why are so many people moving out of Maricopa?

Asked by Gigi, Maricopa, AZ Fri Apr 17, 2009

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Needtomove, Both Buyer And Seller, Maricopa, AZ
Thu Jan 7, 2010
Forgot to mention there really is a dairy right in town, Hogenes Dairy, that stinks and draws tons of flies mostly noticible in the summer. You cannot even eat outside as the flies will gather on your meal. More dairies located outside the town but still close by; smell and dust that makes one cough continually. There is a brown cloud hovering over the area quite often, no doubt from the cattle milling around. Maricopa was tested for air quality some time back and failed the test. Read the local papers here. Real eyeopeners.
This town is the poster child for police as well; they are thick as the flies and will pull you over for some minuscule thing with a bad attitude and lack of politeness.
I have lived here for many years before this was an incorporated town and have noticed that with the new lowered home prices and many foreclosures it has brought a new crowd of homeowners that needed the govt. help to purchase a first home and don't make the best neighbors.
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You sound like a angry and very bias person. get your colon cleaned; you will feel better!
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kodysspecial…, Home Buyer, Maricopa, AZ
Sat Apr 18, 2015
I have been here under two months and hate it. yes the smell is terrible the people are rood and there is nothing to do for a city man like me. i need some industrialism. i guess it wouldn't be so bad if the mountains were a little closer as well. sucks my licence is suspended... don't move here. period. by the way they made me take the profanity out of the original message...
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Needtomove, Both Buyer And Seller, Maricopa, AZ
Thu Jan 7, 2010
One thing not mentioned in the previous answers is the utilities. Global Water and ED3 electricity control the water/elec. to the new homes and their rates are extremely high, moreso than in the Valley, AND they are going up yearly. Attend the city meetings; you will know real fright if you live here. In Dec. the Az Corporation Commission came to town to listen to complaints and over 700,000, yes, 700,000 people showed up to scream. It didn't help, just delayed for a short period of time the rate increases coming. Run. Who knows what will happen to this town when it implodes.
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Only 50000 people live in Maricopa and 700000 showed up? This is bs.
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Steelrsrv, , Maricopa, AZ
Tue Oct 13, 2009
There has been allot of movement in Maricopa because of the boom and subsequent bust of the Real estate market.

I think there are two very different types of people who live in Maricopa. The first are the people who bought during the boom or shortly there after that have lost money in their home, maybe have had to shortsale or have been foreclosed on.These people obiosly are upset, and focus on the negatives such as the distance to central phoenix, the lack of certain amenities such as movie theaters ect.

The second type of person are those who have bought after the price adjustment and see the positives which are a small town that is within commuting distance to phoenix and doesn't have the problems of the larger metro area.

As with all topics the true answer is probably a mix of the two. I for one am a fan of Maricopa, I have met allot of great people there. Like any city there are things that can be improved but as a whole I am a big fan.
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Traderjosie, Home Seller, Maricopa, AZ
Sun May 17, 2009
I feel you are wrong. Why would anyone want to stay in Maricopa and smell the cow poop daily and swat the bugs that the cows draw. Maricopa, I've found in the past 5 years, is very unhealthy. I know a ton of people that got sick from living out here. Terribly sick. The air is very unhealthy as well as the water. The environment sucks.

Also it is really far from everywhere!

The caliber of people that live here are below average.

If you don't agree with me that is ok, I am expressing my opinion like you and you most likely won't agree with me. Check out 85239, the Maricopa website and you'll find more answers like these.
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Carlos Ramir…, Agent, Mesa, AZ
Sat Apr 18, 2009

I assume you are referring to Maricopa City and not Maricopa County. The fact that there is a high foreclosure ratio (and a high number of homes for sale) in the city does not mean that many people are leaving. Practically all the people I know who have sold their homes in Maricopa are renting in the same area.

Maricopa experienced an incredible growth during the boom years, when all the ridiculous loans were given out. Those are the ones who are now facing foreclosure now. For that same reason the rate of foreclosures is one of the highest in and around Phoenix, which in turn creates an incredible buying opportunity. The high supply of homes have created incredible bargains. Many out of state investors are now buying in the area and multiple biddings are very common.

I wouldn't really say that people are moving out of Maricopa.

ABR - Accredited Buying Representative
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Cops and more cops. Roving patrols on every street in the city. black criminals and thugs wandering around walking all over with hoodies on in middle of summer with baggy pants. Home invasions, drugs, obese families from the midwest all strung out on welfare. Dairy farms with the odor of manure everywhere constantly, constant dirt and dust flu viruses always prevalent anytime of year. Absurd amount of interracial couples usually a fat white blonde women with an obese or cracked out black man or boy. Lot's of mullato kids wandering around up to no good. Restaurants all suck cheaply or undercooked food with inexperienced teenagers running the kitchens. All the banks tellers are nosey too. BEWARE!!!
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