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Gregg, Renter in 10520

can I still rent with bad credit?

Asked by Gregg, 10520 Thu Mar 10, 2011

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Max Alexander’s answer
I want a buy a home in Orlando Fl. I am Veteran. BUT, I have a credit score of 600. I do Not have a down
due to my son being born 2 months early.
I do have steady income. I need a realtor that will work with my credit.
With no offence to anyone reading this. I don't have time for games.
I need a real realtor that will work
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You certainly can still rent with bad credit. I am a mortgage broker and helping my realtor run credit reports for her tenants often. If you need to find a knowledgeable realtor to help you find a rental property, please give me a call. I can recommend a very good realtor for you.
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Hello, my son and daughter are in need of a rental house. There credit is not that good. They have to be out of the house by the 20 of July. My son name is Robert Wilson. His number is 6235222663. I am in another state and it's hard for me to help them. I came across this site on line. Thank you. My name is Trina 8456700716
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I need to move out of my house by 7/26/14. I would like to rent a townhome or condo that will accept my dog and three cats. All are well-trained and not destructive. Due to a business failure my credit is poor. Can you help?
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can you help me?
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My wife and I are looking into transitioning from an apartment to a rental home. Please call me at 480-340-9540 or email us at
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Roslyn Barnes 980-318-0428 Single parent with 2 girls ages 12/16
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I'm looking to move pretty soon....I could definitely use some help. shoot me an email at . Thank you.
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You were contacted on Friday, 11/17 in regards to your assistance in finding a realtor who would help with homes for rent for people with bad credit. According to your statement above, "please give me a call I can recommend a very good realtor for you" was a little misleading perhaps? You called the person back today to let them know that they would have to pay YOU. If you aren't going to recommend someone, and instead you would help them for a fee, I feel that you should have stated that.
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Yes, you can . There are many reasons why people have bad credit. Some are due to medical hardship, many are now short selling their homes, and some bankruptcy. Some people may have bad credit because of a divorce. If you can prove that you have been making recent payments on credit cards, rent, etc, and have proof of employment with earnings many landlords will consider your application. Its best to be upfront, and give them a brief explanation of your circumstances. Also try to get references from a past landlord, or friends. I also had a past tenant have a co-signer of one of my rentals, and that worked out for us. Hope this helps. You can call me at 480-329-5835, Roseanne Finocchiaro, Homesmart Realty,
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Dear Gregg:

Yes, it may affect how much of a deposit you have to put down. Also it is better if you credit was bad and you are current with your creditors now. Also, if there was a reason for the problem (medical, past loss of a job etc.) put that in a "To Whom it May Concern" letter to accompany your rental application. The decision is still a personal one. It does not hurt to meet the decision maker, hand in the application and look the person in the eye to show your sincerety.

May I wish you the best.

Jeff Masich
Arizona Homes and Land
Web Reference:
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It depends on the landlord. If the landlord is a large real estate company, they tend to behave more like mortgage lenders. If you work with a small real estate company or a "mom and pop" landlord, you should be more successful.
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As a landlord, credit is only one factor that is considered. In these hard economic times and housing crisis, it is very common to have credit issues. If I turned down anyone with bad credit, I would go broke with vacant rentals.

When considering an applicant, I look at rental history for past 5 years (this is a big one), criminal background, employment history and credit.

As other mentioned, the reason for bad credit is a big factor. When submitting an application provide a brief cover letter of explanation of credit issues. Also go to and get one of your free reports. Either attach this to your application or at least show it to the landlord so that they can verify the details of the credit issues.

If you just are just avoiding all creditors, you will have a had time renting. There are still a couple of options. Offer to put up a large security deposit. In Arizona, landlord can only ask for 1.5 times the monthly rent in prepaid rent and/or security deposit. However, you can voluntarily offer more.

The other option is to keep applying until you find a landlord that does not care about credit. In this case, you will probably have to seek out hard to rent homes such as homes in less desirable areas.
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Letters from a previous Landlord, your Employer or the circumstances that caused your credit to deteriorate are often detemining factors along with previously mentioned answers.
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Yes you can, there are several ways to get approved for a rental. If you would like to explore getting a reantal we can help answer any questions you have
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Can a person rent with bad credit and record?
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I own a home in Ellington, Ct we got a loan modification 1 1/2 yrs ago but it is so high $2400.00
A month we did it for almost a year and just couldn't do it anymore. I'm 51 with a 30 yr mortgage of 2400.00 a month I can't do this. So now with a 625 credit score how do I sell my home appraised. 272,000 and get some thing smaller lower monthly mortgage or even a rent in the same town I have 2 kids 17 and 11 who have lived here for their entire life? Can s realtor help us???
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My fianace and I have terrible credit and he has an eviction from his 20's and we cannot get approved... need some serious help ASAP!!! We need a place by 7/1/2016. Thank you
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Yes you can. If you can get in touch with the property owner directly you might have a better chance. Property Management companies have a set list of criteria previously set by the home owner they are working for. This can make it difficult for a person with a credit ding, (or worse) to rent a home. You might have better luck contacting a for rent by owner. If you can meet them face to face you can plead your case. The next part of this equation is to always pay your rent on time.
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Kevin renter in 19120 can I rent a house with bad credit but good job
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There's a new book out "Apartment Renting Secrets" on Amazon. After wasting over $300 in application fees, I bought the book and within 2 weeks had a new place! There's a lot of information there, not all of it will apply to your situation, but overall it was very helpful
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Can you give me more info on the loan officer that helped you. I am interrested. You can email me at
Thank you,
Valerie Foote
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You can rent with bad credit you just have to look a little harder. I am a Landlord/Owner so credit is not as important to a person like me as references. This is the type of rental property I would look for. There are a lot of us out there with beautiful properties to rent!
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Hate to say it.....but it depends! Why is your credit bad? Can you explain? Do you have adequate income to cover the rent? Most landlords are willing to work with bad credit as long as you are able to explain why your score is low. They also want to see proof that you will be able to pay rent. I suggest being prepared with a letter of explanation, copy of your pay stubs and credit report! Find a qualified realtor to help in your search. Your realtor will be able to talk to the listing agents about your situation and whether their client is open to poor credit tenants. Hopefully this will eliminate you having to submit applications to landlords that won't consider questionable credit. Good Luck.

