thinking of relocating and considering vallejo,I have heard a lot of issues regarding gangs and bad schools what are the good areas to look at in

Asked by vesnalugo, Vallejo, CA Sat Jul 28, 2012


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gmalea, Home Owner, Vallejo, CA
Sat Aug 25, 2012
Sandhurst Drive off Columbus Parkway is on the west side of the hill that Benecia homes are on. Great hiking on area trails. Lots of open space. Excellent neighborhoods without crime, quiet with good neighbors. Lived there for 15 years without a single problem. East side of Vallejo is good. West side of freeway (80), not so good. Excellent weather and commute location.
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kpsox14, Home Owner, Benicia, CA
Mon Sep 17, 2012
I say stay away!!! Schools are the worst, now run by the state because they went bankrupt. Most parents I know try to get their kids into the Benicia district but I hear that avenue may be closing off. Sports and activities programs are non existent or not good either. Shopping is not horrible but we always prefer to pay the $5 to cross the bridge to Concord/Pleasant Hill. The city is bankrupt or nearly so. Most importantly, some of the citizens feel it necessary to shoot the local police officers, drive by the beauty salons, and committ various other felonies. It seems like the only crime we get is the thugs coming over from Vallejo. Any nice areas you see are just lipstick on the PIG! If you still want to live there then rent for a while before you buy.
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having said all that, to your question vesnalugo, there a lot of nice places to live in vallejo, you have the heritage district where i am, mare island district, sandy beach areas, glen cove, the hills etc.. these are all pretty areas, PS we have got a lot of new constructed stores, ACE hardware, homedepot and lowes can you believe that convenient, tons of restaurants in redwood and near the downtown, cinemas, places to hike and kayak and sail, the discovery six flags, open areas to fly your heli if you're into that- lots of friendly people there, a great coffee shop in the marina and restaurants on the water.. cheers hope this helps.
Flag Fri Sep 21, 2012
as well as restaurants and quaint stores and galleries and coffee shops, we will not only have saturday open market but also during wednesday evenings as well. they also plan to create a campus area like berkeley most like in the mare island district- vallejo has some crime but so does every place, it's not as bad as what people like you think. personally, my parents and i lived in benicia several years of my life and i have never met such a boring discriminative hateful group of people in my life. i have done a lot of researech before investing in vallejo and it's the best thing ive done- the people are kind and humble, they watch out for each other, it's near the ferry and the water, it's much bigger than benicia, lots of beautiful history and well preserved victorian homes just beautiful, and it does not cost you an arm and a leg to live- true we need to clean up a bit, but i dont wait for that, i contribute and so are a bunch of other active beautiful vallejoans
Flag Fri Sep 21, 2012
i think your infos are not all there , you based your answer in guessing and in pure discrimination- i am an active home owner, business owner, investor who recently purchased more than one home in vallejo paid in full, i attended almost every recent meeting of what's happening in vallejo so what i am going to say has some actual truth to it. first of all Vallejo is not bankrupt, it was only for three months and the community came together to bring it back up- amazing group of people!!
vallejo is going through some major changes, like cleaning up some major streets esp. in the historical areas and nearby's, major changes is coming like the renovation of the downtown, marina areas ( all the waterfront) we have got some major deals that are waiting to be approved and voted upon, some have already gone through, we have added more police officers, there will be beer breweries and wine tasting that will soon arrive once renovation is completed
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Mz.shani, Renter, Vallejo, CA
Mon Aug 6, 2012
the area near Costco & Jesse Bethel are very nice areas. It's the more attractive/expensive area of Vallejo. Also, homes near the back of the former Hogan High School off of Georgia heading away from Downtown. The schools are not very good. The school district is really poor. I don't see a lot of gangs. But like anywhere, crime can creep up on you. Another good area is the Glen Cove area.
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Not true, near Jesse Bethel is a gang infested area especially on Ascot Pkwy and Columbus as well. Talk to the counselors at Jesse Bethel and they will tell you numerous stories of kids being attacked walking home. Vallejo is loaded with gangs and the city likes to cover it up. It's police departments is so corrupt that the VPOA prevents local merchants from hiring armed security guards. Everyday in the VTH, someone is getting shot at, robbed, stabbed or killed. Every city has crime. However, the high frequency places East Vallejo one of the more dangerous. Nobody bike rides in this paranoid town nor walks the streets. You can be shot in front of your own home and nobody will notice a thing. Live longer, go to American Canyon, Benicia, Fairfield, Elk Grove, even Oak Park in Sacramento is safer. They actually have something called "patrolled police".
Flag Mon Nov 12, 2012
Trinhtran707, Home Buyer, Vallejo, CA
Thu Jul 7, 2016
I lived in Vallejo for 13 years now. The schools I went to were very good. They were like any other school. Just try to not to get a house in downtown Vallejo. That's where all of the gangs are located. The stores there are pretty good. They have everything you need and the parks there are fantastic. Most people judge Vallejo only by the small bad area in it. No one looks at the better and good areas. They have wonderful homes and the neighborhood are great. My neighbors have never done anything to me. The trash there is ok. It's like any other place. Over all I think that Vallejo is a wonderful and great place to live in.
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mdlaycock, Home Buyer, Alameda, CA
Tue Jul 9, 2013
It all depends on what you are use to and what you are looking for. I have lived in Oakland for the better part of 22 years and I mean East and west Oakland.

