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Can the HOA regulate which parking spot you park in First if you have two parking spots? (one carport, one unassigned)?

Asked by Helpwithparkingplease, Santa Ana, CA Thu Dec 8, 2011

My HOA is claiming that we MUST have the carport filled before we park in the unassigned parking. Their reasoning? That way there will always be unassigned parking. Problem: we have 1 permit that states "unassigned," 1 that states "assigned." As my roommate and I have two different cars and two very different schedules, we cannot always abide by the carport first rule. I.e.: if we are both parked, and she decides (having taken the carport pass) to leave, I am now penalized..and vice versa. Advise?

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Bob Davis, Agent, Long Beach, CA
Thu Dec 8, 2011
Get a copy of your CC&R's from your landlord, or let your landlord know what problems you are having and have that person look into the issue. Often times HOA's are run by people with not much else going on in their lives and they tend to over think real trivial things such as parking stickers. Go to the HOA board meeting and state your case. Make sure to abide by the rules untill you can get in front of the board and state your case. Make sure to be very polite to the board members, I am willing to bet at least half of them are over the age of 70 and unfortunalty they pretty much make the decisions. YOu can always campaign door to door in your complex and get others involved. If you show up to the meeting with 50 other residents I bet they will listen.
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Willy Olsen, , Claremont, CA
Mon Dec 12, 2011
Get a copy of your CC&R's. Read it over very carefully. Then meet with the HOA. Communication will solve 95% of all issues.
If this is a case where you are a tenant, then you need to go back to the owner with this issue. At that point the owner would need to meet with the HOA to come up with an acceptable solution to all parties.
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Sat Dec 10, 2011
Anyone could be in the position you are describing - even married couples - we all have have different schedules, so I am sure this situation has, and does occur.

Do you know of anyone who has actually been penalized??

I find it hard to believe they would have a person marching around , wriitng down license plates and noting were residents are parked.
I would think the intent of the rule is so that you both don' t use up an unassigned space (2 spaces) at the same time

This may be one of those rules that makes sense on the surface, but the reality is, it can't always work, and therefore might not be enforced.
Have you spoken to other neighbors? What do they say - what does the landlord say?
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John Arendsen, Agent, Leucadia, CA
Sat Dec 10, 2011
I have to give Bob a double thumbs up for his answer. Your best solution is to attend an HOA meeting and present this issue. Unfortunately you're really at the mercy of the "Board". Make sure you paint on your smily face and don't show up with a "TUDE". "FILES" tend to find their way to the bottom of the "PILE" whence one's ugly face presents itself. I've won many battles with bureaucracies by just painting on a smile and playing Mr. Nice Guy. Good Luck. Let us know how you make out. We always like to know when and how we've helped someone.
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Mario Gonzal…, Agent, Riverside, CA
Thu Dec 8, 2011
Hello HelpwithPark,

The HOA is comprised of all property owners in the complex. Sometimes well meaning policies aren't thought thru correclty, and well... they need to be twicked a bit. What you say makes a lot of sense ( One Carport & One Unassigned parking sticker should impede that BOTH cars aren't parked in the unassigned area at the same time). I can also see that having to keep the carport filled FIRST turning into a grievance after about the 3rd Time. Talk to the neighbors and your landlord to see if they can't come together to work out that snippet. The dual stickers seems like a decent idea, the later seems to me as someone's nightmare in the making. Good Luck !!!

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Most Kindest Regards,
Mario Gonzalez
DRE 01708214
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Ingrid Ski R…, Agent, Mission Viejo, CA
Thu Dec 8, 2011
Hello Tenant,

I would First recommend you get a copy of the CC&R's so you are better prepared when you call and talk with the HOA personal... The CC&R's should have been given to you when you rented the property...
I would then call and talk with the HOA about how there are 2 of you and just as you explained above. .That you do park in your assigned parking at different times. Do they actually have someone going around taking note of who parks where? That would be crazy, unless they have had a problem in the past and this is a way to keep the parking unassigned.. Hmmmm

Ingrid Ski Realtor
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