I've noticed a few very appealing homes in the Eastmont Hills section of Oakland. I'm aware that there isn't

Asked by Gregory Tice, Berkeley, CA Wed May 13, 2009

any local retail and that Eastmont has a terrible crime rate. I'm wondering if the hilly sections are set apart enough to make the streets safe and generally friendly. If anyone has in depth knowledge of the area it would be quite helpful.

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Debbie, Home Buyer, Seattle, WA
Mon Mar 3, 2014
Okay, 5 years later I'm answering this question. You're correct in that the crime rate in Eastmont is bad, but there is retail, just depends if you're willing to shop in the area. Eastmont Mall being the main area for shops/groceries, etc.

I live in the "hilly" part and it's quite a different vibe up here. In fact, if you're headed down Edwards toward the bay, the feeling changes dramatically as it turns into 73rd and goes down the hill. Even sections within the Eastmont Hills are different in terms of crime. Sunkist seems to be a dividing line.. West of Sunkist seems to have more criminal activity than east of Sunkist toward 580.

I live east of Sunkist in King Estates area and I can tell you that it's got a great neighborhood feeling with people who are vested and involved in making the neighborhood a safe place to be. Lots of dog walkers, kids playing, neighbors who know and look out for each other, people who take care of their homes, wave when you drive by, etc. I love my street and know most of the people. So if you like that sort of traditional neighborhood thing, it's a good place for that.

Ok all that said..we do experience robberies, vandalism and the occasional violent crime. But, I don't think it's any more than other areas in the Oakland Hills based on crime maps I've viewed. So, I would say the biggest drawback of the Eastmont Hills is not the crime, but the distance to areas for shopping and the ability to take a walk to get a cup of coffee or hang out. In the years to come, that might all change with the Oak Knoll plan to develop retail/living space on the old hospital property, but that could be a ways away.
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Hi I wanted to ask you what do you mean by walk to get coffee or shopping. For this you have to be in Alameda or Berkeley right or near DT Oakland? I mean if you live in San leandro or glenview oakland etc. they are quiet streets. I dont see how one can walk for shopping unless one takes a car? I live in oakland and if I need to meet a friend I either take bus or car even if the restaurant is 15 mins walk...And for shopping I go to Pleasanton or SF macys. I dont understand what you mean by shopping. There is Emmeryvile but one has to take the car again. Thanks I just want to understand as I am also looking into buying a place and all this seems so confusing to me.Thanks!
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M, Home Buyer, Oakland, CA
Sun May 1, 2011
Try this site: Constantly updated with crime reports straight from the police reports
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Tee Hernandez, Home Buyer, Oakland, CA
Sat Feb 7, 2015
I have lived here in the King Estates area since 2007. Yes we have crime like anyplace in Oakland. Just not as much. There is a neighborhood watch program and it works. The home prices are climbing and most of the homes look very nice. It's a very diverse neighborhood if you ask me. Many dog walkers and children at play. Neighbors are friendly. Block parties every year. Going to the grocery store is a bit of a hassle but you don't see homeless folks around like you would near the stores and fast food chains. Or near the coffee shops of the Laurel district. Public transportation is close by. Never had problems on the bus. One agent that lived in the area for several yrs regrets he moved. He can help you find a new home in the area now that the market is picking up. Some of my neighbors are preparing to sell. Some retiring and some relocating for work. I do not know of anyone who moved because of ongoing s in the area. My only regret about this area and Oakland as a whole is the high taxes.

Overall, King Estates is an awesome place to live. Property value will increase dramatically when ground breaks at Oak Knoll. Contact Ernie Sexton of the Sexton Group Realty when you ready to purchase in this area. A super great, honest and loyal agent.
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Zoe Robinette, Home Owner, Oakland, CA
Thu Dec 11, 2014
They call everything Eastmont Hills it seems...agreed that down the hill near the Eastmont Mall the crime rate is high. There are hills that lead off from that area in several directions.

I can attest to the streets from Sunkist up to Fontaine, Keller, Mt. Blvd and those that run through those hills and the cottages and homes are very sweet and charming. Check the subdivision names for example Melrose Highlands Subdivision has some sweet cottages and is not bothered too much with crime...nothing major.

