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Courtney Cra…, Real Estate Pro in Greensboro, NC

Any opinions on Agent Image websites?

Asked by Courtney Crabtree, Greensboro, NC Mon Dec 8, 2008

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Elvira (Elvi03), Amanda S., Effie A., Lauri H. (Lheraty),

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I hope we've resolved your concerns and I'm glad we've worked together to reach an outcome that you're happy with.

We appreciate this forum. It's been a huge help in improving products and services we offer to thousands of our real estate customers we serve.

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few custom real estate website companies out there. The work we do is unique to each client. Consequently, every website is different and the custom design process can result in a multitude of changes. But at the end of the day, our customers are getting a personally branded website.

Our team works very hard to launch websites every day and resolve issues. If you're having a problem with your website, it helps us tremendously if you write about specific issues and concerns that you have had with as many details as possible, including: type of site, approximate date of purchase, and the specific issue and you can email me directly at I or one of our managers will personally contact you.

All the Best,

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WOW - 2 weeks and Agent Image still has not responded to major issues with my website and you call today (5 times so far all the phone does is ring - no message not nothing) I wish I really would have known this was going to be soooooo much work on my part - it really is like pulling pit bulls teeth to get anything done.
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thanks for the "heads up". I'm searching for a good web hosting company after too many years of putting up with Z57. They are AWEFUL!
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Our web site has been down for days without explanation. I call leave a number. Email. No response at all. Nice looking site but horrible support.
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From day one I have been impressed with Agent Image and the entire team. I have been especially impressed with the work and follow through of Jennifer Gunkle. I contacted Agent Image about building a custom website and they took the time to explain all of my options as well as the costs for each path I elected BEFORE I decided to work with them. I have been with them for many, many years now and have been satisfied 110%. This is the only company I have done business with where they contact you to ensure all is well...and they aren't trying to sell you something when they call / e-mail. Should you need to add anything to your website, they are happy to explain options and pricing at your convenience. They have made all sorts of text and minor changes to my website over the years at no cost to me. I have spoken with at least 5-6 of the employees of Agent Image face to face and I can tell you from my experience they are honest, up front, hard working people. I could not be happier. I am aware I can get a website for less, but not at the quality Agent Image provides and not with the customer service they provide (I have had multiple other sites hosted with other companies).
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I have used the Design People / Agent image team for over 10 years. They have developed many different websites for me, all of which have been very successful. Once they build your website, they keep finding ways to improve it and drive people to your business in so many ways. If you are considering building your business on the web, or just need some sound advice, make sure you make them your first call.
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Thanks for the input Bill from San Diego County. The folks at Agent Image got right on it and fixed the issues with billing. They explained that they were swithcing to a new billing system and were having some growing pains. I did appreciate the urgency though. I hope the urgency is maintained.

I see what you are saying. There seems to be a shift in marketing in general, but especially in real estate. My AI website is not the only online media I am taking advantage of . It is only a piece of the puzzle. I think we are still in the times where you have to have a website, although that demand will fade.

I will have to check out your info sources. I am actually reading a book right now by Mitch Joel of Twist Image caled 'Six Pixels of Separation.' Great book on new media and Web 2.0. He also has a blog @ Twist Image.

I will be molding and fine tuning my approach to online media and marketing as I go along. Thanks again for the input Bill.

Kris Holt
Solid Source Realty, Inc.
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I'm sorry, I guess I need to be more specific. I currently have a website hosted by Top Producer that I'm not too happy with. There is a website COMPANY called Agent Image. I am wondering if anyone has used them and what their opinion is. Thanks for your help.
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The most important thing is content which is to mean something of interest to make people come back and use you site as a vauable resource, Do you concentrat on an area or demographic that makes you special? Well blog about it, give people something of value keep it up to date and you will have a web site worthy of you. Good luck!
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Be careful before you waste your money. The website looks pretty on the first page, but there is a lot more work involved than they mention and their ad is misleading. They tell you for $2000 you get this great "semi custom" website, but you cannot get it completely designed how you want certain things cost extra. In fact, they asked me to draw a layout of how I wanted the front page to look. What am I paying for? You do not have complete control of the back end, only the text. The wording is very generic and you will need to re-write it and you cannot edit their copyright articles. You have to email or call them even to add a link or if you want a picture in a different spot. After I bought the package I saw how much work I would have to do to make the website look right I changed my mind. Of course, they are saying it is non-refundable. I called them three times asking for a refund and each time they said they would call me and they ignored my phone calls. I was also charged $40 a month for them to host my website that was never even activated. I was told I had to pay it monthly. A few months ago I found out I could cancel it and paid almost $500 in unecessary hosting fees. I would not recommend them. Amanda Tampa, FL
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Reps you speak with are in Ca.........your developers are out of the country...thus the call back issue of communication failure and your work not getting done properly....A common issue I had. Better get Rusty on it....he is their damage control guy and has made a couple of people here happy. He seems to cater to the people who are mor knowledgable....if you are novice, you may be in trouble.

