We are relocating to the Denver area and have the choice between Highlands Ranch and Louisville. What are pros and cons of each area? Thank you!

Asked by Patti, Grand Rapids, MI Mon Jul 18, 2011

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John Ebel, Agent, Litttleton, CO
Tue May 14, 2013
Highlands Ranch and Louisville are comparable with respect to amenities, shopping, etc. and home prices and selection. Tax rates are also similar. Louisville does offer more variety in neighborhoods. Highlands Ranch is all under one master HOA and that's not for everyone. Access to the beautiful Rockies is very good from either locale.
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Jan Baer, Agent, Littleton, CO
Wed Jan 23, 2013
Both Areas have many pro's, it really depends on where you work and how long you are willing to commute each day. Denver is growing fast, as it is a beautiful place to live and we enjoy 312 days of sunshine per year! The down side to growth and urban sprawl is traffic! Check out these web site for details of each suburb, but you may want to consider neighborhoods close to Light Rail and good RTD public transportation, access to the mail carpool routes :)

I moved half way round the world from Australia to live in beautiful Colorado. We chose Littleton for the convenience to down town, light rail, great schools and access to C-470 to get to the mountains and to the Airport, easily. Please give me a call to discuss your relocation and Real Estate needs, this is my area of expertise! Cheers Jan Baer REALTOR 303-931-5853 Jannobaer@Gmail.com
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Tom Waldren, Agent, Lakewood, CO
Thu Jan 10, 2013
I love it. Patti, you have 15 Realtors providing you with their opinion. In the end it all boils down to spending some time visiting the communities and getting a feel for them. Sometimes that isn't practical, but if you get a chance, come on out. Eat spaghetti at the Blue Parrot in Louisville, visit the Rec. centers in Highlands Ranch and even come out and go for a hike in my little paradise of Roxborough Park. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of any of the neighborhoods. What matters is what you think and how it all works for your family. I think any of us responding can all agree that we love Colorado and we welcome you to our beautiful state. It has something for everyone.

Tom Waldren
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Sonja G Nagel, Agent, Arvada, CO
Tue Jan 8, 2013
I would suggest you look in both locations and pull up the community information. Being a native of Colorado I can say both have plus and minuses . It would be best to sit down with a broker or have a phone meeting and go over all your needs, hobbies, and working situation.. Then we can determine which location is closer to your ideals. Call anytime and I would be happy to send you any information I have on file and or my experience of Colorado. It is gods country and you will be happy in either location, if that is where we find your dream home ! Sonja
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Julie Montgo…, , 80238
Fri Dec 21, 2012
Hi and you will love Denver! Depending on where you work, avoid an I-25 commute regardless ... what a daily nightmare! Louisville is closer to Boulder than Denver, so that is a major consideration. Highlands Ranch is a southern suburb. Both are family-oriented, reasonably affordable (you can buy a great house for around $300K). Ignore that last comment about Roxborough ... LOL. Roxborough is the WORST for high taxes, high prices for water and the worst commute ever!!!! These people ... best of luck. Julie Montgomery, RE/MAX Masters, Inc., Greenwood Village, CO. http://www.jmontgomery.com
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Tom Waldren, Agent, Lakewood, CO
Mon Dec 17, 2012
Neither! Roxborough is the way to go. I've lived in Roxborough for fifteen years. We are surrounded by two state parks and a national forest. The Platte river runs through our neighborhood and everyone comes to our area to get out of Highlands Ranch because it's too crowded and noisy. Just kidding. I like Highlands Ranch too, but it's different. If you want to get away from it all without getting away from it all, Roxborough is the way to go. Google Arrowhead Golf course and you'll see what I'm talking about. Hiking, mountain biking, horse back riding, fishing, boating, and peace and quiet are the norm for us. All kinds of critters. We even have a neighborhood moose!

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Brooke Hengst, Agent, Centennial, CO
Wed Jul 20, 2011
Hi Patti,

Well personally I am a little bias because I live and work in Highlands Ranch, however I've heard wonderful things about the Louisville area as well.

As much as I would like to rav about all things that Highlands Ranch has to offer (great neighborhoods, amazing rec centers, trails, open space, wonderful schools, local culture, proximity to about anything you would ever need and more), I think it is really a personal decision that you will need to make based on how you feel in each area.

Based on your jobs, this may help you make this decision as well. Highlands Ranch is in the south metro area and is an easy commute into Denver if need be. My husband takes the light rail into downtown Denver everyday and this works wonderfully for our household.

I too relocated here from another state and as a family and Realtor, I was drawn to Highlands Ranch for all the opportunities that it gave me as a home owner. I am now in a community that I love and the homes in the Ranch truly offer me the opportunity to not only help people find home ownership in our community (whether they be first timers or down sizers) and also gives me the dream to live in a truly remarkable community that I treasure.

