I am a single professional female and may relocate to Memphis for a job. What are the pro's and con's,&?

Asked by Ashli, Atlanta, GA Sat Oct 6, 2007

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Ken Hall, , Memphis, TN
Thu Jun 26, 2008
Memphis has lots of drinking water and our ultity rates are a fraction of Atlanta! Cost of living will generally be a good deal lower. You can get excellent values on housing. If you plan to be out & about meeting people and having fun, look at downtown. If you like a mix of fun with pece & quiet headed to the Poplar-Highland area (zip 38111) which will put you in the center of the city, 5 -15 minutes everything. You'll fine the people warm & welcoming and the variety of activities, cultural offering, and social opps to be plentiful. It is a great food and music town.

Come join us,
Ken Hall
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Real Estate…, , 38111
Mon Sep 29, 2008
Memphis may not be as hip as some other larger cities, but it's getting there. There are always activities, festivals, outside concerts, downtown "parties" (hosted by the downtown commission), great new restaurants, and plenty of culture to keep you busy. As for the crime, if you plan to live alone, I'd pick an area where your neighbors will take an interest in you-- it's served as a protection for me. Your neighborhood is important but so are your immediate neighbors. Yes, crime is everywhere, but there are things you can do to feel protected.
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Sally, , Memphis, TN
Wed Aug 27, 2008
I think that visiting Memphis is nice, but as a native northerner, I cannot stand the humidity. Also, I think that the city is kind of boring. If you're not into BBQ, blues, and Elvis, there isn't that much else that you can't find in several other cities. I will note that the zoo is amazing.
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Vita, Home Buyer, New Orleans, LA
Fri Jul 18, 2008
I also want to move to Memphis, and have visited it for extended periods. I absolutely LOVE what I see and experience. I, too, am a single professional female, albeit an older one (61), with a 4-yr. old daughter and 3 dogs. My first lengthy stay in Memphis was during Hurricane Katrina, when I evacuated there from New Orleans and stayed there for three months. My situation was very stressful, to say the least, a single mom with an infant (not walking yet) and 3 dogs, one of whom is 90 lbs., trying to deal with the aftermath of Katrina from a tiny motel room 400 miles from home! But what made my time there great, was the wonderful experience I had "living" in Memphis for those 3 months. I felt very much "at home". The architecture and good food are similar to New Orleans and the people are as friendly or friendlier. I love Midtown, Harbor Town, & eating BBQ! I explored many areas of Greater Memphis: Memphis proper, the Island, Cordova, Germantown, Bartlett, Collierville, Southhaven, and everywhere I went was beautiful, & so were the apts. and homes. Loved the hills/bluffs (N.O. is flat), and Shelby Farms, and the weather was GREAT, even during the HOTTEST part of the summer (Katrina hit in late August '05); I stayed through the end of November. In fact, I recently returned there for 3 weeks in June, when the tempertatures hit the HIGH 90s! But I was totally comfortable walking my 3 dogs during the hottest part of the day, b/c UNLIKE NEW ORLEANS, and UNLIKE what DOROTHY said in her comments, MEMPHIS is NOT HUMID. In fact, MEMPHIANS who have never lived in a truly humid climate, have no idea what REAL HUMIDITY is like! And the Memphians who HAVE experienced New Orleans, TOTALLY AGREE with me. Spend time in New Orleans where, if your air conditioner breaks, mildew immediately grows on your walls, furniture, and books, and your postage stamps and all your envelopes in your desk drawer stick together permanently b/c your home is soaking wet from the HUMIDITY!...and then tell me that Memphis is "humid"! Every time I'm in Memphis I hear the locals say that it's humid! That always cracks me up! I was born and raised in New Orleans and still live in Greater New Orleans. We are BELOW SEA LEVEL... Memphis is in the middle of the nation, 400 mi. from N.O., which sits on the Gulf of Mexico. We are subtropical, and if you want to experience HUMIDITY, please come to New Orleans. It's not only HOT, it's a SAUNA!! And I'm not exaggerating! If you walk outside in N.O., or just open your door, even at 5 a.m., you'll think you stepped into a STEAM BATH! ...and you will begin to sweat profusely! Mosquitoes in Memphis?? Again, I don't know what Dorothy is talking about. One of the MAIN REASONS I want to move to Memphis is the weather and the lack of mosquitoes. During my 3-month stay from Aug - Nov, I saw only ONE mosquito, who didn't even bite me, and I said to the person I was speaking with, that had we been outside in New Orleans, we would've been surrounded by mosquitoes! This took place by a swimming pool at an apt. complex in Harbor Town by the River. And remember, as an evacuee, I was outside all the time b/c I had to walk my dogs morning, noon, and night...and then some. At home in N.O., I don't have to walk them