Shall we report to bad tenants listings?

Asked by Mountain Rain, 95014 Tue Feb 14, 2012

Our previous tenants left the country on visa issues and will return in future. If we report to bad tenants listings, their reputation will be damaged. Seek your professional opinions.

They had a few late payments last year. We didn't charge them late fee and we are ok with it.

What's not ok: during their 1-year stay in the 1-bedroom unit, they had more repair calls than previous tenants. We spent $2,000 last year fixing water/tile damage, fridge, faucet, etc.

When they left in Dec, they left lots of junk (furniture, household items) in the unit. The carpet was damaged with lots of red/blue color dyes and couldn't be cleaned with 2 rounds of professional cleaning. The granite countertop was heavily soiled with heat and oil. It was new when we handed the unit to them. Plus a few fixes here and there: broken lamp, damaged door frame, dirty walls and doors.

We got their security deposit but couldn't cover the repair cost. They refused to pay more and just ignore our emails.

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marioworthin…, Home Owner, San Jose, CA
Mon May 13, 2013
There are multiple sites at which to report bad tenants, which I understand to be in the interest of landlords sticking together against BAD tenants. REPORT REPORT REPORT. Your loss SHOULD be their loss!
1 vote is the only website that we know of where landlords can report good and bad tenants that is completely legal. That website is FCRA compliant and Fair housing compliance so your past tenants won't be able to sue you for reporting them unlike many other websites like tenancybureau, donotrentto, badtenantlist and etc.

They do require you to prove that you're a landlord at first, but they approved my application in a couple of hours, though.
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Yes, bad tenants should be reported to:

or even send info to CREDIT BUREAU AGENCIES.
This is the only way that we can get rid of bad tenants and their bad ways.

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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Fri Dec 14, 2012
Dear Mountain Rain

Regret to hear you had so many issues.

Also prudent in the future to do a thorough Credit Check and Payment history.
A walk through before renting and after renting.

If you are renting a high end home, it is also prudent to a Property Inspection.

Good luck.
Web Reference:
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solo812, , Peoria, IL
Sun Dec 9, 2012
You can report this tenant's late payments and even grade them as a tenant on It is a clearing house of sorts that landlords use to find inside information about their applicants.
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Thanks for the website I'm reporting my tenants broke all my appliances damage and bleach a new carpet, walls are extreme dirty. Thank you for your comments
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Mitchell Pea…, Agent, San Jose, CA
Tue Feb 14, 2012
Dear Mountain Rain:

Report the tenants to whom? Leaving a mess is not a criminal offense. You have no proof they malicious damaged your home so there is no vandalism to report to police, unless you need a report for insurance purposes. Before going that route, however, ask your insurance company if pictures would suffice. Reporting them to a credit agency for what? Not paying a bill they will dispute? In either case, you give them an opportunity, if they ever come back here, to smear you in their defense. You cannot expect them to be truthful in anything they would say in their defense, so why give them an invitation to lie about you?

If you have insurance that needs a report, send them pictures. Take pictures anyway and put them in your file along with your letter Ms. Thomas advised you to write. You'll want the pictures and the letter for tax evidence if you are audited after claiming the repairs on your tax return.

If anyone ever calls you about them, you can say whatever you want on the phone and then not tell them what you said. Anyone calling for references will not entertain an offer from them once you have spoken. In such a case, you can smile and say revenge is a dish best served cold. However, I suggest you just check it up to experience and remember you learned about checking out your tenants a bit better in the future. Many people from foreign countries do not know how to use or care for appliances, furnishings, toilets, sinks, rugs, floors, or granite counter tops, the list goes on and on. Now you know to teach any such prospective tenants how to care for the home they will rent from you. This is the lesson to learn here. As I say when I discover this sort of thing in my life, "School is Expensive." Now you know what to avoid and how to prepare tenants from out of the country. You'll be a more profitable landlord for the experience.

Being a landlord is not for everybody. The stress of dealing with people is why many landlords hire property managers. Some get out of the business entirely. If you would like help managing or selling this home, please give me a call at 408-639-0211 or send me an email at mitchell@handsonrealtor.coml.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I hope things will be better for you in the future.

