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I am scheduled to do my final walkthrough this evening. My agent just called me and asked if I still need to

Asked by Nervous, Dayton, OH Wed May 14, 2008

I am scheduled to do my final walkthrough this evening. My agent just called me and asked if I still need to do the walkthrough since the movers are going to be there. WHAT? Of course I said yes but I am confused as to why my agent would ask me this question. Is it really normal to close on a house without a walkthrough? Is this one of the potential problems working with a realtor when the listing agent works for the same company and they are friends?

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you usually want to do the walkthrough AFTER the movers have been there (in part to determine that they haven't taken something with them, that they were supposed to leave... like the dining room chandelier, or that they haven't left a 15 foot gouge in the family room brazilian cherry flooring).

But simply because the walk through isn't going to be done at the optimal time, isn't a reason to abandon the walk through completely. If you can't get a view of the "emptied" home prior to the closing... I would hold out a small amount of money in escrow (maybe $500.00-$1,000), to be release "after" you've had a chance to view the empty home and confirm that everything is okay.

The sellers shouldn't have a MAJOR problem with it... since the money could be released only hours later. If they do have a problem, I suppose you could delay closing until after they've completely moved out.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
... and yet, the seller has every right to occupy the house up until the very last minute of closing. So it's a fine line. That being said, if the seller really pushes it to the last minute, they should also be reasonable about allowing a small escrow hold-back, until it can be determined by the buyer, that everything is copasedic.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Nervous, I don't know whether the answer lies with the agency relationship that you have with the real estate agent, but I've heard enough horror stories about sellers moving items that should have remained to know that not doing a walk through is a big mistake- don't close without one.
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It is always a good idea to do the walk thru because you don't always see any problem or potential problem during the inspection period (if you did your inspection). In addition, you check the inventory of things that are included in the sale such as refrigerator, stove, washer & dryer, window treatment, lightings, fans etc... If they are not there during your final walk thru, you can hold the funding until they are return or replace. You also need to make sure that all the requested repairs have been done by the sellers. Good luck.
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Please do the walk though as close to the closing as possible. I had a sale where the hot water heater was working fine when the sellers showered in the morning, and when we did the walk through was done that afternoon, the hot water heater was no longer working. After the walk though you’re on your own, but don’t purchase without checking everything out after all the sellers possessions have been removed, the movers are gone and you feel confident that when your agent locks up, no one else will be in the house.

Best of luck in your new home!
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Yes you do this is the only chance before closing to see if everything is in working order or if anything needs to be fised.Your agent is lazy & doent waht to take the time tough have her find another agent to go with you.
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As a professional I always recommend a walk through for your own protection preferably when the movers are done with their job. You may want to ask your Realtor why she does not recommend this for you. Good Luck!
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It's always a good idea to do a final walk-through. Insist on it for your own protection and peace of mind.
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Some folks do not do a final walk through. It would be best to do the walk through after the movers have left the home and everything is as it should be. Doing the walk through while before it is vacant will not allow you the knowledge of knowing whether it is how it should be. You can try to have the sellers place some funds into escrow in the event there is damage and then release the funds upon final approval. Good luck
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I understand what you are saying, Elvis. In my opinion, not scheduling enough time is just not considerate to the buyer. There are things such as storage, pods and hotels. To ask a buyer to not walkthrough because of movers is appalling in my opinion. As a seller, I would have never asked my buyer that ever. As a buyer, I would never accept that condition either.
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Perhaps the sellers were scheduling the movers for the last minute, because there were going directly from the "sale" house... to their new purchase house, all in the same day.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Something that is just a bit bothersome is why would the seller wait until the afternoon before closing to schedule movers? It just seems last minute and not thoughtful.

I can put myself into the seller's shoes since I recently sold my home. We scheduled the movers one week before closing so we had a couple of days to make sure everything was in tip top shape. I know we went the extra mile when our neighbors even laughed at us for painting the inside of the garage! However, we felt good knowing the buyers would feel wonderful about the immaculate condition during the walkthrough. In the current market, smart (okay, at least motivated) sellers go the extra mile.
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Perhaps your agent was just concerned about the havoc that usually surrounds movers being in the house and trying to do a walkthrough at the same time. Is it possible for you to do a walkthrough in the morning prior to closing? That way you'll be able to see the home as it will be when you receive it. Yes, a lot of people do close on houses without doing walkthroughs. I have closed a number of properties where the buyers have chosen not to do it even though I always recommend that they do. Best of luck to you with your new home!
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I always include a final walkthrough as a contingency in the contract. I had a friend who decided to buy without an agent and didn't think about having a walk through. When they went to the home after closing things were missing that were in the contract, such as a chandelier, sauna, and there was damage done to the house by the movers. You should always do the final walk through as close to closing as possible. If your agent doesn't want to go then you need to call their manager and get someone to take you.
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You need to have the walk threw no matter whos there that odd the agent would ask you that.The only time theres not a walk threw unless you ask is a forcloure that states your buying as is,where is.
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I'm in the same boat tomorrow night. I thought the sellers were moving out this past weekend, but the sellers agent said that the movers will be there all day Thurs and they are hoping to be out by the end of day. We are going through at 7 and closing is Friday morning. I'm hoping that they are all cleared out by the time we get there.
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In my 25 years and 600+ sales less than 25% have done a final walk thru. For many years it was not a part of the board contract but now it is written in that the buyer shall havr the right to a walk thru. As a dual agent it is smart to get you in to do a walk thru.
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The idiot buyer's agent who is representing the buyer tried to schedule a walk through two days before closing. I contacted my agent a week ago, and told him we would have the house empty 24 hours prior to closing, so that the buyer could take his time doing the walk through. I was in real estate for several years in another state, and I have noticed agents in this area have no clue how to properly set up things on behalf of their customers. I am disgusted with both agents for not communicating with one another. I have prepared my agent all along, only for him to prove he ignored every single word I said.
My advice to anyone in this dilemma is never, ever schedule a walk through more than 24 hours prior to closing, especially when the seller has personal belongings inside of the home that may cover up issues that could affect the sale. Next, never, ever close without a walk through. This protects the seller and buyer beware cause everyone can agree on the condition of the home within a day of closing.
Your agent should have coordinated the move with the seller's agent. But, too many agents care only when you get the contract, and when they get their check!
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I agree with Dave Harcourt 100%. Put a walk through as a contingency in your contract.

Sheri Mapes the Cincy House Expert

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Hopefully the agent did not mean it like that. Maybe he was asking if you wanted to wait until after the movers left. If not, there is now way he should be detering you from doing a walk-through.
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Real estate is a business with a long memory--I would doubt that unless your realtor wanted to cut their own throat in the future that they would have any motivation to discourage you from a final walk through. Why don't you simply ask your realtor what they meant since it obviously bothered you? I bet doing that alone will clear the air. Also, since the movers are still there--you may want to do your walk through at the last possible time so as they are totally gone and you can view the house empty.
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