I am considering a move to Sacramento. I own a house in San Francisco and also spend a great deal of time in

Asked by Norma Belfer, Boise, ID Tue Aug 5, 2008

Arizona with my partner who owns a home in Phoenix.I would like to buy a two or three bedroom home someplace where the weather is warm. Phoenix is too hot (120F in the summer months) and San Francisco is too cold (wind, fog and 59F). I am hoping that Sacramento may be just right! Besides, the homes are considerably less expensive in Sacramento. Does anyone have any advice for me? Would I be getting out of the frying pan into the fire? Any views on the subject are welcome as well as information on the general livability of Sacramento.


Norma Belfer
San Francisco, CA

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Beth Moran, Agent, Folsom, CA
Tue Aug 5, 2008
Hi Norma,
I too moved here from the bay area just north of you in Marin and it certainly changed my lifestyle when it comes to weather. The afternoons here get mighty hot in the summer but the cost of living was so much cheaper that it more than paid for the extra air conditioning. The beauty of living here is that you don't have to give up your friends and can stay connected much easier than moving out of state. Since you're used to the nightlife of the city you might want to consider the midtown area, land park or east sac. All are great areas with distinct charm. Good luck on your search.
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Jessica Wate…, Agent, Sacramento, CA
Wed Dec 29, 2010

Sacramento is a great place to live. I live & work in Land Park and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It's an amazing community where you'll find support and there is always something going on. There are definitely other surrounding neighborhoods that have their own charm and draws. The weather is brilliant when you think about it. It does get hot but not for too long. When it rains, it's all at once then we're back to sunny clear skies and beautiful weather. If you want snow, Tahoe is a short drive. You miss the city, it a short drive. There is a reason people are attracted to Sacramento. If I can help you Norma, please give me a call!

Jessica Waterbury
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Roger, , Meridian, ID
Thu Sep 23, 2010
did you once live in Palo Alto, was married to Claude, had two children that went to Palo Alto High school?

if all this fits, then we were friends back in the 1970's and early 1980's

i would like to renew our friendship. you can email to "rogerjan@aol.com"

it you are not this Norma Belfer, just delete this.
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James Blaylo…, , 95762
Fri Sep 25, 2009
Well Norma, what are you going to do? I can't believe this question keeps coming up. Norma please contact one of the fantastic agents on this site so we can all move on.

For Java, I have had the tremendous opportunity to Live in the City by the bay. My family moved there in in the '30s from Oklahoma and Missouri. I have been able to travel around the world a couple of times and could not imagine living anywhere else other than El Dorado Hills. Our proximity to everything that is going on from South Lake Tahoe to the Sacramento area allows us to see and do many things and most of them with my own family.
Having the ability to go to San Francisco and still come home is an advantage. The many local events in Placerville, Folsom and El Dorado Hills are an asset to be taken advantage of. I agree with Sue pizza on the east coast is better, there is nothing better than a fresh lobster in Mass. or Maine. Boston is one of my favorite cities to visit and the Florida Keys are beautiful. I can fly to any of these places from our international airport without the hassle of going to SF international or Oakland international.

So Java, please get out and embrace our area. Enjoy the city when you are there, but I think you need to give our area a real chance. Once you do I think you will find many things too enjoy. If you need any suggestions call me or any of the other agents here. We would all be happy to help.

James Blaylock
Web Reference:  http://www.jimblaylock.com
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Sue Archer R…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Thu Sep 24, 2009
Java, this is off topic but I expect you're a younger person, who's never lived in other parts fo the country and experienced the variety. I'd suggest you change your attitude if you want to stay married. San Francisco is not the panacea for all people, and you need to relish the uniqueness of where you're currently living...that is if you value your family life. (take it from someone who's made their own mistakes along the way and recognize one when I see it)

There are wonderful aspects of every city and wonderful experiences as well. It's all in what you make of it.

Norma, I'm sure your reasons for Sacramenot are well founded based on the explanations that you give. Sacramento has enough of 'seasons' (or else you can visit them i.e. the snow in Tahoe). You can have the feel of a small town, or have some of the amenities of larger cities, such as the arts. It depends on your interests, and affordability which area would make the most sense for you. The nice thing is that there is such a variety here. I'd get on the phone and have some more detailed discussions with some of the agents here.

And Java, I've lived in NYC metro area, Cincinnati, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I have family in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and a few other places. Sacramento has the best combination of small and large cities....and the pizza is still best on the east coast. North beach? please..... and try lobster off the boat in Marblehead Mass if you want seafood....

But my point is I've found Sacramento as the best mix for weather, friendly people, outdoor activities, cultural activities, food.... but that's my personal opinion. :)
Web Reference:  http://www.suearcher.com
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Jim Walker, Agent, Carmichael, CA
Wed Sep 23, 2009
Java says she has been here for a few years? It sounds like she is describing sleepy Roseville of the 1990's not the Gotham Metropolis city it is today. Hey we just had a double murder suicide. We are now just like the big city.