Mitchell Pearce
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Laura Herubin, aka Laura Cordial, aka Laura Workman, Ashland Ky, had to evict and she destroyed the apt, dead beat.
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DAUNETT ALLEN & MARTON "JAMES" GAYLE (both of Pierrefonds Quebec) are professional tenants who do not pay their rent. Uses relatives as landlords for references or non-existent references. There were 5 cases against them for so many years, had court judgments for non-payment and were eventually evicted on all counts. They did not learn after that and still keep on doing this malicious act of non-payments. They enjoy the good life but do not want to pay for it - It is their way of life. It is not right not to get paid when someone's rent a property or withhold rent payments. If you happen to read this, be very careful. Screen your prospective tenants very carefully before you rent your property. Also check with Regie du Logement or other "real" landlords for future tenants.
Flag Sun Jan 3, 2016
I highly disagree when you say it's not worth it to report tenants like these as they will lie about everything. Of course they will lie, but Judges know who is telling the truth and to not report them as they will lie about you and smear you just encourages them to continue their bad behavior. I've been a landlord for 38 years and speak from experience. I ALWAYS sue tenants who owe me money in Small Claims Court. I do as much communication with tenants as possible in writing (email is invaluable) and make sure I go into court with all my documentation in order; I have not lost one time yet! Even though there are times when wage garnishment and bank levies have not worked, many times they have and I've recouped what I was owed. And even when I haven't been able to claim any of my loss, at least I know that the judgment will show up, not only on their court records but also on their credit reports, which many landlords check on a regular basis.
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Virginia Tho…, , Cupertino, CA
Tue Feb 14, 2012
Two positive things won't be renting to them again and they can't use you as a landlord reference should they return to the U.S. There's a reason why you don't burn bridges behind you and this is one of those situations. Make sure you document all the damages and notify them in writing that you will not be returning their deposit and itemize the extra costs showing the balance owed you for damages. If they didn't give you a forwarding address, write them a letter anyway and keep it in your file. Keep this on file for future reference should you be contacted about them.

This is one of those situations where you have to do what you feel comfortable with or put a period on it and move on. There are many people looking for homes to rent in this market so I don't think your rental will be vacant long. Rents are going up in the valley so there is a lot of movement now.

Virginia Thomas
Keller Williams Realty - Cupertino
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Nina Daruwal…, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Tue Feb 14, 2012
Dear Mountain Rain,

I am sure you will NOT be renting to these folks again. Reporting them, or not, is entirely your choice, we cannot advise you on that. But for future Tenants, please do a credit check and reference check, and choose your Tenant/s very carefully. Sorry you had to go through so much expense.......but thats what life is all about - good and bad has to be very careful who you rent out to.
If you are thinking of Selling, this is a great time inventory is VERY low, more Buyers in the market! and lots of Cash purchases!! Let me know if I can help? Lets talk Real Estate. Check out my website, i live and work in Cupertino, and serve the Bay area.
All the Best for the future, Be well and Safe, regards,
Nina Daruwalla
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Sam Shueh, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Thu Jan 19, 2017
probably need documentation and letter to
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Christine.w…, Other Pro, Fort Myers, FL
Wed Jan 11, 2017
My personal opinion: you need to report those tenants. I wouldn’t like to rent my property to such tenants. So, you report will save other landlords from renting to the tenant.
If you haven’t faced with it before, the article (link is below), which has tips on reporting bad tenants, will be of a huge help for you.

And advice for the future: telling a potential tenant that you report good and bad payment histories to credit bureaus can prevent late payment problems.
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Alyse Sands, Agent, Nashville, TN
Tue Sep 27, 2016
They should have thought about the reporting before they ruined your house. You should absolutely report them. I have been taken by tenant scams too many times. The time and cost is not worth going to court. This is the only way to teach a lesson to people who have no respect for their landlords.
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Ustech24, Home Buyer, San Jose, CA
Mon Jun 20, 2016
Our Tenats left and broke the lease way before the time whie the lease will expire. Can I report this to the credit bureu
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Atlanticbeac…, Home Buyer, San Jose, CA
Mon Apr 4, 2016
REport them. I wish I had known about the tenants that destroyed our home. They stole items out of the storage unit, destroyed the plumbing system, left trash, tore up the blinds and the list goes on. He also called me and threatened me when I told him he would be evicted.

