Is it a good time to buy in the Mission San Jose area, Fremont. Are the prices dropping in this area?

Asked by Desnett, DeSouza Tue Apr 1, 2008

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Meena Gujral, Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Thu Apr 22, 2010
Hi Desnett,

I just wanted you to know that if you are still looking in the Mision San Jose area, I just listed a home yesterday at 51 Castro Lane, Fremont, Ca. 94539. It is a 5 bderoom home beautifully updated listed for $1,499,000. If you would like to see it, please let me know at 510-279-9580 or go to my website at:

You can also see the virtual tour by going to:

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Cheng, , 08817
Tue May 6, 2008
My sister just called, and she got this wonderful house!…

Not sure if it is a good time to buy in Fremont area, but my sister said mom is getting older, so she would like to buy a nice house that she like for her. She said, sometimes, money is not as important as mom's feeling, and my mom only loves this house in Fremont.

We have to buy at Fremont near Mission View Estate because my other sister lives there, and she has been flying down to Los Angeles to visit my mom every month; it has been a hassel, so it would be great that we all live together, and I agree.

Once my sister move over to Fremont, then it shall also be much easier for us to visit all of them. Her dream is that we also move to CA and to Fremont.

One thing for sure is that once she moved to Fremont, she got hundreds of others wealthy friends will also buy houses at Fremont.
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Jack Hannah, Both Buyer And Seller, Fremont, CA
Sun May 4, 2008
Sigh... I remember during 2003 - 2006, there were realtors who kept upbidding, and even asking sellers - why is the price so low (the buyer's agent) - no I am not kidding. I saw it with my own eyes during an open house.
Remember, during every overbid, the realtor makes a lot of money - the only person who loses is the buyer.
In the Bay area, a realtor does not work. Period. People just buy what they can afford. I have yet to find a realtor who has the buyer's interest at heart. So asking questions like yours here, will simply solicit answers from already-too-rich-without-working realtors , who are just like used car salesmen.
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Elaine Endsl…, Agent, Fremont, CA
Wed Apr 30, 2008
I am a Mission San Jose Specialist. Call me today for updates on new listings.
Elaine Endsley
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Cheng, , 08817
Wed Apr 30, 2008
My sister is living at Hunter Ln Fremont, and we visited her last weekend because my son just got admitted to UC Berkeley and we need to take him to Berkeley OHP (Overnight Host Program).

We are thinking to buy a house at Fremont as my mom and her housekeeper would like to live with us from Los Angeles, so we spent Sunday afternoon with local realtor to see 5 houses.

We love the one asking $2.5m and made an offer on it, but our offer was not accepted; it has another offer. I was told that we may not be able to get it, but we are hoping to get it, especially, my other sister also want to move to Fremont from Los Angeles; her son want to go to Stanford Univ.

We are also buying a condo near UC Berkeley Campus and document all my finding so far and went to see this wonderful 1732 Highland Pl Berkeley CA, but we were told it was sold over the asking price (any realtor can confirm?)

So, we may still need to continue looking to buy a condo at Berkeley, and continue to shop at Fremont for our family moving from New Jersey.

Our plan is that if we can not buy a condo at Berkeley ($500k!!!) for my son going to Berkeley, we may want to buy a condo or townhouse walk to Fremont BART, and my sister drove us to BART when we left, and it seems to be smooth from Fremont to Downtown Berkeley BART, so my son my commute from Fremont to Berkeley.

In the mean time, thanks for Bob who seemed to posted some nice houses that I just emailed to my sisters at Fremont and San Marino, if we can not get that $2.5m house, maybe we can get two or three smaller ones so that we can still live closeby and near my sister at Fremont.

I also called my brother Winston 510 773-1099 who are in furniture warehouse business and see if he can help us to obtain brand new furniture at great warehouse price so that we do not need to ship everything from NJ.

I just found out my Berkeley classmates Edith and David also living at Fremont working at Silicon Valley, and so are their sisters and brothers; I think it would be a fun to living in a town with many old friends.

While we were there, we were very impressed with the World Buffet and Lion City shopping center(?) that has Little Taipei and great Japanese restaurant. While we were there, everyday we had many friends and relatives invited us to different restaurants. They said if we move to town, the whole area would be so crowd because I used to run Kuang Jen Alumni Assocation that has thousands friends, and if every good friend take us to dinner, it would last for years...

Again, thanks for all your info, and I got this thread because we also visited Mission San Jose High School for our other kids. We also heard that Fremont has one of the best Chinese school, so let's see ...

