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A few hours ago
Sam Shueh answered:
The state law is 3 within 3 weeks they need to refund the deposit. Do not expect interest as I a sure it is not in the contract. When vacate one should have some idea what the deduction may be. ... more
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A few hours ago
Sam Shueh answered:
A few hours ago
Sam Shueh answered:
Unless the sf increase is permitted and recorded, your tax cost basis will NOT be a factor.
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A few hours ago
Sam Shueh answered:
A few hours ago
Sam Shueh answered:
You can do that when title company wants to know how you two want to hold the title.
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Fri Oct 20, 2017
Marlene Wells answered:
repair your credit score supremetechnologies007ATgMailDotCom will fix it for you.
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Thu Oct 19, 2017
Khushbu Kaushik asked:
Thu Oct 19, 2017
Vultar answered:
It should be Law that all offers be uploaded into a computer system software so they can be monitored & investigated as well as used for proof to the Buyers and also so we can weed out the dishonest Liars and Criminals in the real estate system nationwide. They can be investigated and pay severe fines plus lose their license permanently! It's really sad we have realtors who slither when they walk they must be a relative to the Lawyers who slither when they walk. If you lie and you tell a Buyer to make several offers and they make offers 10k, 20k, 30K or more higher and there was never any other multiple offers from anyone, we as buyers should be able to sue the realtor for the difference and that's what the software would do. This will keep most of them honest who have trouble doing so and the rest will lose their license or go to Jail and it should be LAW! ... more
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Tue Oct 17, 2017
Raytalai asked:
we bout our home over a year a go , but sitll we see them on your site
please remove them
we thank you
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Tue Oct 17, 2017
Charlotte S. Longo answered:
I entered a site months ago in order to try and find a home, with no luck. I asked to be removed from the site and the call list. Unfortunately, I have now been dealing with multiple calls each days from unknown numbers, through other area codes for "rent to own". I have been dealing with this now for months, with at least 40 calls each day from all these different area codes. Sadly, I believe they sold my phone number and now I am being bothered each and every single day with unwanted calls ALL day! As the saying goes "buyer beware" because you too may end up with the same situation I am in. I cannot even answer calls anymore from people I know, because I am receiving so many unwanted calls from solicitors all day long AND I even have my number listed in the "DO NOT CALL" registry, but that does not do any good. ... more
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Mon Oct 16, 2017
Mary answered:

I have emailed you regarding this concern.

Thank you for using Trulia!

Consumer Care Advocate

Contact Us:
Help Center: ... more
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Sat Oct 14, 2017
Derek Jones answered:
Yes, if the home transfers ownership then the new owners can go through the eviction process to get you out of their. It is their home.
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Wed Oct 11, 2017
Hyeyye.uwew answered: is nothing short of a FRAUD!!!

I bought one property from their auction site after watching a number of their auctions sales go unsold. lists the properties for sale with a broker at an artificial selling price, then lists it for auction at a fraction of the asking price and then automatically increases the auction bidding price in in order to entice unsuspecting buyers to place a non-refundable bid!! Great gimmick.

It has been almost 3 months since I "won" my bid against and they are so screwed up that they have no clue to what they are doing.

... more
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Wed Oct 11, 2017
Harry Lieberman answered:
No No NO...Calif. used to have these phony laws and boy did the attornies make some cash out of that one. File the right forms, in the correct sequence, and they are gone in 30 days no matter what! You call the laws they come out, you show the proof of service, and they walk them to the curb, done it many times now. You can get help with an attorney on the net that will walk you through your county, and get it done right. If not you now become the victim and the courts are tired of squatters and rights and theft of good honorable people. The last one was living with me, the renter called the PD and said I only have about 10 days left and I am not leaving. So he served you a 30-day notice and you are not leaving? That's right, and he has no good reason. Listen to me very closely, we cant get into debate of rent or possessions, but we can act on legal notices if you are not out on that date, we will walk you to the curb, and this is his property he does not need a reason to rent to you or not to rent to you....Yes for the good guys.... ... more
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Mon Oct 9, 2017
Kathy Burgreen answered:
As a former realtor, allow me to educate you a bit. Unfortunately NO realtor anywhere in the U.S. will ever show a buyer what the competing offers are - even if the personal information was crossed out. That is the #1 rule as a realtor. HOWEVER, there are things you need to know (secrets that realtors will never tell you):

PAYCHECKS (commission checks) - You need to know that realtors are independent contractors (self employed) meaning realtors can never expect weekly or monthly paychecks the same way that employees receive paychecks. Therefore, realtors will do whatever it takes to make sure their listing is sold and not remain on the market forever. I will guarantee you that listing agent has bills to pay and needs that commission check asap. If that listing realtor lied about the multiple offers, it means he / she has to tell their seller client to accept your offer because there are no other offers and if the seller does not accept it, the asking price needs to be reduced. It also means that listing agent cannot look forward to a commission check until a contract is signed. Meaning, their bills will not get paid. With no paycheck in sight, realtors don't have a motive to lie about multiple offers.

In hot sellers markets (San Francisco, Boston, New York City, Seattle, Denver, Dallas?), housing prices have been increasing since the recession ended because employment remains low, there are more buyers competing for the same homes and these cities are attractive for other reasons (clean, recreation, culture, diversity, high incomes, etc.). This all points to housing prices going up and buyers are being forced to pay more and facing multiple offers. Don't think it's just San Francisco / Silicon Valley. The other cities I mentioned are facing the same situation you are.

By the way, there are plenty of cities in the U.S. that don't have multiple offers and housing is stagnant.
... more
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Sun Oct 8, 2017
Ws Homeowner answered:
The answer is not so cut and dry. Work with your realtor and determine what buyers are looking for and very importantly look to see what kind of remodel is possible for the next owner. If there is very little room to expand then likely you would want to make the property show what the future could bring and spend more money giving them a look into the future. If the property is highly likely to be extensively remodeled, then I would go easy on any major work as it will all probably be torn down and that would be wasted money on your part and potential buyers would not be impressed since all those improvements might be wasted.

Whatever you do, cleaning and painting would make the property show nicer and would avoid people looking at the property negatively and lower their bids that go with that feeling.
... more
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Sat Oct 7, 2017
sarmj26 answered:
We are planning to move from Massachusetts to California in the very new future.
First , besides property tax and insurance ,are there other taxes , we would have to consider when purchasing a property ? If so, what would they be and their rates ?
How is the property tax calculated ?
Secondly, besides sales ,state and federal taxes are there other taxes we would have to consider before we make the move?
Thank you for your response/s.
... more
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Wed Oct 4, 2017
Susie Kay answered:
I would suggest that you consult a local realtor to assist you. Find out how much you can list your house for if it's completed udpated vs as is. See also how much it costs to update your home and go from there. ... more
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Tue Oct 3, 2017
Jhun69 answered:
Do I still have to pay my rent when I receive a letter of evictions? my apartment has alot of cocrouch
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Sun Oct 1, 2017
19ddenni57 answered:
ive found as high as 1700 a month on top of that to qualify for said space your monthly income must meet or greater than 3x the space rent 1700x3=5100 or greater just get in.
I`m retired fix SS, income .. so a person making that kind of money would moved into a mobile home park ... more
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