How do you get comments consistently on your blogs?

Asked by Top Atlanta, Atlanta, GA Sun Jan 31, 2010

I would like to know how you are marketing your blogs and how you are getting comments on your blogs. I have posted 3 blogs with little results and few comments. I want it to work but wondering if creating blogs is really worthwhile? Thank you and please comment on my blogs!

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Dan Chase, Home Buyer, Texas City, TX
Sun Jan 31, 2010
Your blogs had decent content. If someone reads your blog and it makes sense to them they could contact you later when they are ready to buy. My personal opinion is that a blog should cover something a buyer (you can include sellers, they are not my focus at all) needs to know. If you write something that is comprehensive and covers everything the buyer needs to know they are more likely to think you know what you are doing and ask you for real estate help when they are ready.

"Sell to your buyers through their noses" did not make sense to me. I mean JUST the title. Had it been something like. " Make your house smell like $1,000,000 to get offers" or "Smelling like roses sells houses" or even better yet " Bad smells stop buyers. Good smells make the sale" would have made more sense to my way of reading things. That does not mean I am right.

Karen, the problem with blogs is there are so many that all look almost alike. If you post before 5:00 pm est it is likely your blog will be lost (in a flood of new blogs) before anyone can see it. You have to actively keep it on top for it to be noticed. Yet if you post many quality replies to questions asked here (like yours here) people will begin to notice you. You never know who is watching and when they are ready to find a realtor will choose you. A couple of good blogs are not likely to do it. A handful of good replies will not. But if you put out several quality replies and blogs people are likely to form an opinion about you based on a overview of you based on everything you post here.

You have not been posting much here in content or time frame. It will take time to gain a following. I can tell you this: there are a few realtors on here who answer a lot of questions well. Sometimes when I see their picture on a question I look just to see what they gave as a reply. That means if they were in my area I would definitely have them on the short list of realtors to use.

I have written a few blogs for the buyer from a buyers point of view. I am hoping to buy a house sometime.

Comments on my blogs have come from 2 things.
1 a controversial message
2 excellent material that had a wow factor to it.

That does NOT mean anything I wrote was fantastic with great artwork and assisted by a word processor and a dozen proofreaders. What it means is it was comprehensive. When something is covered in basic terms going from A to Z so people understand it they will on occasion give a good reply on the blog.

Below is my best example of getting replies for a consumer oriented blog. I got 3 replies. Do not consider it as anything special. Someone asked a question. I replied. I copied the blog below almost word for word from my reply to a person who asked a question almost identical to the blog title.…

This blog got about 16 replies from others. I did post a reply after they did. I think the reason for the replies was I showed something a lot of people, mostly the professionals thought was needed. That blog may have even helped to change some of trulias community guidelines. I am sure that things Dunes and I said in several threads also helped in that aspect.…

Look at my rent verses buying blog. For a simple way to figure out which is better (disregarding property values going up or down) it can't be beat. If anyone wanted to add potential appreciation or depreciation into the calculation they could. I never say to rent or to buy. I gave ways to figure it out yourself.…

If you look at my blogs you will realize they are not short. One person (long ago) said I did not have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one. I am not sure if I can't go shorter, or if I just am very thorough. I have tried to look at all aspects of an issue when I posted about it.

All I can say for sure is that being on trulia is not a short term gain for most realtors. It will work that way on occasion for a few. It has to be seen as part of a big overall plan as a small part of your vital exposure to new clients if you choose to continue here.
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Grace Hanamo…, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Hello Karen and thanks for your post.

I have to agree with Dan regarding blogs and comments. I've either received "I agree" comments or the more controversial comments intended to disagree in whole or in part with what I've written. I've also noted that becoming a successful blogger takes time and, most importantly, consistency. If you want someone to notice your blogs, you have to do them faithfully, and--as Dan noted--post early in the day for optimum exposure. Several of the Realtors here also reference useful blog topics in their answers on the site. Finally, don't overwrite--a blog is not a book, not a article, and not a newspaper column. Have an interesting title, get to the point quickly and address the issues systematically. When I first started writing blogs, mine were HUGE in size with lots of information packed into one blog entry. I've since learned that if I can't read it in 5-7 minutes, then it's too long.

Finally, read other successful blogs for more information on what to and what not to do. One of the most successful blogs I had ever posted was actually a "rant" about the stupidity of television programming, and I posted it on another site under a pen name. I certainly could not write in the same manner here or as a professional, but it was interesting to me that my blog (which was pretty explicit about my discontent) engendered the most comments of any of my posts.

So--aside from occasionally advertising your blogs in your answers--write well, informatively, succinctly and, most of all, consistently, and you'll soon gather a following. Good luck!!

Grace Morioka, SRES
Area Pro Realty
San Jose, CA
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Dan Chase, Home Buyer, Texas City, TX
Sun Jan 31, 2010
A house that smells like a million dollars get offers...

A realtor who gives consistent input with quality replies in a caring way is likely to get clients.

Just like a house seldom sells the first day, it can take time online for a realtor to be noticed and get paying clients.

It takes time to be in the winning category. The key is persistence and continuing input.
If you stop contributing to any part of your marketing plan you will soon be forgotten by those who saw you in that part of the plan.
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Dianne Hicks, Agent, Rancho Bernardo, CA
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Debbie is right on the money. I think I will go give her a thumbs up. It is who is reading not whether or not they comment. Blogs are a way of farming but don't hit the trash(grinning). It takes a while to see the results so don't stop just because you are not seeing imediate results.
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Karen - just as a follow up, and to reiterate what I said way back at the beginning of this thread..........for me, the emphasis is on whether others are viewing my blogs....period..........if they don't take the time to comment, that's fine.

