Commuting from Mahopac to NYC: Parking @ Metro North stations in Putnam/N. Westchester

Asked by CM1225, 10541 Mon Jan 28, 2008

My g/f and I are shopping for a home in Mahopac. She currently lives and works in Manhattan, and will be commuting by train, once she moves up. I'd assume that a LOT of people from Mahopac are commuting from the Croton Falls station, but where are these people parking? The lot at CF is TINY, and I know there are long waiting lists for parking permits. I've seen that many people park on the sides of Croton Falls Rd, but this is not a dependable solution; it's also unsafe, and probably illegal. How does the average Mahopac resident without a parking permit commute from CF station? Are there any shuttle buses from Mahopac?

The other option we are seriously considering is Katonah, which is a few minutes longer in the car, but less time on the train and nearly $40 cheaper for a monthly Webticket. There is a lot more parking available at Katonah, but I'd imagine there's a long waiting list for permits there, as well.

Any advice for a future Mahopac to NYC train commuter?


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growmgmt, Other Pro, Mahopac, NY
Wed Nov 19, 2008
I have lived in Mahopac for 4 years. I have tried Croton Falls, Croton Harmon and finally settled on White Plains. The drive to WP is 30-35 minutes. The metered spots at WP are right next to the track and you can get a spot until around 7:30-8 AM. The train to Grand Central is 30 minutes, non-stop. I personally leave my house at 6 AM and I am in Grand Central by 7:05 AM. The express trains are 5 minutes apart (6:26, 6:31, 6:36 and 6:42), so you can time it very close and you will make one of them. Parking is a little more expensive ($6.25 for 12 hours) but the train ticket is a lot cheaper as it is only Zone 4. To give some perspective, if I take the croton falls train, I can leave my house AFTER the train departs from Croton Falls and I can catch the same train in White Plains.

Hope that helps, the 1 hour commute makes Mahopac very convenient.
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Amy, Home Owner, Mahopac, NY
Thu Mar 1, 2012
this isnt an answer but question .............where do you get that shuttle by rt. 6 and mt .hope road? thanks
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Just Friends, Renter, Mahopac, NY
Wed Mar 16, 2011
hey Ann Marie,
we do have a shuttle service available to Croton falls train station go to . you will get the schedule ...Monday Through Friday..Hope that helps
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Loving Life, , Mahopac, NY
Mon Oct 18, 2010
I currently live in Mahopac and should have put more thought in like yourself and your girlfriend because both my husband and I work in Mahattan. We had problems with our car and had to call out from work because there is absolutley no way to get out with out a car. There is a bus that runs through the streets that starts at 7am to 7pm but by then most people would have to start their commute well before then. This bus runs from Carmel to the Jefferson Valley mall and from the mall to carmel, however it doesn't connect with the Bee line busses. You will have to wait more than a half hour for the sixteen to Peekskill train station. There is a 77 bus that runs to White plains but that also starts by 7am. I have to be at work by 7am so I am bummed.
The town is quiet but it is a stress to get to places with out a car. It is sure time to update. We are sorry we brought here. Plus we are parents and the town has no real recreation activities for it's kids the Sycamore Park only has programs during the week for stay at home parents, so, if you plan on doing somthing recreational with your children or want your child to have an after school exprience this is not the town unless your have a lot of money for their over priced day care programs. You couldn't get any teenager to want to go to. If your child is all sports this is the place. I watch a lot of boared teenagers in this town and I hear thier complaints.
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Dave240vert, , Mahopac, NY
Tue Oct 5, 2010
i live in mahopac. theres a bus that takes you from the temple near the firehouse at the bottom of croton falls road where it intersects with route 6 to the train station, and now a parking lot at the corner of mt. hope and route 6 with a shuttle bus. many people do use the goldens bridge or katonah stations because of parking and it's cheaper/quicker. it's up to you. i've done em all.
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Don, , Shrub Oak, NY
Mon Jan 25, 2010
I live in shrub oak and commute to NYC. Doing i for 15 years
1 - I drive to Commuter Lot next to town hall in Yorktown Heights.
2 - Cross street and take #10 Bee Line bus to Croton Harmon Station (15-20 minute ride)

Thats it. Leaves you in front of station steps and the cost is minimal and VERY dependable. BTW- parking in Croton is now $8.00 per day. It costs about an extra 50-60 bucks when you buy the Uniticket Train Pass.
Check this web site for details on the route. and look at 10 Croton Commuter. Good luck
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Alyssa, , Mahopac, NY
Fri Oct 30, 2009
No i don't think so? I'm doing the opposite of your girlfriend, I'm commuting from Mahopac to Manhattan lol. But ya your best bet is parking on croton falls road:/ sorry
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Donald Mituz…, Agent, Chappaqua, NY
Thu Dec 11, 2008
Don't forget to go to the town hall on Route 311 by the train station and fill out your STAR exemption form. You'd be amazed at how many people forget to do this and it ends up costing them $1,000 a year or so.

