How humid does the Dallas Vicinity get in the summer?

Asked by Bill, San Francisco, CA Wed Nov 28, 2007

I'm a spolied Californian who can't afford to pay for the amazing weather out here in the SF Bay Area.
I really liked the Dallas area when I was there over Halloween. I'm thinking of moving but I lived in Miami and New York and really did not like the humidity. Can you leave your windows open during the summer nights or do you need the ac 24/7? Thanks

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chip peralta, Agent, Longview, TX
Sun Aug 24, 2014
Bill, that's a great question. No one thinks of Dallas and humidity in the same context. However, the humidity is mild compared to Houston or other more southern Texas cities. The thing is it can to 100 degrees and stay that way for a couple of weeks at a time. I live in Longview Texas. East on I20 from Dallas. We share mostly the same weather as Dallas. Since I live on a Lake it may seem just a bit more humid. Of course, I'm originally from New Orleans and that humidity will curl your hair, LOL.
Call me you want to consider a move to Longview or east Texas. It's a great place to raise a family, start a business or retire
Chip 903.241.2675
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I am also from New Orleans, LA...I just moved back to the Dallas area to be with all of my family..And the humidity here in Dallas is nothing compared to that of New Orleans and there is most always a good breeze
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I am in the San Fernando Valley(L.A.) and it is 84 degrees and 15% humidity and my hands get cracks from the low humidity. Does Dallas ever get humidity under 25%?
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Oh yes, we do think of humidity & Dallas in the same context. Dallas is only 600 ft over sea level, and though not Houston nor New Orleans nor Corpus Christ, it's hottern' hell in the summer and humidity is high. I'm from El Paso 3-5000 ft over sea level, and low humidity---20% or more is considered high there, and Dallas would LOVE to have anything under 40 or 50 in the summer. Dallas is fantastic, but the heat & humidity is not like Califa. I lived there 20 years.
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Cheryl Morri…, Home Buyer, Charlottesville, VA
Sat Aug 23, 2014
Why would anyone want to live there. I visited Texas this summer and it was hot as hell and humid at ever. Flat, dry and ugly too. I am from California and I would take Virginia or even Tucson, AZ over that ugly place.
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This thread is older, hope someone still sees it. I too am from CA. I have lived in VA. For 20 years. Would love to go back. Also looking for a good place since CA. Is not affordable. Va. Is very humid among other things. I hate it. All of us missing CA. Need to move back, get a large place and share the cost
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I hear you. I have lived here since '72 (10 years old) and been waiting for my ticket out of here. No offense to DFW. It's been my life but I lust for scenery. Give me lakes, streams, mountains and a short lived snow experience for just 5 years of my remaining life. I still think it may happen. #never2late
I'm 55 and a college grad of 2016.
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Connie's right. I've lived in LA for 10 years. Can't beat the weather. Love a lot about the culture here. But Texas is rad. You'd never find a place like Bishops Arts in LA. Or Austin's Stubs. Or The Polyphonic Spree. Or Marfa. Culture is way more diverse than the caricature shown on the news. Unfortunately, there are some loud-mouthed idiots that steal the press. Like LA. And the difference cost of living? Supposed that's why 75% of Toyota's employees have volunteered to move.
Flag Fri Aug 26, 2016
Oh honey you must not like living in Heaven because that is where Texas is! We are a big state with diverse terrain and diverse weather. Our regions offer climate and ambiance to suit every taste. From Tropical South Texas, the piney woods, swamp land, flat land, farm land, the rolling lush hills of the Hill Country, mountainous regions - we've got it all! Snow in some places and never below 50 in others. Your "visit" to Texas would not have provided you even a glimpse into the amazing landscapes my beautiful awesome great state of Texas provides!!!
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Home Ferret, , Plano, TX
Sat Feb 2, 2008
Yes. It is not as bad as Houston, but some weeks are over 100. But Dallas is probably the best place to live in the country.
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T.E. & Naima…, Agent, Dallas, TX
Wed Nov 28, 2007
Hi Bill,
Dallas is a nice area yes to live in. I moved here from Chicago 13 years ago and I don't miss the snow. Here is a breakdown of what the humidy does on average.

