Why is there mostly section 8 in the south side or bad areas? Interesting?

Asked by Victoria Hernandez, Chicago, IL Fri Mar 1, 2013

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Bill J Deligiannis’ answer
Bill J Delig…, Agent, Naperville, IL
Sat Mar 2, 2013
Section 8 is available throughout the city and it is a program that is often misunderstood by potential landlords. For more info look here:

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Section 8 is all over the united states,many participants are not vagabounds.Things happen n life.we're all 1 paycheck from jobless and 1 month rent from homelessness.
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Dorothy, Renter, Elwood, IL
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Many owners don't want to rent to section 8 because of many reasons, I think number 1 is because owners fell low income persons will not do right. What our middle income and upper income owners don't realize is if they keep on living they will get older and their financial status will change as well, God forbid they end up needing someone to help care for them,maybe even be put into a retirement facility or nursing home both the same. The ones that they wouldn't even rent their properties to because of their financial standing may be the ones who'll have to care for them. Then what?
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continued:If a property owner won't rent to someone,How can they expect someone they didn't trust to just step on board and give them the best they've got when the owner wouldn't do the same for them or maybe someone they knew Example realitives,friends,co workers,neighbors,their families,friends,or whoever the word of mouth might have gotten around to.The less fournate may not know the owner personally but just as the stigma has grown from generation to generation the overall stigmas still get out and beleive me it's not going anywhere anytime soon unless a change is made.We all have to consider what will happen to us as we age.We might be glad to have the less fournate to show us a little kindness and make our old age a little more enjoyable.
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Toska Palmer, Agent, Chicago, IL
Sun Mar 17, 2013
It's Fico, not FICA. Also, it is against Fair Housing Laws to use the income source such as Section 8 to disqualify him or her.

Additionally, Section 8 is only income. A credit report and references should be checked like any other tenant.
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Dorothy, Renter, Elwood, IL
Sun Mar 17, 2013
The reason is that most owners that do not accept section 8 are located out of the city of Chicago.

Some property owners feel that section 8 tenants are not the kind of people they choose to rent to.

Most owners in chicago are aware of the fack that section 8 is guranteed rent for the duration of the lease,

Some owners feel that a high fica score makes a renter more responsible.What they don't realize is that most if not all of us may have a high fica score today and be in bankrupt tomorrow, why because of the high fica score most people are able to get more credit than they can handle.

Some owners feel that secon 8 tenants are shiftless and unreliable,Which is not true.Most property owners feel that if a person is working they are sure to get the rent they requested,what they don't realize is that because u have a job today dosen't mean you'll have one next month or next week.

What owners fail to realize is that when section 8 ok's a unit to rent, weather the person has a high fica score,well paying job or whatever their financial standing may be they gurantee the rent for the remainder of the lease.

No high fica score or high paying job can gurantee rent on time every month regardless of the situatioins we're currently facing.

Then once again some people just don't want to be bothered with people of a lesser stature then themselves or who they perceive to be less.
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Well spoken T Palmer
Flag Fri Jul 19, 2013

Your post is filled non truths about Section 8. I don't think you can speak for everyone. It's also not Fico, not Fica. Fica is a deduction from your payroll check.

Guaranteed rent in some cases does make a good tenant, nor does it mean a person with a job is a great tenant either.

I work with Section 8 on a regular basis. All of my landlords work with people who are respectful, good neighbors and have a great track record of paying their bills on time.
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Alvin Dobbs, Agent, Waukegan, IL
Thu Mar 7, 2013
As many have said. There are some issues that Realtors can not be involve with because of possible violations of state, federal, or local laws. So, in the real estate business; there is no such thing as a good area or a bad area.

That being said. The reason that it would seem that mostly the south and west sides of Chicago accept section 8-a owner of a property on the Gold Coast of Chicago does not need to rent his/her property section 8. The more popular the location the less there is a need to accept section 8.This is also true in their use of realtors-they do not need a realtor to rent that property which is in a poplar location. Gold coast is also an expensive place to live. Not many services that would cater to those who would be using section 8. The income level would also be prohibitive to those who need section 8 for housing in an area like the Gold Coast.

So let;s try moving to a more middle class area, Andersonville. Many of the same restrictions--as in the Gold Coast. There is no reason or incentive to rent section 8. There are more people looking to move into the area then there is housing. As a landlord you can avoid all the silly that the government plays with their section 8 money. No red tape or inspections or interference from the government. Sounds like America. There are times in which people need to go to a realtor to rent their properties.This again would not be the case.

Which brings us to the South Side- West Side. Tons of housing. Some in poor condition. The government program is the best way to rent those houses. No real competition. Low income levels, with services close by. Section 8 is a God send to many landlords on the South and West sides. Ugly houses, ugly locations and sometimes ugly pricing. Reasons for section 8 ; and reasons one has to use a Realtor.

Section 8 is a program that the whole city could benefit from. But, management firms and realtors and landlords make their decisions based in reality fo the current economic situation. Bam, able to explain it without violation of the Fair Housing Rules.
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arthinwa, , Chicago, IL
Tue Mar 5, 2013
Thank you Ms. Cooper, for adequately responding to this asinine question; which I’m, sure, was meant to be facetious
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Matt Laricy, Agent, Chicago, IL
Fri Mar 1, 2013
This isnt a question that someone in the Real Estate industry could answer. We do apologize, but its against the laws for us to partake in this.
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Carole Cooper, , Chicago, IL
Fri Mar 1, 2013
It is not as prevalent in some neighborhoods because of the rental limits placed on Section VIII rentals. There are many buildings in all neighborhoods that have a portion of their units dedicated to subsidized housing. Many years ago the land on the south side of Chicago was cheap and easy for the government to purchase when subsidized housing was built back in the 50's and 60's. Today you can find Section VIII properties in Presidential Towers, some buildings on Harbor Drive to name a couple, because developers received tax rebates if they allocated some of their units to subsidized housing. In certain neighborhoods it is just not advertised. You will find Section VIII housing everywhere in this city.
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