I need a good carpet cleaner :)

Asked by David Fuller, Phoenix, AZ Tue Jul 17, 2012

Anyone care to share their carpet cleaner?

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Danielle Pal…, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Wed Jul 18, 2012
Hey dave!

Awesome carpet cleaner- Rick mountain view carpet cleaners. He is the owner (623) 561-1620. Tell him I sent you!
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Does this company also clean up wet carpet? We had our basement flood a couple of weeks ago, and it was really horrible. We pulled up the carpet by ourselves and tried to clean it and dry it the best that we could. We ended up having to get it replaced. It would have been really nice to have a professional company clean it up as soon as the problem happened. http://www.electrovac.com.au
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I would ask around to neighbors and friends. They will have had personal experience and will give you the best recommendations. This should help you with everything you need. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you! http://www.gallentcarpetcleaning.com
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There are many different options when it comes to carpet cleaning. You can go with services that will clean your home or office regularly, or contract a company individually, each time you need a job done. Also, there are some companies that use specific cleaning products that are more Eco-friendly than other products. I would look in a local directory to find a carpet cleaning company that has great reviews and affordable rates.
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I would all around your area and see if there are any around you. You could also contact neighbors and friends to see if they have any suggestions for you. Another option you could look at is Yellow Pages. Although dated, they can be found to be very useful. Good luck and I hope you find one soon! http://www.servicemasterlethbridge.com/carpet_and_upholstery.html
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heavenlymett…, , Glendale, AZ
Tue Apr 14, 2015
My Dad was looking for a carpet cleaner in Glendale AZ. He called local Carpet Stores in Glendale to find one. I can't remember the name of the carpet cleaning guy but, the website of the Carpet Store is http://www.brandicarpet.com/referrals/
The way I look at it is if a Carpet Store is willing to actually refer them from their own website then they must be good.
Best of Luck
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lewisremingt…, Home Owner, Rochester, NY
Tue Mar 31, 2015
I think it's good to go to your neighbors and ask them who they have clean their carpets. That way you know they are local and you can get an idea of the service they provide by seeing the carpets yourself. You want to be sure that the cleaner you hire will do the job you want.
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Amber Johnson, , Brookhaven, Raleigh, NC
Wed Dec 17, 2014
I would really like to get my carpets cleaned by a professional service. I have two little boys and a dog so my carpets have been through a lot. With winter here it is getting worse with all their wet and dirty shoes and socks! I will have to look into getting the carpets cleaned. http://ambroseadvancedcarpetcleaning.com
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Gary Birtles, , Scottsdale, AZ
Wed Dec 10, 2014
I recommend going online and reading some reviews. That should help you get an idea of deals and service quality. That is the method I always use. It hasn't failed me yet. http://www.homepriderugcleaning.com
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I'd second that. Online reviews shouldn't be the only thing you go off of, but they can make a big difference. And when it comes to cleaning carpets, a personal recommendation can mean a lot. Asking local realtors isn't a bad idea either, since they work with foreclosed homes and cleaners a lot. | http://www.carpetcleanersinmercercounty.com
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Myersjulie31, Home Buyer, Blakeslee, PA
Tue Dec 9, 2014
I used to just clean my own carpets, but I don't think that I do the best job. It would probably get much more clean if I found a carpet cleaner to do it for me. Then I wouldn't have to spend so much time in the cleaning, and it would get done really well. I have heard that getting carpets cleaned helps to make the carpet last much longer. http://www.bellcountyflooring.com/services.php
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I would have to agree that cleaning your carpets on your own never really gets them as clean as if you were to hire a professional company. I remember the first time we got our carpet cleaned, it looked like we had put in brand new carpet. I'll never go back to the old way now, because it's just not as good. http://www.chem-dry.net/hillcity.va
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Calvin James, Home Buyer, Orem, UT
Sat Dec 6, 2014
I would look online. You will probably be able to find plenty of helpful reviews! I would also encourage going with an organic cleaning product. It will be safer for your family. It can also help keep the carpet nicer for longer! http://www.servicemasterlethbridge.com/carpet_and_upholstery.html
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I agree with Calvin, you should start by checking online. You could also try talking to your neighbors to see if they have any good carpet cleaners in mine. But like Calvin said, there are a variety of different products out there to choose from. Make sure you do your research on what is the best for your carpet. http://www.a1cleaningbyhappe.com/clean-general
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Amber Johnson, , Brookhaven, Raleigh, NC
Mon Dec 1, 2014
I am looking for a good carpet cleaning service as well. I have a dog and two kids so my carpet can get very dirty. I think that it would be a good thing to get it cleaned professionally. Finding a good carpet cleaner would really help to improve my home. Thanks for sharing this and let me know if you find a good service! http://www.cleanercarpetconcepts.com/charlotte-carpet-cleaning
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Mark Leach, Home Buyer, Pine Bluff, AR
Tue Nov 25, 2014
I need a good carpet cleaner as well. I have tried time and time again renting carpet cleaners from the grocery store and it hasn't worked. Who can you guys recommend?
Mark Leach | http://www.cleansweepp.net
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Julia Carlson, Home Buyer, Florin Fruitridge Industrial Park, Sacramento, CA
Wed Nov 19, 2014
I completely agree, Zach. I had the best success selling my home when my carpets were cleaned by a professional. I tried using all those spot cleaners you always hear about, but nothing got my stains out like a professional treatment. I couldn't keep my feet off the carpet afterwards. In my whole time in that house I'd never seen any carpet so soft. http://stainbusters.com.au/index.php/a-stain-buster-near-you…
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Zach Thalman, , Midwest, WY
Tue Nov 18, 2014
I think it is important to have clean carpets on the homes you are trying to sell or are looking to sell.. You want to make sure that the home is looking the very best it can so that people will buy it. I think It would be a good to get a professional cleaning service before you move to make sure everything looks clean for the new people moving in.

