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Basement waterproofing

Asked by New Cantabridgian, Riverside, Cambridge, MA Wed Feb 24, 2010

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Yes, waterproofing with a written transferrable guarantee is a good investment. Water creates moisture and possible mold issues that are eliminated with these systems.
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I agree that basement waterproofing is really important to have. I have been looking into water proofing my own basement for some time now after my neighbors was flooded a couple months ago. I think it's a smart investment to make that can really end up saving me a lot of time, money, and frustration. Hopefully I'm able to find a company in my area soon.
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I didn't even know that this was a thing until I was in high school. I remember my step-dad was furious with our landlord for not having this done when water seeped into my brother's room and ruined the carpeting. I think it's extremely important to get this done. You don't always have control over things that could cause flooding, but you definitely don't want to have to deal with all of the damages if something like that happens.
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Wow, I would be furious as well, Jackson. I don't think that they should ever build a basement without having it waterproofed. Water damage can really destroy the value of a home so quickly. I hope that you guys are able to get the basement protected.
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My husband and I are going to be moving to an area that has been known for having floods. The home that we have been looking at has a basement too. We should probably find out if it has been water proofed or not.
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Hello I think we will be getting a number of inquiries this week after the tremendous out of the ordinary snow fall we have had and are still experiencing. With the cold cold air everything is frozen but as the temps warm and those huge snow piles and icicles melt - oh boy - flooding in some of our lower levels, sliders and windows as well as roofs eves having frost heaves and ice dams, not a pleasant thought.

I would like to know why you are looking into basement waterproofing? Are you in need of a sump pump, maybe a french drain? or are you totally renovating the lower level? was it a pre-existing condition? I do have a terrific mason who has installed sump pumps and french drain systems for me for years and would gladly share his info with you. My office is 781-826-9300 and my email is if I may be of future assistance.
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If you are looking for good waterproofing options, I would suggest that you start by asking your contractor if possible. Then you can get some opinions on who is good at water damage restoration and waterproofing. If you can't get anywhere with this, I would suggest that you start looking for reviews online to get some opinions on who would be best. You just want to be sure that the waterproofing lasts a while and that it works really well!
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My sister bought a home that wasn't water proofed. She never even thought of having it done either. I think she regretted it though after having to deal with a flooded basement a year later.
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I would call around your area to see if any locals know of any. Your friends and neighbors will have the best suggestions for you as they may have had experience. You could also try checking yellow pages. Although dated, they may seem to be very resourceful.
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I agree with Calvin, you'll have to get an estimate from a couple of different places. Most basement waterproofing companies use similar methods, but the prices aren't always the same. I would get this done as soon as you can though. The spring run off can really cause a lot of water damage if it gets into your basement.
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I want to build a new home to retire in soon. I want to make sure we do everything right if it will be a house we live in for a very long time. Waterproofing is definitely of importance on my list.
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Waterproofing might be one of the most important parts of building your home. I lived in an extremely old house when I was a kid and the waterproofing was really bad. Our basement would flood on a regular basis and there was some pretty bad foundational crumbling. That's definitely something you don't want happening to your home in the future. I suggest getting the most thorough waterproofing work possible.
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I agree that basement waterproofing is one of the most important home improvements one can make. My neighbors did not have a properly sealed basement, and it cost them thousands of dollars in damage. I am looking to purchase a new home, and this is high on my list of considerations. I do not want any surprise costs right after I move in.
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Waterproofing is something that is usually done during the construction of the home. If you are building a home I would make sure that you ask if it will be done. If you are currently living in a home that does not have a waterproofed basement, I would get it done as soon as you can. Proper waterproofing helps to prevent harmful things like mold and also help make sure your foundation is structurally sound.
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What exactly is your question? Do you want to know how to waterproof a basement? There's a bunch of different things you can do but the first step is to check the walls and floors. You're going to need some pumps just in case as well. Where's your house located?
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It can be tough to keep all of the water out. Often it is more landscaping so water flows away from the house instead of groundwater being a problem.
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found a web tool to help diagnose wet basement problems, Its called the Wet Basement Alalyzer. It walks you through things to check off or eliminate and helps you find the cause of your problem and give you advice on how to fix it.
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This is like a flat tire problem or a sewer back up problem ; if you need it, you'll know yourself.
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Basement Waterproofing is a major investment, but if you want to finish you basement it must be done. A wet basement is a major turn off, but if you are buying in Cambridge I would want to make sure you have the right type of foundation to do this. Some foundations structurally can not handle an interior system. Best
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You may wish to re-phrase your question and be more specific, possibly ask again--if you're looking to waterproof, contact a few companies, review their services and procedures, then choose the one that best fits your needs.
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Basement waterproofing can be very costly, or very cheap. Do you have water in the basement now or are you just being pro-active?

You can contact some basement specialist companies that do this for a living. They can install; sumps, pumps, french drains and offer all sorts of membranes to keep moisture out. Usually, simple gutters with working downspouts suffice (Cheap!!!!)

Good luck!!
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What about it?.............
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