With that being said, I do have a good friend (and Realtor) that is very familiar with Louisville. I would be happy to link the two of you for you to pick her brain on that area.

Let me know if you will be doing a site visit as I would love to grab a coffee and answer any of your questions.

Best of luck in your relocation! You will truly love this great state of Colorado!

Brooke Hengst
Your Castle Real Estate
(720) 988-5952
Web Reference:  http://www.brookehengst.com
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Mike Henders…, , Denver, CO
Tue Jul 19, 2011
Interesting choices. I wonder how you came up with them. The two communities are very dissimilar. The geography is COMPLETELY different.

Geography - One is the farthest north you can be in the metro area. Highlands Ranch is about the farthest south. I'd really like to know where you are planning on working at. The drive between the two areas I'm guessing is over an hour during rush hour. You won't be commuting between these two areas, but you're going to be going somewhere.

Type of community. Louisville is a real small town feel in a metropolitan area. I think there are three areas that have a real small town feel. Cal Marcelis (s.p) who used to be director of RTD and wanted that small town feel. He was very big on community planning and wanted a small town feel. The only three areas that he was looking at were Littleton, Arvada, and Louisville.

Highlands Ranch is the prototype of the suburb community. It's got covenants everywhere. I think this is one of the biggest factors I feel is do you want this or not. I think you missed a lot of communities that you may like.

Figure out what type of community you want and get a local agent to help you.

Go Wolverings. If you need help give me a call 303-949-5848
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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Tue Jul 19, 2011
Hello Patti!
It comes down to spaghetti. Dine at the Blue Parrot in Louisville and you are bound to fall in love with Louisville.

Of course, I am only half serious. Great restaurants can be found everywhere along the Front Range. Family-owned Blue Parrot has long been a favorite for decades. People have been coming to the area for the climate, spaghetti and jobs for better than a century. Instantly likable is Louisville's small town feel.

I recently reestablished some friendships in Littleton and Highlands Ranch. But, I don't plan to return. I made Longmont my home and I have lived here for several decades. (Longmont is just up the road from Louisville.)

My choice probably was personal taste. There are many positives to be said about both communities. The jobs picture, commute times, proximity to recreation are comparable.

The great thing I find about Louisville (and Longmont) is its proximity to Boulder and the University of Colorado campus. Boulder is a restaurant mecca, though Louisville's dining is beginning to grow in reputation. Boulder is cited for its very active lifestyle, its entertainment offerings and the incredible diversity of restaurant offerings. If you have an afternoon free for skiing, Eldora is close enough to get in a few runs. The views from both areas are stunning. I should mention that Louisville has a great recreation center.

The schools in the area are excellent.

A few years ago, ConocoPhillips announced it will build a major research facility in Louisville. The city has been very excited about its stated plans and is awaiting word on how the Conoco spinoff will affect this project that is still on the drawing board. Both areas have aerospace jobs. Ball Aerospace is practically in Louisville's back yard. High technology is concentrated in the area.

You can get to know an area by spending time there. This is what I suggest. Walk around the the town centers and talk to people. Highlands Ranch is a community that was designed by Mission Viejo of California. It had a buildout of more than 20 years when its plans were brought to Douglas County in 1979. Louisville is a much older community that has transitioned to a suburban and high tech economy.

PML of Longmont, CO
720 810 0683
Web Reference:  http://www.suzrealestate.com
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Sally Grenier, Agent, Boulder, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
I think most of the agents have pretty much hit the nail on the head...all depends on what you're looking for, how close to you want to be to work, mountains, city, etc. I have to disagree with the agent who said Lousville Schools aren't great. They actually ]are excellent, and part of Boulder Valley School District.

I live in eastern Boulder County and specialize in the towns east of Boulder (i.e. Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, & Longmont). I'd be happy to show you around the area sometime.
Web Reference:  http://www.sallygrenier.com
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Steve Scheer, Agent, Englewood, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
Hi Patti,

All the answers are good so far and I'm sure some online research can help a bunch. I also live and work primarily in Highlands Ranch. Here's a link to my blog, http://www.denver-realestateonline.com, feel free to poke around and let me know if I can answer more questions and if I can help with your move. The web reference below will take you straight to Highlands Ranch related information. Thank you.

Steve Scheer
Realty Oasis - Metro Brokers
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Julie Reddin…, , Highlands Ranch, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
This is a tough one to answer because who are we to say. It is difficult for anyone to say “I think you should live here because ..”. Yes I might like the area but if there is one thing I have learnt along the journey it is that life throws many choices at you, and we all pick something a bit different.

Like when your gut will tell you you have found ‘the home of your dreams’, the same applies to areas. I recommend you visit both of them, and visit them again before you find ‘the one’. You will be drawn to scenery, the architecture, ‘the vibe’.

