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Asked by K. Johnson, Almaden, San Jose, CA Mon Nov 19, 2007

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Jim Walker, Agent, Carmichael, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
I went to K Johnson’s profile to read the 3 other questions she posted along with the answers that were posted.

There was a single instance of an inaccurate answer by a RE Pro. That statement was quickly corrected by two later posters (one consumer , one pro) It is my opinion the corrections were warranted, they were fair, they were not a case of “bickering”

All of the other postings to her questions were helpful, polite, and informational.

If some one gives incorrect information, they need to be corrected, that is what I did to Michael Roberts when he answered “Connie” inappropriately...

I have to wonder if the corrections he received for that post led him to view the agents who adhere to the NAR standards of practice (and admonish other agents to adhere to those standards) as“arrogant, narcissistic group of so called 'agents' who find this is a place to make themselves feel greater and KING of the Real Estate world. “

I will not be nice to everyone. I won’t be nice to people who break rules or advocate breaking rules.
For my purposes of Trulia Voices this includes Trulia community guidelines, NAR standards of practice, state, local and national laws.

I will call out people who forget or disregard the “golden rule” - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

I am sorry that K. Johnson did not like the bickering.

In the marketplace of ideas the advocates of truth, competence and fair dealing need to speak up as loudly and as clearly as the advocates of greed, incompetence, and sly dealing.
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Mon Nov 19, 2007
I did not interpret K Johnson's complaint to refer to only her threads, but rather Voices at large. Perhaps K Johnson can better define her parameters for us. I find meaningful value in challenges to conventional wisdom, and appreciate that reasonable men (& women) can choose to disagree.
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Susan, Home Buyer, San Francisco, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Michael...I really liked the honesty in your answer. I think that on message boards there are people from all perspectives and differing philosophies on the market. When someone posts a view which differs from their own, I think the debating can get heated, which is normal, but what I am beginning to see is that some posters make it personal, and that is when it seems to get ugly on here. It is very annoying and counterproductive for everyone.

Cant we all just get along? :-)
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Michael Robe…, Agent, San Ramon, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Wow K! I am dissapointed too. I have read most of your questions and replys and feel you are a fair minded individual. The fact that you feel that way means others feel the same and that can't be healthy for the purposes of this forum. There are some serious people here who are sincerely willing to help you and other consumers with your questions and concerns. Where, I think, you are reading and getting this uncomfortable perspective is where the errogant, narcicistic group of so called 'agents' find this is a place to make themselves feel greater and KING of the Real Estate world. There are also others who are finding it difficult to operate in the new RE profession with all the new challenges...internet, informed buyers and bargain shoppers. I hope you give the serious members of this forum who understand the changes an opportunity to help you. I want to wish you good luck in your homesearch and hope to hear more from you. Thank you for speaking up K.!!!

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Keith Sorem, Agent, Glendale, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
K. Johnson
I am a Trulia Voice. I do not read all the posts, maybe I missed something.

One needs to realize that in order to be a poster, almost anyone can post. So, not to trivialize the purpose of Trulia, however I believe you can judge a profile based on their posts.

Just like any other profession, there are winner, losers, and the rest. I am not making a value judgement.
I simply would suggest that anyone, Realtor, buyer, seller, investor, etc. examine what we post.

If we are posting responses that are in appropriate, then flag the question as "bad". I am a working Realtor. I see some posts and ask myself "Gee, how do they have that time"?. I do not have spare time. I post IF I think I have something to say.

I am thankful that Trulia offers a platform for a variety of voices to be heard. May
God provide wisdom and discernment to readers so they can tell the difference from the lie and the truth.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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J R, , New York, NY
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Hi K, real estate agents get into heated discussions with each other about issues just like the public does. Some are rude. Many are just blunt. I am in the blunt category, but I am also brutally honest with my opinions and my clients seem to appreciate it. I don't know if I've seen any profanity here, and I'm not aware of any flat out wrong answers. Can you give me some examples. I just posted a question myself about what to do with a client who gets feedback but doesn't seem to respond to it. I did that because even though I am an experienced agent, I am interested in learning how other agents deal with some issues. I am always learning. Any agent who thinks they know everything usually doesn't.

As for other forums, even though I have my own issues with this forum, I really don't know any other forums where the consumer can ask and get questions answered freely like this one. Craigs List is a free for all populated by it seems about 5 consumers who have multiple names and do nothing but insult the few agents there, name call and insult them. Zillow seems to have a lot of trolls like that also. I am hesitant to say you might try, because that is a very civilized forum, where agents share advice and knowledge and I'd hate to see that forum ruined, but if you have serious question you don't think was answered here, you might try them. They don't take lightly to trolls and flamers, though. It's highly moderated.