Report please. I will never rent again. This man's name is Joey Blackmon and he is married to Erin to be a veteran with PTSD.
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Rruffi, Home Buyer, San Jose, CA
Tue Feb 2, 2016
Laura Herubin aka Laura Cordial aka Laura Workman, had to evict her and destroyed apt. Ashland KY.
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anarb2015, Home Owner, Queens, NY
Mon Jan 18, 2016
Some tenants do not care about their credit. In NYC some tenants want to be evicted just to go on Public Assistance. The system needs to be fixed. Landlords need to report fraud to public assistance.

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Landlord888, Home Buyer, San Jose, CA
Sun Jan 3, 2016
When they are back into the country, get an investigator to trace them.

When you have their new home address and where they work, then proceed to file an application to the court for non-payments and damages to properties.

Once you get this application, send a copy to the Baillif so that they will be served.

There will be a hearing after that.
Come prepare for this hearing so you can argue your case.

Judge will make a decision.

If this is in your favor, then contact a lawyer to proceed with the "payments".
It will cost you to hire a lawyer to implement the judgment.
But this is better than not getting the full amount owed.

Other than that, charge this to experience.

For prospective tenants, check their references and other detailed information about them.
You will need them if they defaulted in their rent payments.

Good luck.
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Tinvegas, Agent, Henderson, NV
Fri Sep 18, 2015
Why do landlords have to pay anything to repost bad tenants ? Does anyone know you know of any websites that is not a rip off
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Frank Frank, Other Pro, 11214, NY
Sat Feb 7, 2015
is there any website to search for a bad tenant when we rent?
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twiesand, Home Buyer, San Jose, CA
Sun Sep 16, 2012
LANDLORD ALERT!!!! DO NOT RENT to RENE URIBE he is a traffic Officer, mad because he couldn't make it to be a police officer. He moves with good salary by himself. then overcrowds the unit with UNKNOWN TENANTS. He was Evicted for that reason. He has a corrupted attorney that DOES NOT KNOW anything about court procedures,TAMER however ANNOYING and costly to be answering his frivolous law suits. He that does not charge the client unless he collects from the Landlords's incurance THIS IS INSURANCE FRAUD!. After THE tenant destroys the unit he calls LAHD then refuses to have the unit fixed to fall into REAP when you evict him and all unknown tenants they claim they were not served under 415.16 which is the PreJUDGMENT calaim right to possession. DO NOT RENT TO CRYSTAL MONIQUE VEGA she is an ACCOMPLICE and RICHARD GUERRERO is a court reporter LEARNING how to screw LANDLORDS insurance. CAREFUL!!!! get the names clear
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Flag Thu Nov 19, 2015
Speaking of bad tenants, consider DAUNETT ALLEN of Pierrefonds Quebec, who never pays on time. Always make empty promises to pay but never did. You don't want to be a landlord for this lady and her boyfriend. Bad for business.
Flag Mon Nov 16, 2015
Speaking of bad tenants, consider DAUNETT ALLEN of Pierrefonds Quebec, who never pays on time. Always make empty promises to pay but never did. You don't want to be a landlord for this lady and her boyfriend. Bad for business.
Flag Mon Nov 16, 2015
You have got to report these bad tenants (good ones too) to They organize all of this information and share it privately with other landlords and apartment complexes. You can give this guy an "F" grade!
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charles butt…, Agent, san jose, CA
Wed Feb 15, 2012
Thank you, Mountain Rain for your question:

I am very sorry to hear of your bad experience with your former tenants. Mitchell Pierce, Virginia Thomas and Nina Daruwalla all gave you excellent answers. I gave them a thumbs up for their answers.

I was wondering if you talked with their former landlords about them before you rented to them. I have found that it is often very helpful to talk with at least two of the former landlords of prospective tenants, and even preferably three former landlords of prospective tenants.

I have found that conversations with several former landlords is often more useful and informative than even a credit check.

Thank you,
Charles Butterfield MBA
Real Estate Broker/REALTOR
American Realty
Cell Phone: (408)509-6218
Fax: (408)269-3597
Email Address:
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It's fine to ask for a landlord reference, but a lot of bad people use friends and relatives to pose as former landlords and the only way to be sure is if applicants can show you proof in writing that they have been paying rent to the person they list for a reference. Best thing, besides a credit report, is to check the court records for your county. And ALWAYS take legal action against bad tenants; Small Claims Court is inexpensive and uncomplicated and at the very least you will get a judgment against them which will show up on their court records AND their credit report for probably 7 years. I know it's a bit of a hassle, but these people need to be prevented from continuing to victimize yet more landlords.
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