Here on Trulia, I have had over 5000 views (I just checked under Voices Activity) on my 34 me, it's amazing that 5000+ people ( I am assumiing that since my content is more consumer oriented, the readers have been mostly consumers) have taken the time to read what little old me has typed! That's all the feedback I need.

I agree with many of the others here who said........just keep doing what you;re doing - don't use "comments" as a way of measuring success...........let the real you shine through, and offer good advice on a range of subjects (or, you can specialize in a specific area)....

You never know who is out there reading what you say or forming an opinion about working with you....they may be silent, but they're out there! .

Good luck!
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Dan - I did a blog a while ago on "How NOT to Sell your Home" of the items on my list was :

"If they smell it, you can't sell it"!

Nothing worse then some sort of smell hitting you when you walk through the front door.........smoke, cats and strong cooking odors are the worst offenders.

I do like your suggestion of using....: ""Smelling like Roses sells houses".....especially since that ties in with me.... Debbie Rose!.............. ha ............ On second thought, I'll skip that...........
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Sun Jan 31, 2010
Karen, In general, I don't think blogs here on Trulia get a lot of comments. I have posted 34 blogs, and have only gotten several comments.
I am ok with that, though. My blogs are informational.....I am more interested in consumers reading my blogs - not other agents. ...I track how many views I get, and I am happy that the public is reading them.. I have 1 blog that has had over 800 views. I am thrilled with that. I don't need comments. I do it as a way of sharing information, and, also at times, to have something to reference when asnwering a question here on Trulia.

I did notice, that over on Active Rain, however, it seems that commenting on blogs is the norm - the comments go on and on, with the blogger repsonding back and forth...... it becomes almost like a conversation between the blogger and the readers. I am no expert on Active Rain, but I see most of the blogs as more agent-to-agent oriented - lots of clever writing.......and they tend to open up discussions....we agents love to talk...and so it seems to me, the topics on AR, which can be a bit controversial, encourage more comments due to the nature of the blog.

I don't expect someone, for example, to comment on my blog entitled: "What to Look for During a Final Walk-thru". That hardly elicits much of a response!

I think the core of your question goes to what your expectations are when blogging.
Mine are minimal!

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Julie Minter, Agent, Atlanta, GA
Fri May 3, 2013
First you have to get them to read it.The more readers, the more possibility for comments. As a former (and sometimes current) advertising copy-writer, I find that headlines make the most difference. I have experimenting with different engaging headlines to see the result. My most popular blog was the first one I ever wrote, and it was entitled "Bald Head Island is Changing."

Since I am in a vacation market, I figured that people are most interested about market conditions. I wrote a few more.... you can go to my blog and see the results. I have gotten as few a 9 views and as many as 160 per post.

As far as comments, I have never gotten a comment from a potential client, just other real estate agents. So I am wondering the same thing you are. I ask for comments and that does not help either. I just think this is such a fast-paced society, that no one has time. They get the information and move on. Also, I don't think a real estate blog is like others.....not something that stirs controversy and makes people want to put in their two cents.

That's my take on it!
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Ron Rovtar, Agent, Boulder, CO
Thu Feb 4, 2010
Hi Karen:

I agree that readership is the measure of success for your blog. If you concentrate on writing informative entries about subjects that interest people, readers will find your blog and it will become an important part of your business.

However, if you really want the feedback, you can ask for input at the end of your entries. You also might make a practice of commenting about the work of other bloggers, which might get them to look at your work and add some observations.

Ron Rovtar
Boulder CO
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Catherine "C…, Agent, Metuchen, NJ
Thu Feb 4, 2010
Hi Karen,
Cathy again-Comments on a blog are not a measure of success. I blogged literally 100's of posts here in Trulia and ActiveRain and other platforms. Very few comments but most of my business comes from my online marketing (including blogging). At the end our business success in this regard comes down to how many deals we can close related directly or indirectly to our online marketing including blogging.
Yes as you asked creating blog can be worthwhile if done correctly. As I mentioned in answering your other question you need to learn about SEO otherwise you won’t reach your full business potential with blogging.
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Top Atlanta, Agent, Atlanta, GA
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Thank you so much for all your replies. They were all very helpful and I appreciate all your answers.
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Aaron Catt, Agent, Meridian, ID
Mon Feb 1, 2010
Comments aren't really a metric thats useful for measuring how well your blog is doing.

Focus on good content.

Make sure you have a CLEAR 'Call to Action'. i.e "Search for Homes Now" "Contact Me" etc.

Go to my site at and see what kind of content that I write to my audience.

Keep writing!
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Frances Flynn…, , State College, PA
Mon Feb 1, 2010
This is a great thread containing lots of good advice. I've been blogging for more than five years and I have real estate agent and broker clients who blog regularly. Several are quite successful, generating six-figure incomes from their blogs. They tell me there is relatively little commenting from consumers ... Evidently the consumers READ those blogs quietly and when they are ready, they will CALL or e-MAIL with an invitation to talk business!

Hang in there. Write GOOD, compelling, readable content. Tell your readers a story. Share valuable information. You will see new clients.
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