Although this website is about finding homes, this forum is for discussion, which is what I see going on here. Do you believe it should solely consist of the public asking questions and agents answering them (for free)? What do you think would improve this forum and do you have a question?
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Infinity Rea…, , Saratoga, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Where are they. Well with most sites like this, there are only a few consumers that actually contribute. Mostly they just drop a question read a bit then never come back. I always think that some customers come here for a side of fries with there cheeseburger. They ask a quick question get a answer they want and are off. Some of the best questions asked i never seen the question asker come back. It just alot of responses im sure they left long ago.

Most consumers are watchers and read the posts, but are probably too shy or dont feel strong enough on an idea to reply. Just my guess. But then you got the instigators that come and ask questions just to stir up the bee's hive Hint Hint Starts with an S, and other Name starts with a N.

It it not you K. But i did agree with Jim when i went and looked at your questions, i was surprised you had a bad experience. But the other threads ongoing are well ongoing.

If we had a moderator im sure they would have closed them by now. Some day soon.
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Wendy Taylor,…, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
This site has multiple uses. REALTORS like it because it keeps us in touch with what the public wants to know. I do appreciate your comments.

We also like it because it raises our name recognition on the organic search engine. It also could be a possible way for a consumer to get an idea about our charactor.

All sites unfortunately cannot be up to the minute unless we REALTORS make sure the information is accurate that we report.

I hope you will continue using TRULIA - it is an open forum between REALTORS and consumers along with hopefully some interesting insight into the real estate market.

If you would like a referral to a great agent in Los Gatos, I would be happy to do that.
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Hi K Johnson,

I am most disappointed to hear your feedback about both Voices and Property Listings. No, I don't work Trulia! I am a real estate broker on the east coast. (I also happen to love Los Gatos, and am a former CA resident.)

ABOUT THE DATABASE - The integrity of the data depends upon the source form which it is drawn. Trulia receives data from syndicator, publications, and direct feeds from Brokers, Agents, and a few MLSs. The data integrity will generally be higher from the direct feed sources. As Trulia learns more which data sources have integrity issues, I expect the quality of the listings to improve. Certainly, the volume of listings is growing daily, and internet stats that I have seen from independent sources show usage is way up.

Not all current listings are posted to Trulia. The volume of listings is growing daily. is still king for quantity of listings, although the depth of the data on individual listings, or area info does not begin to compare to Trulia. I recommend that buyers use both, as well an agent's website. Take the best value offered from each, as none individually have to offer what the crossection will give you. I know that is a few extra steps, but it will provide you the most comprehensive package of information. Trulia has great info on recent solds (limited only by the local area's data reporting.) Trulia has great real estate guides and analysis. will have more listings. Agent sites vary tremendously from one to another.

ABOUT VOICES - THE Q & A BOARD. I, too, have been very disappointed in bickering and hostility. I believe that when Pros disagree, it can be a meaningful and useful source of information. Disagreement does not need to lead to hostility. I wish that you wouldn't leave, because, despite the negative cloud, there is a terrific amount of valuable information to be found here. There are great Voices that speak with knowledge, confidence and experience. I know that I am suggesting that you waddle through a bit of garbage in your quest for great input. It can be very well worth it. As an experienced RE Broker, I have learned from the other Pros on this site, and am optimistic that if you hang in there, the value proposition for you will be on the upside.

I am hopeful that the Board will calm down, and I am hopeful the Trulia will take measures to minimize hostility while preserving freedom of speech and the right to present opposing perspectives or approaches to real estate issues.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoints.

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Carrie Crowe…, Agent, Southaven, MS
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Thank you K. Johnson for your input. There are a lot of professionals that feel the same way you do. I believe that most of the questions asked by pros are ok. We can learn a lot from each other just as you guys can. Please check back with us and see how things are going for as. We have been experiencing some growing pains recently. Hopefully we will pass through this stage soon.
Best regards,
Carrie Crowell
Keller Williams Realty
Baton Rouge, LA
Web Reference:
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Ginger R., Home Seller, Massachusetts
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Is there a forum that you find more useful? For example, I like but I find their forum to be useless. It is mostly consumers, with little RE pro input, but displaying all of the above behaviors that you mentioned. So I am just curious if there is a RE forum that you do find useful. Thanks.
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Infinity Rea…, , Saratoga, CA
Mon Nov 19, 2007
Sorry to see you leave, this is a question we have been dealing with recently, and Trulia has promised to start to work on the issues. I would hate to see you leave, and would just ask that you check back in awhile and see if the changes have not been addressed. The best way to fix it is communication like yours from consumers.

Hope to see you back soon.
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