By the way, since we visit many open houses over the weekend, there were many buyers out there to compete with us. One house asking $1.8m which we like a lot too got 3 offers... just fyi.

On the other hand, if you, Bob, got any great deal, please do not hestate to post so that maybe we can benefit from them, and my brother Winston can help you get nice brand new furniture at warehouse price to save you thousands of dollars.
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Elaine Endsl…, Agent, Fremont, CA
Tue Apr 29, 2008
The age old answer to this question is "location, location, location" Most homeowners located in the Mission Schools enrollment area will continue to receive a good price for their properties. The demand for the schools are very high, therefore prices have continued to climb. In addition the location and climate in Fremont is very good. I consider Fremont to be a hub surrounded by the Silicon Valley, San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Hayward, the entire East Bay with a close proximity to the ocean and the mountains. The climate is the best, with very little fog, and hardly any smog. The city is growing with promises of new restrauants, and shopping along with the A's stadium. Pacific Common has become an asset to the homeowners in the Mission San Jose Area.
I am a Mission San Jose Neighborhood Specialist. I live and work in the area. Contact me regarding homes in Antelope Hills. You may view a visual tour on my website.
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Bob, Home Buyer, Bay Area, CA
Mon Apr 14, 2008
First off, last time I checked, 1% of $1 million dollars is $10K, not 1K. Big difference and maybe I dont make as much as Andrea or the average realtor, but 10K is quite a bit of money to me.

Second, what happens if its closer to a 5% or 10% drop? Then you're talking 50 to 100K.

Cant happen? Check out:…

down from 1.8 to 1.5M…

Down from 1.76M to $1.7M

or this poor house, sitting on the market for 120+ days…

All Mission San Jose schools.

Realtors have incentive to create false sense of urgency because they dont make money if people dont buy and sell. I'd recommend waiting until you see the less desirable houses start moving, that's when we're more likely to be starting the upswing. I believe the bay area economy is going to get worse.
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Hi, , Virginia
Tue Apr 1, 2008
prices still declining


good luck
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Andrea Davis, , Fremont, CA
Tue Apr 1, 2008
Hi - Adding to CJ's comments which I felt we pretty accurate I would say that properties are moving at a strong pace in Fremont and ALWAYS in the Mission area. Is the price going to improve - well if anyone could say with certainy they would indeed have the Million Dollar answer, but for now lets just consider this: If the absolute bottom of the market is still a couple of months away and it were even 1% less then as opposed to now - you are talking about $1000. on a 1 Million dollar purchase - consider this fact - as the market continues to improve more and more buyers are flooding the market, spring is here and soon summer with families thinking of relocation for school purposes - this then becomes the competition. If you find the house of your Dreams now - do you really want to bet $1000 that it will still be avaiable in 2 months? That's the real question.

My advice if you want to gamble go to a casino - if you want a Home - then make the call. Research and time have a value, as a Professional Realtor familiar with the Mission area I recommend you enlist a Realtor to help you. Good Luck.

Andrea Davis
(925) 824-4801
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Meena Gujral, Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Tue Apr 1, 2008
Hi Desnet,

Just to give you some idea of the number of properties in the Mission area.
Currently there are 47 Active listings, 27 pending listings and 24 Sold listings since January 2008.
Mission is one area that does not drop too much when compared to other areas simply because people really want to be there for the excellent schools. With that said, there are rezoning issues in some areas of Mission and homes there have gone down in price with tose affected by the rezoning.
For the most part Mission has kept its value and as buyers you are fortunate that there are quite a few listings in that area since a few years ago there was very little on the market. You can also see that properties are selling with the pending and sold numbers above.
I would be happy to send you these listings if you are interested. Our office is also in the Mission area so we would love to help you.


Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty
40083 Mission Blvd
Fremont, Ca 94539
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CJ Brasiel, Agent, San Jose, CA
Tue Apr 1, 2008

In the last 30 years there has never been a time that the Bay Area had lots of home choices and low interest rates. Trying to pick the absolute bottom is difficult. There are great values all over the East Side. Depending on the neighborhood, Milpitas and Fremont have seen anywhere for 2-12% drop in average sales price over last year. It is very much about finding the right deal. Find a motivated seller (someone that HAS to move). Preferably, one with equity that may be open to helping with closing costs. Investigate short sales and foreclosures but in my opinion they are not always the best deals. Work with an agent who is really on top of the area you are interested in and you will find a good deal.

Good luck,
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