b/c I have a fenced yard, and I still get eaten alive by mosquitoes! But in Memphis, no matter what part of town I was in, or what suburb, I only saw that 1 mosquito. I had the same experience last month when I was there for 3 weeks, walking my dogs around the clock, at a hotel which was surrounded by a LAKE... & there were NO mosquitoes! New Orleans, however, was dug from a swamp; you can't go outside AT ALL without using mosquito repellant, or you will not only be EATEN ALIVE, but you'll be CARRIED AWAY! When you open your door here, 10 mosquitoes fly in. No matter how fast I close my door, I wind up swatting mosquitoes all night, and still wake up in the morning with mosquito bites on me and my child! But in Memphis, I had no mosquito contact at all, even though I was all over the city at all hours of the day and night, both during the evacuation and last month and I was SO GLAD to be able to ENJOY outdoor activities with my daughter and the dogs and NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MOSQUITOES OR HUMIDITY! I can't wait to get back to Memphis so I can stop SWEATING AND SCRATCHING here! I even went horseback riding in Shelby Farms in 96 degree heat! I could never have done that here b/c of the humidity. In Memphis my child and I were outside every day, and although we were hot sometimes, we were comfortable and didn't sweat like pigs or get eaten by mosquitoes. Also, I felt SO MUCH SAFER in Memphis than in N.O., the Crime Capital, where people get KILLED in BROAD DAYLIGHT! I saw quite a lot of cops in Memphis. Salaries are 2 - 2.5 times higher than in N.O., yet cost of living in Memphis is less. Memphis today reminds me of what New Orleans was like in the '50s -- GREAT!
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Patti Master…, , 38017
Fri Jul 11, 2008
There are some mixed opinions to say the least from reading all of the responses! Memphis has grown and like any other large city has had it's issues. The growth has been rapid and being a distribution center has brought many people to our area. Our downtown area is thriving. I personally have lived in the Memphis area for over 30 years and yes it has changed and crime statistics have increased. We do enjoy a low cost of living and there are a lot of good things here as well as bad. Come to visit and call a professional realtor to give you the tour. I think you will have a better idea of what the city has to offer once you do that.
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Dorothy, Both Buyer And Seller, Memphis, TN
Fri Jul 4, 2008
Please Please Please save yourself the trouble and do NOT relocate here - relocate to anywhere but here. The crime rate is so high. It's a cool, interesting town with lots of art & music, but that's about ALL it has to offer. I grew up here, born 1964, and I just came back to sell our family home (got NOTHING for it because of the way Memphis is going to hell in a handbasket = and fast due to crime, poor city management, no money for educational programs, etc)...I live in California and have been there since 1990. I LOVE it - it's definitely WORTH any extra money we pay to reside there, too. The weather is gorgeous, so you don't need to use as many utilities as you do here in this hot, humid, mosquito-infested and bug of every kind infested climate! There are bugs everywhere - ick! Anyhow, like I said don't even waste your time and money moving to Memphis, unless you have no other choice at all. Here: go to Google and search 'city crime statistics' and it will give you a site where you can compare any cities in the US for crime and other stats. Memphis is REALLY scary. I had 3 violent incidents living here (thank God nothing happened to me thanks to God's grace and being quick on my feet and smart and prepared) and yet in all the years I have lived in Cali, NOTHING ever violent has happened to me, or even threatened to happen to me. I feel so much safer anywhere just about than Memphis. Plus the weather SUCKS big time - storms, rain, HUMIDITY year round, freezing winters, but the hottest most miserable summers you can even imagine. People actually die every year from the heat here! Yowza. My Mother, who was 84, and a wonderful lady who paid her taxes all her life, lived in a beautiful Midtown mansion, and went to church regularly, voted, supported the local and national government elected officials, and just was an overall assett to society in general - called 911 the night she died, and the Memphis Police department FAILED TO RESPOND. Can you believe it?????? Did you hear recently of the 911 operator here who actually fell asleep on the line with a caller and began to snore, as the caller's house was being burgularized and broken into before her very eyes???!?!?! It's just too much. There is a general sense of doom here. I love Memphis, don't get me wrong, it's my home town. But I love the Memphis I USED to know. It's so different now, I wouldn't adivse anyone to move here. There are a few 'good' areas, but they are swiftly going bad too, or are closely surrounded by 'bad' areas. For instance, Germantown, a 'ritzy' area of Memphis, was victim to 5 home invasion break in robberies in 1 day recently. Pretty amazing.