Zach | http://www.SteamKingsTampa.com
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Jackson Will…, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Mon Nov 17, 2014
When I was in high school we had a white carpet. I remember my mom did everything to make sure we didn't ruin it. We still had to have someone come and clean it a few times a year, but I learned from the experience. The best thing you can do is try to avoid getting the carpet too messy. Even the best cleaners won't be able to clean a destroyed carpet. When you do get a carpet cleaner to come and do work for you, make sure that you like the work that they do. Don't be afraid to ask for references and look up reviews of places. You don't want to pay for a cleaning that isn't up to the standards that you want.
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Jackson Will…, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Tue Nov 11, 2014
I remember one time my nephew wanted to show me a cake that my brother had bought for my niece's birthday. My nephew is only two and he ended up dropping the cake on the carpet. It was all a really unfortunate situation. My nephew and I took the really long car ride down the canyon to the nearest store to get a replacement cake. By the time we got back the carpet cleaners had already gotten there and finished the job. I was extremely surprised that the chocolate didn't permanently stain the white carpet. My nephew is going to hear about this story for the rest of his life.
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trippvanderb…, , 10027
Tue Nov 11, 2014
There are many good carpet cleaners all over the country. You can search for them online. Phoenix is a wide area. http://www.naturalcarpetcleaning.ca/en/carpets.html
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John Connor, Home Buyer, Kansas City, MO
Fri Oct 24, 2014
I usually would ask around your neighborhood. You can find some great references as well. I have my carpets cleaned by a good friend who used to live in the neighbor hood. http://www.carpetsplusca.com/carpets/
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He's absolutely right. You should just ask your neighbors and they might be able to help you out. The internet is also a great resource to get reviews and recommendations for a carpet cleaner. Good luck, and I hope you find what you're looking for. http://www.apsrestoration.com
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Zeda Jackson, Home Buyer, Fullerton, CA
Thu Oct 16, 2014
My husband and I are obsessed with having our carpets cleaned. It has gotten to a point where we just bought our own carpet cleaning machine. This way we aren't always calling the carpet cleaning company to come over. Great way to save some money! http://www.applesupply.ca/carpet_cleaning_equipment.html
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Jennie Miller…, Agent, Phoenix, AZ
Thu Sep 25, 2014
Call Darryl at 123 Restoration. He is excellent! 6027082220.
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Would it be better to just call a professional carpet cleaning team for small stains or should you just handle those on your own? I have some really bad stains from wine on my carpets. They aren't very big and that is why I ask if it would be better to call a team or just do it myself. I may just do both and see if anything happens.

