Is there a lot of juvenile crime & vandalism in millstone township, nj?

Asked by Kp, Goodrich-Kirtland Pk., Cleveland, OH Mon Feb 9, 2009

I've heard there are several families in Millstone Township, NJ whose juvenile children and young adult family members harass other residents, break mailboxes, destroy fences, egg cars, dump trash on properties etc.

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pescmd, Home Owner, Millstone Township, NJ
Tue Mar 18, 2014
Over 10 years ago, my husband and I bought a 15-acre wooded lot in Millstone, built a lovely home and have never had one regret since we moved to this fabulous township. The one time I called the State Police (strange noises in the basement) two squad cars were here in 3 minutes. (A stack of pipes fell off a rack.) We moved from Princeton where the congestion is overwheming and joke every day about Millstone's "rush minute" as opposed to the hours-long commuter madness of Princeton. We may not have all the amenities of a larger, more populated town, but the horse farms, orchards, nurseries and woodland scenes more than make up for the paucity of restaurants and shops. Sometimes "boring" is good. Yes, the taxes are high and, yes, many drivers are speed demons-but that is typical of most NJ towns.
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Jonathan Mor…, Both Buyer And Seller, North Bergen, NJ
Sun Mar 30, 2014
Way below the norm compared to other parts of NJ. My realtor is a Millstone Prudential Real Estate Agent, I'm sure she can further help you. Millstone is by far one of the nicest areas in New Jersey.
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TerrorTown, Home Owner, Perrineville, NJ
Mon Aug 12, 2013
YES! DO NOT MOVE HERE. There is vandalism and egg throwing and mailbox bashing. Jersey City is better.
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Rob.mennella, , Burlington Township, NJ
Tue May 28, 2013
We here in Millstone laugh about the taxes and not having a police dept of our own, however that clearly tells you the story, there is no need for a police dept, The crime is so low here.
Half the time doors go unlocked, I wouldn't adhere to that being a native New Yorker, that being said, low low crime across the board....We have spoiled little rich kids here who feel like they have everything coming to them, and that's because they do !! The kind of things that happen here are like that, typical suburban drug culture teens out of control, depression, meds, rehab drug court etc etc etc.
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Tyler Clancy, Home Owner, 33436
Wed Aug 22, 2012
People posting about the vandalism and inadequate police force are out of their minds. It' so obvious to see users making comments that obviously have some hate for the town that is unrelated to the issues being listed.…
Crime rates and Violent Crime rates well below the national average. Yes, I will agree from time to time you get a few bad apples that like to smash mailboxes, or raises an issue that is not popular with the community. This happens in every town in the United States to some degree.

I spent 24 years of my live as a Millstoner. Fom the moment I was born I lived in this town! I can tell you it was the most peaceful place to grow up. The schools were very good and I am glad to see Allentown HS has improved it's academic standards and also offers much more in the realm of sports and activities these days. No place has a feel of being so far away from beaten path yet so close. I am sure that I will retire in this town when I grow old.

So to a prospective home buyer looking for a place to raise a family, this place is second to none compared to surrounding areas.
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Carolyn Shen, Home Buyer, 08535
Fri Nov 19, 2010
I have lived in Millstone Township twice, once in the late '80's and now for 13 years. I love it here and yes there are sometimes problems but all in all it is a great place to live and raise children. Few people I talk to would move. It is not uncommon for people to buy one house in Millstone and later move to a different, either larger or smaller home here.
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Lawson, Home Seller, 08510
Mon Oct 25, 2010
Yes, there is; there are several nasty disgusting families that live there; they & their children vandalize homes, terrorize selected residents, ruin the quality of life - and have been doing it for decades.

The township does NOTHING to tackle these problems. If you want a good quality of life, look elsewhere

The taxes are excessive, residents get nothing in return, property values are plummeting.

This place is a dump, and we can't wait to get out of here.
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Teri Brackett, , New York, NY
Thu Jan 14, 2010
We moved out of Millstone a few years ago (before the real estate boom) and this question caught my interest - back then (circa 2002-3) we did see a rash of car break-ins, home break-ins and vandalism (especially at Halloween time); there also has been a lot of trouble with residents riding rough-shod over others' private property on ATVs.

Most of the trouble-makers were supposedly caught - they turned out be residents - surprise, surprise! and there were even some that were adults (21-25 range).

So, to those looking to move to Millstone, I say:

Pros: great location, open spaces, low population

Cons: no local police, high juvenile crime (mostly properrty damage), severe speeding problems, somewhat non-professional administration, and (worst of all) several chronic troublemakers

As long as you come here knowing this, that should prepare you.