Based in the Manilla

Good luck to you
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Agents websites are very important and an integral part of business. In the Realtor induction Code of Ethics they say the days of using your picture are over don't do it. People want information that is informative and accurate.

I still see a lot of agents who do so I think it is ok either way.

Jennifer Talasazan
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Rusty's explanation makes sense. Jennie's response seems more like an example of 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.'
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Jennie, you are mistaken when you claim that (1) I am discrediting your "honest experience" and that (2) Agent Image solicited my opinion.

Your experience is whatever you say it is. My comment was about the probable cause, misunderstanding copyright law, which has a much wider relevance than you and your experience.

As for Agent Image, we have never been in contact with them except to look at their website, along with those of Xsite, z57, and other real estate website services. We are still comparing, but at this time, I like AI's look better than all the others I've seen. No one in my company has ever spoken with anyone at Agent Image, exchanged emails, or otherwise been in contact. We simply are not connected to them in any way.

I'm not surprised by your quick response to my post, or that you have thrown aspersions in my direction as well.
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Hi Rod, thanks for your response, but I can assure you that my comments are the truth and real life experiences with AGENT IMAGE and I HAVE NOT mistaken them with ADVANCED ACCESS. I would be interested in knowing if you have used Advanced Access in the past, have you? I find your comment a bit transparent.

I would also be interested in knowing if Agent Image has offered you an upgrade for you to post a positive response about them above my negative post. It is just really odd to me that I posted on 8/08/09 and no one had ever responded to that in 5 weeks time until I declined an offer for an upgrade from their company if I would remove my negative posts about them .......and two days later there are two posts disputing mine. Just an interesting notation. However, that is the great thing about living in this country....we are all free to voice our opinions based on our real life experiences.

While I appreciate your reply, you and I have apparently had VERY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES with AGENT IMAGE/THE DESIGN PEOPLE/IMFORZA. SInce someone posed the question about our opinion of them, I felt it was my duty to fellow real estate professionals to post the truth about my personal experiences with this company. As you can see from this forum, there are pros and cons as well as varied opinions about the Agent Image team. This is a healthy situation for consumers who will be allowed to weigh in and make an educated decision on the subject before choosing a web development company. I suppose the most important thing in my opinion is, MAKE SURE YOU OWN YOUR SITE when making that choice. NEVER pay for site development that you don't own. You also MUST pay AGENT IMAGE to do your SEO to be noticed in the industry. That is a HUGE issue when choosing them,. If you do not, then SEO is virtually impossible! We hired an outside professional to help us with that and due to the template design of the AI formatted website and the NON FRIENDLY page titles and formats that are necessary for search engines to "crawl" plus the fact that you MUST have AI do all the back-end work, it was an impossible task to achieve. I am happy to know you are pleased with your site and relationship with this company, but I still stick to my original comment that I could never recommend them from my own personal experience. Once they saw my postings they contacted me and wanted to rewrite and give me my files in exchange for removing my honest comments from this forum and the online BBB. In otherwords, they would take 6-12 weeks and rewrite the files into another format and I would then own my site to have hosted somewhere else. Problem with that was, the files were in a Masterscripts format and only very limited hosting companies even supported these PHP files. After speaking with other professionals in the field, I declined their offer for fear it would simply be more of the same. Best of luck to you and AGENT IMAGE. In their minds they did feel they made a good gesture to resolve our frustrations and disappointments after 15 months. For Julie and I, it was too little, too late. We had expressed our frustrations for many months. We are moving on in search of a new developer for a site that we will own and can edit in an acceptable manner. There are many companies out there who are cheaper, better, and easier to work with. DO YOUR HOME WORK before choosing not let the pictures deceive you. Live and Learn. Good luck to all !
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Jennie - I read your comment below regarding THE DESIGN PEOPLE / AGENT IMAGE, and you could not be further from the truth. In fact you may have them confused with Advanced Access? The entire Agent Image team has always found ways to help me improve my business on the web and is very fast to make changes when I have any requests. If anyone needs specific information about Agent Image, please feel free to contact me. I have been a client of Agent Image for over 10 years, and they have helped me in ways I could not ever imagine.
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I am in the process of getting my website up now and am having a mixed experience. They have good looking templates, and if done right, you could wind up with a nice site. But you are dealing with someone in another state and have to wait on them to make changes to your site. They are unable to give you any advice or suggestions on what would look good. In addition, I haven't even launched my site yet, and they have charged me twice for hosting already! I have addressed it with my designer and she said that something would be done about it. Nothing has been done so far about the first charge and I just got hit for the second charge. I am typically a loyal customer. But knowing what I know now, I don't know if I would go with the same company.
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wow, i wish i had seen this before i paid for my site. my experience with Agent Image has been horrible. My site launched at the end of March after 5months and it's still not working. My project manager Anthony Martinez does not respond to my calls or emails and support is not much better. I'm impressed to see that Rusty cares about what happens at this company but he seems to be the only one. All i want at this point is for them to fix my site or to refund my money so i can go do business with someone who will actually do the job. ps. my location says toronto IL, but i'm in canada
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Re: Rusty's comments about the high volume of websites and low complaints for numbers....

