I posted a review specifically for a home in my neighborhood & was horrified to see that Trulia posted my review for EVERY home in my zip code!

Asked by Laura, Phoenix, AZ Mon Jun 14, 2010

That means that homes that are not even in my neighborhood have the review I wrote attached to them! Everyone, be careful when you read a review for a home you are interested in. More than likely the person who wrote the review, wrote it for a completely different home! What a horrible way to set up reviews!!!!! What's the pointe in writing a review that is set up that way??? Not all homes are the same, & most neighborhoods are completely different!!!

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Voices Member, , Benton County, OR
Thu Jun 17, 2010

#1..If you post your question in Using Trulia it will most likely get a response from Trulia Staff....

#2. Trulia Staff will most likely tell you Thanks for your input, good point, we will be sure to discuss it yadda yadda and then ignore your concerns completely...

#3. IMHO The reviews as with many thing on the Trulia site were not set up for Consumers but for the Agents..Now they can review homes they have listed or their Market Area...Pretty unbiased stuff ;)

#4. Trulia is more than welcome to Prove me entirely wrong by actually listening to Laura's concern and correcting this obviously horribly Flawed Review set-up

You can avoid the "Question" concern by just adding.."What's up with the Reviews?" or something of that Nature...

Good luck in getting more than a "We'll look into it yadda"
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Laura, there is no question that your review is heartfelt and personal, and many buyers could find it useful.

My comments regarding reviews and their usefulness had to do with REALTOR reviews, as we really can't say anything that is negative about an area - so all of us stating that an area is" fabulous" really has no merit.
Many agents are leaving these reviews, imo, not so much to be helpful (since we really can't be), as to garner points towards the vip program.

A consumer such as you, Laura, may say whatever you want to say without having to follow a code of ethics - or worry about your professional image - or laws! Your opinion may matter - mine doesn't.

As Rudy has pointed out, however, the reviews are meant to be area reviews, not specific home reviews.

I am not so sure that a homeowner would appreciate a neighbor leaving a "review" that says their house needs to be painted, and the shrubs pruned ! :)
Maybe it's best to stick to area reviews!
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Laura, , Phoenix, AZ
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Dunes, First off, you are to funny! Your post made me laugh out loud, & everyone came in to see what was so funny.
Second, if I am reading u'r post right, you are saying there is a section called " Using Trulia ", but I don't see where that is...

Debbie, Where I live, in Phoenix AZ, it varies greatly within the same zip code. One neighborhood can be very high end, & the neighborhood across the street can be run down, but both are in the same zip code. So it is a bad idea for Trulia to post the same review, no matter how general, for every home for sale in that zip. It just wouldn't apply. There wouldn't be much to say because everything varies so greatly.

We will have to agree to disagree on wether or not people writing a review on a property is a good thing. I think it is a great idea. Especially if Trulia fixes it so each review is specific for that one property. While some reviews might just be abstract thoughts and judgements, I think the majority would be helpful info to the buyer. For example, in my review, I wrote about how you couldn't tell from the realtors pix, but the stone work on the outside of the home is really nice & well done. I also wrote about our neighborhood association (which the realtor did not mention), & how it works & that it is a really friendly, community minded neighborhood. Yes, someone could call the city & find out that there is an active neighborhood assoc, get the head of the neighborhood assoc phone #, & call & ask about it, but not many people know you can do that outside of a planned community, & not many people are going to dig that much in the beginning when they are just scanning the internet to find homes to go look at, if ever. I actually think that the average person does not know how to go about collecting info on a property. So why not give them extra info about the huge investment they are about to make? The people who live in that neighborhood are the ones who can tell you the most. Before I buy a home, I always walk around & talk to as many neighbors as I can. You can find out all kinds of things from them. Good & bad. I have found out about house fires, termites, repairs that were made, etc...from doing that, that were not disclosed. Having a review section on Trulia that reviews each home, would save so much time & be so much easier. Much more helpful than a movie review.
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Rudy Bachraty, , Fort Collins, CO
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Hi Laura!

Sorry for the confusion. Reviews are intended for neighborhood areas, not specific homes. Now knowing this, would you like us to delete the review for you? We can do so or, as others have mentioned below, you can delete the review directly yourself. Your call.

Ratings and Reviews are also consumer focused features. It gives consumers an opportunity to share their thoughts about the area with other consumers. Finding a home is more than just a finding a house, it's the neighborhood and lifestyle that surrounds it that helps us decide if it's a good for us.

Again, my apologies and thank you for taking the time to add value content for others on Trulia.


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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Laura - you are making an interesting point, It was my impression that the ""Review" section was an area or town review, not a review for a specific property. Maybe I am wrong,

In any event, I think the concept of asking people to review areas is wrong - thsi isn't a movie review - it has to do with many abstract thoughts and judgements - what is "good" to one person, may not be good to another. If someone wants to really know about an area, besides the numerous online information that is available, they are free to walk the neighborhood, meet at the board of education, contact the local police station and make up their own minds.

Having a consumer (or agent) say, "this is a great neighborhood' is meaniningless. Realtors can't denigrate any neighborhood, so our "opinions" are even more meaningless.

Just my humble opinion.

Other than getting points for the VIP levels, an agent leaving a "review" serves no useful purpose for the public.
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Fonda Manwell, , Oklahoma City, OK
Mon Jun 14, 2010
I totally agree! Thanks for the info!
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Kent Gagon, Agent, Chandler, AZ
Mon Jun 14, 2010
I don't see a question in here so I will just ask is there one or are you just forwarning people? If that is the case you may want to post that in a blog not in a question and Answer format.
Good luck
Kent Gagon
West USA Realty
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Catherine "C…, Agent, Metuchen, NJ
Mon Jun 28, 2010
Sorry if I missed it but in this context how are the "neighborhood areas" defined?

