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Wed Dec 3, 2014
Calvin James answered:
I have a large south facing window in my home. Since we live on top of a hill we get lots of sun exposure there. We wanted to find a way to limit the negative effect of the sun in the summer and enhance it in the winter so we purchased a retractable awning. We are saving quite a bit on utilities now! I'm glad I went with my wife on this idea! ... more
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Tue Mar 4, 2014
Dorene Slavitz answered:
Real Estate is a very rewarding and exciting business. It is time consuming, however, and with four children it might be a challenge. It actually depends upon the ages of your children, if they are all small I would say no. If they are teens or older, you might be able to do it.
Some things to consider:
The times when families are normally together (Sat &Sunday) are the times when we are working. We are also very busy during Summer so that is another thing to consider.
On the other hand, business is traditionally slower during Holidays (Christmas) .
You can set up a "home office" and work mostly from there, that is very conducive to family life.
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Tue Jul 3, 2012
Jeff Byrd answered:
Dukestate, This example raises a lot of concerns.. From State license law to RELATOR ethics issues to possible RESPA issues, I would not feel comforatable as an agent being involved with something like this until I spoke to the Department of Commerce and an attorney. If your friend is uncomfortable I am sure the Department of Commerce could begin to give some direction. ... more
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Fri May 6, 2011
Brad Anderson answered:
You need to choose a broker to hold your license. Interview a few before deciding, there are some big differences in splits, education, etc. Good luck.
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Fri Jan 21, 2011
Mark Claessens e-Pro NHSS answered:
I was going to be really cool and give you a really great answer . . . until I read what Patti Ann wrote. Heck, I even gave her a thumbs up!

That list is awesome, my friend. The only thing I will add, which she did not, would be to me personally the most important consideration: the company you work for.

I have for many years heard agents tell me, "It doesn't matter who your broker is. I am branding myself and they will want to work with ME, not my company." This is 100% false. I could go on and on for hours about this but won't.

Let me preface my one and only point by saying that I have high respect for many agents out there. Pattin Ann is highly respected, yet without clicking on her profile I can honestly say I don't know who she works for. But I am an agent, not a customer. But going further, so noone misunderstands, I also know that if I am around for 30 years and swtich brokers 3 times, my client that has purchase 3 homes and sold 3 homes with me, will truthfully and most likely follow me. I am specifically here, Mplsrealtor, dealing with you STARTING OUT.

Now that we have established that . . .

Pick a good company that matches your M.O. I would suggest interviewing lots of brokers and getting a lot of information. You need to know what kind of training and support they will give you. Do they have weekly sales meetings? Do they have training sessions and motivational meetings? Do they have good strong corporate legal counsel so you can get straight answers? And even more important, do YOU have access to the legal counsel? Some brokers will not allow the agents to talk to their legal counsel, it is up to you to retain an attorney and pay for it. And I can tell you that after 8 years in this business I call our legal council at least once a week and sometimes more. I need that.

I need to know the culture of the office and know if I am going to be all alone out there, or if I sit down with an experienced agent and ask for some advice if they are going to be kind and share with me. That was HUGE to me.

But at the top of your list should be technology. We are in that world now, and you need a lot of it. Find out what they offer with their website and if you get one. If you do, how do they drive traffice there. How about the electronic transaction and CMA software? How about accessing all of your records (i.e. personal, production, sales, goals, etc.)? To me this was one of the most important factors for me. And I had to have major technological advantages over my peers with other brokers. But besides this, and maybe more imporant yet, was the role of this technology in taking care of my clients. I needed access to everything, and have it all in one place. You can go out there on the web and finde just about anything. And you can pay $5000 a month to have it. I have everything I need in one place and they constantly are staying on the cutting edge of it. So they keep blowing me away with new stuff and I am happy as can be.

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Fri Jan 21, 2011
Mark Claessens e-Pro NHSS answered:
Hi, Joe . . .

I'm not a Twitter fan, but maybe some day. I do a LOT on FB and believe that is the best venue out there. I would first of all mirror the advice from Felix, though. You can NOT continually throw out all your real estate stuff at them. They will all UNfriend you pretty quick. There has to be a mix. Yes, they need to see that you are doing real estate, and more importantly that you are doing well and have a lot of knowedge. But they also need to keep seeing you share photos of your deer hunting trip and hear about your latest escapade at the car dealership.

I REALLY like what Felix said about humor. People need variety, but homor is contageous. Do they want to go on there and keep hearing the updates from Joe and Stephanie and mom telling them that they just went to the doctor for the 18th time and can't figure out what is wrong with xxx? No. Do they want to laugh? Yes. They want brief entertainment and informative clips. So variety is the key.

My profile shows that I love real estate. But is also shows tha I love other things. Yes, when I make a price adjustment I go to my website, click the FB linke and post it to my profile. I regularly post updates about the market or most recently, the fact tha ERM can now do loans down to 500 credit scores! This now has people emailing me asking questions about it.

But the reason they are still looking at y profile and actually reading it is because yesterday I may have posted a funny video or cross-linked an article or post or video from another friend and commented. It also helps to pay attention and take the time to wish people Happy Birthday! The variety is very important.

Oh, and this should go without saying: keep it clean!! I have had a few "suggestive" posts tha appeared and an aquaintance or two that would post vulgar things. I am not into that and don't want it on my wall. So you may have to kick some people off your friends list if that happens.

I can tell you that last year I had two transactions that started only because of FB. I already have two things I am working on now that were leads from FB. I also have a handful of others that have not transpired yet, but I did a CMA for them and one day we will work together and sell their home.

It is the best way I feel (Facebook) to interact with your friends and their friends. I know a lot more but can't tell you everything.

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Thu Jan 20, 2011
Steve Scheer answered:
Yes, I am definitely seeing increases as well. Hoping it continues!
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Tue Oct 19, 2010
Jennifer Hennemuth answered:
I would guess it may actually be a squirrel or chipmunk if it is in the attic or ceiling- what time of day or night are they noticing it? They can contact the humane society and they should be able to refer them to someone who will trap and relocate the animal(s) rather than resort to killing them. In my experience mice tend to be in the walls or basement - but it could be mice....sorry I don't have an exterminator referral. ... more
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Fri Aug 27, 2010
Lee Stegall answered:
All the answers may confuse you. It's really simple. An Appraisal will not ever consider the tax assessor amounts, period. There are errors on taxes, homesteads, improvements that the assessor has not discovered, either permitted or non-permitted.
Taxes are never considered in appraising the value of property.
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Thu Mar 25, 2010
Kristin Bolinske answered:
A MN based/ licensed attorney does not need a real estate license. I would strongly advise using an attorney that is experienced in the field.
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