While nobody is perfect and all businesses lose clients, even real estate agents, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for a company to not respond to their clients, especially when management has stepped in and promised to help and asks for another chance. Nobody from Agent Image has made any attempt to contact me via phone, text, letter, or even email after I have asked for a refund.

If anyone like me spends $2,000 and their site is live only about a month and they ask for a refund for a third time to only be totally ignored with absolutely no responses back, there is simply no excuse.

Agent Image is a rip-off company and if they were not, instead of writing a blog with a lame excuse, YOU would have called me yourself! Shame on you for this sham!

William Wade
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...the rest of it...

Say you diligently advertise and show a property, but nobody buys. Seller decides they don't like you and they want to work with another agent or do a FSBO. Seller demands your files. They think they own the photos, ads, fliers, contact list, and whatever else you did for them as part of your service. They want your files for themselves or to give to another agent, because of course they don't want to start over, even though that was their decision and not yours.

Maybe you don't want to give away what you created on the seller's behalf, allowing someone else to profit from your work while you don't. You might explain that you own the files because you paid for them in time and/or money. (Assuming you or an employee made the fliers etc -- if you contracted a designer to create those materials, they own the layout files.) The value of the files comes from the expense for the other party to reproduce them.

The seller decides to complain about his experience with you - not just a comment on a website in response to a question about your service, but posting the same complaints to multiple sites. This looks a lot more like vengeance than a presumed 'duty' to inform others that you didn't do X and they don't recommend you. Even though you could win a libel suit if a statement that harms your reputation is found to be untruthful, you might still try to stop the pain by giving in to the seller's demands.

If that seller is especially unreasonable or unaware, they might decide your peace offering is not only worth less than their desire for revenge, but it's another chance to harm your reputation. That doesn't leave you with much room for a remedy.

Intellectual property attorney Elizabeth Russell, says on her blog: "Understand what contractors own - and what you may not. If your employee created copyrightable material in the course of his/her employment, you own the copyright. The same is not true for material created by contractors, even though you specifically paid the contractor to create the material."

I'm not a lawyer or a Realtor and have never posted to Trulia. I don't know any of the companies or agents named in this thread. My partner is a Realtor and we were looking for a new real estate website company when we found this thread. I own a small graphic design studio, just me and two employees plus several contract designers, illustrators, photographers and writers. It would cost me thousands of dollars in staff time to create a real estate website that does what Agent Image does, beautifully. I think we'll give them a try.

Terre Dunivant
San Luis Obispo, California
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One of the posters has made a point of denigrating a company called Agent Image - apparently on a number of websites and even after they tried to fix it. Her advice is to "MAKE SURE YOU OWN YOUR SITE."

Her desire to own everything suggests she may understand the value of copyright, but her campaign against the website company suggests she doesn't understand copyright law. That's not uncommon, but it's still not fair.