So, before any of us say “I think you should live here”, I would prefer to know everything (well not quite everything but close) about you, your partner, your future plans, your lifestyle etc. Architecture of the home will dictate certain areas, if you want a lot of land, modern lifestyle, family plans?

I know, love and live in Highlands Ranch, so if this is the area you decide, give me a shout. Hopefully this will help

So, jump in the car and absorb the area and homes in them. When you feel you are closing in, you can narrow the property search down. And (fingers crossed) everything else should fit into place. I relocated here a few years ago, and the chances are you will make a few hiccups along the way, and hindsight is a beautiful thing, but hopefully relocating to either the start of your adventure a fun and exciting one.

720 226 4168
"The House Hunter in Denver"
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Daniel Herron, Agent, Lakewood, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011

These two choices are quite the opposite living areas. I'd like to understand more why you have those two choices because you may have a whole lot more choices.

Louisville has some of the small town appeal and is the choice for people who want to be close to Boulder and not pay Boulder prices. Louisville was the fastest growing city in the nation about 5 years ago and has since slowed down, so you can find older homes built in the 50's or you can find brand new pretty easily. You can find homes in almost any price range.

Highlands Ranch is a subdivision in the far south of Denver. Its got homes from the 70's to brand new. Homes from the 200k-well over a million. You have a couple town centers in Highlands Ranch and plenty of amenities. People either love or hate highlands ranch and the people that love it live there. Its a great place to live, lots of trails and open space.

There are deals to be had in both places and there are lots of things in between. Littleton, Centennial, and Lone Tree border on Highlands Ranch and offer lots and lots of choices. Broomfield, Boulder, and many others are very close to Louisville and offer a variety of choices also.

Let me know if you need any more help deciphering.

Daniel Herron
Keller Williams Realty
Web Reference:  http://www.HerronsHomes.com
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Derrek Patri…, Agent, Greenwood Village, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011

Both are great communities. I live and specialize in Highlnads Ranch. Should Highlands Ranch be your choice I am happy to help. Best of luck and I am sure you will be happy either way!

Derrek S. Patrick
Web Reference:  http://www.derrekpatrick.com
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Josh Lopez, Home Owner, Denver, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
Well in a nut shell and in my professional opinion here are the pros & cons of each.

Louisville: Pros: Louisville is a great place to live if you want to be near to Boulder but not have to pay for the cost of living in Boulder. It is also closer to the city than boulder so is close to the mountains and is an outdoor type of community. (I just sold a house there and the buyers don't even own a TV!) Louisville itself is fairly small compared to Highlands Ranch and other cities in CO. So it does have that smaller town feel (this is a pro & a con depending on perspective.) Also it is going to have a little bit more variety than a place like Highlands Ranch which can be considered somewhat "Cookie Cutter"

Cons: It is a ways from the city and its does not have all the same amenities that a bigger place like Highlands Ranch would have. The school system is not as... strong as a place like Highlands Ranch or the more well known Cherry Creek Schools in CO. Louisville also might be a little bit more expensive per square foot.

Most of the pros and cons of highlands ranch are also listed above. but in a nutshell, highlands ranch is a big suburban area with a good, high and quality standard of living along with good schools and safe neighborhoods. Louisville is going to be a little bit more expensive but have a much more outdoorsy feel to it, it may feel a little bit more like a community than all of Highlands Ranch. But both places are great places to live! I hope you make the trek here!

If you want to see homes in either area feel free to give me a call!
Josh Lopez
Broker Associate
The Kentwood Company
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Brian Burke, Agent, Highlands Ranch, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
What a Choice Highlands Ranch is as far South as you can go in the Denver Metro Area and Louisville is way north. Two Different Worlds. We live in Highlands Ranch and Love it. Is is a Planned area with many trails, Parks, Rec Centers, and stuff to do. Highlands Ranch is Bigger Than Louisville but is a Subdivision, not a city.
Louisville is right next to boulder and is Great also. Not as many planned areas.
I am bias and like Highlands Ranch because it is my home. Check out http://www.kennarealestate.com
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Pamela Meyer, , Littleton, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
Additionally, you may email me privately at Pamela@DenverHomeNavigators.com.

Be well,
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Pamela Meyer, , Littleton, CO
Mon Jul 18, 2011
Your decision on location would depend more on your family's work locations, ages of children (if any) and your desired school choices. Geographically - Louisville is on the North side of the metro area and Highlands Ranch is to the south.
http://www.louisvilleco.gov or http://www.highlandsranch.org
I would be happy to discuss your family's needs and desires and may be able to provide some direction.
Pamela Meyer 303-506-0106, Keller Williams, DenverHomeNavigators.com
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