Anyway, take care - but pick someplace else!!!!!!!
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Mudda, Home Seller, Memphis, TN
Thu Jun 26, 2008
CRIME!! The talk all over the news is "taking back our neighborhoods." The new school superintendent from MIAMI was applauded for coming to Memphis in spite of the fact that the likelihood of his being a victim of violent crime increased three fold. We're over run with crime. It is getting scary. It doesn't matter where you live, who you hang with. The violence is getting way out of control. Just this morning a woman was robbed at the post office in the parking lot!! There is a CHURCH that is paying a private security firm to patrol the local businesses in their neighborhood to decrease the likelihood of break ins. They are trying to save their neighborhood from all the businesses moving out.

Atlanta is a great city...been there several times and even though it has it's rough points too, I felt a heck of alot safer walking around there than I do in my own town. I don't go too many places anymore cause the last time I went walking with my grandkids, we almost got caught in crossfire between the cops and a car jacker. I don't live in a bad neighborhood, upper middle class homes, professional people.

Don't let all the real estate people sway you.....read the Commercial Appeal online. Read about the problems before you sign up for it. I'm trying to get out of the city. No one wants to face the facts that this town has way too much crime for it's size. Read the statistics on violent crime. You can find it online. Call the police departments and ask about the low crime areas. But remember, most likely you won't be living in the neighborhood you work in.....check out the crime in the area of your employment because that's where you'll be spending most of your time. Stay in Atlanta girl.....you want to live a long healthy life!
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Bob, , 38133
Wed May 14, 2008
I would just say "Come On Down" you can find lots of things for single folks here in the Memphis area. Joe's comment was a great one but you can find things in the cities that surround Memphis. The town is not difficult to get around in. I think if you are single you will probably want to be close to your work - where is your expected job located and then look for an area - lots of great shopping, dining and entertainment await you as a single. Tell me where your job is and what your budget looks like and I will find you a great new home. Call me or email me and let's talke 901-233-3313 bobrbrown.remax.com
Web Reference:  http://bobrbrown.remax.com
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Joe Spake, , Memphis, TN
Wed Nov 21, 2007
Memphis has a lot to offer the single professional. May I suggest that you consider Downtown or Midtown: Plenty of singles oriented businesses, clubs and restaurants, and many single professionals in law, medical, and financial fields.
Web Reference:  http://www.spake.com
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Tim Carlton, , Memphis, TN
Sat Oct 27, 2007
I am a relocation specialist for the Shelby Co. communities. The Memphis area as a whole, is fantastic, But the perceptions of its citizens are a little skewed. Memphis has a long and rich history. (both good and bad). Music, Mississippi Delta, civil rights, ect. The politics of the area are divided between the city of Memphis and those communities that exist within the county. (Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Arlinton, Lakeland, ect. The crime data that is available includes the entire Memphis area, which includes West Memphis (AK), The city, The county, and parts of MS. It is interesting to note that the downtown Memphis police district has 1 of the lowest reports of violent crime in the area.
I find that most families communities are only as large as thier school, work, Home Depot, and church.
Tennessee rates 46th in the antion in schools. The county schools rate better then the ones in the city, but both the city and county schools are some of the best in the state.
In short, Memphis is a diverse and cultured city full of parks, greenways, music and opportunity. It has a rich history that is not fully appreciated by its residents. Feel free to contact me for a relocation package that includes information about Memphis and all of its surrounding communities. homes@timcarlton.com
Web Reference:  http://wwwitimcarlton.net
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Anita Satter…, , Michigan
Wed Oct 10, 2007
Best advise, Lease first. Search locations at your leasure, buying a home is the largest investment one will make... take your time and research areas.
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Chris Willia…, , 38401
Wed Oct 10, 2007
I have 2 brothers that live in Memphis, one is an Eye Doctor. They absolutely love it. I found a good blog about Memphis, see if this helps.

Chris Williams
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Misty Jones, , 38028
Sat Oct 6, 2007
Hi, congratulations on your possible move to Memphis! Memphis and it's surrounding neighbors are great places to call home. I live in an area just outside of the city, Eads, that has direct access to the interstate, restaurants, shopping, etc. However, I have several single girlfriends that have found "home" in Bartlett, Germantown and the Oakland area. Most areas of concern are whether schools are a concern and if you will be purchasing a home or renting (re-sale value and amount of time you will be here for your job). If I can help you, please visit my site at http://www.mistyjones.com - congratulations again, Memphis is a wonderful place to live!
Web Reference:  http://www.mistyjones.com
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ian cockburn, Agent, New Orleans, LA
Sat Oct 6, 2007
Moving to Memphis as a single female I would look at the Germantown area. There is some redevelopment downtown so this may be another option, but on the conservative end German town has a good mix of young professionals, and it is easy to get to everything...Malls, the interstate, really neat restaurants and nightlife, the neighbourhoods are clean and relatively safe.
Web Reference:  http://www.iansellsnola.com
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