My home is in Lake Oswego in the Indian Creek area. Your web site lists this area as having an increase in

Asked by neetz421, Seller in 970356 Tue Dec 11, 2007

sale prices and and a decrease in days on market. Yet I've read all over about the housing market coming to a crash. Is it ok for me to sell my home now or should I wait the estimated 10 years to see a sellers market again.

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Alice Woodwo…, , Boring, OR
Tue Apr 5, 2011
Hello Indian Creek,

Most of the "advice" you have gotten have been poorly veiled attempts to push listing services and give no solid advice. Other responses deal with vague information, failing to get to the guts of the matter you have asked about. None have answered your second question with any certainty - and all respondants fail to ask a most important questions. Here is the bottom line down and dirty honest response to what you have asked:

In response to waiting for the "seller's housing" market to return: Don't plan on properties in the LO or greater PDX area to regain values back to the artificial high during the boom. Despite what you might hear from the Realtors who like spin; LO has not finished dropping in value. Should it regain any substantial value it will be a long time coming and at a cost while you wait it out. Consider how much might you be over paying to support the debt on your property during this perod? If your mortgage is higher than the cost of renting or getting a new mortgage on a similar property then you are going against any tide of possble and very modest future increase in value. This needs to be factored into the big picture when considering any potential future increase in value. If you own our home free and clear then that's a different matter.

In answer to your first question, if you should sell now; The answer comes from evaluating two issues.
a) Repeating an earlier point: Is your property monthly cost higher than the cost to rent or buy a similar property at today's costs and mortgage interest rates?
b) Is your property underwater? (Do you own more than the current market value?)

If your answer is yes to both these questions then you need to dump the property now - without delay - as it is an upside down non performing investment. If your answer is yes to only one of these questions then there might be a reason to hold on - only so long as you can afford the monthly cost from your regular income and you are not using savings or other credit to maintain the mortgage and other payments associated with the property. Should you not afford the monthly payment then sell.

Best of luck.
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John Bungo,…, , Lake Oswego, OR
Wed Mar 16, 2011
Chris, John & Gail are all correct. A good agent can help you plan, but for any of us to do a good job for you we are going to need to see your home and hear your dreams. The key is that you are hiring (if you list) a professional, a trusted advisor. Take your time and visit with the agents you interview because you are going to need to know that your agent has your best interest at heart.

John B
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John Biniews…, Agent, Lake Oswego, OR
Thu Sep 23, 2010
Hello There!
Your decision on whether to sell your home now or wait depends on a number of factors; what is your reason for selling? That's a question only you know the answer. The Northwest is still showing slight increases in some areas.

The bottom line is if you choose to sell at this time you will also be paying less at this time to purchase another home.

If you'd like, I can email you the specific sales information for your neighborhood. My office is located in lake Oswego.

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Gail O'Conne…, , Lake Oswego, OR
Wed Sep 1, 2010
I know how confusing statistics can be right now. It might help to have an agent run a Comparitive Market Analysis for you. You will be able to establish a current value for your home and it is FREE! It will be hard to finalize your decision until you know what your home is worth.

Also, remember value is established differently in every neighborhood. For instance you have a unusual benefit that allows kids to walk or ride their bikes to schools in the neighborhood without going out to busier streets. This may give a value and a quicker sale to your area.

Please feel free email or call me if I can answer your questions and concerns. Gail
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Troy Johnston, Agent, Beaverton OR, OR
Sat Jul 19, 2008
Have you listed yet? I drive through your neighborhood and homes are sold and another pending recently. I recommend getting a couple opinions and find out if the numbers make sense because you could really find the home you love if your moving up but be prepared to move quickly if your listing this summer. Also if you have HOA for the pool then don't list in the winter!
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Chris Aldrid…, Agent, Portland, OR
Sun Dec 30, 2007
Your decision on whether to sell your home now or wait depends on a number of factors; what is your reason for selling? That's a question only you know the answer to. As for what the Portland market is doing - homes are selling. The Pacific Northwest is still showing slight increases in most areas.

The earlier answer about Portland and double-digit appreciation pretty much changed in the spring of this year. According to the Portland MLS, for the month of November 2007, median price appreciation was 2.5% over November 2006. In Lake Oswego, we're faring a little better; median price appreciation for the same period is 5.1% and currently stands at $465,000.

If you'd like, I can email you the specific sales information for your neighborhood. I live and work in lake Oswego.

Happy New Year!
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