Concerns about living up in La Cresta - feedback and advice appreciated.

Asked by Infoseeker, Murrieta, CA Mon May 31, 2010


I'm seeking any and all feedback about living up in the La Cresta area of Murrieta. We've been up there a number of times and viewed some homes we really liked recently. We like the idea of living in a home with some serious space around it (5 acres) and the peace and quiet of La Cresta. However, we are basically "city folks" (from Chicago originally) who've never really lived in such a rural environment. We have a small child so we definitely have concerns about things like rattlesnakes, coyotes, mountain lions, and other potentially dangerous or troublesome wildlife we might encounter up there (for example, am I going to be finding tarantulas in the shower all the time?). OK, so I'm half kidding there, but seriously...can anyone advise us on whether or not we should have major concerns about this issue or other issues like wildfires? We clearly understand it's a more rural environment but would like any information regarding this and any other aspects of living up there.

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Kevin and Ju…, Agent, Wildomar, CA
Mon Aug 23, 2010
Yes, there are rattlesnakes, coyotes, tarantulas, etc... in and around the La Cresta area of Murrieta, but I've rarely heard of anyone having a major problem with any of them and I haven't heard of problems inside the home. I saw several tarantulas walking along the road last night - As with any area though, vigilance is the key. La Cresta is an area of similarly-minded property owners and all your neighbors will be helpful in staying in tune with the rural lifestyle.

Kevin McLaughlin, Broker Owner
Berkshire West Realty
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Lisa Myers, , Murrieta, CA
Wed Jan 12, 2011
Hello there Infoseeker,

La Cresta, Murrieta....well, as you already know, it is beautiful. Lovely rolling hills, with beautiful homes abreast of the mountains. What a scenery of serenity. It's like paradise. That is what draws everyone to La Cresta.
With that said, it is a horse lovers paradise. Not all homes have barns, stalls, arenas and such, but it is a
huge draw for horse lovers. The neighborhood also has homeowners that are celebrities, movie executives, artists, and just plain ole' regular folks.
Yes, there are snakes, big ugly spiders, coyotes, mountain lions and wildfires. You'll have to be the Momma Bear and watch the little one play in the back yard.
If you don't mind driving down the hill, which is more like 20 minutes, than 10, it should be fine. But, if you are taking kids to school, it can be a hassle. But, there IS a Starbucks right down the road off of Clinton Keith. My office is in the Bear Creek Village, also close by. This shopping center also has a Stater Bros. grocery store, Del Taco, gas station, car wash, tanning salon, Chase bank, and other eateries too. If you decide LaCresta isn't for you and if you still want estate living, let me suggest Wynfield Estates in Murrieta. Homes are on 2 acre parcels. Very nice.
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Lisa Delzompo, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Murrieta, CA
Wed Jan 12, 2011
Hi Infoseeker,
The other answers are on the money on your concerns for wildlife and fires out there. I would add that many folks who go out to La Cresta are doing so for their horses and extensive horse trails in absolutely lovely surroundings. There are options to have horses in town or closer to town, but it's hard to get access to such beautiful rides without car traffic interfering.

A good friend lives in a gated neighborhood of La Cresta, to have her horses there, but when our daughters want to hang out together, it's 45 minutes round trip just to drop a child off from my house which is on the west side of Murrieta right near MVHS. That limits a child's social options, especially a solo child as hers is, now that the older siblings are out of the house. In her case, though, both mother and daughter LOVE the horses and don't mind the tradeoff.

I hope this helps.
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Erika, Home Buyer, Redondo Beach, CA
Mon Jan 10, 2011
Info seeker I was wondering if you made the move? I have the same concerns about moving to La Cresta. Mainly for me is the rattlesnake issue. I currently live in Redondo Beach, CA.
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Leanne Antaya, , Murrieta, CA
Wed Sep 1, 2010
HI, I live in La Cresta and have for 13 years. I can give you both negative and plus factors in living here. We wouldn't live anywhere else. My husband builds estates in the la cresta area and has many clients who are very satisfied with the area. Yes, coyotes, mountain lions and tarantulas are common. I've only seen a few rattlesnakes but not that many. I've raised four children here and the country life is the only life for city kids which is what they all were when we lived here.
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Andrew Warbu…, Agent, Temecula, CA
Wed Aug 25, 2010
Great comments - a couple of additional thoughts:

1: Compare with the Wine County and de Luz.
2: Do you really need all that land? If you want seclusion, peace, safety and great amenities then consider Bear Creek - I have lived here for years and have loved every second (Oh and the security guards catch the rattlers and chase away the mountain lions).
3: Buy closer to Clinton Keith - the drive gets REALLY old after a while unless you are financially independent and don't need to go to the freeway for work.
All the best.
Andrew Warburton
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Dianne Hicks, Agent, Rancho Bernardo, CA
Sun Aug 22, 2010
Rarely, if ever..... hear of anything bad happening. There is a price to pay for all that beauty but I think it is worth it. That price is being a little more cautious. That is just my personally perspective. Anything can happen to anyone anytime whether in the city or in La Cresta.

