Infinity Rea…,  in Saratoga, CA

Was there a competition i didnt know about, how many times we can Spam answers to get our count up.

Asked by Infinity Realty Network, Saratoga, CA Sun Oct 21, 2007

Just wondering because i go through pages of ads and find peoples legitimate questions unanswered, but its not my area but i try to answer something to get it to the top again because maybe someone missed it.

But WOW. Some of you guys are just abusing the system, if one person answers these basic questions like how to find this to rent? QUick answer craigslist. But nope the spammers come in to get there count up say anything.

One line answers after someone has adequately answered should be spam. Its good to always bring your opinion even if its been answered correct if you bring a thought out answer. But one or two sentences after someone wrote a paragraph come guys. There are real questions that people need answers and there questions fall down and never get seen cause someone wants to post a redundant answer.

I know people ask the same thing over and over but as soon as one person posts the answer we all know it is. Why not stop there. Im not gonna name names but, man.

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Aileen-Manha…, , New York, NY
Sun Oct 21, 2007
I think this is a great question and I think it's great that you're eliciting feedback from your peers. I'm giving you a thumbs up.

I understand your frustration, but sometimes one-line answers are legitimate. I also agree that redundant answers are annoying and are generally not useful.

The same message of: "Hi, I"m -----. Come visit my website http://www.---- I can help you in (enter city name here)." is incredibly annoying. New real estate pros join Trulia everyday and they may not read the guidelines or agent's best practices. I've (and some others) provide a friendly welcome and pointer to read the guidelines and practices to them. I believe it fosters professional civility and is a great way of welcoming other real estate and mortgage pros. Now if I see that they repeatedly abuse the guidelines, I will flag them as spam and give them a thumbs down.

As for questions that go unanswered - not everyone has the opportunity to visit Trulia everyday so some questions are going to fall through the cracks. Additionally, I get the impression that sometimes there are questions that "stump" the local pros. Personally, I won't answer a question when I feel can't provide a knowledgeable or helpful advice. I assume that occurs with other real estate pros in other geographical regions also.
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Brett Dunne -…, Agent, Upland, CA
Sun Oct 21, 2007
Mr. or Ms. ?

You said, "how many times we can Spam answers to get our count up." Frankly, I had not thought of this posting as a competition or spamming or counts. I just wanted to help people.

I certainly hope that possible buyers, sellers and investors will not be able to read this post. To me it is a little embarrassing; using Trulia has a “venting” system for a Realtor.
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Ruthless, , 60558
Thu Oct 25, 2007
I ignored this question of yours the first time around but I intentional searched it out now. I did respond to a similar post that came out after yours:…
It looks like you missed that one or chose not to answer because everyone had already said what needed to be said.

There is a learning curve and there are abusers. You might enjoy some of my abuse today with Richards questions. I'm going to delete my most recent "question" that said:

Congratulations Richard! Take a look at last weeks Top Trulia Voices. You have surpassed Pam.
Now lets see if you can get on the board with some useful answers.

I think I've receive more thumbs down this morning than ever before. Good thing I have to actually get off here and do some real work.

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Patti Pereyra, , Chicago, IL
Sun Oct 21, 2007
Hi Realtyexec:

I see you've been a member for a 1.5 weeks. It's all still new to you, and you'll soon find that it won't bother you as much as it does now.

I recently posted a similar question to our colleagues, wondering if they took the time to read the answers before posting because I was noticing more and more redundancy and useless repeat answers. The few replies I received indicated this was an annoyance for many who take the time to craft an answer, only to have it 'ditto'd' by somebody else. Most said that they don't contribute if they feel the question has already been answered. I do the same (not contribute), which explains my lessening participation.

I refuse to let this be a Junior High popularity experience for me, so even though I don't feel my participation is as necessary all the time because there are so many skilled and experienced Realtors who get to the question before I have a chance to, I still like reading the answers because I've learned SO much, and continue to learn so much.

In doing so, I've learned to skip past the annoying 'copy cats' and not let it bother me. You will, too.
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Sylvia Barry,…, Agent, Marin, CA
Sun Oct 21, 2007
We have visited this question many times. I used to get frustrated also, but then found out I can't make everybody do things the way I believe in. What you have to do is not to get frustrated but continue to provide your quality answers to the consumers - to help - that's what we are here for.

I think by staying on Trulia, you will start to learn who are the ones who consistently give great answers and who are the ones just show up and give a few one-liners. Every once in a while, even those people will give a decent answer. But watch closely, you will find out that there are quite a few wonderful realtors, mortage brokers, semi FSBO (you know who), even architect online.

And, you make great friends here.

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Ute Ferdig -…, Agent, New Castle, DE
Sun Oct 21, 2007
Hi Realtyexec. While I share your frustration, I was hesitant to even answer as I don't want to be accused of just answering a question to get my count up. I see many redundant answers and what I don't like about it is that it's harder for people to find all the good answers. I just don't have time to worry about it. I think there are also a lot of repeat questions that could be avoided if consumers searched for previous threads before posting a question. I don't answer certain questions anymore because I am truly tired of answering the same questions over and over again. The answer is already out there. I have to say that I see very few questions that remain unanswered. Let's not forget that all the answers are free and Trulia does not guarantee answers. Some of the question are also simply unintelligable and I won't answer a question that I can't even understand. You could also argue that even just asking for clarification could be an attempt to just get your count up. I can't play these mind games. I'll answer the questions that I feel like answering and if others think I have an ulterior motive, then so be it. I am not faulting you for asking the question. I just don't have time to worry about it.
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J R, , New York, NY
Sun Oct 21, 2007
LOL I had the same question when I first came here.
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Infinity Rea…, , Saratoga, CA
Sun Oct 21, 2007
This thread is posted in Using Trulia, and it is for those using trulia meaning agents mostly. So why is bringing up a legitimate question venting. Everyone vents when an agent solicits. If there was a for Realtors eyes only thread then i would post it there. But i see plenty of realtor questions on here, that are not consumer questions. THis is just another in that category.

But i appreciate your opinion and apoligize if you take it as embarrasing. I feel spamming is a bit more embarrasing.
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Infinity Rea…, , Saratoga, CA
Sun Oct 21, 2007
No Richard You dont. Thanks you guys for the answers, ill be patient sometimes we are all in a hurry at times and chime in real fast. I do it myself. I think there are alot of advice we can give to the trulia personal, it is a work in progress. I would also like to see a realtor section that we can post our own questions, so consumers dont have to shuffle through our rants.
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Richard M. J…, , Sherman Oaks, CA
Sun Oct 21, 2007
Realtyexec, yeah....I understand.
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