Copyright law, which is part of the US Constitution, gives creators ownership of their work. Even with the law on their side, it looks like AI tried to placate this gal by giving her what she wanted - control (ownership) of the files - though she apparently took it as further evidence of wrongdoing and continues to complain.

Fact is, the website company owns their work product, meaning the files and structure they create to provide a service for Realtors. They don't own your logo or any photos you gave them; their copyright is on the layout itself, the layered files, their work product.

The website company is selling a service, not their work product. Service and work product are two different things, with different values. The service is valued at $49 per mo. If you quit paying, they stop the service. Very clear. Work product is different. By law the copyright on a creative work is owned by the creator (or their employer). The copyright owner gets to decide how the material is copied. As with any property, the owner can set a price to sell, license, or give it away - or not.

AI's work product is obviously valuable or this agent wouldn't want it. So the advice to "own your site" is flawed because it fails to mention that you have to pay for the work product in order to own it, unless you can persuade (or bully) the real owner to give you those files.

It's worth mentioning that these particular files would be very specialized. Websites by Agent Image use Flash and Javascript, sophisticated capability that sets its users apart from common websites. It's unlikely the agent has the software or technical skill to work with these files. It's likely that she plans to give a copy to a competitor of Agent Image. She hired a person for SEO (then complains that AI charges for that service as well), but if they don't know how to work with those files, that is not the fault of AI.
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For those Realtor's that are not looking for the easy way out of the market, though are seeking an in depth marketing eye piece, a portal for the consumer and creative branding with a keen eye for the potential of social networking, integrated bogs and newsletter templates, look no further than Agent Image and Imforza. Specifically ask for Jennifer Gunkel with Agent Image and Daniel Rauth with Imforza, as I now consider them as part of my successful re-branding team.

I was looking for a complete semi-custom design as I knew the market was asking for it and needed the update. Just because they charge for things does not mean that the services they provide are over-priced, it is simply a way of breaking out the prices of items we may or may not desire in our plan, so we are not paying for things we do not need.

If you are looking for the best team in real estate, look no further. As, since my site was re-energized by Daniel and Jennifer, I have tripled my sales from this time last year. I owe them much more than the referrals I give them everyday. These are simply the best and the brightest in internet marketing and design today. Good luck everyone.
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I have been looking for a website for almost 3 months now and have narrowed my decision down to Agent Image and RealEstateWebMasters so I am glad I found this thread. It looks as if feelings are mixed on both of these companies, but the more I research and read on these 2 companies the more I am leaning towards Agent Image. Their designs are far better than any other company and the rep I have been speaking with has been so much more knowledgeable and helpful than any other company. Everything has been very clear with what Agent Image offers so I am not sure I agree with Robert's post below. It definitely helps to ask questions and read what they send you - at least that has been my experience.

I will also say that there are 4 other agents in my office who have Agent Image websites and they have been extremely happy with their sites so far. They have closed homes from their websites already, which has probably made up my mind for me. The only thing holding me back is the price, but if my main thing is how much their products are then it is just a matter of my budget at that point I guess. I suppose you get what you pay for anyways.

I am most likely going to get a site with them. When I do I will be happy to let anyone know how my experience goes. I expect that for what I am going to pay that they will take care of me. If not, then this thread will have another post from me.
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I never saw contract, but when I called the other they showed me where it was on their website. I printed out.

Amanda Siftar
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Been there done that!

Not enough value for the money and the email they offer is horrible and malfunctions regularly.
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Simply amazing that all the negative experiences here from 1 to 4 years of dealing with AI are now all of a sudden able to be corrected and people are willing to resolve the issues. At least this forum has accomplished getting some action on the part of AI for it's customers. It will be interesting to see if this is real service or lip service. For the victims sake, I hope for them it is real service. Kudos to the post from Mauirealtor.....your comments are exactly right on! I look forward to hearing about the outcomes of the issues and their corrective action.
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Mr Wade,
Your experience was exactly like mine with Agent Image. And Karen, Robert was here doing damage control for them, but can not handle all their problems. They can't stop us from us from experssing our bad experiences with them, so they have people out and about on the forum trying to act like they are correcting people's issues. Communication gets lost between the US account reps in Calif. that we speak to and the designers in Mamilla. William, I too found Tiger (CEO) and emailed him through LinkedIn several times.....he never responded to me either. Glad to hear you moved on. It took me a year only because of the investment, but at some point you have to cut your losses. It is good to know others have expressed their real experiences with AI so others won't fall victim to their "Pretty" websites with horrible customer service, endless timelines for resolving issues, as well and the functional issues that never get resolved.