Good Luck!!!

Kindest Regards,
Dianne Hicks
HomeSmart Real Estate
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Camissonia, , Murrieta, CA
Sun Aug 22, 2010
See blog:
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Momof3, , Murrieta, CA
Thu Aug 19, 2010
We just moved to La Cresta in Feb. 2009 and have 3 children ages 5, 3 and 1. We actually have coyotes that live on the back of our property but they shy away from us whenever we are outside. At such young ages I keep a close eye on my little ones when they are outside playing. We have already killed 2 rattlesnakes this summer, that is my least favorite part of living in Southern Calif country is the rattlesnakes. Property taxes are very low, 1% and HOI is only $106.00 a month (through Farmers). We LOVE it up here. So peaceful yet there is a wonderful community atmosphere. Within 10 minutes you are down the hill and in the "bustle" of our city, which is still probably quiet compared to Chicago. There are several wildfires each summer but they are within the surrounding hills that are more rural, we've had 2 small wildfires in the last year started by locals who are using tractors, weed clearing, etc. and spark a flame. Local firestation though has them out within 30 minutes or so (fire control from the air is AMAZING in our city). Good luck with your move!!
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Are there any community events or gatherings in La Cresta? We are moving there this month and are hoping to meet people in the area.
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Jane Grant, Agent, Aguanga, CA
Tue Jul 6, 2010
Infoseeker: I have friends in La Cresta and my husband lived there. The tarantulas my husband saw were only outside. He never saw one in his home and he lived there for three years. He never experienced a fire either. The County sends notices to homeowners about clearing the area around their homes of brush and weeds.

Your homeowners insurance will be a little higher however, there is a fire station right near the entrance to La Cresta on Clinton Keith Road!!!
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Stefan West, Agent, Murrieta, CA
Wed Jun 23, 2010
Great question that many people don't really ask when they see the beauty of La Cresta. I think the biggest component is that people moving there often don't see the day to day hassle of making a trip to the store, school to drop kids, gas for the car even.

I had one couple who bought land, built their dreamhome for 2 years and settled in with glee - only to contact me 1.5 years later to move because the wife couldn't take the separation from being around people, driving 20 minutes plus for any activity, etc. You will also have to maintain your land and be prepared for that. Drainage, fire hazard stuff, etc. But you will also wake up each morning, breathe clean air and quiet with stunning views! Fire-wise you will need to maintain your lot, perhaps have water tanks, etc.

But hands down all that is managable and you will have neighbors and community services that are experienced with all that. The one thing that most people never consider is will they be happy with that much separation. Do you have kids? Do you hate having to commute 20 minutes to hit a grocery store each way? It can turn a 30 minute shopping trip into 1-2 hours, etc. I have seen that impact quite a few couples moving there.
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Stacy Carter, Agent, Temecula, CA
Mon May 31, 2010
La Cresta is a beautiful area to live in but the advantages are quite a few but only the people that live in rural areas understand them. First of all the hustle and bustle of city life are missing. Starbucks isn't around, city stores are not there. Solitude and hard work is a complete way of life. If you live in the country and want to do anything, its all manual labor. You fix a fence, take care of animals, prepare for winter, its all you or you bring a laborer in and help. This is an equestrian area that has a great sense of community. If you are looking for a great place to live that has room for your horses, views that will not quit, and just grand elegance, this is the real estate area for you. This area features equestrian trail and hiking trails located next to the Santa Rosa Plateau; the outdoor events never stop. The La Cresta association puts on barn dances, Easter egg hunts, harvest events, and Christmas home show events to name a few. The Fine Home Estates located in the La Cresta Area are truly amazing. Each and every one of them have there own touch of elegance. Most of the homes are elegant equestrian homes that are complete with pastures and barns. The association of La Cresta and the home owners have taken pride in matching the roof lines and the architecture of the barns they are beautifully matched to the estate home on the property.
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