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Mon Aug 22, 2011
Tom and Joanne Team answered:

I would want to know why they are selling? Is it just because the value has gone down? Frankly, the value of the home only matters when you are selling. I have lots of clients that rode out bad times and sold their homes for profits down the road. Now, if your clients have a financial burden that is preventing them from paying their mortgage that is a different story, but I would be very careful on what you are advising. Best ... more
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Tue Aug 9, 2011
Phil Sexton asked:
I'm looking for the main reasons agents like working with Realty ONE Group. Since John Hall & Associates was recently acquired, ( agents are curious…
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Sun Jul 10, 2011
Sounds like something that could be done with commercial financing. I work with an outstanding gentleman who is an expert with SBA & commercial financing for assisted living and would be personally handling a situation such as your clients. I'll shoot you an email. ... more
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Wed Jul 6, 2011
John Souerbry answered:
If I may go against the general flow of the answers received thus far: HELL NO. Don't touch anything. Period. Ever. Agent - it is not YOUR walk-though, it is the BUYER'S walk-through. I'm not talking about legal issues or potential responsibility if you break a light switch.
I'm talking about...
The BUYER needs to confirm for themselves that they've made the right decision to purchase the property. This is a mental and emotional transition supported by the BUYER'S personal knowledge of the property. Agent - let the BUYER conduct their own inspection. You should be there to lend support and answer questions, but it's the BUYER's inspection. During the inspection process, the BUYER begins to bond with the physical aspects of the home, learning how all the buttons and switches work and where the furnace filters are. Just as most people learn better by doing than they learn by watching, it's better to let the BUYER learn how everything works by letting the BUYER touch, try, and inspect everything. As the BUYER finishes the inspection, they become empowered as homeowners. They gain confidence in their purchase and in their ability ot operate and maintain the systems within the home. And maybe - it could happen - they also gain an appreciation for the skilled agent who presented this wonderful opportunity to them, an opportunity that they verified FOR THEMSELVES is the right one for them.
I yield the soap box...
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Tue Jul 5, 2011
Carlos Ramirez answered:
It will depend on several factors, and most importantly the deal your broker has with the E&O company and with you. Talk to your broker regarding this.
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Wed Jun 22, 2011
Roberta Kayne answered:
Hi Everyone, thanks for your answers. I have sold lots of REOs, HUDs, etc. to buyers, but really I am looking to list REOs and I read somewhere that to do that you have to do BPOs. Now, it looks like I'm getting contradictory information. But I don't want to do BPOs if they are not going to lead to getting me listings and they look to be a lot of work for little money. Appreciate all of your input!
Roberta Kayne
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Thu Apr 7, 2011
Mott Marvin Kornicki answered:
Neural Response Telemetry, a mechanism to measure responses from cochlear implants
Nicotine replacement therapy, a stop-smoking treatment
Thalamic reticular nucleus (Latin: Nucleus reticularis thalami), a part of the thalamus (a structure within the brains of vertebrates) ... more
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Wed Mar 30, 2011
Jason Rush answered:
Sandy, I would agree with most all of the feedback you have received. The Pro is the the majority of the rent is received on the 1st like clock work, there is a
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Mon Mar 14, 2011
Roseanne Finocchiaro answered:
No I havent seen this trend at all. I agree with the Urban Team answer.
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Mon Mar 14, 2011
Jo Soss answered:
Wow - I can't believe how rude some of the comments have been. I think it is amazing that you have taken some of the "constructive" ones and implemented them. The only thing that I see on the first page is the large photo is probably too large. Try to get more of your "call to actions" above the fold.

I wish there was a "thumbs down" - I would love to use it on a couple comments!
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Sun Mar 13, 2011
Dallas Texas answered:
I am assuming you are your own broker than agent who works for a broker? Contact your local broad or State for recommendations OR other brokers in your area

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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Mon Nov 22, 2010
Florida Citizen answered:
Ron, that is the million dollar question asked by nearly all of the real estate agents I work with. Well, actually, it is THE question presented by every business owner today. Where can I find buyers???

To often the impluse to offer advise is irresistble. What would work best for you is dependant on what you have to work with, what you are willing to do, budget and available time.

It is easy to understand if you possessed a database to 10,000 citizens, your options are considerably different that the new agnet who lacks a database system and has no contacts who do not share DNA.

There are lots of effective options, but look towards your own resources before to choose to re-invent the wheel.
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Mon Oct 25, 2010
Jason Whaley answered:
In some states you need to give out an agency relationships form upon "First Substantiave Contact" which is law. In AZ, I print out a contract and bring it along the first time I show houses. I tell them the first trip is free, but if they want to see homes after that, they will be obligated to sign it before we look. I tell them they wouldn't like to work for free, and neither do I. I have a beautiful wife and three beautiful kids at home to feed, and they always sign it the second time, if not the first time when I show it to them. It will only take one or two times of looking at a bunch of homes before agent's decide to tighten up in this area. ... more
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Tue Sep 28, 2010
Loren Hoboy answered:
Florida Citizen
While this is an Agetn2 Agent Q&A. You made a comment I could not let stand.

"If there is a unoccupied 250 pound osprey nest in a dead tree four houses away, do I need to educate the buyer that if a bald eagle moves into the nest at any future time you will be prevented from making any constructural changes to your property until they leave? "

The answers is YES. As an agent we need to disclose this issue as a possible problem. It can be material to a buyer. In WA state I have seen an eagle's nest be a major factor in the use, construction practices and value of undeveloped land for this exact reason.
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Thu Sep 23, 2010
Dagmar Mouritsen answered:
Stephanie, I don't think you have any realistic chance getting an offer accepted by a lender with this contingency.
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Sat Sep 18, 2010
Loren Hoboy answered:
I am going to suggest a different forum (blog) to get good current information from active short sale sellers.
This site has a sub-blog devoted to Bank of America short sales problems and solutions.
Sign up for this blog
I have found it quite informative.

Ready Real Estate
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Sat Sep 18, 2010
Hi Bren,
I personally have discontinued all mailings.

Title companies will greatly assist so that you don't get too hard for the expense - have you done that?

It was so time consuming and with such little return - that was my experience. I have found the new wave of social networking to be so so much effective. I partner with my realtor agents and brainstorm ... I found the most awesome service that helps me work while they do the whole html / php (codes for websites) & SEO (search engine optimization) at a reasonable cost and so much better. Love it and it is working so well.
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Sat Sep 18, 2010
Home Savings of America - Check it out - really good customer service ... etc...
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Wed Jun 23, 2010
Eric Gibbs Sr answered:
I must tell you that I read every comment here and pretty much everyone s saying the same thing. I was thinking about myself and how I would of handled it. Honestly after the 3rd offer and then retracted it I would of had a serious conversation with the client. If after that conversation she had did the same thing I would have told her politely that she needs a new agent. My time and effort is worth something to me. It's a learning experience and I don't think taking her to court is the route to travel.
Good Luck.
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Tue Jan 12, 2010
The Urban Team answered:
I'm a bit confused... do you want to buy or are you offering your services and looking for referrals to investor buyers?

Most any good agent can find, preview and bring forward good properties that match your goals and needs. Are you looking for a agent to help you find good candidate properties? If so, we advise interviewing several agents in person and find one whose skills best match your needs. We'd be honored to be on your interview list if you move in that direction.

Hope you have great success in 2010.
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