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Nia,  in Phoenix, AZ

what is wrong with my agent?!?

Asked by Nia, Phoenix, AZ Wed Nov 5, 2008

we've had our agent for about 6 months now, and we've put offers on at least 5 homes now (often 30k above the asking price), and we still haven't bought one. Anyway, I feel like he's been a little slow lately. For instance, he said he would speak to his broker about the legality of submitting several offers on short sales, but he never did, otherwise he would've told us. Then he says that he needs to perhaps start knocking on doors to see if ppl are selling their home, so that HE can be its listing agent... And last wednesday, we asked her for info on 2 homes. One is a short sale that's been on the market for 7 months, and one that's bank owned. He offered to go take us some pix since we dont live in this state. Next day, we sent him an email asking for pix to be sent. He sends us the mls pix which we've seen! ** The rest of this will follovv in the next window**

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I hear you, 30k above asking sounds like a lot, but I know what the agents in AZ do to market the properties. If the property is underpriced, then how much you pay over asking is only a big deal relative to what everyone else will pay. Obviously they were willing to pay more, and did.

Foreclosures and REO properties are especially difficult because you have to spend hours on the phone with Loss and Litigation departments, asset managers, etc. These deals can literally eat up an agents time that they may need to help other clients, and they are also the deals that are the least likely to close.

So the first offer you got beat by $7,000; the second offer you got beat by double that at $14,000, and the others we don't have any numbers on. Why do you think the other buyers are willing to pay more than you?

Did everyone else just get robbed on the other 5 properties that were sold or could it be that you are not being realistic with your offers?

Tell your agent how you feel. I would absolutely hate it if my clients were on here upset with my performance. (None of you are out there are you :) If he doesn't shape up, then ship him out.
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Jeff, I'm no agent but i think that putting a 150k offer/mth isn't too bad... As well, Memphis and Little Rock's housing market is nothing close to Phoenix's. Agents there are pricing homes at ridiculous prices, only to drive up the competition. I would think that 30k above asking is more than reasonable. I do feel that our agent and perhaps us even more are getting tired of this crazy housing game there! we always offered 25-30k down, 1-3k earnest, and we are approved 100% by our bank, but that's not good enough in that crazy market.
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I know I am only getting one side of the story here, but it sounds like your agent has given up. When agents stop returning your phone calls that is usually a bad sign:) Frankly, I have never had to write 5 different offers on 5 different properties, only to have my buyers beat out on every deal. This does make me suspicious as to why people were willing to pay more than you on 5 different properties.

He may just be tired of chasing his tail. This may explain why "he has been a little slow lately."

I would find another agent.
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Nia, I dont live in your state, and dont know your local rules and reguations, but I do know a thing or two about fiduciary responsibility, integrity, and ethics where agents are concerned. It does sound like your agent is either not understanding what you want, or he doesnt have your best interest in mind.

There are a few ways to handle this.
1) Since this agent has spent some time with you and done work on your behalf, you could contact this agents broker/manager and have a discussion about what is going on, and how he/she may interevene on your behalf. This gives the agent a chance to rectify his behavior and be compensated for the work done when you do complete a transaction.
2) Send written correspondence via email, or fax, a list of what you need and time frames for completion. If he does not compy with this request, then you need to follow-up with a second written correspondence terminating your relationship with this agent., then find a new agent.

Good luck, I hope you find the home you are looking for.
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First off, I don't recall we ever signed anything when we came down to az the first time 7 months ago to meet up with our agent and see what qc is all about.

The first house we bid on was listed for 125k, we offered 133k. Sold for 140k.
SEcond house (same type as first, but has a pool).. Asking 133k, offered 151k. Sold 165k.
Third house, asking 115.. Offered 145k.. Still don't know sales price..
And then we bid on 1-2 more homes after that.

Could it be that we've been too nice, and he's been slacking off? Other people would definitely say "why didn't you take pictures of the kitchen that you said was damaged??!"

As for Madeline, we don't know how to have the coutesy to ask our agent how he can continue to earn our business. I feel that that in itself is saying "you aren't good enough and need to improve!"

I left him a msg about 1 hour ago to say i received the pictures and he still hasn't called back.
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So you've lost out on "at least 5" homes" because your offer was too low? Really? Please explain the reasons if this is not the case so we can understand what happened.

The reason the agent is asking if he can list the homes is so you don't have to pay the commission. If they want to sell, great, but unless you want to pay the commission than I would be happy he is trying to list the house.

Not sure why he is reluctant to take more pictures. Perhaps you could explain why the deals have not gone through and this could shed some light on his lack of enthusiasm.
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I am not in your market, however I found your post interesting. It is clear that you and your agent are not on the same page. I would recommend finding another realtor to assist you in this process. With you being out of town you need someone that is reliable to be your eyes and ears. If you want specific photos of damage, I do not think that is too much to ask of your agent.

Try communicating your issue to the agent-if you do not see a major change in his behavior, send something in writing to him and his broker terminating your agency agreement.

As a suggestion, try finding an exclusive buyers agent in your area to assist you. This type of agent is experienced in working with buyers and will always be acting in your best interests.

Good luck with your purchase,
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So I emailed him to ask him officially to take us pix over the weekend of the 2 homes. we don't hear from him until monday and he says he'll take pictures that same day.. well, we never heard from him until today.. And it's only pix of the bank owned! He said he just didn't feel that the short sale one was "Us".. Now the pictures he took of the bank owned are very basic, and I had clearly asked for him to take pics of the damage that he had described!! what is wrong with him?? Over the phone he described missing cabinets and messed up granite countertops, well why not take pictures of that then?? Is he wanting the house for himself, or trying to hint us not to buy the house or what??

Please give me advice! I'm getting a little confused now with our choice of agent. I am supposed to call him in a few minutes to say i got the pictures, but what do i even say?!? He doesn't have pix of the short sale one, and didn't take good pictures of the bank owned one!
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