Why are all of the older people so greedy?

Asked by Charles Farley, Chantilly, VA Tue Apr 8, 2008

So I'm not that young anymore (32), but the more I ponder things the more I see it... older people are just absolutely greedy. When you were young you didn't have to pay 5 to 7 times your income for a poorly constructed house made by exploited illegal aliens, filled with appliances made by foreign exploited labor. The people of my generation are expected to go into insane amounts of debt, with little to no job security in the future (thanks to your corporate greed, the bottom line rules all, shortsightedness?). Realtors, when you get some young sucker couple to sign on the line, for some poorly made property that is sure to loose value as America falls to pieces from the greed of your generation, do you have any second thoughts at all? I'll admit that many from my generation walked into the debt trap the greedy mortgage people set for them, but with marketing hype and people scared of being "Left out forever," all I can say is I hope MY generation revolts against yours.

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Debt Free Da…, , 85260
Wed Apr 9, 2008
I don't know the answer to that, but you either have your circumstances or they have you. You get to choose.
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Diane Wheatl…, Agent, Upland, CA
Tue Apr 8, 2008
Wow! I'm so sorry to hear that you have experienced such an onslaught of negativity regarding the real estate market, home pricing, financing and affordability. What a statement you have made! I understand the frustration in entering the real estate world and can feel your pain as I too am a rather young homeowner myself, single mother and a hard working real estate Broker to boot.

It really is not fair to categorize one sector of the population as "greedy". I've sold hundreds of properties and negotiated for buyers and sellers on nearly a thousand homes in my career. There are all sorts of personalities from all walks of life. There are those who want to make a quick buck and flip homes using the least amount of money possible in improvements, there are those who are dealing with divorce and choose to put a monkey wrench in the transaction any chance they get just to make their soon to be ex-spouse's life a misery, the always disastisfied buyer that threatens the seller at every chance they can get in order to gain an advantage to attempt to ultimately place more $$ in their pocket, the immature buyer or seller that thinks his way is the only way without compromise and of course the fair, open minded, educated and wise client that understands that the ultimate goal is to make the transaction at hand a successful one for all involved.

It is a shame that a handful of "predatory" real estate agents sour the picture for those of us that are long term, career oriented professionals priding ourselves on referral business. But it happens and I hear the stories all the time. It just kills me. Personally, I find that the older, seasoned agents are much more diplomatic and ethical. If there is a bridge to gap in the final negotiations of sale, they tend to err on the side of generosity just to make ends meet.

There are a select few agents in my community that I would prefer not to do business with and if possible avoid showing their listings just because I know it will be less than pleasant for all involved. But I have a responsbility to show properties that my clients wish to see without deterring them just because of my opinion of the Realtor. I also hold a strong obligation, both ethical and fiduciary to stay true to my oath of what defines a professional Realtor.

The young couple eager to sign on the dotted line will be well informed of all issues regarding a home purchase prior to, during and after a completed purchase. And my elderly clients will receive my due diligence in properly negotiating on their behalf. The elderly clientele are typically weary of being taken advantage of therefore, may appear too head strong at times. A good Realtor will be able to counsel and advise them of the best way to go to facilitate a successful negotiation - gaining a win-win for all.

Don't play the blame game and become a closed minded individual with pre-conceived ideals of today's world and your place in it. There is good in all of us if we just give it a chance. You never know what tomorrow should bring for you especially with a positive attitude. Good luck!

Diane Wheatley
Broker, Keller Williams Realty
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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J R, , New York, NY
Sun May 11, 2008
There are plenty in my parents' generation who complain that younger people have no idea what it means to do without.
AMEN Deborah, they are right! How many listing consultations do you go on where there is a young 30s couple with 3 children, 2 brand new cars, pool, A/C, and all new furniture in their first home, which is a brand new 4 bedroom colonial they bought in 2002 for 225,000. They now owe 550,000 but the house is only worth 499,000 and they whine "but I HAVE TO GET 575,000!!! I want to make a PROFIT!" Newsflash: You MADE a profit, you just spent it. NEXT!
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Tue Apr 8, 2008
There are plenty in my parents' generation who complain that younger people have no idea what it means to do without. Your anger and self-pity will be stumbling blocks to your future. In all generations, there are those who make lemon meringue pie out of lemons, those who are handled silver spoons, and those who wallow in self-pity. The ones who fare worst are those who wallow and complain about the short hand they were dealt.

Realtors, of all ages, work on commission, and are only paid upon results. Realtors are rarely paid for their activity, or their time. Commission based earners, self-employed, and self-made individuals generally don't hand out a lot of pity.
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