Best of luck to you both.
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Thanks for the link for as I will use it. I was hoping by today someone from agent image or the design people would have replied to my request for a refund, but no luck. I even emailed the CEO of the design people thru a 'linked in' type of message on his home page.

Thought it would be good to give a little update/explanation of my scenario for others as well. I have been a Top Producer website client for many years and loved their website as it has the best community reports, market snapshot, mortgage calculators, and other features, as well as a self-serve back door way to customize every page with pictures, links, and more. The only problem was I wanted a more polished/custom look to my website and they only offered the various templates of which I had tried.

After researching online and looking at many website companies sample websites, I found Agent Image had some of the slickest and most professional looking home pages around, although their tools, gadgets, widgets, and such were very lacking. So I decided to go with them for a more custom and professional looking site as they said they could incorporate sub-pages and widgets from my current website thru Top Producer (and TP said it was fine as long as I continued to pay them too).

Here is the problem. Every time I ever spoke to someone at Agent Image, they would NEVER do any work on the site while I was on the phone. Hence, they would take some notes, and say they would get back to me. As a result, two weeks later or more, they would get a portion of what I asked done, and then we would have another conversation and then start the delayed process over again. Also, one of the main problems was that they didn't listen and do what I asked them to. So months would go by, and hardly anything got done. I ended up designing my home page on my own and emailed it to them in various jpg and pdf formats and they converted it to the website. But when you send an email asking for a reply, on average it would take 10 days to even get an answer.

Now, here is the funny part. When they coerced me into 'going live' with the site although the site wasn't anywhere near complete (about a month ago), then it was like I was dumped into the abyss and the designer quit answering me altogether. So I decided to forget them and if I had to lose the $2,000 and start over it was something I had to do. Then I called Top Producer about something and they now tell me they do custom sites for FREE now!


And they are going to put in my flash animation slideshow for free as well, and said it will take about 2-3 weeks! The best part is that I could fully understand them on the phone too! Most of the people I spoke to at Agent Image were of a natural dialect not of this country's origin and it was very difficult for them to understand me as well as my understanding them.

Two companies over the years have provided excellent tech assistance, Go Daddy and Top Producer.

So my advice to anyone seeking a good website company provider is to get a domain thru Go Daddy and use Top Producer for the hosting as you will be fully pleased with all of their support, and not be out a ripoff setup fee like me! $2,000 for wasting my time, but another life lesson learned is invaluable!
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I have had an Agent Image site for over two years. I am so fed up with the horrible customer service and lack of support I am ready to throw my $2,500 plus $40 per month fee in the trash and start over. Agent Image is the WORST company I have ever worked with on any project. They do not return calls or emails. Simple changes or additions to a website take 2-4 weeks and they always charge at least $100 for any change. DO NOT GET AN AGENT IMAGE WEBSITE!
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@ Florida Citizen. Great to have another point of view added to this thread. Your addition to the conversation fell very closely into my wheelhouse so I decided to pick up the baton. I am on the front line's talking to realtor's almost 6-8 hours a day every day 6-7 days a week. And you bring up a salient do you manage a new skill set while maintaining your existing sale's efforts?

As a vendor and a sales person my company's revenue as well as my personal income is directly tied to the amount of success my clients are experiencing. And the amount of success they are experiencing will be proportional to their understanding of the technology they are using. Which include's website's, blog's, listing syndication, email marketing and social media. First and for most if you have any intention of doing long term business with someone in real estate you must.... absolutely MUST get an understanding of what there time and ability is when it comes to new ,marketing tools.

If they have limited time and understanding, your going to present a passive "fire and forget" marketing campaign such as pay per click. You can always manage their email list's as well as any news letters they want to send out though honestly that's probably more of a commitment than a "New Realtor" could handle.

Anyone who is more conversant or has more time has their choice of online marketing methods and your job become's recommending the one that suits their needs, budget and knowledge base.