Susan Lehmkuhl
Associate Broker
The KUHL Team
your Phoenix Real Estate Source at
Buy and Sell Smart Realty
Direct: 623-256-7270
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absolutely! our company will provide professional landlord guaranty services to ensure your landlord he or she will get paid despite your bad credit. our financials are solid and we are the master agent for the landlord policy in the USA available through select warranty agents.
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You will definitely be able to find a place, although some places might say no. It will depend on the landord and the reason why you have bad credit. Good rental history might be more important than your credit rating. The biggest downside is that you might need to give a bigger security deposit and it might be harder your agent to negotiate other terms and lower rent.

Good luck!

Carlos J Ramírez, PC
Broker/Realtor, ABR, CNE
Certified Negotiation Expert
602-512-5825 direct
602-749-6327 fax
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You have received great answers below. The answer is yes you can. You might find it easier to rent from a private owner and may be required to provide additional rent in advance in lieu of your credit. With the economy and housing market, most owners understand they are not going to have a tenant with perfect credit.

Best of luck!

Deborah Griffin, Realtor
HomeSmart International, Scottsdale
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thank you how do I go about finding a landlord
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Absolutely, the landloard is not looking for perfect credit. They know that if your credit was GREAT you would probably be buying not renting, especially in this market.

The landlord is more concerned about income; will you be able to pay the rent?

I recently had a client who was under the impression she could only rent an apartment because she had “bad credit”, turns out, she had one minor collection and was able to move into a home.
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Where is your income coming from. If you have been employed at the same job and show steady income, you shouldn;t have much of a proble, If you have a spotty employment record in the last 12 months, and unverifiable income, you will have a problem

David Cooper! Las Vegas Real Foreclosure Investor and Buyer's Agent Bank Owned REO with Huge Cash Flow. For a FREE daily list email: or Call +1-7024997037
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The decision to allow you to rent a property is up to the owner of the property, not the almighty credit gods. If you can prove that you are responsible, that you have regular income, you can find something to rent. Not everyone places the entire decision in the hands of "The FICO."

You can also buy a house with bad credit. You don't need a hard money lender. You need cash. Borrowing is another story.
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Yes you can rent with bad credit. You can not buy with bad credit unless doing a hard money loan which is very costly.
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As others have mentioned the hard economic times have left many people with less than shining credit ratings. So as a property management company we look not at the number but at what is on the report. Also having documentation of any credit problems, recent rental history, employment, and earnings will really help you to get approved. One thing to remember is that the bigger companies are more strict, but with the amount of properties for rent right now there are lots of option. For instance: if you see a house you like in the area you want, but it is managed by one of the large companies, Drive around the neighborhood and look for signs. Because chance are you will find more units open in the same development.
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Yes, you can as long as you can show decent debt to income ratios as well as verifiable income and employment. It also helps to not have any current delinquent accounts. There are many people with less than perfect credit moving into rental homes, so landlords are going to have to take this into consideration.

Best of luck!
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Most probably you will, although your options will be limited for sure and you might have more restrictions. How much will depend on the landlord and your specific circumstances. Each landlord sets his own criteria, some are very strict and some are a lot more flexible.

What are the reasons for your bad credit? What is your rental history? Are you willing or able to correct some of the issues on your report? Can you provide a good security deposit?

Carlos J. Ramírez, PC, ABR, CNE
Associate Broker/Realtor, HomeSmart -
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Yes, you can still rent but as Jeff mentioned, you may need to put down larger deposits. In today's market many people are needing to rent with bad credit. Be sure you include an explanation of your credit issues with your application. It would be important to note if the credit problem was due to a job loss, illness, etc. You also want to be sure you have become current on all of your debts.
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Yes, but much will depend on the individual landlord; you can consider offering additional security deposit, possibly pre-pay some of the rent, etc.
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