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Andrew, Home Buyer in Wayne, NJ

How do I find a good broker while living overseas?

Asked by Andrew, Wayne, NJ Thu May 22, 2008

I am currenlty overseas and will have one day in the middle of june when I will be in nj to view some listings. i would like to move the end of august. i will return to the nj area at the begining of august. are there any brokers who can do their job via e mail and at least set me up with some lviewings. i have contacted serveral but i only get canned replies back.

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It sounds like your time is limited and you could use a realtor to help you find the right home for you quickly. Karen and I are a team therefore one of us is always avaiable to assist. We'd be happy to help but we need more information. As to what type of home, baths, price range. Has any one pre-qualified you so your search can be better focused? Sharon and Karen YOur Real Estate Connection!
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After many emails back and forth over a period of a couple weeks and reviewing listings and e mailing questions, Just wanted to let the community know that I flew into NJ last weekend and finally got to meet Karen and Sharon. They were outstanding! Saw around 9 units in six hours. Each one fit my specifications. The team were courteous, ueber professional and fun to work with. I thank the Trulia community for all their input and I thank Sharon and Karen for their professionalism.

Oh yea. I bought a condo!
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Thanks all for answers. I do not need relocation. I simply need a nice little condo/coop in Montclair. Sunny and walking distance from downtown and transport. I need help with prequalifying and someone focused. and advice on what a fair price would be. thanks
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Hi Andrew,

You need to tell us where is NJ you will be in mid June. I can get you connected to a professional in that neighborhood. I also need to know your price range and some basic requirements for the home that you want to movein in August. You can e-mail or call me I can go through some series of questions and put through the right person who is a Certified Residential Specialist. We can do the job for you without any hassle no matter where you are and how long you are in NJ area. You just need to pick your home and sign the contract.
Please reach me at 510-381-2105 or email me your overseas phone number and I will call you to discuss more CharoBhatt@gmail.com
Best of your success,
Charo Bhatt
Web Reference: http://www.HomesByCharo.com
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Andrew, looks like it turned out to be a greater quest than you could have possibly imagined, huh? lol...

All joking aside, if you call an agent and leave a message and they don't get back to you within a few hours at the most, perhaps they took the work day off or too busy or just a sign of bad communication.

If you email an agent and they don't get back to you within 24 hours at the latest, the communication will be bad or at least it's not a good sign.

If you're still on the quest for an attentive diligent hard working agent, I would be willing to prove myself given the chance. I know that's the running theme here however there is only one way to find out for sure correct?

I apologize for the display witnessed by all here earlier in the blog between me and another agent over semantics which were of no help in solving your dilemma. That being said, and following the advise for agent contact above, no matter who you choose there should be no further issues in what should be a simple task of getting a ready willing and able real estate agent to be attentive to you and your needs.

Good Luck, wish you the best in your Quest...

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As you can already tell some will respond right back to you some will not. Try calling a manager/broker and asking them if they have someone (REALTOR) who is good with long distance buyers and sellers working via internet. Find someone who is not affraid of the internet and who has some time to communicate via email. I have done alot and while it takes some time it will be worth it. You will find someone who will continue to email you and keep up with you. Try looking for someone who also has the accredited buyer representive (ABR) designation you can also look on their site to find someone.
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WoW have you got some bad answers here Wayne, my appogies on behalf of my collegues.

You need to find an agent who is familiar with Global Relocation and the nuances of someone relocated from either cross country or overseas, most of the answers I'm seeing here are:

We're the Bestest
Pick Me...Pick Me...
Where will you be? (I can refer you to another company if not in my area!)

Commical, Really... ;-D

First, WHY are you relocating?
Is it a work related relocation? Many larger employers have affiliations with global relocation companies, some do not, if yours doesn't and that is the reason for the move, I can have someone from our 2007 #1 Rated Corporated Global Relocation division contact your company about the process and how we can benefit your company by facilitating the move, saving them money, time and making your move easier.

If the move is not related to work, just finding a reputable "agent" not just agency is key but can also be a daunting task. Basically you should call a brokerage, ask to be assisted by a FULL TIME agent who has at least a few years of experience as a FULL TIME real estate agent.

Do you have a home which you must sell first in order to afford purchasing another?
We have affiliations with real estate brokers all over the globe to assist with the sale of an existingly owned property. Very important!

Will you need temporary housing here in the United States while you search for a home here?
Do you have many items or any large ones which you plan on taking with your from overseas?
A moving & shipping company may be another important factor.

As you can see, not just finding a FULL TIME real estate agent is important but also finding one who is familiar with Global Relocation.

FYI: in case you have not guessed, I am. ;-D

Victor: 1-866-745-GMAC (4622) Ext.302

Good Luck....