Zach | http://www.tennesseecleaning.net/services.html
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Tim Johnson, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Tue Jul 29, 2014
I just moved to Beaverton, Oregon and am also looking for one! The place I moved into is great, except for the carpets. I can tell the people before me were clean people, but just had kids. Stains are just going to happen with kids, band I'd like to find a carpet cleaner pretty soon. Good luck in finding one for yourself! http://www.cleaningservicesbeaverton.com/carpet-cleaning-bea…
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I came home a couple of days ago, and my son had spilled juice all over our carpet. I tried to scrub it out as much as I could while it was still wet, but it didn't really get all of the stain out. I really need to get a good carpet cleaner to come in and help us out. The last thing that I want to do is have to replace all of the carpet in my home. http://www.superiorcarpetcare.com.au
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I also lived in an apartment, but I actually lived with the crazy cat lady. Cat hair was everywhere. I had it all over my clothes, my furniture, and all over my bedroom. It was the best day of my life when I moved and changed apartments. http://www.redcarpetshampooing.com.au/carpet-cleaning
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Jennie Miller…, Agent, Phoenix, AZ
Wed Jul 23, 2014
You can call 123 Restoration at (602) 708-2220. Darryl does a very good job.
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karablader, Home Buyer, Utah County, UT
Thu Jun 5, 2014
I just asked around the neighborhood what carpet cleaners they had used and who they liked best. They gave me a lot of good leads on which company I should hire from. I don't live in your area or I would share with you but you might just want to ask people you live close to.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I think that I will do that. I am new to the area, and I need to introduce myself to the neighbors, anyway. The previous owner of our home left the carpets in rough shape, so I need to get them cleaned before I have anyone over.

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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Thu May 29, 2014
I like http://www.Angie's list for finding good reliable trades!
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I'll second that! It's a great way to get reviews and ideas. Do you have anything particular you need to get out of your carpet, or are you just trying to sell the house? If it's just a regular carpet cleaning, any company should be able to do a good job for you. Good luck!
Jenn | http://www.lundstromcarpetcare.com
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whiskeyjenki…, , Silver Spring, MD
Thu May 29, 2014
We just got new carpet in our house and have learned how to do it our self. Before, we had a professional cleaner visit every once in a while and our carpet lasted 16 years!

Will Jenkins | http://www.cleangreenquickdry.com/services.html
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We just had our carpet professionally cleaned for the first time. The difference is astounding! The carpet cleaning company went through only works locally, but I think they should expand. They do a great job.

Sal Wesson | http://www.enviro-steem.com/carpet-cleaning
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norahchandle…, , Provo, UT
Fri May 9, 2014
I have a puppy, so a good carpet cleaner is essential. We use our steamer pretty often. Baking soda is also pretty helpful when you are in a pinch. Just sprinkle some on the carpet, let it sit for a few minutes, and vacuum it up.

Norah Chandler| http://www.dauphindecorating.ca/products_and_services.html
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I love puppies, but try having four kids under 7 years old! Now that that is something to talk about. They sneak snacks and juices to all parts of the house and I don't know about it, until I find it or smell it! I love my kids but my home is starting to suffer. I use baking soda constantly, but it's just not cutting it anymore. I need a professional cleaner to clean my furniture and carpets.
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Kara Blader, Home Owner, Salt Lake City, UT
Thu Apr 24, 2014
I have an awesome carpet cleaner! It's too bad I don't live in AZ, though. Maybe he knows some people out there who he could refer? I would definitely trust his opinion.
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karablader, Home Buyer, Utah County, UT
Mon Nov 11, 2013
I live in FL right now but when we were searching for a carpet cleaning company in Tallahassee FL we just looked up a lot of reviews on line and found what was most liked by our community.
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Chris & Mich…, Agent, Glendale, AZ
Mon Jul 29, 2013
I always recommend Horizon Carpet Cleaners to my clients - They are a first class outfit.
Web Reference:  http://www.mycarpetguys.com
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Michele Tenn…, Agent, Glendale, AZ
Sat Aug 11, 2012
I can't say enough nice things about my carpet cleaner, Mike Thomas. Mike has taken care of my personal home, my rentals, and my clients for years. He's the best!!! Mike Thomas Carpet Care, 623-847-0447.
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Thanks for the recommendation. I wasn't expecting to see so many answers on this thread! I need some upholstery cleaned before my party this weekend, and then I'll probably need it cleaned it again after that. I want everything to look as nice as possible for my guests. http://www.teddyclean.com.au
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David Fuller, Agent, Phoenix, AZ
Mon Aug 6, 2012
A Fancy Floor
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Chavarria85, , Glendale, AZ
Mon Aug 6, 2012
Call Vicks Property Solution
Best Carpet cleaning in Arizona
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Jami Tadda, Agent, Peoria, AZ
Wed Jul 18, 2012
I have used Foster Carpet Care many times for my investment, client's and my own residence. They do a great job. 480-497-4617
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Jill Vallie, Agent, Glendale, AZ
Tue Jul 17, 2012
Solmon Brothers Carpet Cleaners are excellent - Call Nathan 480-717-2766
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Vivien L Big…, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Tue Jul 17, 2012
Hello David,

I use Oxi Fresh $148 for 5 rooms code: HM0712 480-488-4694. They will eliminate pet oders as well.

Have a GREAT evening!

Vivien L Biggs PLC
Prudential Arizona Properties

Check MLS for homes on my website
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