I think realtors would find that buyers, sellers and other realtors would have a much easier time of it if they went to the description listed on the title/deed of the property and give people the specific subdivision... hope this helps!
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John Doe, Home Buyer, San Pablo, CA
Tue Nov 4, 2014
I too am from the Seattle area. When moving down I had never been to the east bay and rented an apt in the Richmond Marina. When my rent got jacked up matching a mortgage payment, I decided to buy a home instead of continuing to pay someone else's mortgage. I was looking for something centrally located. Eastmont Hills/Kings Estate seemed to be best option in my price range. I bought my house on Sunkist about a year ago... Dec 2013. I have noticed that OUTLOOK is a major dividing line and Sunkist divides it even more. Overall I am happy with the location though if money was not an issue I would have bout on the other side of 580. I agree that the walkability is getting some getting use to. I do miss having to decide WHICH of the three local coffee shops I would walk to. However, the sunshine here vs Seattle more then offsets that problem.

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Interesting Trulia put my zip code at San Pablo.
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Joy Anna Mer…, Agent, Oakland, CA
Fri Jul 11, 2014
Hi. Just saw your posting--i am a neighborhood safety captain and would be happy to help answer some of your questions---Joy Anna Mercedes 510-502-7811
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Matt Vance a…, Agent, Berkeley, CA
Wed Mar 5, 2014
I will agree with the other agents here that the further up the hill you go, generally the lower crime rates will be. There are some nice homes in the Eastmont Hills, though I do find that as you get closer to the bottom of the hill, they are less well-kept.

You are right that the commercial/shopping selections nearby are lacking. You may consider areas such as the Laurel and Dimond districts above 580 -- prices are still relatively affordable, and they both have walkable, pleasant shopping areas in the neighborhood. Someone mentioned Maxwell Park --I like that neighborhood, but it's also directly adjacent to some more dangerous neighborhoods.

Feel free to reach out with any questions - I live in East Oakland and know the area well. Most of all, good luck with your search!

Matt Vance
Realtor, Keller Williams - East Bay
c: 510.604.8000
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When Oakland development Oakmont is finally developed this community we will have a lovely walking area, 82000 sq ft of new retail/commercial build out, grocery, etc. they will open the creek again and also build some new homes about. I just read that the project is back on and is back into discussion on the final plans for that space. Seriously looking forward to that!
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mysolosusan, Home Buyer, Berkeley, CA
Fri Jul 12, 2013
I always check the Truila crime stats, and am surprised to find that most of the time I would say Eastmont has a lower crime rate than many adjoining areas, including Maxwell Park. I've watched the neighborhood over the last couple of years and have seen a few times when it's higher, but not really like its reputation at all. I looked at it today, July 12,'13, and it's low - a few crimes ringing it - 2 burglaries and 2 stolen cars, but they were really in Eastmont. Honestly not that different than many parts of the east bay with good reputations. It is certainly not terrible.
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Lula Flowers, Agent, SAN LEANDRO, CA
Sat Apr 16, 2011
Have you considered the new development in east oakland with newly constructed homes and parks?
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Tracy, Both Buyer And Seller, Oakland, CA
Wed Apr 13, 2011
Oakland is what you make it. No, the hilly sections don't make it safer unless you are above 580, where it's pretty nice, prone to fire though. Basically, in Oakland you will be just fine above 580 if you have common sense and aren't involved with any questionable activities.
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What does above 580 mean? You mean all the places on the right of the freeway?
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Larry Benede…, , Oakland, CA
Wed Mar 16, 2011
Its the streets and neighbor around you that make it a safe place. Most of Oakland is as safe as it is in Berkeley in my opinion.
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Once again - I'm not sure if Eastmont does have a 'terrible crime rate.' I've continued to watch crime stats and it doesn't seem to be worse than many other parts of Oakland, including Fruitvale, Laurel, Maxwell park, affluent Lake Merritt neighborhoods, and the Redwood neighborhood. There's also a steady sprinkling of burglaries in Piedmont. But here's a point - I live in Berkeley and we have the 'Nextdoor.com' neighborhood association going on all the time, with lots of public emails on a range of subjects, including crime. There have been at least four crimes that happened recently - two garden gates chopped almost in half, and two houses with their backdoors kicked in and then the houses ransacked. Nothing was taken, so who knows why any of that was done. But the weird thing is - none of it appeared on Truila, though all of it was reported to the police. In the last couple of years we've also had 2 murders, one of a woman on a bike, who was shot through the head while riding by an elementary school on Sacramento, and another person gunned down on the street near 9th St and University. There were another 2 crimes one just a few months ago - both armed robberies, at or near the corner of Jefferson and Allston Way in Berkeley, and there was a sex exhibitionist caught on McGee, who was linked to several other incidents in the neighborhood previously. Last year a group of older kids advanced on an elementary school at Grant/Roosevelt, and threatened by-standers with guns. At least 7 cop cars showed up and surrounded the school. Up around Bancroft/College there have been many armed robberies of students. The perps in all these crimes were both black and white. There have been other crimes over the years, also not widely reported, and my point is - I think lots of areas get a bad rap mainly because they're less affluent and no one covers up what's happening.
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Antonio H Ma…, , Oakland, CA
Tue Dec 28, 2010
Hello Gregory! I grew up in the eastmont area on 78th Arthur I know the entire Oakland area very very well! What is your price range? that will dictate your location! I can tell you, go to the hills but the hills are not the only safe area! I live in the hills and I'm not safe! no one is exempt from crime thats the misconception! it takes a neighborhood to handle crime, no one person can do it so it depends on the strength of the neighbors in that specific area! However, there are some very safe neighborhoods in the flats!