I remember doing some testing when this feature came about and I am assuming "neighborhood areas" are defined by Zip codes? Can someone confirm?
I was commenting on a Park close to one of my listings but then realized that my comment was visible in other "neighborhood areas" far from that listing and thus was not making any sense...
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Laura, , Phoenix, AZ
Mon Jun 21, 2010
Actually Debbie, you didn't just talk about realtor reviews like you are trying to say now. You have talked about both. Many times actually.
Here's just one quote from you that states you are not just referring to realtors:
"Having a consumer (or agent) say, "this is a great neighborhood' is meaniningless".

There are many other things I can pull up that you said if you continue to try & say you were only referring to realtor reviews. I will try to look at this as just an oversight on your part, because if you are not willing to be honest when we are simply debating different points of view, you turn a debate into an argument. Which is not something I am looking for.

I don't see your point in pointing out that Rudy said that reviews are meant to be area reviews, not specific home reviews. I already knew that . That was the whole point in posting this. As you can see from my original post, I point that fact out.....

As you may have read in my reply to Rudy, I pointed out a great solution to making the site work for everyone. Having a choice of posting your review to just that specific home, the neighborhood, or the entire zip code area would greatly improve the review system. As I have explained many times before, my area varies so greatly that the review system, as it is now, is useless where I live. It would greatly benefit both Trulia & it's customers if they made the website user friendly for EVERYONE.

In the home that I wrote my review for, the realtor did not even mention that it had a fireplace. So that home would not show up if someone did a search on Trulia for a home w/a fireplace. So I pointed it out in my review, thinking it would help get the home picked up in the search engine, but since the reviews are posted for the whole zip code area, I doubt the search engine picks up wording in the reviews. Which is sad, because my review on that home could really help sell that home. Other people writing reviews could also point out things that they know about the house or that the realtor failed to mention. Yes, I'm sure some people will just point out that the shrubs need to be trimmed, but the buyer is going to see that anyways when they pull up. So I don't see the big deal. Maybe if you were a little more open to other ideas, you might even see that changing the system as I have suggested would be an asset to you.
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Voices Member, , Benton County, OR
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Hi Laura

The "Using Trulia" I was referring to was the Category, when you post your question it asks you to pick a Category.
If you put the mousy pointee arrow thingee up at the top of this page on advice you'll get a Drop-down and you'll see "Using Trulia" where you can discuss Mis-Using Trulia or Abusing Trulia.

Check it out, it's the place where many ask Questions regarding "Using Trulia" and Staff can answer the Question or concerns..They don't but they can .....(Just joking...maybe!)
You'll see stuff there like..http://www.trulia.com/voices/Using_Trulia/I_have_a_question_…

It's also the place where ya can find the Trulia Blogs/Announcements about all their Widgets, Wadgets, Mobile Agent Toys, Pleas for Agents to post Reviews, and Trulias "Earn the Valuable Badges ya see which are awarded for knowing how a keyboard works" Blogs. It's also where they ask for feedback and input so they have something to ignore while working in

"An office filled with light, smiles, and tons of green plants" Their description not mine. http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qzZ9Vfwm&…

Smiles and tons of Green plants = Culture & Benefits (Personally if I worked there after He-ll froze I'd let em keep the smiles and spend all my time with the Tons of Green Plants so I could be fully prepared for the Boffi Sessions)
What's Boffi?....http://www.truliablog.com/2006/09/14/what%E2%80%99s-boffi/

Anyway if the following opinion of what action will be taken in regards to your suggestion is incorrect please just say so and I'll apologize for being me ; )

My official opinion in Clichespeak........Sometimes you are the hydrant, and sometimes you are the dog...A Spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down...One taco short of a combination plate...You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear...What you see is what you get...When pigs fly...The Wheel is turning but the hamster is dead...Don't hold your breath

(and since this is about Neighborhood Reviews).....Good fences make good neighbors

Best to ya Laura

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Laura, , Phoenix, AZ
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Hi Rudy, Thank you for the offer, but as I stated earlier, I think my review does at least SOME good being posted, even if it shows up for the whole zip code. That being said, please read my post just below this one that is responding to Debbie. It talks about all the reasons why I think Trulia should change the reviews to just be for one property. While including the whole area might work in some places, it definetly does not work at all in Phoenix AZ., & I'm sure we're not the only ones. Maybe you could make a small change to the way reviews are posted & give the reviewer the option of posting the review to either that specific home, the neighborhood, or the entire area. PLEASE give it some thought. I think it would greatly improve your website.

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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Thu Jun 17, 2010
You can try contacting Trulia's customer service and ask about deletions, etc.-- customerService@trulia.com
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Laura, , Phoenix, AZ
Thu Jun 17, 2010
I have not tried to delete it or take it down. I don't see the pointe. Wether it's up or down, it doesn't help people much because the way that Trulia has the review section set up, nobody knows which house I am talking about. I figure at least with it up, most of the review at least holds true to all the homes in my neighborhood, & whoever is interested in the actual home I posted about will have more info on that home. So it will do SOME good staying up. The problem is there will be a lot of people that read my review, which talked about both the home & the neighborhood, & be misguided.

Here's your question Mr. Gagon: Who at Trulia do you contact to point out the flaw in their system?
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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Mon Jun 14, 2010
Hi Laura:

Have you tried deleting it or taking it down

Thanks and good luck.
Web Reference:  http://www.ruthandperry.com
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