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Century 21 has the most extensive referral program in the world, and some of the best agents. A proper referral through our system will likely get you one of the best.
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Look at my web site and go no further. 973 951 6665
I am a relo specialist
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Congratulations Andrew on your purchase.

Nice job Ladies, I thinks this is trulias first international deal
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Mr.P, Other/Just Looking in Arizona

This is Karen from the Sharon and Karen team. I can assure you that I am checking my email many times a day and never got any messages from you directly to my email. Would you be kind to try again. Sharon and I were thrilled that you chose us from the bunch and we can assure you that you are not making a mistake. Now that you are ready to begin I don't feel that this forum is appropriate to answer personal questions concerning your financing and others. I will provide you with my personal email as well it's Abramsonaaa20@hotmail.com. You may try it as well. Again, we are very excited regarding building our conncetion further and assist you in your search. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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Look and see who has listing in the area that you are interested in and contact the agents. You can always have an interview over the phone.
Web Reference: http://getprequalified.com
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I'd still be happy to work with you. Should you wish to get started, please contact me directly.

Gina Chirico
Prudential New Jersey Properties
973-715-1158 cell
973-239-7700 ext 132
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i did multiple times. on tuesday and yesterday
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Hi Andrew, just send us a quick line to our email sharonandkaren@prunewjersey.com so we can have a direct email to contact you. This is why we did not email you back. Sharon and Karen
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OK, now I am really confused. I post make a decision (Sharon and Karen) and I e mailed them on Tuesday and on Wednesday.... Nothing, no answer back. So I come back to my original question. How do i find a broker while living overseas. Ideally, I will come to NJ in two weeks, while this may be a dream I would like to be able see a series of properties, make a decision and close the second week in August when I return to NJ for good. I am notl ooking at the high-end of the market, but I am a live customer. Who wants to represent me. Thanks
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Not one to throw stones, because I have had my share of keyboard fights.

This is a great thread. I actually read it twice.

Andrew our social media prospective client tells us.
"they seem to understand my needs without the pressure"
Read that again, that's what it is all about.

Tale of the tape
1. Please call me
2. review my profile and contact me
3. Contact me directly
Lets take a little break here. Asking someone to call just does not work. Really it doesn`t. No, it is not a call to action, not in a forum like Trulia.
Lets try
" I hope this helps, Let me know if you have any further questions."
It is Truliaetiquette to use the web reference for your contact info.

4. A proper referral through our system
5. a worldwide referral system
6. I could refer you to another agent
We just met online, I don`t know you, you don`t know me. You can`t help me with my question. However for a small fee you know someone else, who can help me.
Andrew came online himself, to find an agent...Himself.

Then.... "they seem to understand my needs without the pressure"

Game over ...Karen & Sharon win. That was it. He got his answer.

The rest of the post is very interesting, however it has nothing to do with Andrew, and it will not matter, because he has made his choice.

Re read the entire thread. This is priceless information.
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Mr.P, Other/Just Looking in Arizona
Hi all!

In response to some of the comments made by other real estate agents on this forum: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/showthread.php?p=192567&…

We suggested that you check out our blog post on how to best utilize the Trulia Voices Q&A real estate community : http://www.truliablog.com/2008/05/09/top-10-tips-on-how-to-b…

Please let us know what you think.


Social Media Guru at Trulia
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wow. I post a question and go to Munich for the weekend and all heck breaks loose. seriously are you guys brokers or used car salepeople. guess business must be bad. In any event i have decided to contact sharon and karen as they seem to understand my needs without the preassure. thanks for all your responses and to some of you its summer, relax a little. cheers
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Trevor, thanks for your 2 cents but we've already established the bickering was senseless and didn’t look good, thanks for re-stating the obvious though...

Comments from the peanut gallery are always accepted, usually ignored and just as senseless as the bickering, but we welcome your stating the obvious either way...

No popularity contest winners here but who cares, just here answer questions and excuse me if I tend to be a little anal about facts, figures and data and the means in which it is collected tends to be my running theme.

I can be brutally honest at times, hope it doesn't offend but at the same token don't care if it does give your baby soft skin a rash. lol...

Don’t even think those bad words! lol... I think I just read your thoughts!

Bless you my child...

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Nor am I hear to argue but... lol no arguing now.

GMAC Relocation has probably used PRU NJ agents from time to time as they have from many other agencies, ones that do not have relocation departments of their own, mainly because they handle their own. GMAC Relo handles their own relocation; it is contractual with the large companies we work for.

Unlike many other franchises as a company owner I get to speak with John Bearden, GMAC Real Estate CEO and the other higher ups, as well as the heads of other departments and the workers who actually perform the duties on a day to day basis. I live eat and breathe real estate and am always hungry for more....Knowledge! and know the inner workings of the departments and collateral business partners.

