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Where to begin to sell a house?

Asked by Luce, 95616 Sat Dec 15, 2007

I bought a townhouse in Tierrasanta for my job relocation, and used a local family friend who is a real estate agent to do the purchasing transaction. 3 months after moving, I lost my job, and due to my specialty in my profession, have not found anything in SD that can match or cover the expenses. Of course a lot of personal angst also with the income loss. I want to sell and move on, and rebuild my credit and life, but don't want to use the family friend. How does one initiate selling a home?

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How to sell your home yourself
Many homeowners take on the task of selling their home themselves. It can save you money in commission but you must be willing to spend some money to market your home. You also need to be aware of the real estate laws in your area

The first thing you need to do is prepare your home. You need to clean it inside and out. Make sure the yard is neatly mowed at all times. It is also important to make repairs to anything that is not in working order. A fresh coat of paint in stained areas wouldn't hurt either.

Next you will need to determine a listing price. A lot of people don't do the research and list a home for what they need to get out of it or what they think it is worth. This is definitely a mistake. You can look around the neighborhood for homes listed by an agent and call to see what those home are selling for. You can go to your county's public records and see what comparable homes sold for in your area. You can also get a free comparative market analysis from a Realtor. Listing your home at the right price is key to selling it in a timely manner.

Next you will need to market your home. There are several ways to do this. It is a good idea to create a flyer explaining the features of your home. You should put a for sale sign in the front yard and purchase a container to put flyers in so that drive bys can pick up a flyer. You can get these at your local home improvement store. Then you will need to advertise your home. You can find online sites to post it. You can put an ad in your local newspaper or find local bulletin boards to post it on with tear off phone numbers. Areas to post could be your local shopping mall, stores, libraries, and apartment complexes.

You may want to have an open house. Hand out flyers to your neighbors and invite them to your open house. You never know who they know that might be looking for a home. Be cautious of who you let in your home. Since you are letting strangers into your home, it is a good idea to walk around with them at all times. In addition to the open house, you need to be available to show your home to prospective buyers. Plan to take calls regarding your home at all hours. You need to have a flexible schedule.

There are many other legal details that go into selling a home. You should consult with a real estate attorney or a local title company that specializes in real estate transactions. They can draw up a contract for purchase once you have a buyer. Other things that come into play when selling a home are an appraisal, a title search, a survey, inspections, and setting up a closing date and time. For more detailed information check out

Tammy Hayes, Realtor, Sandals Realty, Punta Gorda, FL
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Lots of folks find themselves in this same boat over the last couple of years. Start with an experienced Real Estate agent. You want someone that can help you negotiate with the lender on your behalf. I have helped several people move on with their lives.

Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Joan Wilson (Realtor, SRES, Ecobroker, Certified REO, HAFA, and Short Sale Specialist)

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I am also sorry to hear about that Luce! Keep in mind you are not the only one in such a situation and that everything will eventually work out.

Though I might be the 13th person to answer your question, keep in mind that it is not about what price a certain agent thinks they can sell your house for but the service they will provide. Often times, sellers will chose the agent that quotes their house the highest but after they sign the listing agreement, they are disappointed on how things go. It comes down to what the buyer will pay for it anyways so work with an agent that knows the market, works with a good company, and will do a good job! Not all agents are equal and the same goes for the companies they work for.

Derek Rotzinger
Prudential California Realty
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Hi Luce,

The VERY first thing you need to do when you begin to think about selling a home is to find a few agents who have good reputations in your nieghborhood. Reputation is key to any business. Talk to more then 1 agent, most experts say interview at least 3 before listing and have them all draw up a Comparable Market Analysis on your home.
Every agent will have different techniques to market and sell your home, so find whoever is the best fit for YOU.

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First place to start is to choose a local short sale expert if you are in hardship
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Hi Luce, sorry to hear about your situation. By all means, be sure to interview agents who are experienced and choose the one you feel most comfortable with and who you can trust. Google questions for real estate professionals to solidify your confidence and in order to make a final choice.
Good luck.
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Hello Luce, times are tough for many people by challenging the Real Estate Market in selling your home is a start. If I can be of service, contact me for a FREE consultation with no commitments or olbigations to be of service.
Ruben Sanchez: Realtor/Broker 619.251-5093 & text no.#
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Luce- So sorry about your turn of events with your situation. What a shame- all the way around! I agree that you need to interview a few agents to find the one who is right for you. Michelle brought up some good ideas, about finding a room mate if that could help you to "tide over" the situation for awhile.

