What areas in Long Beach, CA are affordable, safe and nice for single female 1st time home buyer?

Asked by Veishali Patel, Long Beach, CA Thu Nov 8, 2007

What areas in Long Beach, CA are affordable, safe and nice for single female 1st time home buyer?

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Samantha Bak…, Agent, Huntington Beach, CA
Wed May 2, 2012
Long Beach really is a great city! I live here with my family, and feel very safe walking around in my neighborhood. Here is a link to the Trulia crime map for Long Beach. It sometimes helps to see a visual: http://www.trulia.com/real_estate/Long_Beach-California/crime/

You can also change the setting to just show violent crime, which is probably more what you are looking for. Long Beach can be very affordable, as well as safe.

Samantha Baksic
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Do you know anything about North long beach? I am looking to move near Orange in 90805 area code. It's an investment property, so, I will only be there for two years. But, I have two young kids and want to be sure we are safe.
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Laurie Manny, , Long Beach, CA
Thu Nov 8, 2007

Contrary to popular belief Long Beach has many areas that are very nice. Naples, Belmont Shore, Belmont Heights, Alamitos Beach and parts of Downtown Long Beach are all beach close, near most of the better area restaurants and entertainment, are generally great 'walking' neighborhoods.

Coming up from the water Rose Park and Rose Park South, the circle area, Los Altos, College Park and the Wrigley area would all be great places to live. Heading north a bit the Virginia Country Club, Bixby Knolls, California Heights, Lakewood Plaza and the Ranchos are all great areas, just to mention a few.

I would say it would depend on the buyer, what their desires are and their chosen lifestyle. Long Beach communities vary greatly and each offer something different to the buyer both in price and lifestyle choices.

Long Beach has something to offer just about everybody.
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Trulia Roger, Home Buyer, Alameda, CA
Thu Nov 8, 2007
I'm not sure what the affordability is like these days (we sold our place in Long Beach almost a year ago), but you might want to try Belmont Heights and the East Side (not sure where the boundaries are). Most places south of 7th street, north of 2nd street, east of Walnut, and west of, say, Ximeno, are generally nice, well maintained, and (in my experience) safer than a lot of places in Long Beach.
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Aprilgulling, Home Buyer, Long Beach, CA
Tue Aug 2, 2016
What area of Long Beach is the best area for single women who have children on their own and would like to live by the beach. Is there a Mormon Church in the area and are do the apartment complexes take dogs, have security on the property 24/7, and not afraid of people who ( Generalized Seizures ). And near shopping malls and supermarkets and hotels.
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Alex Montelo…, Agent, Seal Beach, CA
Thu Nov 21, 2013
There are many areas that I feel are safe and affordable here in Long Beach. Stratford Square, Carson Park, Lakewood Plaza, Los Altos, Cal Heights, Bixby, Belmont Heights, Belmont Shore, etc. etc.
Please call me. It is important when looking for a home to use a broker that is familiar with the area that you are interested in.

All the best,

Alex Montelongo/Broker
Coldwell Banker Star Realty
562-810-7387 Cell
BRE Lic#01456982
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Marimawad89, Home Buyer, Long Beach, CA
Sun Nov 3, 2013
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Frank Brady, Home Owner, Long Beach, CA
Sat Apr 21, 2012
Long Beach is the worst place. It is polluted and the schools are run by the same criminals that advocate for a police force that behaviors any way it wants. Shooting and killing our children anytime they like. Only answering calls that benefit the wealthy. Horrible place to raise your kids. Many of the families I grew up with have members in prison and lots of the females have become prostitutes due to the drugs and gangs that run the city. The police don't get me started. They kill regularly and never are governed, and don't speak up or they will harass you and hound your family. The Port is the base for billions of dollars in drugs that enter the city and it washes up on the beach daily. Take a daily walk in the AM down L Beach and you'll see it with your own eyes.
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I wonder what neighborhood you live in.
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Where did you live before you moved to LB?
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Wendy & Tom…, , Gig Harbor, WA
Tue Oct 25, 2011
Just so you know - Long Beach has some of the worst air pollution in the state. This is due to the ports with freighters coming and going on a regular basis every day 365 days a year. Then you have the cruise ships. The vehicles to unload the freighters and the trucks coming in to pick up and deliver the containers. So - I would say that the most southern area of Long Beach would be best as it is further away from the ports. I would suggest going into Orange County to Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. Seal Beach is like California from the 60s. The air pollution is significantly lower in Orange County - quite amazing the decrease by just moving over the border. The pollution blows out to Riverside County and not down the coast. I find the life style to be a lot less stressful in Seal Beach and other beach communities going south to Newport. North San Diego County is fantastic, too, if you do not have to live in the Long Beach area. Good luck with your search!
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Well, Southern LB is the closest to the harbor, as is West, so I don't know what you are referring to. LB is a great city. There are good and bad neighborhoods in almost every zip code.
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Steven Lundin, , Long Beach, CA
Thu Mar 5, 2009
Hello Veishali,
I truly understand your concerns regarding your need to feel safe as a single woman, and I know that Long Beach, with it's many different and safe neighborhoods, has just the right home for you. However you haven't stated your price range. This is extremely important as home prices vary widely throughout this city. I would love to assist you in getting pre-approved so we can determine exactly how much you can afford so we can work together and find you your perfect "Dream Home". Please don't hesitate to call me with all your questions. I am happy to help.