Let me know if we can be of further assistance, we would love to earn your business!


Antonio H Matier
President, The Orion Group International
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Liz McFarland, Agent, Berkeley, CA
Thu Jul 8, 2010
Hello Gregory,
Eastmont and Millsmont can offer some great homes at affordable prices. Hillmont, Mokelumne, Sunkist and Simson are streets to check out and drive around. These streets and the surrounding areas have some nice homes in move-in condition and many have amazing views. I suggest that in addition to pulling crime reports, you take the time to drive the area and talk with neighbors.
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Trish Grima, Agent, Oakland, CA
Tue May 25, 2010
Try Millsmont, Eastmont Hills above Sunkist, Golf Links & anything above 580.
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Trish Grima, Agent, Oakland, CA
Tue May 25, 2010
Try Millsmont, Eastmont Hills above Sunkist, Golf Links & anything above 580.
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Lisa Cartola…, Agent, Oakland, CA
Mon May 18, 2009
Hi Gregory,

Typically in Oakland as you move up the hill, these areas are considered more "desirable". There are some very nice pocket neigbhorhoods in and around the Eastmont Mall area that may be worth your while taking a look at.

The Kings Estate area and the Millsmont areas are close to the Eastmont Mall area and have some very pleasant neighborhoods. Depending on your price point there may be other options as well for you depending on your needs in a home.

Without knowing your price range, it is hard to guage exactly where best to concentrate your area of search. Have you determine what mortgage payment you ar comfortable with? If you are new the home buying process, a lender whom I highly recomend and I are holding a free online buyers seminar if you would like to attend. There is a link to the class under the buyers section of my website: http://www.LisaCartolano.com

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the area around the Eastmont Mall.

Hope this helps!

Lisa Cartolano
Alain Pinel Realtors
Web Reference:  http://www.LisaCartolano.com
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Ellen Lynch, Agent, Berkeley, CA
Wed May 13, 2009
Hi Greg,
The hills above Eastmont are much safer. I am in contract right now with a buyer in the lower hills there, just a few blocks above MacArthur. She did her due diligence and checked out the crime stats and more importantly, took the time to talk to all the neighbors.. Her report back to me was that they felt it was a good place to live with few problems. If you search the Oakland Crime Mapping site and other related online, you'll see the exact locations of various types of crime and you can judge for yourself. It is difficult for realtors to answer these types of questions because this is all subjective. My opinion is neighbors will give you the best sense of a neighborhood-as well as seeing with your own eyes how a neighborhood looks: Notice: Are the houses well kept? Are there bars on all the doors and windows? The hills above Eastmont transition into King Estates, which is a fantastic area.. great homes, desireable area, people out walking around, block parties People there love it! I sold a house there last year to a retired couple who I visit regularly. They said they are totally at peace and happy living there. They know all their neighbors and are actively engaged in the neighborhood. Good luck.
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Cameron Platt, Agent, Oakland, CA
Wed May 13, 2009
Short answer: the higher in the hills you are, the better off you are. Crime drops off dramatically once you're up in the hills, especially violent crime and crimes of opportunity.

Check out http://oakland.crimespotting.org for a better, visual representation.

I am very familiar with this area and would be happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact me directly.

Best regards,
Cameron Platt, JD, CRS
Platt Inc. Real Estate
(510) 708-4137 (cell)
Web Reference:  http://www.plattinc.com
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