As to Ms Debbie Rose - its OK for whoever wants to discuss their experiences here, some good, some bad, some neutral; besides, there's no smoke without fire, and lets face it, there are chronic safety issues in town - not a 'perfect' place
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Ms Delores, Both Buyer And Seller, Charlotte, NC
Tue Jan 12, 2010
Good question; as we were seeking acreage for our next home so our young family has room to grow, we looked at Millstone last year; just to be sure that we get the facts regarding safety and quality of life, we did thorough research, checking old police reports, as well as the online version of the local news magazine "Examiner" - we did find several articles regarding juvenile crime, vandalism, etc. on the Examiner archives online dating as far back as 2000: the way we looked at it, NJ generally seems to have much higher rates of juvenile crime than the Charlotte, NC area; that said, what puzzled us was not that crimes occurred in Millstone, but the pattern of the same types of crimes by children of residents over extended periods of time can be worrisome; even so, we are not talking about serious crimes here, folks, just juvenile stuff. For now, we will focus more on Princeton, with significantly better schools, and a more refined environment. Hope this helps.
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Jen Johnson, Both Buyer And Seller, New York, NY
Tue Jan 12, 2010
We were looking in Millstone Township, since there seem to some attractive deals for homes with large lots, but we have heard from folks to relocated out of Millstone that, yes, several local juveniles and young adults do indeed cause unsavory problems for some of the residents, and the lack of local police is a problem; that said, this represents a relatively small number of residents who are trouble-makers - on the upside, the location is very convenient, and the Freehold area offers nearby health-care & shopping, and the population density is lower than, say Princeton, and other developed areas. We have also heard that minorities have sometimes faced problems here. OVERALL: Seems to be an OK place if you don't mind the somewhat rural feel, and lack of local police. Once the market settles (when?) we may consider buying here - we drove by a gorgeous gated home on Millstone Rd a few weeks ago - I think it was 221 or 212 Millstone Rd - it wasn't listed though...
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Jeff K, Home Buyer, Bristol, PA
Mon Jan 4, 2010

My apologies - I failed to notice your older older posts on the same thread. So I guess that you're just getting emails for this one thread as there are no posts from you elsewhere. Have a good one!
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Cathy, , Millstone Township, NJ
Mon Jan 4, 2010
Bottom line is : If you are a SEROIUS home buyer wherever it is that you choose to live do your research as I did at least 1 yr in advance,check out the schools talk to neighbors (go to yard sales) get close to the people who live in the community ,go to the local get togethers etc
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Cathy, , Millstone Township, NJ
Mon Jan 4, 2010
I do not make fake profiles unlike the last two posts,Wanted to set it straight
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Jeff K, Home Buyer, Bristol, PA
Sun Jan 3, 2010
Heck it seems likely that "Cathy" IS the same person that did those rants. Otherwise, why would there be 3 brand new profiles here? Yeah I don't think so. If Cathy isn't the same person then he/she is someone that isn't willing to use their usual profile to defend their own town? Hardly credible either.
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Catherine "C…, Agent, Metuchen, NJ
Sun Jan 3, 2010

Don't pay too much attention to the "angry recent poster".

It is quite obvious that "Ilukh" and "Lkhglk" are the same person who created a Trulia account on the fly to promote their spamming agenda.
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Cathy, , Millstone Township, NJ
Sun Jan 3, 2010
To the recent poster-Sorry but you sound very angry,
I live here in millstone for almost 5 yrs now ,If you are looking at the area schools check out Allentown High School and where it ranks it was very high on that scale
My two children attend now for 2 and 3 yrs and could not be happier with the teachers /staff
My children are both very involved in sports/ programs
I do not think the person posting has a grip or out of reach of the youth here

Most kids are very involved with community activities and /or sports because of the rural character of the town,Maybe My family choose to be surrounded by good decent people and that is why we do not see the other side if there is one
But all I have to say is nothing but positive things
Now for the taxes yes ,maybe we do pay alot of tax money but you get what you pay for a beautiful community with so mant things to do and close nit group of parents take an effort to kno your neighbor
I feel safe and know my kids have a good quality of life here,
So we work hard to make that happen and a few get into a situation where they cannoT pay thier bills and live in a large home and over and above thier means ,you really need to get a grip and live comfortable and not for material things and maybe you can find happiness wherever you are

We are living a dream having the opportunity to live and raise our children here in Millstone
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Sharon, Both Buyer And Seller, Clarksburg, NJ
Tue Mar 31, 2009
Kp, the short answer to your question would be "No there is not".

No doubt there are some isolated incidents during mischief night etc, but it's mostly harmless kid stuff. Where Millstone excels is in ensuring very low rates of any type of serious crime. We are in the process of relocating to the west coast for business reasons and, believe me, we will truly miss living in Millstone - I doubt such an open, peaceful, green area would be available in the Los Angeles area (for less than $5M per home, that is).