A good agent will help you to explore ALL of your possibilities- as to whether selling now is really the best decision to make. They shouldn't just look at getting a sale and a commission- but what is best for you in the long run.

I'd love to have the opportunity to talk with you to see what is the best solution for your situation- and if selling is the best thing to do, I'd love to interview for the job of selling your home.

Patti Phillips
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Luce...Sorry to hear about your job loss. As a former San Diegan native...I can readily recommend 3 excellent realtors for you to interview and help you explore your options..For your career needs, I highly recommend The East County Career Center @ offering ONE stop shopping for all your career needs - at NO charge! (Worked there for many yrs prior to real estate.) If you prefer one - on -one career counseling for a fee, I have great recommendation for you…Best to you…
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First, pray. Pray to know the right path, person and action for now. You've received good "to-do" suggestions, however, you need to assess your goals for this situation--e.g. closed in 3months with credit intact and loss of less than $50K.

Also think about why you would not use that "friend" again and make your decision differently-always learn from every situation.

Also, if there's any chance you'll find employment in SD, have you explored options of sharing the home--renting out rooms or half the home, selling a partial interest. Talk with your lender too and see if he/she has any interim suggestions that will help.
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Tierrasanta, as I recall, is an upscale area within San Diego. It becomes critical, then, that you retain a real estate professional who knows the community and has experience in representing 'luxury' properties. As you may know, given the short period of time that you have owned this townhouse, you will probably be selling at a loss in an environment with one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. agent who is experienced in marketing aggressively in all media (especially the internet) and with a background in handling short-sales/distressed properties is also important. From this foundation of information, network with friends and colleagues and ask if they know great agents who are experienced in the Tierrasanta area. The best endorsements are the ones in which your friends have been personally represented by the agent and happy with their performance. Seek out 3-4 agents to interview. Ask them about their experience in marketing homes in Tierrasanta, their experience in marketing short-sales, a list of sellers they have represented that you can contact for references, their experience in marketing luxury/relocation properties since your area seems to attract a lot of corporate executives, and whether they have ever been sued or disciplined as a real estate agent, because Realtor colleague relationships are now vital to the success of selling and closing your transaction. Good've already made the toughest let go and move on.
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Yes, sorry for your situation. The first step to selling your house would be to interview at least 3 real estate agents who will present you with a marketing plan for selling your home. Select an agent you feel is best qualified to serve your needs and one that communicates well with you. Remember you are the client and the real estate agent is just that, an agent, your employee who works for your best interest.
Good Luck

Lance Blackman
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You are in a somewhat difficult position in that you must sell, in a slower real estate market and a buyer's market at that. I definitely agree that you need the services of a professional REALTOR. Are you in need of a short sale (owing more than the expected sales price of your home)? Pricing is the major key for a quick sale, so if the value of the home you bought is less than what you paid, and you do need to consider a short sale, you will need someone who is experienced with short sale negotiation and strategies. I can give you the names of a number of Realtors who are good with shortsales. You might also check out Also visit for some guidace if you need help in case of a possible foreclosure situation. I wish you the best and you can call me 619.507.5688 or e-mail me at anytime, evenings and weekends included, for some referrals or more information, if needed. The link below can give you some idea of the market conditions in your zip code.
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Hi Luce:

Sorry about the situation! You are making a good start on selling your home. I know there are quite a few good agents from San Diego on Trulia; I will forward your question to one that stands out.

As you are not familiar with the area (being there for just a few months from your question), you really should find a reputable Realtor to represent you in the sale of your home. Ask your friends / colleagues / families (express clearly that you are not interested in that one family friend) to recommend one to you. Then interview the few Realtors you have selected (just like a job interview, except you are the interviewer) and ask them about their credential, what they will do for you, how they will communicate with you if you moved - knowing that you are in the process of looking for a job; how they will handle everything for you, etc.

Set you expectations and see if they can meet them. With a knowledgeable, honest, and hardworking realtor, you will be in good hands.

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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
I'm in the Mortgage Industry but I will do my best to give you some recommendations here...

Start interviewing some local Realtors... You can find a handful of them on Tell them a little bit about your situation and ask how they can help. You might also want to contact some of the local brokerages in your vicinity, ask to speak to their Office Manager and have him/her connect you with one of their better Agents.

I'm sure that you'll also find a handful of Agents here on Trulia.

Once you find an Agent, google them and find what they're about. You can learn a lot about a person by doing a simple google search.

Undoubtedly your situation has caused some stress. Let any Agent that you speak with know that you're sensitive to timing...if they fail to connect with you, you need another Agent.
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