Don Mituzas
Prudential Serls Prime Properties
Brewster, NY
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CM1225, Home Buyer, 10541
Thu Dec 11, 2008
Thanks all. We ended up buying a house on the Brewster/Patterson border, back in July, and we're 5 minutes from the Southeast station. It's a long train ride, but the drive there and back is nothing. Thanks for your advice.
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Nick, , Mahopac, NY
Mon Aug 25, 2008
I drive 25 Minutes south on the Taconic, and go to Croton Harmon train station via the Ossining exit. The train ride is 47 minutes on the express, and costs ~$230/month for the monthly pass. Parking is $6/day and there is plenty.
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Bob and Diane…, Agent, Yorktown Heights, NY
Wed Jul 16, 2008
Katonah is a difficult station to park at and I beleive you have to be a resident of Katonah to apply for a permit. My assistant's brother-in-law lives off of Mahopac Ave in Somers and he chooses to drive to North White Plains because there is plenty of parking there and he prefers a shorter train ride. If you are not already working exclusively with an agent, I would be happy to assist you in your search for a home as I cover a wide range in Westchester County. I also have a few homes listed in Mahopac if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. My website is and my listings are posted there. If you have any questions please feel free to call my cell phone at (914) 275-5988.
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Justin Piera…, Agent, Yorktown Heights, NY
Sat Jul 5, 2008
Consider the drive from Mahopac to a train station nearby to find adequate parking and you have the same commute if your were to purchase in Brewster. Donald says their is 1,700 car parking between Brewster's 2 Stations. Now add in the low taxes on homes that offer privacy and great neighborhoods with close to the same train commute and check out Brewster. It may be worth a look. Here's a house for sale within 3 miles of Brewster north that can offer a great commute if your interested. If not, Mahopac is a great area, as you know. Just some food for thought.
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Geraldine "G…, Agent, Jefferson Valley, NY
Sun Jun 8, 2008
Some people drive to Goldens Bridge and take the train from there, also Brewster North Train Station plenty of parking. At the Temple Beth Shalom, I have know in the past they park there. There is also a site I heard advertised on the radio and also
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Lauren, , Mahopac, NY
Mon Jun 2, 2008
Your girlfriend can also park at the synagogue on Route 6 (near the firehouse) and take the croton falls shuttle to the station.
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Zack, , Westchester County, NY
Tue Mar 18, 2008
You have a very understanding girlfriend if she's considering a train ride of more than 70 mins which will mean probably 100+ min commute. Look for stations with lots of metered spots, you can usually find spots at meters if you're in the early rush hour without much problem in southern westchester. I'd assume northern is similar but others could comment better.
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Tbatt, , Mahopac, NY
Tue Mar 18, 2008
You could also try the Goldens Bridge Train Station. Many homes in Mahopac are in the middle of Croton Falls and Goldens Bridge. The Goldens Bridge Train Station is also 1 stop closer to Grand Central!
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Donald Mituz…, Agent, Chappaqua, NY
Wed Feb 6, 2008
You should also consider the Brewster area. Property taxes are probably the lowest in Putnam County and there is parking for over 1,700 cars between the two train stations.
Drop me a note with any specific questions at
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Ann Marie Ki…, , 10512
Wed Jan 30, 2008
Chris, you are right about the parking situations.
If you are not currently working with a realtor/broker, I would be happy to help you in your search. Now is a great time to buy with these interest rates and high inventory.
Anyways, good luck with everything.
Ann Marie
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CM1225, Home Buyer, 10541
Tue Jan 29, 2008
Thanks for your answers. We are pretty much set on Mahopac. It's my hometown since I was 7, and it's as far north as I can drag my girlfriend from her Lower Manhattan apartment! We can't afford the taxes anywhere south of here (not that the taxes in Mahopac are any bargain), nor can we afford the homes in Westchester. My g/f will probably end up commuting from the Katonah station, as a friend told her she can find parking on a daily basis until her spot on the waiting list comes up.

Man, they really have to figure something out for commuters up in this area. Not being able to park at the train station(s) is a big problem with no clear solution in sight.
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Michael Trin…, Agent, Mahopac, NY
Tue Jan 29, 2008
Chris, the parking at Croton Falls is a little off the wall so to say, you can get on the wait list or you can park on the side of the roads like you see many cars, it is not illeglal. You may also want to consider the Carmel area and then take the Southeast Train, tons of parking but the ride is 1 hr 20 min. Depending on where you find a home in Carmel you could be 5-10 min away from the train. Again depending on your price range if you looked in Somers you could take Goldens Bridge or Katonah but the houses are much more expensive than Mahopac and Carmel.

If you need any help feel free and contact me.
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Ann Marie Ki…, , 10512
Tue Jan 29, 2008
Hi Chris,
You are correct about the parking situation at the Croton Falls train station. It is congested and there are not shuttle buses to the station. An alternate train would be the Peekskill station, but that would require an additional 20 minutes by car on Route 6 west just to the train - and is a 60 minute train ride. The train from CF is a 76 minute ride. Mahopac will have a better price point in housing than Katonah. A second alternative, if you are not commited to Mahopac right now is Somers and from the Golden's Bridge Station is 63 minutes. Again, you are now in Westchester and you possibley will get less. To my understanding, the permit issue is going on at almost all train stations. Perhaps, Metro-North can be very up front with you and say where your best shot is at and then you can work out from there, because it sounds like accessibility to a train is very important to you for commuting. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, Pawling in Dutchess county is a very quaint town w/ many options with in walking distance to the train and town. However, it's a 98 minute ride. Please go to the web site attached and take a look around.
Look at the local fall market report for 2007 on this link as well. It lists townships within an area.
I would be happy to help you in searching for your new home. Feel free to reply back to me with any questions, thoughts or other concerns.
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