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Can I find out what my house is actually worth without an agent?

Asked by Mb, North Carolina Wed Jul 16, 2008

I haven't signed with a realtor yet. I am not sure if we are going to do a FSBO or get a realtor. Can I get the fair market value without having a listing with an agent? I don't mean just the comps, but have someone look at it and give me their input.

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You can have Agents come through and give you a Current Market Analysis for free or as I see also suggested call an Appraiser and have the property Appraised. Having worn both the Realtor hat and Apprasier hat I think you will get a better understanding of the current value from a CMA and the Realtor. What you want to avoid is just blindly calling into a company and getting who ever is covering floor time. I suggest you ask around to friends, family or co workers for a few referrals, call the referred Agents and discuss with them what you would like to do, that you are in the early stages, you may consider FSBO but want to know your market value and would they be willing to stop out and meet with you. I suggest you meet with at least 2 maybe 3 different Agents. I believe after that you will have a fantastic idea of what your home is worth.
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Hey!! You can do this- if you find a realtor who will be willing to help you whether they get the listing or not. It's best to let a realtor determine the Fair Market Value b/c we deal with this every day- it's our livelyhood. We have access to mass information that we use& we know how to apply it to determine the market value. Going FSBO can be tricky- yet still doable if you really know what you're doing. You'll have to most likely deal w/ a buyer's agent at least, and a lot of times, yet not all, they ask for a little higher compensation then they may be used to b/c they will have to do a lot more work since you may not know all the ends and outs. However, there is no "standard or regulated commission". Determine whether or not you want to be the one to handle all of the stress, paperwork, negotiating, etc, or if you'd like to spend a little more $$ and have someone take the hassle off of you and put their expertise to work. Hope this helps & have a joyous day in the Lord!!
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Sure you can. Most good agents are willing to give you a market evaluation, with the understanding that you may be trying to sell on your own first, with the hope, that if you can't manage to sell FSBO, that you'll remember them kindly, and hopefully you'd list with them.

If they've given you a fair market evaluation, and you found them to be likeable, and competent, you'd likely consider hiring them, so it's a fair trade off.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
If you interview some agents for the job of listing your home usually on the first appointment they will ask some questions and need to see the home ie; what improvements you have made and any extras inside that will be staying with the home. On the second appointment they can bring a more specfic CMA that has taken into account everything they can. That is how I do a listing appointment. To try and give a CMA without seeing the home is not doing anyone any good and usually taking for granted what you have put into the home.
As Bill stated you can pay and have it appraised by a licensed appraiser.
Then as Sandee stated just be upfront and honest with whomever you work with. If you like I could come out and do a CMA but, as I stated it is two appointments otherwise I would miss somethings about your home that might add value you to it.

Hope this helps,
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Best thing to do right now would be to get an appraisal done that will give you best value opinion right now as it is based on properties that have sold. Most of the real Estate agents will offer you some help even if you want to try FSBO but please be aware that market is very soft and you probably need all of the help you can get.
You should try and interview few agents that is all obligation free, let them come look at your home and tell you what they can do for you and what you can expect in the current market. That will help you decide if you would like to try it on your own for a few weeks and you should have better idea about price too.
Best of luck!

Your North Carolina Broker
Sonja Babic
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Yes you can alot of realtors will say no they dont want to waste their time. But, Yes you can get their honest input. Just be honest with them and let you know you might sell it FSBO. If I can help you with a market analysis let me know Thanks Sandee
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I would check with your local title company. Tile companies are great in giving you information on the recent sold properties in your area. Also remember your property will have to meet the appraisal for your buyers. I hope this helps.l
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I want to address the not selling at this time. If you are moving up to a higher price house and getting a good buy you are probably losing (by selling) the same percent in this bad market that the seller is losing on the one you are buying. Follow me? If you are selling $100,000 and are taking a 5% hit that is %5000. And if you are buying up to $150,000 that means the seller on that house at 5% is taking a $7500 hit. You just came out with $2500 to the good. Beware of who you get advice from and I would highly suggest you consult a realtor to sell. Let the professionals do the job they are trained to do....and I AM a realtor.
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If you think you are educated to the point that you can sell your home on your own, and do it correctly, finding a buyer that is financially able to get a mortgage, helping them get a loan, and then staying out of trouble with the buyer suing you after the sale from something you have disclosed, then FSBO is the way to go. Good luck to you. Should you need a fair market value of your home, and you still are afraid of calling a Realtor, you can call a state licensed appraiser, and pay for an appraisal. In this area, depending on the home, it would cos about $350 or so. Good luck. Don Bradbury 215-536-6777 x 329 http://www.bradburyteam.com
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Sure....have it appraised.........
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Fair Market Value is what a ready, willing, and able buyer will pay for your home today.
What you are asking for "someone" to do is part of the service you get from a realtor. Pulling up the comps, analyzing the data, being aware of what homes in that area have recently sold for - this is part of the service we provide. What you are asking for is for "someone" to donate their time to provide partial service so that you can then try and do the rest yourself. Will "someone" donate their time to you? Probably. You can most likely get an appointment with a realtor for a listing appointment. Some will give you a number as part of their presentation; some of us will not. Providing our professional opinion and advice is part of our service. The law also requires us to have an agency agreement prior to providing our professional advice and opinion, so none of us should be advising and opining without that in place. So, some realtors may give you a number; what number? The number they think you want to hear? A number lower than what your home is worth? A number higher? Until you enter into a relationship with that realtor, they are not obligated to give you any loyalty or act in your best interests. Sound unfair? Why? You want their loyalty without giving yours. My condolences to any and all who perhaps disagree or find themselves experiencing any feelings that are not pleasant. Mo, I wish you well whatever you decide; there is more to selling a house than putting a sign in the yard. Homes sold by realtors net an average 15% more than homes sold by owners. Only 10% of real estate transactions make it through to closing without realtor involvement. Some of those transactions are later found to be unsound and time and money is expended to fix the problems. A house is often an individual's largest investment, it is worth paying commission to get the best possible deal you can.
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