My rebuttal: 1st: the weather, it is only awful for 4 or 5 months in the summer, when steel melts. , And our winter tule fog is much thicker and colder than that wispy stuff Tony Bennett sang about..

We know exactly what good sourdough TASTES like... The San Francisco Bakeries send trucks loaded with the stuff to our grocery stores. But if you want it fresh there is a Boudin Bakery in the Fountains IN ROSEVILLE.. They brought some of that Gold Rush era yeast with them.
Can you call the bread fresh when the yeast is 160 years old??

(- Java must have been disappointed by the 99c white bread at Winco.

California Fats on Eureka in ROSEVILLE serves decent Chinese Food. So the owners are second or third generation. They still know the recipes.

Java ate at Panda Express and thought it was local to Roseville. News for Java: There are Panda Expresses in the City by the Bay too. It is a chain dearie.

Fast Freddies in Old Town was the best pizza in the 90's. might still be, but the prices went up, so I stopped.
Java stopped in at Chuck E Cheese, again she thought it was a local joint and is judging us on that.

She can't find ingredients? There are farmers markets aplenty (heard of Denio's?) along with upscale chains Nugget and Whole Foods. Specialty Store Trader Joes.
People shop at Save Mart and Winco cause they are cheap.. Java you want to impress your palate with your husbands paycheck - try some of the hoity toity stores. we got em.

And Java, Natomas is Burlingame., not Roseville.

We do not have an "international" airport.

Roseville is Cupertino. but with newer homes. Granite Bay is Los Altos Hills.

But this is all over a one year old post. Norma has not been waiting a year for our opines.

Did Norma check out Sedona for most of the year and Tahoe for the summet? those were my recommendations.
We may not be as hot as Phoenix, Vegas, Redding or Indio. but if I could choose any place on earth to spend the month of August, Roseville would not be on the top of the list,either.
In opposition to Java, we are not a year round hellhole either.
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Colin Bardin, , Sacramento, CA
Wed Sep 23, 2009
Sacramento is an excellent area to live and there is a huge variety of neighborhoods. If you don't like the heat live in Folsom, which has its own lake and is a little cooler than Sacramento. Sacramento does get the delta breeze, but Roseville gets a little less of that breeze being farther inland. I grew up in Sacramento, and there are two rivers, the American and Sacramento, if you want a waterfront property. Plus Sacramento is two hours or less from Lake Tahoe and the excellent skiing of the Sierra Nevada's, something SF doesn't have!
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Java1764, , Roseville, CA
Wed Sep 23, 2009
I disagree with everyone on this site. I am also an agent. I was born, grew up and lived in S.F. all of my life. When my husband got transferred here, I was in tears. I hate it here! i am not trying to get your business as the other agents are. It is too hot. It is too cold. I have been here for a few years and I can not stand walking outside, and instantly having your clothes stuck to you. and no I am not fat. To this day, I miss looking into the sky and waiting for the fog to roll in. There is NOTHING to do here. These people don't even know what a good loaf of sour dough should taste like! I miss little lucas in South San Francisco, my favorite sandwich joint. Can't find desent chinese food, and don't get me started on trying to find pizza! North beach, my favorite. You can't find ingredients to cook with. I live in Roseville which I would compare to burnlingame. stay in the city. You will miss it and if you think it is too cold in the city, it is even colder here in the winter. I'll trade places with you if you really want to move... Moving here is, let me see, how can I put this, oh, CULTURE SHOCK. I am sure my comments will not be welcome by some but the truth is what it is. You have to drive and drive to get anywhere. the list goes on. I went to the zoo here the other day, and it was a joke, it was more like a small park with a bunch of birds. Ballet, operah, concerts, street fairs, the pumpkin festival in half moon bay. SEA FOOD!.....Good luck, dont do it....
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Deborah Elli…, Agent, Sacramento, CA
Sun Sep 20, 2009
I have a house that is coming up for rent, bucolic setting in the Delta, surrounded by vineyards, 10 degrees cooler than sacramento, yet only 15 minutes, away, a little Napa, very quiet and bucolic setting. The last tenant rented it for 5.5 years. A rare opportunity to discover the delta. 4/bd/3ba with pool and contemporary open style floorplan. if you want views this is it. Right by the water, private drive. Waterfront estate.
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Jim Walker, Agent, Carmichael, CA
Thu Aug 7, 2008
How about winters in Phoenix ( I like Sedona ) and summers at Lake Tahoe? I lived at Lake Tahoe for a decade without air conditioning. It is a paradise. And you can ski in the winter or rent out your chalet to people who do.

If you need to be in a big city, I am a booster for Roseville - ten miles northeast of Sacramento. (and less than two hours from the big lake
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Sue Archer R…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Tue Aug 5, 2008
All of us are going to tell you how great Sacramento and the surrounding areas are. Depending on your preference in lifestyles, there's something for everyone, but it is the valley and it can get hot in the summer. The good part is that by 7pm it's cool, and I rarely ever use my air conditioning. (I turn on the whole house fan in the morning, close up the house and only on the hottest days to I put my A/C on in the late afternoon...then I run the whole house fan again before going to bed.

