Are Connie, Susan and Jim the same person? How many profiles does the average Pro have on Trulia?

Asked by Johnathan Raether, Itasca, IL Wed Nov 7, 2007

How many should a real estate pro have? Is it necessary for agent survival? Do "pros" on Trulia also buy and sell property to themselves?

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Emily Erekuff, Home Owner, Menifee, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2007
Hi Jonathan,

Our Community Guidelines mandate that all users should have only one Trulia Voices profile. Though some try to game the system those active on the site are great at alerting our moderators so we can remove their posts and/or profiles if necessary.

I encourage you and all other Voices users to become familiar with our guidelines which you can access at the link below.

Best Wishes,

Emily Gibson
Customer Service Representative
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Fri Nov 9, 2007
I don't think Susan and Connie are the same person. I definitely do not think Jim is affiliated w/ either. If so, Jim is offering to charge himself a consulting fee for mortgage advice. I actually think all 3 are different people. .

Few consumer actively participate for any length of time....Ruth, you are a hybrid......former Pro, current consumer, deeply entrenched in real estate, and definitely one of a kind. (That is definitely a compliment!) Odds are that Susan and Connie will disappear, simply because most consumers do. I guess there is no way to know how many consumers may read threads, but not participate.

What I definitely notice on Trulia is that many questions repeat themselves in various forms. This also mirrors real life as a Realtor. We so often field the same questions from different clients. So, what I see is the repeat questions, and these can elicit quick (and sometimes passionate) responses. I see many threads on Trulia mirror real situations and dialogue. It is for that reason that I support a national board. I am curious to hear responses from other Pros on commonly introduced questions or concerns. In some cases, I have heard new and different perspectives; which has helped me become a better Realtor.
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Bridgette Ko…, , Florida
Wed Nov 7, 2007
Connie and Susan MAY be the same person, but I assure you Jim (Walker) is a singular entity! The respected real estate pros here REALLY only have one profile--we read each others posts so frequently that it is like getting to know someone's voice--we'd probably figure it out fairly quickly. That said, there ARE many less frequent participants who MAY be guilty of such an offense. But unfortunately, without Trulia's intervention, there is no way to stop the "multiple personality" problem. Hopefully they will address this issue soon...
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Fri Nov 9, 2007
Sometimes I see activity patterns in a certain area. For example, I have seen a handful of questions out of East Brunswick and surrounding area within the recent times. Perhaps another Q came from North Brunswick, or even New Brunswick.....all the Brunswicks border each other. I just answered your thread, then answered a Q about East Brunswick and flipping. (New Jersey). That is what prompted me to return here again to your thread. I was wondering about the surge in Q that came from this area. Please interpret the term “surge” to be relative to other towns in New Jersey. There have not been that many Q from this area; just enough to stand out.

I wonder if there are friends, consumers, who mentioned Trulia to each other, and that might lead to Q coming from a given area. The Brunswicks are in NJ, and I have sold there, have MLS access, but it is not where I spend most of my time. For personal reasons I have spent inordinate amount of time there in the last few months. I easily notice when a Q comes up form any of the Brunswicks. I don’t actually recall the content of the Brunswick questions, but none imprinted my mind as “save the day” type Q & A.

I have told a lot of consumers about Trulia, and to my knowledge, none have ever logged on and posted. A few have mentioned to me that they went on the site and found it interesting, but no one has yet told me they participated. I've told them to say hi to me if they came online. Still waiting for that to happen. Other Pros may have suggested to associates, friends, and family to visit Trulia Voices. Maybe their contacts have visited and participated.

I don't have a link to Trulia on my website, but I know many RE Pros do. Pros may participate on Voices, others simply list property on Trulia. I have wondered if Trulia links placed on Pro’s sites contribute to Q coming from certain areas. I wish more Q would come from Rumson, as I would like to hear from consumers in the area and what they are thinking. To date, I know of one Q, and the person asked if anyone knew the owner of a particular boat that was docked here. Neither do I know of any Q from Red Bank, Little Silver, Monmouth Beach, or Middletown. Oops, take that back....there was a Q from Locust area of Middletown once. I don’t know that I am capable of saving the day (LOL), but if I were going to do that, my first preference would be to do so in my backyard.
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Ruthless, , 60558
Thu Nov 8, 2007
As stated, Trulia and the regular posters are very successful in getting rid of multiple personalities. No, Connie and Susan are not the same person either. Sometimes it sounds like ALL the Realtors are the same person because they just keep saying the same thing in different ways. But as Bridgette said, you really get to hear their individual voices here.

The same holds true when two or more consumers are fighting the same battle or perception. We need MORE consumers like YOU so that the individual voices of the consumers can be heard as well. Thank you for joining us. There are a couple GREAT IL agents on this site but not many in the suburbs. You might be interested in reading through Patti's Q&As from her profile page. She has some great things to say and works in downtown Chicago.

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Johnathan Ra…, , Itasca, IL
Fri Nov 9, 2007
Thank you for your answers to this question as it is puzzling. I hear what you are saying but see so many "questions" that are obviously asked by an agent pretending to be someone else and then jumping in to "save the day" with their "knowlegeable" response. I do appreiate all of your answers but, I just dont think that you see what we see.
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Johnathan Ra…, , Itasca, IL
Wed Nov 7, 2007
Thanks G! Hmmmm. Gee whiz, what should I make from that? Golly.
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x, , x
Wed Nov 7, 2007
I have been accused of having multiple profiles. No I haven't. But rest assured there is only one G. No there are many G's.
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