I bought a place in what most consider the most undesirable location in all of Vallejo....'The Crest"
I was not worse then the partially gentrified West Oakland, in fact it was very similar minus the industrial aspect.

Crime I saw, none. Violence none. transient characters, quiet a few. I walked to park with my 2 year old son frequently. My room mate walked to the park and store with her 1 year daughter frequently. Both of us white adults in our late 30's. Neither of us where ever accosted, threatened or challenged in any way and lived there for 3 years.

As for schools they looked piss poor. but then so do all easy bay school short of Alameda.

You have to pick your poison. If you want a nice house you never would be able to afford rather then in an area that you could that still may not have good schools then maybe you might want to look into the area. The houses are nice and very affordable.
Just get to know all of your neighbors.
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Marty Finkel…, , Rio Vista, CA
Mon Nov 12, 2012
Hiddenbrook is good, Mare Island is also good. The waterfront near B, C and D Streets are good. Maybe certain parts of East Vallejo, however, lots of thuds there. Over, this is a very dangerous town and the reason is many people have an initial false illusion the place is safe because of its architectural beauty only to be solidified by thuds and gangs with a major attitude problem. The city has the highest dropout rate of 50%. Shootings weekly in the Crest Neighborhood, El Dorado, Napa, South Vallejo, Lemon Street, Magazine Street, these are the prime ghetto's of Northern California. East Vallejo is another false illusion with grow houses are over town. No police anywhere. During the day, maybe 5-6 cops patrolling a population of 115,000. Many cops on administrative leave due to the rise of officer related shootings with this violent population. The spillover results in robberies in Benicia and American Canyon. Oakland gangs daily drive into Vallejo for the free pickings knowing few to no cops around. Here is my thinking. If you live in city where you can not go for late night walks in your own neighborhood, don't live there.
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Izzy, Home Owner, Sacramento, CA
Sat Aug 11, 2012
Vallejo has just about the worst schools in the nation. The administrative grade for Jesse Bethel is an F. Lot's of gangs there mostly from the Section 8 parts of town, however, no diversity of race nor culture. Not to be prejudice in anyway, however, the caucasian makup is only 7% or 105 students. So that tells me there is massive "white flight" out of Vallejo schools. Most people who live in the city do not have children at school age. It is not worth the risk to deal with 50% dropout rates or the majority of the students performing at lower grade levels. Vallejo is a city to live in AFTER your children are of school. Not worth the risk of getting them beaten up gangs and in fear of their safety all the time.
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Misfit, Home Owner, Vallejo, CA
Mon Aug 6, 2012
Nicest looking area is the Vistas and a small enclave of homes in the old Lewis Ranch estates area.
Some areas along Tuolumne are nice looking too as well as near downtown. That area can be a bit dicey in spots but, closer to the downtown and Marina has nice views. and a lot of character. I look for Vallejo to "Come back" somewhat. Track home areas are not too esthetically pleasing.
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