Steven Lundin
(562) 200-3236
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Benny Chavez, Agent, BELLFLOWER, CA
Sat Feb 7, 2009
There are parts of North Long Beach where 2 bedroom 1 bath homes are selling under $170,000
Web Reference:  http://bennyhchavez.com
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Charita King…, , Downey, CA
Fri Jan 9, 2009
Let's start with your budget - Prices of homes in Long Beach differs so we need to know how much you are willing to pay and the size of house you want.

Charita King
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Wantahouse, Home Buyer, Long Beach, CA
Sun Jan 4, 2009
I'm a single female 1st time buyer in long beach. Initially looked at condos from downtown to bixby (los cerritos) near Virginia Country Club. Looked at 90807, 90804, 90808. Decided against it for a several reasons:

1) most have subterranean parking. Scarry. If you're stuck on condo, consider townhouse with attached garage and indoor laundry.

2) Didn't want to deal with HOA dues. The older the building gets, the dues get more expensive to maintain and you have no control over the increase.

3) If the complex goes below 70% owner occupancy, you run the risk of not being able to refinance. If there's a pending lawsuit against the developer by the association, it will be difficult to refinance also.

4) By the time you tack in HOA dues, your monthly payment is close to a SFR.

I've lived in North Long Beach between Myrtle and Cherry, south of Artesia and couple blocks north of South St, with great mixed neighbors who take your garbage/recycle bins to your driveway when they know you're out of town. This area is probably the last few affordable "decent" neighborhoods in Long Beach. Many have lived there for years. Most homes are Spanish charmers and well maintained. Drive through those neighborhoods.

Avoid area west of Atlantic (90807 and 90805). Although there are really nice neighborhoods near DeForest Park (Lakewood type) you have to pay a "toll" (rough neighborhood) to get there.

I've looked through Wrigley. Too many apartments/rentals with section 8 tenants. Unless you're buying a house on pristine streets like Eucalyptus, Cedar or between north of Willow and south of Wardlow, you should be okay.

I've looked at Belmont. Too congested with tourist traffic and beach goers on weekends and not easy freeway access, unless your job is nearby and love the nightlife.

I'd avoid corner lot home and where the backyard backs into an alley or the garage entry is through an alley. Can be spooky for a single gal.
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Great and honest review with great insight into LB neighborhoods !
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where did you move to after North LB ?
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Joe Mendez, Agent,
Fri Dec 19, 2008
Hi there, Joe here. What would you consider to be affordable? What I love about Long Beach is that it is a diverse community. Some areas of Long Beach are not so nice but then again depending where you are coming from and what you can afford, there are some areas like the Wrigley area which is nice and affordable. And I feel reasonable safe. But there are some parts of Wrigley, more towards the South end that are iffy.
I would love to help you find your safe haven. Give me a call. Joe 562 225 3198. Or check out my website.
I have a woman that I am working with now, she is a single woman in her 50's and I am looking for a safe place for her. There is plenty around in Long Beach.
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Darren, , Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Mon Dec 17, 2007
Bixby has it's decent parts However, travel .25 miles and check out Atlantic Blvd and Long Beach Blvd..and you will think your in the ghetto. The person recommending Seal and LOS AL was right. I am sure Los Al and Seal have had problems..likely had one car stolen last year or something like that. Karen should look at some crime stats. the 90807 crime level is about the same as the nat. Avg. However, Seal and Los Al, crime rates in all categories is a 1 the nat avg is 5. Go the Bixby knolls post office on Atlantic and see the postal employees behind a plastic cage. I know every nice area I have ever seen has a post office with people behind barriers. You could check out areas south of 7th and east of Termino..those are ok too,.
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I guess LB is nothing for the super paranoid. It is however a larger city, thus has diverse areas like every bigger city. If you are scared to the point of being paranoid it might be better to live somewhere else.
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Karen Miller, Agent, Long Beach, CA
Thu Nov 29, 2007
Hey Big Jas,

