What is considered basic wear & tear. Rented 3 1/2 yrs ago a completely renovated home granite new carpet and linoleum. Tenant says carpet is

Asked by Cheryl Vahey, Alameda County, CA Fri Mar 23, 2012


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Pacita Dimac…, Agent, Oakland, CA
Fri Mar 23, 2012

Here's a link that may describe what's considered basic wear and tear versus items that would be considered damages


Here's another link that addresses carpet


One common method of calculating the deduction for replacement PRORATES the total cost of replacement so that the tenant pays only for the REMAINING USEFUL LIFE of the carpet the tenant has damaged or destroyed.

For example, suppose a tenant has damaged beyond repair an 8 old carpet that had a life expectancy of ten years, and that a replacement carpet of similar quality would cost $1,000. The landlord could properly charge only $200 for the two years’ worth of life (use) that would have remained if the tenant had not damaged the carpet.

Expected life of carpet 10 years
Depreciation charge ($1,000 / 10) $100 per year
Age of carpet 8 years
Carpet Life Years Remaining 10 years - 8 years = 2 years
Value of 2 years Carpet Life Remaining 2 years * $100 per years = $200


-Holes in wall from hanging pictures, removal of Decals on the walls. Larger gouges etc.

-Tear in carpet, animal stains (even if landlord knew you had a pet). Burn marks - iron, cigar, cigarette, ground in stains.

-Doors with holes. Doors or windows broken. Glass etc.

-Clogged drains caused by your misuse of sinks or toilets. If you rent to women (college girls for example) be sure to remind them to dispose of feminine products in the trash, not the toilet.

-Broken or missing blinds or curtains. If they were there when you moved in, they must be there when you leave. If you don't want them, discuss this with your landlord. If he says "I don't care" send him a letter to confirm...as we discussed..

-Eliminating Flea infestations caused by tenants animals. The same for smoke damage from smoking or burning candles.

-Excessive Bathroom mildew. Use a good cleaning product like Tilex or Spray 409 weekly.

-Broken shelves in a refrigerator. Excessive dirt/dust in the refrigerator vents. This is the area under or behind the unit. Vacuuming improves performance. Every time you vacuum, vacuum around the unit,

-Excessive dirt or filth in an oven or refrigerator. Defrost the refrigerator if not frost-free. Stoves can take 2-3 hours to clean if you have it cleaned. Use Easy-off. That's why the named it that.
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Having lived in a number of places, it has never really crossed my mind to remove and keep the blinds. I may have removed them and out them in storage, but when I moved out they went back up. I guess I'm not the tenant to care about blinds very much. Unless they need to be fixed or are in the way.
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lester, Renter, New York, NY
Mon Aug 26, 2013
Hi there! It can be difficult to determine what exactly counts as 'normal' wear & tear on any rental... However I found this blog post to be quite helpful and it should answer many of the questions you may have regarding what is appropriate, and how to handle your situation... Hope this helps!
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Lw, Home Buyer, Alameda, CA
Sun Apr 15, 2012
The short answer is that almost EVERYTHING is considered "normal wear and tear" after three years.
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has more to do with than time....
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I disagree, wear and tear is about things getting worn, not breaking. In three years, I still expect a carpet placed new three years ago to be I great shape, paint, however, might need to be redone, a crack in something is damage, things don't crack from wear and tear usually. My cabinet ends started peeling after 13 years, that is wear and tear. The overgrown yard is neglect. The dirty carpet depends on age and location, a bedroom carpet will last 15 years but a living room carpet only 10, a heavily used walkway area may only survive 8 but huge stains are different than wear and excessive dirt.
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Do you have a link where i can read the details of same. For example, a mildly cracked sliding glass door for the bathroom small closet- after 3 years of living- will that qualify as a normal wear and tear?
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carolpets2, Both Buyer And Seller, 78750
Fri Nov 15, 2013
My tenant of one year dented and scratched brand new SS frig. I bought and installed it 2 days before they moved in. They say it's normal wear and tear. I disagree. I want them to purchase a new door. $394.50, they say no.
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lol going thru the exact same thing with a tenant that moved out.....he covered the entire surface with magnets.....rust on bottom door and multiple scratches on top door and calls it wear and tear.....careless behavior is not wear n tear
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And they should after two days
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eveial14, Renter, Fresno, CA
Tue Oct 18, 2016
I was in my apartment for 13 yrs and pm services are charging me 4,990 in damaged which I disputed in a letter to them .what is considered normal wear and tear?
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Mary Jeffers…, Renter, San Francisco, CA
Thu Mar 17, 2016
What is the stats on normal wear and tear? Meaning how many years before the can call it wear and tear??
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