Go ahead and buy confidently in Millstone - it has the exclusivity of Alpine, the charm of Colts Neck, and the convenience of Howell - and with prices low as they are, this is a great opportunity to buy into Millstone. Wish you good luck!
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Jim, Both Buyer And Seller, Chicago, IL
Sat Mar 28, 2009
Not sure where you're getting that feedback, but fro our experience, we have found Millstone to be an excellent community, family-friendly, safe, and peaceful. We recently had to move to the mid-west due to a work-related relocation, and my family thoroughly misses the peaceful, open spaces of Millstone, as well as the great school environment. personally, we would love to move back to Millstone if my career permits that in the future. Good luck.
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Cathy, , Millstone Township, NJ
Sun Feb 22, 2009
The question about vandalism is here and there you have some stupid kids(alot of time from other towns) come into millstone and smash malboxes and the occasional burgulary which happens everywhere

I have had a neighbor of mine have a small fire in thier home and the police and fire dept's where unbelievably fast

we do not have our own police force but even better we have state police stationed at our city hall ,which is centrally located in millstone

as to the question about the schools ,I came from bergen cty nj where we where the blue ribbon schools and my child was so behind it took her almost 2 yrs to catch up to millstones level
they are able to catch a problem very fast and deal with it appropiately ,which I was amazed at
the teachers are very hands on and small class sizes are a plus (bergen was 26-27 kids )

And as to the response to allentown high school that answer from chip is so far from the truth

my oldest is in 10th grade they have block scheduling which is 4 classes a day instead of 8 I had experienced this in bergen cty where it was a trial program and it really works, they get to concentrate on the subject much longer than leaving the class as soon as you are getting into a subject

My child is involved with alot of programs here in town and in school ,the high school offers so much
the academic part of it is very well run I get involved and know the teachers and one teacher may work better with your child more than another,so you need to be involved

the theatre program and the choir program is unbelievable and they go above and beyond(I have hard even better than red bank performing arts)

my child has friends that go to private ,catholic etc and many have transfered to allentown because they where not happy there

I have heard from parents at those schools and they say drugs and voilence and problems exist there but are overlooked because of thier tuition ,not many private schools want to lose that

SO TO CHIP - pathetic ? where do you live

Alot of people don't like this town because it is too rural for them or homes are too high (good time w/ the economy to buy now though)

It is a beautiful place to live and raise your kids
I have four children and been here 4 yrs,there is a very close community here even though we are spread apart 2 acres or more each home

my kids are so happy here and the kids (most) are down to earth and come from good families

The rolling hills and the horse farms are beautiful,I wake up and look out the window and feel like I'm in heaven
it really is a unique type of place to live, and not too far from shopping,outlets,great adventure etc

So if you can afford it and do not want to live in a crowded city then get all your info and check it out for yourself,drive through neighborhoods and see how you feel about it

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Chip, , 08540
Wed Feb 11, 2009
Some close friends of ours live there and confirmed these vandalism type activities; they do love the location of the town with convenience to freehold shopping, six flags, hospitals, the turnpike, etc. and the relatively open space, We did hear that the school district is not up to blue ribbon standards; in particular, the high school (Allentown) is apparently pathetic academically
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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Mon Feb 9, 2009

The best source for this information is the local police department or county sheriff's department. They have access to the most accurate and current information and are generally very willing to be helpful.
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Amber Noble…, Agent, Morganville, NJ
Mon Feb 9, 2009
Hi KP:

No matter what area you choose to live in, you will always have a few occasional knuckle-heads who do stupid things to make a place look unfavorable.

In terms of specifics of crime or vandalism in ANY area, your best bet is to check with the local police department; they can give you the most accurate info.

Millstone Township actually doesn't have it's own police department, which is not uncommon for certain more "rural" and spread out area in NJ.

My husband is a NJ State Trooper, and used to be assigned to the squad that patrols Millstone Township, Allentown and a few neighboring areas.

You can call the NJ State Police at 609-584-5000 during business hours and ask them specific questions. They are very respectul, helpful and they'll take your concerns seriously.

Here's the website for the township...

I know several people who live in Millstone Township, and they wouldn't trade it for the world! It's a very beautiful area.

If you are interested in homes in Millstone Township or anywhere else in Monmouth, Middlesex or Ocean County please don't hesitate to give me a call.

All the best,

Weichert, Realtors (Marlboro~ Manalapan office)
455 Route 9 South
Manalapan, NJ 07726
917-723-5645 - cell
732-536-4400, ext 199 - office

"Your Reliable Resource For Real Estate, Local Info & More"
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Sharon Kozinn, Agent, Hillsdale, NJ
Mon Feb 9, 2009
The best way to get any information is to contact the police department that handles that area. They will have the statistics you are looking for.

Sharon Kozinn
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Hl, , 07728
Mon Feb 9, 2009
My friends who used to live there until recently mentioned similar issues; since there is no local police force, they had to rely on state police who didn't appear to care too much and responded inadequately; also, they said the township personnel did not appreciate their crime-related concerns being raised
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