Yes GMAC Global Relocation has used agents from various agencies including Pru NJ to show and list properties but you must separate the Relocation Division from the Real Estate division, they are two different business entities which perform totally different business functions.


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Yes, we do have our own relocation department. Prudential New Jersey Properties Relocation Department has enjoyed nine years of first place productivity in the Prudential Network. http://prunewjersey.com/relocation.asp

Again, GMAC does utilize PNJP's relocation services as well. I'm not saying its for every relocation but when need be - they use us. Check with your relocation department. I'm not trying to boast the broker I work for. I know my facts about the company I work for. I'm assuming your agents would support you as well.

In addition, we might as well just agree to disagree. I am on this website to answer questions for buyers/sellers and I take an interest in other agents' answers as well. I learn something new everyday and value different points of view from other agents answering questions. I feel this is part of networking with other agents as well as you never know when you may have a referral in an area or need a favor - I'm not hear to argue.
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Whoa!!! Hold your horses there little lady, not discrediting anyone just wanted to set the facts straight...

If you're going to be asking for a buyer to call you why shouldn't I?
I'm not hurting for the business so don't post on the blogs like we're fighting over every bit of business we can get, Andrew if you feel comfortable using Gina Chirico please do, I'm sure she'll do a good job helping you find a home...

See Gina, Be a little civil and try not making realtors look like scavengers to the public, especially when there are so many people out there looking to discredit Realtors as a whole. Take it easy, you're wound up just a little too tight...

"I have had about enough of your nonsense on this forum"
Gina, you are WAY too sensitive but if you want to get into it, get your facts straight before commenting and trying to boost the image of Prudential because you work for them by stating:

"FYI: GMAC Global Relocation utilizes Prudential New Jersey Properties Relocation Services"

GMAC Global Relocation does not utilize Prudential's relocation services let alone Prudential New Jersey Properties Relocation Services, didn't know they had their own for that matter usually PRU NJ Properties will use the Prudential Networks Relocation services. There is a difference between assigning a real estate agent to work with a buyer or seller vs. the Relocation Department and the overview of their entire function to facilitate a move, employer / employee contracts and what is being paid for and by whom, handling the moving services and paying for them as part of the relocation contract and so on, YOU do not do that as an agent. As an agent you may refer a buyer or seller to a moving company or other collateral services.

Clearly you are not familiar with concept of relocation vs. using a realtor to buy or sell a house when moving. Once again you've proved my point with your statement and lack of knowledge in this department.

To make your statement correct, I would rephrase it to say...
GMAC Global Relocation Services has utilized Prudential agents to assist buyers or sellers when shopping for a new home or selling an existing one. Prudential Relocation has ZERO involvement!!! The relocation process is managed solely by GMAC Global Relocation Services.

I'm not looking to argue or discredit you Gina, your doing a good job of showing your inexperience all on your own.

"Don't Mess with the Bull, You'll Get the Horns"


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I can help you with Montclair it falls under my coverage area, I'm very familiar with the area, that's near West Orange where I started my real estate career, and I was with a Century 21 Cendant company back then. I'd love to help you out Andrew, call or email me to discuss your situation in more detail; this isn't the proper forum for that.

Victor Kaminski
Owner / Broker Manager
Marivic GMAC Real Estate
Cell 908-884-5757
Office: 732-650-9911 Ext.302
Toll Free: 1-866-745-GMAC (4622) Ext.302

John you’re a funny guy! Gumption, that a great word. lol...
BTW. The Power Broker report numbers take a bit of knowledge to truly understand. Let me explain, the list of brokers shown is are individual brokerages nor franchises as a whole, GMAC Real Estate has A LOT more offices than 79, however that number may indicate how many offices are just corporate owned aka owned by the franchise. Coldwell Banker and Long and Foster as another example have a lot more corporate owned offices, remember this list is showing "Company" production, now we look at the Top of the list which is NRT, as you noted your with Coldwell Banker but get your checks signed by NRT, that is because NRT is not a real estate company, they are an INVESTMENT company which purchases and owns real estate companies and many of them from all different franchises to mom and pops, that is why their numbers are through the roof.

Where do you get that bad data from?
"FYI: GMAC Global Relocation utilizes Prudential New Jersey Properties Relocation Services, as does Cartus, Weichert Relocation and approximately 50 additional relocation companies, not to mention we have 32% conversion ratio compared with the national average of 12%. "

GMAC Global Relocation has no relation to Prudential whatsoever, totally different companies read the info in the links I've posted and see the comparison charts where GMAC Relo beat out Prudential, if they are the same how does that happen? Whoops, not a question, I already know the answer!

