How much should a sewer camera inspection cost me in an apartment if they remove and replace the toliet?

Asked by Denise Pendleton, Los Angeles, CA Sun Nov 16, 2008

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Jack, , Beverly Hills Post Office, Los Angeles, CA
Thu Nov 20, 2008
A sewer inspection in the greater Los Angeles area typically cost anywhere from $275-$475 for homes ranging in size from a couple hundred square feet to several thousand square feet. Ive seen larger estates with several buildings on several acres costing as much as $1000-$2000.

Most companies charge anywhere from $80.00-$100.00 additional to remove, and reinstall a toilet during the inspection process.

They also charge additional if they have to access the mainline from difficult, or multiple locations such as the roof, crawlspace, guest house, or additional clean-outs. This usually runs an additional $50-$100 per location.
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I think it depends on your area and the company that you hire. I would call around and see what the average price is for companies around you. This will give you all of the information that you need. Good luck!
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americandrai…, , Miami, FL
Thu Mar 21, 2013
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americandrai…, , Miami, FL
Thu Mar 21, 2013
195.00 with DVD www,
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americandrai…, , Miami, FL
Thu Mar 21, 2013 HOMEOWNERS AND CONTRACTORS: Are you planning to purchase or remodel an older home or building? As these structures age, the condition of lines deteriorates. Far too often thousands of dollars are spent on remodeling, without consideration as to the condition of the sewer and drain system that lies below newly installed and very expensive flooring and/or cabinetry. Let American Drain perform a video and transmitter inspection to determine the condition of lines before the remodel begins. It could save you time, money, and a lot of aggravation.
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Rooterman, , Baltimore County, MD
Sat Sep 17, 2011
In Baltimore Maryland right now we are charging $150 for camera inspection and we give the customer a copy of the recording.
Rooter Man of Baltimore
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Wow, I never realized that it would be as low as $150 dollars. We have been putting this off for a long time, and we should really just go through with it. Our drains seem to be working fine right now, but you never really know unless you get the inspection. Thanks a lot for the information.
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Josh Meyer, Both Buyer And Seller, Pennsylvania
Sat Nov 6, 2010
In Central PA, we charge $250 for the camera itself and an extra $100 to use the locator to find the location of the problem, if needed. We charge $30 to remove the toilet. Toilets are easy to remove, but we charge an 'insurance' for removal since toilets sometimes break, and we have to replace them free of charge.

Beware of people offering 'free' camera service. As Rob mentioned in another post, cameras are very expensive, and companies have to pay for them somehow. It is easy to 'find' a problem when you use a camera. The homeowner won't know how serious it actually is, and the company can then upsell you on a repair job costing several thousands of dollars.

The rates listed here look reasonable.
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Vtacgeneralc…, , Maryland
Mon Oct 25, 2010
Maryland- DC We Charge $500 CCTV Camera Video Tape, DVD and report to the water department (WASA or WSSC) 301-370-3596 and add $50.00 removing and reinstall the toilet.
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Sewer Camera…, , Baltimore, MD
Mon May 10, 2010
Here in Maryland we charge 275.00 from a clean out. Add 50.00 to remove and reset the toilet. The price in Maryland for a camera inspection can vary from our price to upwards of 800.00 with 500.00 being the average.

Vincent Smith
Sewer Camera Inspection of Maryland
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April Kass, Agent, Pasadena, CA
Thu Mar 26, 2009
Usually with a toilet removal the price goes up a bit. I would quote that at about $395.
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Rob, , Prescott, AZ
Wed Mar 11, 2009
Here in Arizona they start at $250.00 to run a camera through a proper clean out. We also had ours done through the toilet and were charged $150.00 extra for labor to remove and reset the toilet and extra wear and tear on the equipment. I was told by the plumber that they charge more because the cameras push rod that the fiber optics run to the camera head through wont last as long when they go through the toilet sweep to go down the main line. I verified this online with the manufacturer of his camera after he left. The manufacturer did tell me if the push rod is used in toilet sweeps that it rubs on the rod as they push it through and pull it back causing the push rods to wear out much sooner then under normal usage. I was upset about the $400.00 I paid for the service until I found out that the cost to purchase the camera that he had was close to $18,000. That kind of put things into perspective for me.
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