jose 732 979-9100 (cell) to distribute 1,000 invitation flyers to prospective buyer community to her open house won Gold Medal of MLS in 2006, and just got another Gold Medal in 2007 (meaning sold over $10millions in the year).

If you are going to sell yourself. You can talk to your neighbors to find out where they moved to your condo community and you may also find out a list of apartments nearby that is called Prospective Buyers Community, and you can get 1,000 invitation flyers to those communities before your open house, and you would be surprised many come to see and buy.
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Hi NJ Home, On today's market is about the seller's motivation and pricing your home correctly to get it SOLD. Based on your zip code, your location is East Brunswick.. what is the name of your complex, let me know your home criteria so I can send you the current sold homes.

Eliza Jacome
ERA Absolute Realty
North Burnswick, NJ 08902
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Hi NJ Home. What condo community are you referring to? What's the name of it? Again, I'm assuming you are looking for that agent to sell your condo - remember it's not about who listed and sold the most condos in the complex - that doesn't necessarily make them the best agent for you. With that being said, let me know the complex and I will tell you the agent's name but I do recommend you interviewing several agents. Things are not always what they appear to be.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
973-228-1000 ext 132
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