I have been living in a San Francisco flat for three years, paying rent on time every single month. I am

Asked by Hello, 94109 Tue Mar 11, 2008

subleasing from someone who is not on the lease but his really good friends are. I am starting a business and I am afraid that the landlord will track me down and evict everyone, which I would be really sad. If the landlord found out, can they evict us even though my roommate has been in the flat for 12 years and I have been 3. Additionally we have never been late with our rent checks. Please help!

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Ken Glidewell, Agent, San Francisco, CA
Tue Mar 18, 2008
In addition to the renters union, I would also review the SF rent Board as well.



Both will provide some guidance on tenants rights and guidelines.
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Bill Williams, Agent, San Francisco, CA
Thu Mar 13, 2008
To understand your rights as a tenant, you will find the the san francisco tenants union web site most helpful:

Web Reference:  http://www.sftu.org/
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Jemmy Kan, Home Buyer, Somerset, NJ
Wed Mar 19, 2008
And, don't think you can call House Rep or Senator, whether CA state or Federal, to help you. Why? If you tried to contact their office, they first time is to identify "if you are their client".

This is pretty much the licensed realtors behave. Tracy used to help a homeless in FL who lost his birth certificate and could not work, and need help to get one back from Michigan state where he was born. Can you believe, NONE of the state reps or senators would help.

Why? How do you answer the question "which county are you the resident of?" So, to certain exttend, they only serve home owners. So, you may want to buy a home first or legally rent a home first before you jump on to do something without a base.
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Jemmy Kan, Home Buyer, Somerset, NJ
Wed Mar 19, 2008
Legally the landlord can terminate the lease, or just do not renew, and you shall have no stand since it sounds you are not even the tenant.

Mayor Reid used to rent a house in San Francisco, and in the backyard he built a small house called the Smallest House in the World that was about 100 sq ft to show the media and public how he could resolve the homeless issue in San Francisco and thru out the country. That small house has everything needed by a single such as washer/dryer, bed, desk, kitchen, ...etc.

Later he let someone in the campaign to live there, but when things went bad as unexpected, the person lived there decided NOT to move out. On the one hand, it is a great house to live for a single, on the other hand, it is free. So the person live there claimed to be tenant and San Francisco has a very strict law to evict the tenant.

Mayor Reid was not able to let go the person, and told the landlord, and the landlord was not able to because it seemed the person sort of "sublet" from Mayor Reid, but then because the fight went up to media and SF government came over to involve.

Firstly, SF government said the small house is illegal and has to be removed from the property. Well, so anyone living in that small house has to be out by a deadline before this small house can be removed from the backyard, right? So the person was evicted that way.

Paying rent on time or not and how long you stay a place do NOT become a reason that landlord renew a lease. When going to court, that just give you a proof to the judge that you are good citizen, and maybe give you some more time to move out, NOT stay.

Not sure your business is, but residential normally does not allow business, you need to check with the zoning, however, when that happen, especially your neighbor complain. e.g. so many traffic, neighbors can not find parking ...etc, the owner may received tickets and fine from the government, and the owner has to deal with it too.

The US law enforcement has drastically changed since 911. Before, I feel they think everyone is a good citizen till proved to be criminal. Now, they seem to think everyone is a criminal till they proved to be a good citizen. And, as soons just ONE or two report you are a BAD Guy, they assume you are bad guys first, even if it is bad guys report you.

In the websites, you got blocked or removed. In the real world, you got evicted, whether you are good or bad, they seem impatient to prove; they just don't want to hear about it. Many people I know had their Yahoo email accounts blocked or removed by Yahoo because they used yahoo mail for about 10 years, and they started open account WITHOUT using real legal name.

And, when Yahoo decided to let them down, they had no stand to take Yahoo to court. This is to say if your landlord want to let you down someday, you are NOT even a tenant.

This is why many landlords like to rent a home to illegal residents. Why? they do not have greencard, not to mention citizenship. So, whenever there is conflict, they would just report that they are illegal. So, if you are kind of NOT so legal, I mean, not so leaglly rent a place, be very good and follow all the rule. Don't think you can do everything, it is NOT your home yet.

That's why I told me brother with a new born to buy a 1br at $650,000. It is expensive, but, hey! when his baby cried at midnight, no one can evict him. If he rented a place like you, I bet, the landlord got the complain from neighbors would evict him, maybe using different ways.
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