Everyone fumble's the ball. I certainly have. The question is will they pick it up and get back in the game. On "your team" so to speak. Every point you made was a good one. However a dedicated team can take the"pain" out of the process...or at least limit it. One of the ways I attempt to do that is by posting tutorials on you tube when my clients ask me for help. Oddly one of them deals with email list management. If your interested check it out

Not only do I have 350 clients who's results matter very much to me...but the company employee's a fair number of former real estate agents. I'd like to think while we are not perfect we have our ear to the ground listing carefully and with great consideration to every idea that is presented to us. Thank you again for joining the conversation. Time is money in this world of ours....and I appreciate you spending a little of yours with us.
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First of all I would like to make it clear that I work for imFORZA a division of the The Design People. @ Karen Jones - As you know I have addressed the lead conversion issue on your site. I would have addressed it sooner had it been brought to my attention that we where falling short of your expectations. If anyone else(with an Agent Image) should have a challenge with converting visitors to leads please shoot me an email. I would be happy to address the issue and provide a solution.
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I understand the copyright issue for what they desifned. It is possible to get designs that you actually own and can manage anyway you wish, unlike AI. Not sure why it matters to anyone that I posted on several sites, two of which were real estate forums and it is certainly my right to do so. I simply warned people that AI is not user friendly to SEO companies unless you use them for your SEO. The reason I did not accept their files offered to me if I would remove the negative experience with them from the forums was that the format they would rewrite them in was not accepted by many hosting sites and thus was afraid it would just be more of the same. I felt a cutting our losses and making a clean break was the best solution for us. While there have been pros and cons to many posts, we each have had our experiences and I for one feel it is good for the consumer to have access to the posts.
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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd put this out there to our Agent Image clients. We are currently running a contest to show our appreciation. All you have to do is go to the "Fan Contest" tab on our Facebook fanpage and complete this sentence: “My Agent Image website helps me showcase my expertise in…”. The best answer will be our grand prize winner and will receive 2 months FREE off their website service monthly plan. The contest ends June 30, 2011 @ 03:00 pm (PDT).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

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Hi Gina,

Jon and I will be calling you tomorrow at noon PST / 3PM EST per your request. If something has changed from our last email correspondence, please let me know by emailing me at

We really want to speak with you so that we may hear your experience and look forward to talking with you then.


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I just wanted to update on my previous post. Agent Image was able to finally resolve my issue. Jennifer contacted me and made a refund happen very quickly. Unfortunate waste of time but thankfully they did the right thing at the end.
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You guys got a contract??????????? WOW.....I never even got one.......I'm surprised that they would actually put it in writing and not deliver. They have actually gone up on their prices and down on their services from when I was on board with guys have really gotten the shaft. Good luck on that refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't hold your breath....BTW....where do you think the AI damage control people are now? Looks like they could not deliver their new goods and have disappeared. sad. Thye need to show up and work on those refunds.

Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!
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My argument is not, nor has it been, with the design. However, it doesn't matter how pretty the producct is if it doesn't deliver. In the case of Emerald Dunes Real Estate, the links do not work, and have not worked for sometime and Jedd seems to feel that delivering a "impressive" look should satisfy me. I still have not received my $2047 refund for work your technololy department promised in April and to date has never delivered. I am anxiously awaiting my refund. Please advise!
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Don't do it. When I started with them years ago, the site was good, and the service was good. Earlier this year in April, I called wanting to enhance my site. They told me they could do what I wanted and quoted me $2047 which I paid, and now 4 1/2 months later you cannot even search for real estate on my site. The page looks great, but nothing works. To make matters worse, their responce was that I asked for enhancements, and the page looks great. IT DOESN'T WORK, BUT THAT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT OF INTEREST TO THEM. Today I asked for my $2047 to be refunded to me, and they can't do that. Agent Image is not the company I started with so DO NOT USE THEM unless you have money to burn!
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I have never been a fan of vendor who grab your credit card up front. To level the playing field vendors need to assured their is a real cost associated with their abuse.
Please register abusive vendors along with your data on This is a great repository to which we can all refer before handing a credit card number to a vendor. (ALWAYS A BAD IDEA)
Vendors can state their case and their attempts to resolve the matter. "Ate the pizza"a will certainly get a lot of consumer sympathy. ....if you are serious about holding vendor accountable. Pass the URL along.
6 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Mar 17, 2010
I feel your pain...............same experiences and I do believe it is important to share the experiences so others can make an educated decision about their choices. You will get pros and cons, but I believe most of the pros are either set up by AI or employees here doing damage control as of late, which is NOT a bad decision on their part. At least they are doing something right for a change. Also, be aware that they will ridicule and almost harass you to make you stop posting the truth. There are no rules as long as you remain honest and professional here. Posting negative remarks as long as they are honest and you can back them up(as I have bucket full of emails back and forth to this company and my SEO company when trying to get things done.....all in vain)is perfectly fine. Great idea about contacting the NAR!
6 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Mar 16, 2010
Go ahead...use AI...............Best of luck to'll need it. Obviously, the purpose for some of you was to discredit my honest experience with this company. Those of you who really wanted an answer listened and appreciated it and those that were obviously solicited by AI are bashing me. To each his own.
6 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Dec 13, 2009
Jennie et al –
I can assure you that I have no stake in Agent Image whatsoever. I do however own different businesses outside of my real estate career and one of them happens to be a restaurant. What aggravates me is when people join a forum with no other purpose but to cyber slander. Jennie – you have done this on MULTIPLE FORUMS. I know this because I actually made a search for “agent image” on Google and stumbled upon another forum discussing advanced access which you posted on back in August. While I don’t know you and the timing of this post may seem ‘coincidental’ in your eyes, I am a HUGE fan of Agent Image and the company they have built. Having used them for as long as I have I know the quality of service and product they provide. I also know how much they care about their clients and their reputation. As a business owner I can relate those same feelings. When I saw this post I felt it was my duty to respond as would many loyal customers.

