Which Phone is best for Real Estate applications, the Blackberry Bold, or the Apple IPhone.

Asked by Adrian Huntington, SAN FRANCISCO, CA Thu Apr 2, 2009

Please list Pros and Cons.


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Sarah "Sally"…, Agent, Chester, NJ
Thu Apr 2, 2009
I converted to a Blackberry Bold in December 2008 without choice and much resistance. I was a Treo 600, 650 and 680 user since April 2004 when I started as a Real Estate Professional. Loved the Palm product because my Supraekey was always available and updated with the cradle. Alas, that product line is no longer cost-effective for an AT&T mobile user.
Yet I now have transferred my passion to this wonderful BB Bold. The BB Bold truly allows me to surf the web quickly, access my MLS and my client records so that I can work without my laptop effectively. I truly appreciate the instant email that arrives on my BB Bold before it even gets to my online mailbox.. On a recent, rare occasion I dared travel away from my RE footprint for a few hours of friends/fun. While gone "the call" from a potential client with a short fuse came in. I was able to email the listing information, google pertinent information, GPS my exact location and thus map my quickest return within minutes. Kept the new client and never appeared to be anything other than "working." This phone never leaves my side and is so much more than the Treo I thought I missed.
All is not perfect...I do wish you could purchase an iPhone/BB hybrid. The iPhone does not have ekey capability (a big draw back for me); however, internet screen sizing is so much better and faster. I am in constant search of applications that would enrich my mobile experience and thus I found your question tonight. Hope this helps...from a former Danville, CA resident
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Joe Robaina, Agent, Coral Gables, FL
Thu Apr 2, 2009
Hi Adrian:

I personally use the Samsung Ace from Sprint because it has the features I need like internet access, multiple email accounts, a good camerag and it is international.

Many of my associated used the Blackberry Bold and I like what I see, it seems to be faster thatn the microsoft based phones. The Apple I-phone is very user friendly but I don't think there are as many industry specific tools for it yet.

Ultimately I think it will be a question of what feels, good to you, what you like based on how it interphases with you, and how it looks to you.

I didn't like my phone at all until I reprogrammed it myseld, upgraded the operating software and configured it to work the way I wanted it to. By the way, all of those things coun;dn't be aone according the the Sprint "experts", they claimed I had to buy a new phone. Son one recommendation I would make is don;t go with Sprint.
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Judi Bryan, Agent, Bloomingdale, IL
Sat Aug 15, 2009
Interesting...I came upon this string while looking for a good financial app to add to my new cell phone. I'd been a palm enthusiast for many years. When Treos came out, I had 3...each in succession died. My 650 (which I LOVED) died about 2 weeks after the warranty ran out (go figure!) and when I replaced it, I went to the 680. It was A NIGHTMARE! Much as I was comfortable with palm apps and how it synched with my computer, I had constant problems .... despite repeated exchanges of both device and sim card. Finally had a more or less catastropic failure that even hard resets would not resolve. Figured it was time for a change.

I took the plunge and got a BB Bold...more money than I really wanted to spend, but it appeared to have the features I'm used to using (though I hate the additional $30/mo to be able to use my email!!! Didn't have to do that with my treo...web access and email were not a "forced pair".) I'm also finding the trackball a bit challenging. But, having said that, I'm also really enjoying PUTTING IT TO USE.

Frankly, I believe that the best phone for real estate applications depends FULLY on which applications you use. The screen on the bold is FABULOUS. Of course I'd prefer larger, but it is, nonetheless, very crisp and clear. I need to learn the simplest "zoom in" shortcuts yet. I've searched the mls with it, visited numerous sites as a test and have been amazed at how quickly they seem to load compared to my Treo (when I did have web access on it). I'm now synching my BB with my real estate software (Mark-It Advantage XI....which I've been using for about a year now and ABSOLUTELY LOVE...maybe not perfect YET...but darned close!) and have my email setup. BB uses push technology with gets all your email sent to you without your requesting it. I've had it a grand total of 2 days so far, so am very much in "learning mode". Definitely looking for good apps to include in it to make it as great a "sidekick" as possible.

Thanks for the post, Adrian....and for bringing up this subject!
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Marie-Denise…, Agent, Huntington, NY
Tue Apr 14, 2009
Thank you, Sarah (Sally) for your answer to Adrian. I am also the owner of a very near death Palm 650. I have been been trying to decide which smartphone will be next. Probably a Blackberry, but which one? The Bold sounds great, but for real estate purposes, is worth the expense over the Curve? I checked out The Storm and that's a definite NO. Or, should I wait for the very soon to be released (hopefully) Palm Pre. I use Top Producer so I would like it to integrate with that--not sure if the new Palm platform for the Pre will work with Top Producer 8i. Decisions, decisions.
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