I live a few blocks from the location of the Halloween beatings. Believe me, this was an anomaly. Ours is a very safe neighborhood. Yes there are problems here, but there are also problems in Los Al & Seal Beach.

I also lived in Long Beach during the 1993 riots (as a single woman living alone). If you remember, there were riots in many parts of LA county. The rioting in Long Beach was confined to downtown, the west side, and north long beach. These are not areas that I would recommend to Veishali.

Anyone desiring information about specific properties in my fair city can email me at info@justsoldbykaren.com. Long Beach is a very livable city.

Karen Miller
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Big Jas, Both Buyer And Seller, 90277
Thu Nov 29, 2007
What!? Bixby Knolls as a nice area for a Single Female? Anybody remember Halloween 2006? When that woman was beaten by a group of teens? Be smart. Take it south to Los Al or Seal Beach in OC. I spent 6 years at LBSU and would not advise this kind of purchase. Even on campus there were dicey times with unsavory people. Anybody remember the riots in '93?
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it is very nice
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Linda Rozales, Agent, Cerritos, CA
Wed Nov 28, 2007
Hi Veishali - I have helped a few single female homebuyers buy their first home in the Bixby Knoll area. There are a few condo units along Linden Avenue and are affordable and safe. If you are interested, shoot me an email at lrozales@socal.rr.com and I will send you available homes in that area by email.
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Jk2001, Home Buyer, Rosemead, CA
Fri Nov 16, 2007
I did some walking in an area described as "where Snoop Dogg's from". It was okay. There were some streets that were very "ghetto", with a rural vibe. There were some streets that were nice, and a few houses that were awesome. One was a classic midcentury modern house in mint condition. So some people are keeping it up. But these streets were right next to each other, and hidden behind an expanse of ugly suburban strip malls.

The area with a rep for being tough is the north side. That's just what I heard. I have been there some, and it was uneventful. Then again, what do I know?
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Karen Miller, Agent, Long Beach, CA
Fri Nov 9, 2007
Hi Veishali,

Long Beach is a great place for a single 1st time buyer!!! There are many great opportunities here. I need a few questions answered to give my best answer. When you say affordable to you mean a purchase prices of $200,000 or $400,000 or $600,000. Your first step is to meet with a qualified, reputable lender who will qualify you for a purchase price. If you haven't done this yet, I can refer someone very good to you. Do you prefer a house or a condo. Back when I was a single, first time buyer, I bought a lovely condo on the East Side of Long Beach. What type of architecture do you prefer? We have many styles in Long Beach. Do you prefer suburbia, an urban atmosphere, the beach? Do you need to be freeway close. Having these questions answered would help me to help you.

If you would like a condo there is much to choose from. I was recently in a beautiful two bedroom top floor condo in the Virgina Country Club, listed under $400,000. This morning I was in a lovely one bedroom in Bixby Knolls listed for $240,000. These are very safe areas. Other areas with nice condos include the east side near El Dorado Park & Signal Hill. Belmont Heights has some nice properties, yet it gets a little bit more expensive.

If you want to buy a house I would consider Cal Heights (an Historic District), Wrigley Heights, Wrigley (the upper area), Bixby Terrace, and on the East Side the Plaza and Rancho areas. These areas are all nice, safe, and have affordable homes.

Veishali, I wish you luck & hope to have you as a neighbor sometime in the future. If you would like to sit down and discuss your housing search with me, please give me a call at (562)756-4144.

Karen Miller
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Thu Nov 8, 2007
Hey Roger,
I lived in Belmont Heights for a while. It's been a long time, now. So, Vesishali, I don't have any current info about the area to pass on. I really like it there when I lived there. I am now a Realtor in NJ. Someone from the area may chime in soon with direct help for you.
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