I wasn't sure if you were looking to buy and live here, or buy to rent. Or did I misread your question? I have rental property here, and some in Las Vegas. I have once again decided to buy investment property local to where I live. Sacramento is a good market and I prefer not to have a long distance property manager.

For living or investment purposes, there's a huge range of properties at great prices right now...at least in my opinion. :)
Web Reference:  http://www.suearcher.com
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James Blaylo…, , 95762
Tue Aug 5, 2008
Hi Norma,
Like you I am a Bay Area native having lots of family in the Pacifica area so I understand your dilemma. It took a little while to adjust to the heat in the summertime, but after a while it is not so bad. We really only have a few weeks a year when the temperature is 100-110 degrees. Most of the time it is in the 90's with some really terrific evening weather.
There is so much to do in the Sacramento area. My family and I love being close to the rivers, lakes, museums, music events, and being close to Tahoe for the winter sports. I would take a couple of weekends, stay in Sacramento travel to the wine country in Amador county. visit the places you might have an interest in like the crocker museum, the river, take in a river cats game if baseball is important. Just spend some time here. The area usually sells itself.
We have such diversity in the placer, sacramento and el dorado counties that you are sure to find someplace that will work for you.

Homes are priced great, rates are good. You may be in a terrific position to set yourself up with your dream home.

Good luck and call any of us if you need suggestions on things to do when you visit.

James Blaylock, REALTOR
Web Reference:  http://www.jimblaylock.com
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Paula Swayne, , Sacramento, CA
Tue Aug 5, 2008
Being a native Sacramentan, I am a bit biased, but I think it is a great place to live. Our very lowest temperatures for a few days will be in the high 30's and our very high days for a few days could be 108. Otherwise, the summer highs average in the low 90's and the winters in the 50's. In the winters, the low averages are in the 40's and the highs are in the 60's. In the evenings, we have the Delta breezes kick in off of the rivers which makes the summer evenings the best! Our housing is definitely affordable and we have a range of home styles from the 1900 Victorians to the 2000 Mediterranean and everything in between. We have the most intersected freeways of anywhere in the nation (Highway 99, Interstate 5, Interstate 80 and Highway 50 all join in Sacramento, so getting places is pretty quick. We also have the most trees per capita of anywhere on earth (pretty cool!). We also have the merger of the Sacramento and American Rivers here. From Sacramento, you can drive 90 miles to San Francisco, 90 miles to the Sierra Range and Lake Tahoe and 45 minutes to Folsom Lake. Come join us!
Web Reference:  http://www.PaulaSwayne.com
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Steve Ostrom, Agent, Roseville, CA
Tue Aug 5, 2008
You have many options in the Sacramento area. Love the Land Park area which I saw that you clicked. Downtown is fun, but perhaps not a solution for everyone. They have been doing so much to make the Downtown more exciting. As Elizabeth stated, there is so much to do in Sacramento even more so in the past couple of years with renovations and additions to the Downtown and perimeter areas.

We still have some brutal heat here at times. BUT I will say the delta breezes are fantastic (when they are blowing) and it is wonderful to have your house cooled off in the evenings.
No humidity and not as dry as Arizona heat. And not NEARLY the thunderstorms you are probably used to in Phoenix ...

Just outside of Sacramento you have the Roseville and Rocklin area which are also great areas to consider. Many areas have dropped in price, but also many of the offers are going over asking price on homes pending and selling as well as all-cash offers beating you out (depends on what price bracket we speak of). Like many areas in Sacramento and Placer County, you can still get a great deal on a REO/bank-owned or new home. Some sellers are competitively pricing their homes too. Just have to do your research. We are seeing many multiple-offer scenarios in almost every deal we are involved with this Summer. West Roseville has many great options right now as far as new homes. These two areas, Roseville and Rocklin are just up the road from Sacramento on I-80 and we have many great restaurants and shopping here (Galleria Mall in Roseville). Lots of activities up here too. A great place to consider as well as Sacramento.

So many great areas around and do you research what you would like out of your area you live in.

You clicked Land Park is that an area you were focused on specifically? Do you have a price bracket you would like to keep to?
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Rob McQuade, Agent, Sacramento, CA
Tue Aug 5, 2008
I love Sacramento. My partner and I also have a place in San Francisco and it's fabulous being there, but there's something amazingly livable about Sacramento in general--plus the weather's great, there's actual sun in the morning, and you can enjoy an evening outdoors without layering. ;-)

As a San Francisco urbanite, you'll probably find that Sacramento's Downtown (http://www.ForSaleinDowntown.com) and Midtown (http://www.ForSaleinMidtown.com) neighborhoods offer the kind of activity and amenities you've become accustomed to. Downtown Sacramento is more urban (read: less residential, more office) and Midtown is more mixed use (think Hayes Valley or a more active Noe Valley). And flat. Don't forget flat.

Be prepared for warmer summers (you'll use air conditioning), but I definitely recommend that you check out Sacramento. And, if you're looking for something quieter or a little more suburban, there are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from with their own look and feel.

Rob McQuade, ABR, REALTOR®
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