im trying to figure out how much to charge for trash outs etc. I'm new to the business

Asked by Dennis, Rock Hill, SC Sat Jul 19, 2008

I'm new and have all the equipment in place and ready to rock and roll

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Portland_Rea…, , 97236
Thu Oct 18, 2012
Theres a good list of companies here -
most have a preset amount. That page does tha HUD standard pricing to give you an idea of what to charge.
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Mdt, Home Buyer, Jacksonville, FL
Mon May 2, 2016
you have to follow certain guideline provided by HUD, Fannie, etc....give me a calll and i will help you out.

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C S, , Florida
Wed Oct 2, 2013
You have to price at level that you make what you need to make in order to keep doing it over and over.

Many underbid and realize they don't have enough money left to fill up the tank or to replace a tire blowout. Don't be that guy.

Get good at estimating and you'll do just fine. Estimate how much space all that junk is going to take. Estimate how much it will all weigh. Estimate how much that will cost to dispose of properly Estimate gas, labor, you name it. Get good at estimating it.

check out
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brensevans20…, , Snellville, GA
Thu Sep 26, 2013
how to bid for removal of debris on commercial property
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kekepony65, , Rock Hill, SC
Mon Mar 18, 2013
Hi how are you Im just reallystarting off in my cleaning and remoding foreclosed homes and I need to know what should I charge if I'm changing locks pulling the carpet up,painting a basic remolding.
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Cassandra Bl…, , Atlanta, GA
Wed Oct 20, 2010
Hi Dennis, you can charge by the hour, job overall or load... here's banter below from a recent editorial we did that will guide you in truckload pricing:

How to Price Foreclosure Trashout & Debris Removal Jobs Using the Pickup Truck Capacity Rule

In a foreclosure cleanup business, you will need to know how to charge for debris removal services to make a profit. Many trashout and debris removal jobs can be priced using the pickup truck capacity rule.

In a foreclosure cleanup business, the services you offer can be wide and varied. As a new business owner, you can offer everything from debris removal, cleaning, lawn maintenance, cleaning gutters, pressure washing, interior cleanup, painting, winterizing, boarding windows and doors, changing locks, property inspections, and more.

Much of your work will consist of trashouts -- removing interior and exterior debris from a home. You will need to know how to charge for debris removal services to make a profit. Many trashout and debris removal jobs can be priced using the pickup truck capacity rule. The pickup capacity rule means you'll be pricing by the truckload.

Find Out What Your Competitors Charge Per Load

If you call around, you can find out what your competitors are charging per load, but make sure you're getting the size of their "truck" when you get the price per load. Is one load for your competitor based on a 4'x6' compact pickup truck or is it based on a 5'x8' full size bed? Call a few places and see what they say. The larger junk removers tend to charge by the load.

You can use the pricing formulas of companies like the large well-known junk haulers as a "starting point" to set your company's prices; or call other competitors in your area, and then, set your prices competitively.

Sample Pricing from a Large Junk Hauler

Here's sample pricing from a larger junk hauler that services cities throughout the U.S. (please see below). Note the sample pricing is based on the Atlanta, GA area:

Truckload -- Price

Minimum Load Charge: $100

1/8 Truckload -- $134

1/6 Truckload -- $174

1/4 Truckload -- $204

1/3 Truckload -- $234

3/8 Truckload -- $269

1/2 Truckload -- $299

5/8 Truckload -- $334

2/3 Truckload -- $374

3/4 Truckload -- $408

5/6 Truckload -- $443

7/8 Truckload -- $473

Full Load -- $498

NOTE: Truck Size: This company uses a steel box on the back of their trucks. The measurements: 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, 5 feet high.

Who is Your Client?

Remember to take into account who your foreclosure cleanup client is on a particular bid, whether or not it's a HUD home, what you need to make on the foreclosure cleaning job, what your company's markup percentage is, etc.

Truckload Pricing is a "Win-Win!"

In debris removal, pricing by the truckload is really a win-win. Why? Because if it turns out the client has more junk and debris than you realized when you wrote the original estimate, a standard clause in your foreclosure cleanup debris removal estimate will protect you.

Trashout Contract Clause to Protect You

For example, if someone uses the house as a dumping ground between the time you bid on the job and the time you actually start the trashout job, you will be fine if you, as a matter of course, ADD this clause to your foreclosure cleanup trashout bid or contract: "As of the date of this bid, there appear to be four (4) truckloads (filling to bed-top capacity), based on a 5x8 full-size pickup truck bed. Estimate will change accordingly on day of job if more than four (4) truckloads of debris, as outlined above, are encountered."

That way, when you actually get ready to do the job, you don't have to worry about finding more stuff at the property; it will mean more money for you.

Find full details on how to price foreclosure cleanup jobs, including cleaning, painting, lawn maintenance, and more in the Pricing Guide for Foreclosure Cleaning & Real-Estate Service Businesses: How to Price Jobs for Profit.

Good luck with your foreclosure cleanup business.

Cassandra Black, Consultant & CEO, Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC
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Monte Duncan, Home Buyer, Sumter, SC
Thu Jul 24, 2008
I have had to get a trash out done on foreclosed property in the past. I have had local contractors/vendors charge so much per cubic foot. I have also received estimates from a vendor based upon how many man hours he anticipated it would take to load up all of the junk and he added what he estimated the dump fee would be at the local landfill. Based upon where you live local vendors could establish their price this way or perhaps other ways. You may want to check with some of the local Realtors who commonly work with REO property and see what their experiences have been. Generally the companies handling the REO properties have a dollar amount they can approve without a supervisors approval and in some cases without a detailed written estimate from tow different contractors or vendors.
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