how do i rent an apt/home with bad credit.we are losing our home of 10 yrs. fell on hard times. but i have a good job.bad credit and forclosure. yikes

Asked by Momma Nurse 4, Santa Rosa, CA Tue May 17, 2011

family of 5 with an old lab dog. don't want to get rid of him. would like to rent a home in windsor or northern santa rosa. i am now a registered nurse and make decent money, but going thru school killed our credit and i am the only adult with income. our credit is poor and we now have a forclosure on our home. any advice or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Robert Chome…, , San Diego, CA
Mon Jun 10, 2013

Many landlords will be OK even if you have a foreclosure. Just write a letter of explanation with your application for rent. I am a landlord and I have rented to tenants with past bankruptcies and foreclosure. But I was able to look past that because it was an isolated event and they had good jobs. There are many other tenants in your shoes that had major credit events in the last few years during the recession.
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Thank GOD someone can see a human being beyond their credit score!!!
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Akeisha, Renter, Nashville, TN
Mon Jun 10, 2013
Allie's right, if you earn at least $4k then you would be eligible to apply at EZ Lease Rentals. Issues like foreclosure and bad credit history would be taken care of by the company. Make sure you don't have a criminal background history.
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Allie Lenard, Home Buyer, Washington, PA
Mon May 6, 2013
If you have a good job with a monthly income of at least $4000 or your partner does or if both of your incomes will amount to at least $4000, then you can definitely rent a place of your choice even with bad credit! Just make sure that you don't have criminal record. How do you do that? Easy, with EZ Lease Rentals. Just ask for their second chance program, submit the requirements and you're good to go. Just tell them your choice and they will be the one to get you approved, and they will get approved right away because they will be the one to sign the lease on your behalf and since they are a reliable company, they will definitely get you that rent of your choice. All these for a reasonable fee!
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Andy, , California
Fri Aug 12, 2011
I do not know if "Guarantee" works on your case. Do you think high deposit is helpful.

And how about explaination letter?

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/, , Sonoma County, CA
Fri Jun 3, 2011
Not a problem. You are in good company with a huge number of people in Sonoma County who are in the same boat. My clients have had no problem finding lovely places to rent when they take this advice: get a few letters of recommendation, make multiple copies, and make your application into a little marketing packet promoting you. I tell my clients, or the good tenants of my clients, that they are welcome to use me as one of their references.

Credit scores are quickly becoming a non-issue to landlords due to the foreclosure crisis. It is your character and proof of employment that will get you approved and you can prove that will referral letters.

One more piece of advice, go to any appointments with the landlord in your best clothing and do not mention the job until after you have been offered the unit. Landlords who like and trust potential tenants usually don't have a problem with well-behaved dogs.

Give me a call if you want more coaching.

If your home has not been sold at auction, please give me a call. A short sale may be a better solution for you. It costs you nothing and can make the transition process for you much easier than letting it go to auction.
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Arlee Geary, Agent, Santa Rosa, CA
Wed May 18, 2011
Hi - Hopefully, you have continued to pay your credit cards so that the main hit to your credit is the foreclosure. If not, you could also explain that the cost of school let do your credit problems, but that you now have a good job. Many landlords understand that losing a home is a function of the economic downturn and doesn't mean that you are a risk for not paying your rent and they will take a chance on you. You might bring along your last 2 pay checks as evidence of your job. The fact that you had the discipline to complete your education, and the fact that you had a home for 10 years, indicates that you have a sense of responsibility and for years paid your bills. As far as the dog - offer to pay an extra deposit for any damage he might do, and talk to your insurance company if it is possible to get insurance in case he bites someone as part of your renters insurance. If you can provide evidence of insurance, a landlord would appreciate that. It may not be easy, but put together your best arguments. I wish you luck. Arlee Geary Century 21 Alliance
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David Cooper, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Wed May 18, 2011
Pull your credit report and be able to explain any negatives that show up to a prospective landlord before you give them $50 to run your credit. That old lab dog might be a bigger problem than poor credit, but your family needs a roof over their heads

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Holmes and T…, Agent, Windsor, CA
Tue May 17, 2011
Momma Nurse 4, Congratulations on completing nursing school and landing an RN position. Unfortunately, there many people in your situation – bad credit and need to rent. Although there may be valid reasons for your financial hardship, large property management companies aren’t likely to be very understanding. Here are my thoughts:
1. Search out landlords with whom you can make a personal connection – someone who may own one or a small number of rentals and who will take the time to get to know you instead of screen you based on your credit score.
2. Find landlords with available rentals by asking your friends, work colleagues, members of your church or other organizations you belong to. Let your Facebook community know that you need their help finding a landlord who cares more about people than credit scores. You DON’T have to lay out your financial story to the world. You DO have to let everyone you know that you need their help. I’m sure you would do the same for others.
3. Contact groups like Canine Companions (CCI of SR) or the Healdsburg Animal Shelter and explain that you want to keep your loved old Lab and ask if they know of any kind landlord who will rent to a family with a dog.
4. Offer to put down a larger deposit or offer to pay $100.00 a month above the contracted rent for the first six months to demonstrate to the landlord that you are a trustworthy tenant.
5. Ask a real estate agent in a large company if they would be willing to announce your need at their office meeting. Many of us know investors or have clients who need to find reliable tenants.
Good hunting.
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Mari Giblin, , Santa Rosa, CA
Tue May 17, 2011
First of all, I am sorry that you are in this situation. It must be really hard on you and your family. What I have found is that if you write a one page letter explaining what happened you can overcome rules put into place before this economic downfall. People will and can relate to people. If you can provide good reason for your situation people can relate and will try to help. Have you considered buying a mobile home in an all age park? This is a good alternative. I would try that first. Best of luck to you. Times will get better; just hold on.
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Kay E Marquez, , Santa Rosa, CA
Tue May 17, 2011
Momma Nurse 4,

Rental Ideas....You may want to offer a landlord a little bit higher monthly rent, along with a larger deposit. You could negotiate that you pre-pay in advance a month ahead or perhaps you know of a co-signer (parent) for the rental agreement.

Do you have any photos of your home now? Since most landlords want a reference from the past, you may want to demonstrate your current home care so that the landlord knows feels comfortable with how you may maintain their property.

Basically, if you can qualify for the rent and show that your credit was good prior to this foreclosure mess, many landlords will give you consideration. The pet may limit your choices, but again, offer a little higher than the monthly rent and offer to pay a few months reserves upfront. Hopefully this helps.
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