January through April then Sept. to Dec. morning to end of day about 80% drops to 60%.
May & June morning 88% in the morning then drops to about 62%.
July & August 79% in the morning then drops to 50% Although there are always a few days where it feels like 100% humidity. Unfortunately no, you cannot sleep with the windows open in the summer. It is just too hot. The AC runs 24/7

Right now it's 45 outside and the humidity is 81%
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I just moved back to Chicago from Dallas after 23 years there. So glad to be back--no place like Chicago.
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Veritas219, Home Buyer, Dallas, TX
Sat Jun 3, 2017
Tolerance for humidity is kind of personal. People who were are used to California or other non-humid places seem to always complain about the humidity in Texas, the Midwest(I've lived there also) etc. I have always lived with humidity, except for the two years I lived in California so I guess I'm used to it. It just seems from personal observation that some people just can't seem to get used to it. I have to admit, it can get kind of oppressive....even for me.
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You're right. I'm from CA. 35 years there. I don't like humid at all. But don't like cold either or cloudy sky's. Very spoiled from CA. Weather. Going to make it very difficult to find a place I will be happy. Peoplet who grew up in the south might think Texas is dry. Best thing, go visit during the months of concern and be your on judge.
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Susie Kay, Agent, Dallas, TX
Sat Apr 23, 2016
I used to live in the Bay Area and I can tell you that Dallas isn't very humid. As for the summer months, you'll probably need your AC as most nights are not cool enough. Dallas is not like SF where you need to bring/wear your jacket almost every time of year. You do need your car here, though, the public transportation system here is nothing compared to SF where you can get anywhere via muni.

Dallas is a wonderful place to live offering plenty of jobs, low cost of living (especially compared to SF), and plenty of nice areas for single or family. If you haven't made the move, I would suggest coming to check it out again. Give me a call if you'd like to chat, I'm, sure we can discuss a lot.


Susie Kay
Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Certified Home Stager

United Real Estate Dallas
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Hi, I am planning to make a move to Texas, I heard Houston is humid, is there a place in Dallas near the beach or a lake where it's not humid? If not I am still willing to check out Dallas Texas. Would like to get a listing for the house for sale in the neigborhood, close to beach if possible or the lake.
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Lt52, Home Buyer, Dallas, TX
Wed Apr 6, 2016
Born and raise in Big D. No, you gotta have AC or a lot of fans during summer. It's cooler at night, but also higher humidity.
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Sally, Both Buyer And Seller, 93314
Sat Jul 14, 2012
Humidity in Houston is topically higher than Dallas. I have live in both cities and prefer the Dallas weather. Most days there is a constant breeze coming off the Plains.
I am in Ca and am anticipating a move to Plano, Tx soon from Bakersfield, Ca. Be careful with your movers, read the reviews on the net. The negative is making think hard about a Ryder truck, but have no one to help me make the drive, I am 70..........sigh You will love Texas and the Texans!
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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Wed Nov 28, 2007
Here's a great website that can give you some additional info on humidity and temps.…
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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Wed Nov 28, 2007

I moved to Dallas area from Foster City. I don't think it is any more humid myself. Depending on where you live in the bay area though, the temp difference is probably much more extreme. I'd say no way most summers can you leave the windows open at night or in the day. This summer there was only one day over 100F, but there are summers that have 30-40 days in a row over 100F. Nights might be 80F. Winter can be pretty cold too. Too cold to leave the windows open. Just depends on the year though. The weather is just pretty strange and unpredictable here. We've also had a couple of years where it was 90s in January....shorts and t-shirt weather with people sunbathing in the parks.
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Josh M. Boggs, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Wed Nov 28, 2007
Hey Bill,

Although I'm not in Dallas and Naima has already answered your question with great numbers, I just wanted to throw in my two cents as well.

I'm originally from Indiana and so like Naima, I'm so glad to be done w/ dealing w/ snow and the freezing cold! I'm also a fan of water sports and outdoor activities, so TX has been a Great place to be!

Here in San Antonio, I think it' s not the heat that really can get you.... it's the HUMIDITY! From around May through August, the humidity can be unbearable and it isn't unusual to wake up after a full night of your AC running and see all your windows covered in fog! From November to about April, I'd say it's probably a bit more similar to your CA weather as it's much more mild and not extremely humid.

Bottomline: if you can make it through the late spring and summer months.. then you'd be loving it here!
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Scott Alexan…, Agent, San Angelo, TX
Wed Nov 28, 2007
All I know is that it is not very humid in San Angelo. We welcome people from California.
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I thought Texans didn't like Californians as a general rule anyway. Lol
There are a lot of people from different places. Any recommendations on places that would be similar to ca. Is there any place between Dallas and El paso that would be drier. Not a ghost town though thanks.
Flag Sat Oct 28, 2017
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