Now since you asked and keep pressing for this, here is a little background on my relationship with Agent Image. I have actually owned and operated over 20 websites that were built by Agent Image at different stages of my career. I paid for these websites in full and have NEVER received special consideration from them. Back in 2000 I was co-founder of I also operated my personal website as well as two additional companies which were comprised of over 20 domains with associated landing pages built for the search engines as well as a site focused on my real estate charitable foundation for Cystic Fibrosis. The success of these sites at different stages in their businesses cycles is exactly why I can speak to the expertise of their websites and SEO department since a large percentage of my business was generated by leads from these websites and the referral network I developed.

Jennie – you were right when you said “great thing about living in this country....we are all free to voice our opinions based on our real life experiences.” I’m just here to say that as a long-time, uncompensated customer of Agent Image, they have been a fantastic company to have in my corner and they have created many beautiful, profitable websites for me. Call it rah, rah, if you’d like; it’s just been MY experience and the experience of the colleagues I’ve sent to them. Good luck in the future.

Web Reference:
6 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Sep 20, 2009
I've seen big changes over the last couple of days. The IDX Broker feed is set up and we are fine tuning a few things. The title tags have been fixed and broken links repaired. We have a walk through scheduled for the IDX feed tomorrow and will have another next week for the site admin after some other changes are implemented. Everyone seems to have snapped to attention and are delivering great service.

Communication is a big thing to me. Especially, when things aren't going as promised or expected. I can tell they are working hard to repair to our relationship and I appreciate it. It's great to get the kind of service I'm receiving now. It's even better to get it right from the start.
5 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jun 9, 2011
Ainna did get in touch with me today. We had a good conversation and I think things are moving in the right direction.
5 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jun 8, 2011
I have been reading the posts and would like to update everyone on my status with Agent Image. I received my refund and was not forced to retract my statements. I chose to remove some of my posts since I felt that Agent Image was doing the right thing and trying to change their refund policy. I tried to put myself in their position and even though the refund was long over due, I think it is good that they are making management changes. My experience was not what I hoped for, but hopefully new customers in the future will have a positive experience. I think in the future Agent Image should charge the fees in increments based on the work completed and have the customer approve each stage, the sales people should give a realistic picture of what to expect, and a clear contract to read upfront in bigger font, consistant customer service and better trained project managers.
5 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jun 3, 2011
There are so many people who do not use Trulia and other sites like this.
Someone yesterday mentioned their issues with Agent Image. It reminded me of the money and time spent on a site where frames do not fit, the colors are wrong, misspelled words remained for months, and no one at Agent Image cared enough, not even the few project managers. There are only so many times the same "project manager" can get married, have nearly everyone in his family have some horrible tragedy, and then die. My project manager went to 4 family funerals in 3 months before not returning calls and emails. It appears many others had this experience too.

Now the refunds are coming, but is that for the money spent? The amount of time my wife and I spent on our "initial design" was a couple of weeks. It took weeks more to pull our photos and other ones which were promised. Then the delays came. Many of the delays came although we continued to work on the site development from a different platform.

