What is the weather like in Tam Valley and Tennessee Valley area? I heard that it is cold and foggy there.

Asked by Christine, Mill Valley, CA Fri Nov 9, 2007

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Scott Wilmore’s answer
Scott Wilmore, , Marin County, CA
Sat Sep 18, 2010
Your info is correct...the weather in Tam Valley, with all due respect; sucks!

I lived near the intersection of Northern and Marin Avenue and couldn't wait to move. The fog rolls down Shoreline just after it swallows Sausalito, then it sits in the valley for the best part of many days. If you are unfortunate enough to be on the south side of the slope, with a northern exposure, you will be lucky to get 1 hour of sun in Winter.

I frankly would not even consider a house there outside of "Birdland", or well exposed sunny slopes in Tennesee Valley.

Prices are lower, and you will soon understand why.

All the best,
Habitats; Ltd.
Mill Valley
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Sylvia Barry,…, Agent, Marin, CA
Fri Nov 9, 2007
Hi Christine:

Unfortunately, that's generally true for Mill valley, a great and beautiful place to live; easy commute to the city, wonderful people, great schools, nice community facilities, quaint town, beautiful shops, great restaurants, etc; but it does get foggy and damp. Also the hills can be steep and often times there is one way road up and down the hills.

If you want sunny places, Ross, corte madera are good, and the further north in Marin, the sunnier it gets.

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Matt, Home Buyer, Mill Valley, CA
Tue Oct 4, 2016
I live on the south facing side of Tam Valley in the back. It is about 10 degrees warmer than the city, but about 10 degrees colder than San Rafael. However, this is most often only true in the summer. It can be very hot as well. Most days in Spring, Fall and even Winter are warm to extremely hot. It is currently 4pm and 75 degrees in my house.
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LFClouds, Home Buyer, Mill Valley, CA
Fri Dec 12, 2014
The weather in Tam Valley has changed considerably since these people posted. There are less and less Eucalyptus trees which overshadow and hold the moisture. Now it is sunny for most of the time, especially if you live on the higher elevations. On occasion the fog is drawn down through a part of the lower valley on it's way into San Francisco. The County has resurfaced most of the roads and almost all the roads are two lane. Hey, the UPS and Fed Ex truck manage quite well to pass each other.

We're 15 mins from the Golden Gate Bridge and in rush hour you're off the freeway and home when all those Ross and Corte Madera people are sitting in their daily traffic jam. ... In 2015 The Good Earth will be our anchor organic foodie store at Tam Junction with a demonstration kitchen (think Mario Batali) cafes and a wine store.Here you have great schools within biking distance and the beauty of the headlands.

Don't listen to the real estate agents that don't like this area because they just want to sell you higher priced listings. It's great here!
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Christopher…, , Marin County, CA
Thu Jul 2, 2009
Hi Christine,

Yes, it's true Tam Valley and Tennessee Valley are cooler and foggier than other parts of Marin - though probably still warmer than San Francisco on most days!

The benefit is you will get a little more for your dollar there (whether you're buying or leasing - which is my specialty). You still get the benefit of top notch Mill Valley schools in Tam Valley. And, if you are commuting to San Francisco you are that much closer to the bridge. Some of my clients have timed it - 12 minutes form their Tennessee Valley house to the Golden Gate Bridge.

It's all about balance in the Marin property market and deciding what factors are most important to you.

Good luck!
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Quinn, , 94941
Tue Apr 8, 2008
It is true that Tam Valley tends to be cooler than other places in Mill Valley. I have lived here for 20+ years and see Mill Valley as a living environment with many micro-climates. That doesn't mean it's always foggy and cold. In fact, the weather is quite nice compared to other parts of the bay area. If its a warmer climate in Marin you are looking for, places north of Corte Madera are a better bet. What's nice about Mill Valley that even if it is foggy, a 5 minute drive usually takes out of the fog.
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Charlie Mart…, , Marin County, CA
Fri Apr 4, 2008
There are definite different weather belts in Mill Valley. Tam Valley & Tennessee Valley are NOT in a banana belt. You do get fog and wind in this area. Also, many parts of Tam Valley are in a flood zone. Which requires additional flood insurance.
There are many great things about this area ie; good school disctrict, easy access to SF, and it is more afforable than other parts of Mill Valley. There are always pluses and minuses to everthing...Best to ask a realtor who knows the ins and outs of each area so you can chose what works for your needs.
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Madeline Sch…, Agent, Corte Madera, CA
Tue Mar 11, 2008
I lived in Tam Valley, in a fine house on Shoreline Highway. In the summer, there was a high fog many mornings till 11 am-noon and then we had full sunshine. This was a perfect balance, with cool nights and warm afternoons and evenings.
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Liz Williams…, Agent, Sausalito, CA
Wed Feb 6, 2008
During summer months especially June and July, yes, it is quite foggy and is cooler then in other areas like downtown. However, if you count the whole year, there are still more days that are beautiful then not. Also, keep in mind a five minute drive and you are out of the fog and in warm weather. I run in Tennesse Valley quite a bit in the summer and I love it. The views of the ocean are great. Also, keep in mind, you can get a lot more house for the money in areas off of Shoreline then the rest of Mill Valley. If you're seriously looking, get a local Mill Valley realtor who really knows the area. For instance if you were to go down past Tam Valley off Shoreline, parts of these areas have nicer weather then Tam or Tennesse Valley. Don't let the weather prevent you from looking at these areas!
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Caren Horstm…, , Marin County, CA
Sun Nov 11, 2007
Hi Christine,
There are areas in Mill Valley that are foggier than others and it also depends on the time of the year.

Tennesee Valley and Tam Valley are more foggy than downtown Mill Valley and northern Mill Valley. They do have many beautiful days and the higher you get, beautiful views. The fall is the best time of year and even warmer than the summer.

If you are looking for warmer weather, the further north you go the warmer it gets. Also, inland cities like San Anselmo and Fairfax are warmer.
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Carol Andres…, , Pittsburgh, PA
Fri Nov 9, 2007
Yes, Christine. It can be quite foggy in these areas of Mill Valley. There are a few sunny spots up on the hills immediately off of 101 in Mill Valley. Fortunately, I ended up in one of them. But, for the most part, Tam Valley and Tennessee Valley can see lots of fog. However, compared to the city, these areas do enjoy more sunshine.

As Sylvia said in her post, the further north you go in Marin, the sunnier it gets.
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