GMAC GLOBAL RELOCATION is its own company, I think you are very confused about the process and how it works in relocation, and I’ll assume you’re new to it.

GMAC Global Relo will set up affiliations with certain select companies if a GMAC Real Estate agency is not in the area and even if they are because GMAC Global Relocation doesn't forced a GMAC Company on them which they must use, it is just another option which the clients tend to pick more often than not. You see the way it works is the person relocating will actually get to interview 2-3 agents from different agencies per the suggestion of GMAC Global Relocation and then the client must pick which agency they choose to work with. This is all about full service and customer satisfaction, so if you are new to relocation and how it works I can understand how you may have thought that getting a lead from GMAC might have meant they have an affiliation with Prudential in some way. Just thought you should know that in case your relocation director at Prudential hasn't explained that. I know they usually don't because their job is to give you the lead and follow up to ensure you are doing your job.

Actually I am a company owner of a small GMAC Real Estate office; I'm also the Relocation Director so I am quite familiar with the entire network and process of relocation.

Your comments about "32% conversion ratio" has nothing to do with customer satisfaction, that's probably more along the lines of internal numbers of converting leads into clients or clients into sales. Nothing that would cause a buyer or seller choose you over another agency.

I've learned long ago that buyers and sellers have no interest in what awards you've personally won or how great your agency is but more about what you can do for them. In spite of this being a matter of common sense I continue to see the majority of agents brag during listing presentations and when meeting with clients, we’ve actually got listings where other company’s top producers did not because they could not stop talking about themselves. Awards and company recognition are nice to attract their attention initially but after you get the attention of a client all the conversation from that point must be about them, their needs and their property.

Peace, Love, Joy & Happiness...

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Andrew, assuming you said you were overseas "relocation" jumped into all of our heads. Either relocating around the world or just simply moving to Montclair I can still assist you in your move. Contact me so I can send you via email a home packet of Montclair to get started.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
Prudential New Jersey Properties
West Essex Regional
973-715-1158 cell
973-239-7700 ext 132 office
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FYI: GMAC Global Relocation utilizes Prudential New Jersey Properties Relocation Services, as does Cartus, Weichert Relocation and approximately 50 additional relocation companies, not to mention we have 32% conversion ratio compared with the national average of 12%.

By the way, Prudential Relocation is a full-service global mobility management firm.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
Prudential New Jersey Properties
West Essex Regional
973-715-1158 cell
973-239-7700 ext 132 office
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Oh yeah ;-) lol....

Well GMAC Global Relocation has been Ranked #1 in Corporate Global Relocation well above Cartus which was ranked low at the bottom of the list which is also well below the average for relocation companies.
See bottom of page for rankings graph, this is the actual press release: http://www.jdpower.com/corporate/news/releases/pressrelease.…

RISMedia was founded in 1980 by CEO and Publisher John E. Featherston, as the residential real estate industry's definitive source for news and information for real estate's most profitable and productive professionals–and all those looking to gain a competitive edge.

See for yourself, I'm not just puffing smoke:


Other sites praising our services:

Google it:

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Hi Andrew,

As you can see there are several of us who would be interested in helping you. Click on our photos, review our profiles and contact the agent who you feel is the best fit. You really should interview a few of us before deciding.

Marc Paolella
Relocation Director
Licensed Realtor NJ
Licensed Appraiser NJ & NY
Century 21 Joe Tekula Realtors
Phone (direct): (973) 584-4235 (forwards to cell when mobile)
Phone (office): (973) 584-7580
Fax (973) 584-5092
e-mail: marc2000@verizon.net
text: 914-588-3787
web: http://www.marcpaolella.com
Web Reference: http://www.marcpaolella.com
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COLDWELL BANKER has a national brokerage, I work with people from Europe, South America ans so on and also have a worldwide referral system
Web Reference: http://www.njproperty.info
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Relocation is one of the things Prudential NJ Properties does best. Our company works directly with relocating employees on a daily basis, most of which we most do via email and the internet. There are many times when our relocation client can only come to NJ for one day (even sometimes only a few hours) and we set up the property tours within that time constraint.

Some agents may not be taking you serious since we tend to get so many emails from people overseas looking for housing, shared housing, etc. that are actually bogus leads.
Please contact me directly so we can get started.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
Prudential New Jersey Properties
973-715-1158 cell
973-239-7700 ext 132
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Please review my profile and contact me- I am full time and I would like the opportunity to work with you!
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What area are you looking in? I handle all of central NJ and I am relocation certified, quality service platinum level certified- check out my profile for testimonials. I am also full time with Prudential NJ Properties in Watchung, NJ.

I would look forward to the opportunity to work with you so please call me!
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