In the end we used another company for our real website as Agent Image and The Design People failed us miserably.

Jennifer and Rusty both communicated with us at some time early last year, but both said problems like our rarely happen. Still no results occurred for another couple of months. It sounds like Rusty was terminated a few months ago. Jennifer of Agent Image stated recently that thousands of clients are happy. Agent Image does not have thousands of clients. That would expressly be more than 2,000 clients.

The person whom I spoke with about Agent Image said he was given a demand to retract his online statements made about Agent Image. He was offered an incentive. No amount of money less than five figures would satisfy either of us. It is a shame or-and a sham.

I do not know the people at Agent Image. My comments are not personal about individuals, but it is a company that cannot be trusted with full payment upfront. It is sad to see so many people having had gone through such a bad and agonizing experience. There are likely many dozens more out there who do not write on Trulia or other sites, but we all shared in feeling like we were ripped off.

In real estate, we have a code of ethics. As a suggestion, Agent Image should read it and apply it to their company or corporate policy.

More can be written, but I believe NAR should hear from us. The BBB has a reputation for clearing "paid" clients of wrongdoing. I will stick with my association.
5 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jun 1, 2011
I also would like to update on my previous post. I have been in contact with Jennifer and her upper management, as well and have also received a refund. It's my understanding that they have done some "house cleaning" and is trying very hard to repair and improve their own Image. Although I still have a bitter taste in my mouth about the whole experience and will not be continuing with them, I am very great full that they have taken the time to hear me out and made things right by me. Thanks for listening to me. It looks like you are on the right path if you stay true to your word, then good luck with repairing your Brand "Agent Image". I am 100% happy with my outcome. Again I would like to say Agent Image you have a very good looking product, If you get the execution and delivery of said product as impressive as the web sites front pages themselves you will without a doubt have an excellent product. Just a friendly hint "AI" COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY, return calls promptly that day if possible and respond immediately to all e-mail correspondence. DELIVER what you promise and do it on time. By upgrading the performance of your staff to equal that of the way the product looks, you can turn this around. You have a lot of work ahead yet to do. Good luck to everyone involved, make it a great day!

Effie Aultman, Realtor® and Proud member of the Franklin and Gulf County Realtor® Association.
5 votes Thank Flag Link Wed May 25, 2011
STOP, TURN and RUN AWAY as fast as you possibly can. Have been waiting for a web site for 8 months, non responsive, childish, unprofessional, waste of good money. You work hard for your money don't waste it on these jokers. Ditto for me on all the post that are negative below, My experience has been the same as the already spoke of issues. I'm having the same problems. If you have not read the post below you need to and do it now. Once they have your money you are of no use to them. Wish i never found them on the net. I too ask for my money back, my pockets are still empty.
5 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Sep 23, 2010

More control, better platform, maintain design superiority, that's the objective. I'll let you know when the platform is available for public consumption. I'm confident it will address your specific concerns and give you the control you're looking for.

5 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Aug 27, 2010
Hi Asiftar,

My name is Jennifer and I work for Agent Image. I am sorry that you felt that you did not have enough control over the back-end of your website and content. However, on that note, I am excited to say that we are currently building a new platform that will allow our clients complete control over their content. It is because of client feedback such as yours that we are working toward such a platform and hope to have it released by this winter. If you are interested, because it sounds like your main issue with your website was that you want more control over it, I would love to have you be one of the few that will get a chance to beta test our new platform.

Also, if you can provide any additional information such as your name or domain name, I would be happy to look into the refund situation and see if there is anything I can do to help you out. If you feel more comfortable, you can email me in private at

Thank you,

5 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Aug 24, 2010
Hey Bill,

I saw your comment below and apologize that you are not having great service with us. I understand from your comments that the main issue is email and not answering the phone. Aside from that, is there anything else specifically that we can do for you that you feel would greatly improve our services?

Thank you for any feedback you might be able to provide.

5 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 23, 2010
Hey Brent,

My name is Jennifer and I work for Agent Image. From our account system, I see that your issue was resolved. Please let me know if you are still having issues with your website and what specifically it is so I can make sure this gets resolved for your right away.

You are absolutely right in that 2 weeks is never acceptable to respond to major issues on your website. I can look into this further once I have more information from you. Thank you so much for your time.

5 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 23, 2010
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