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I want to buy in cash is there any discount in the price if it is cash

Asked by silva, Albuquerque, NM Fri Sep 20, 2013

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Scott Godzyk’s answer
Perhaps, the key is how many other offers there are. With a shortage of listings for sale, there is many buyers interested in homes that are for sale. A seller does not have to discount the property as they once did. Some may not mind waiting for a higher price with contingencies but some may want a guaranteed sale and take a lower cash offer.
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Cash buyers always have negotiating power, if they can provide proof of funds. Sellers are more likely to consider a cash offer vs an offer that does not have loan pre-approval. You can ask for a discounted price, and might get more consideration if the seller is in a hurry and wants to close quickly. Just because you are a cash buyer does not mean you can buy for a dramatically low price, it depends on market conditions and seller motivation. A pre-approved mortgage is just about as good as cash offer, except that a cash purchase can probably close more quickly and possibly without the need to involve an appraisal in the process.
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Cash could in some cases HELP negotiate a lower price or portions of the costs of closing a transaction. It also will definitely save TIME in closing. Sellers are very fussy about the ability of the buyer's mortgage company to deliver what they want and what they want and mortgage companies and banks are notroriously slow to get everything ready for closing.

I hope this helps.Let me know if there are any other questions I can help you with.

Max Sklower
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Max, so very true.
Some buyers are completely unaware that the lender they choose will compromise their buying ability.
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Generally there is not a huge incentive for cash. At the end of the day it is all cash to a seller wether loaned or not. Sometimes I think banks on foreclosure's prefer cash buyers simply because many times the properties are in such rough shape you can not get a loan on the property through VA or FHA.
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Each deal is different, But letting the seller know its cash with a quick closing can sometimes get the deal done at a discounted amount...
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I don't care what state you live in, the cash word is good everywhere, and certainly in Albuq. too! You can get all sorts of favorite attention and you should... Cash gives you some definite advantages, but really, the seller is going to get cash anyway, (just has to wait a little longer), so you can use it however you can to your advantage because it's more fun to negotiate when there is a lot of green on the table rather than a promise to pay for bob's bank contingent on some things happening correctly.... Get all the angles you can while you can! Good luck!
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It's possible and you should certainly see if you can negotiate on that factor. Many buyers find people paying cash as a plus since it takes out the risk of a buyer not receiving funding.
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Cash is King as the saying goes. It makes for a very smooth and quick closing. That being said it is very likely that your offer would be looked at more seriously than an other even if your offer was for a lower price. Hope this helps. Happy shopping!
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In the world of "multiple offers" let's suppose a seller has two offers, a cash offer of $175,000 and a financed offer of $200,000. The only incentive a seller would have to take a cash offer would likely be that there wouldn't need to be any loan approval and the sale should happen without any hitch.

Many sellers in the present market would likely elect to wait out the loan process and gamble buyer approval for the extra money involved.

Should you be able to get a better deal with a cash offer. Of course....but it isn't a slam dunk by any stretch of the imagination.

Good luck,

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What city do you want to buy a home in?
If it is Albuquerque I can answer ALL of your questions.
To give you maximum service at no obligation can
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Max Sklower Owner of Broadcast Realty in Albuquerque
Than You and Good Luck. Hope to hear from you! Max
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It depends on the Sellers motivations. If the Seller is in need of a fast close they may be willing to take a cash offer that is slightly lower in price just so that they don't have to deal with the more lengthy loan process. If that is not a factor, however, and the Seller is not concerned about appraisal issues assocated with a loan, a cash buyer is not really at an advantage. In the end it will all be cash in the Sellers pocket whether it came from your bank acount or the mortage company's. Cash is king only when the cash offer is close in price to the highest financed offer.
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For motivated sellers you would have some advantages of paying cash. The closing should take at least 2-3 weeks so there's enough time for inspection, appraisal, title processing, finding insurance and for the seller to relocate. It is still faster since you don't have to go through the underwriting process with a lender.
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The only real advantages to a seller are that you can close quickly which is appealing to a seller if the house is already vacant or if they want to move quickly and that there's no question about financing. Other than these two items there is no particular advantage offered by a cash buyer.

If you're not prepared to close quickly if the buyer wants to, then you've already lost one of the only two advantages you have. Work with an experienced buyer broker and they can advise you on how to best structure your offer.

See the link below to find a great buyer broker regardless of where you're buying and after reading it; a good place to start is the Find an Agent link in the green bar at the top of every Trulia page.

Good Luck and Happy House Hunting.
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Most sellers favor buyers who can offer cash payment. Sellers don’t have to worry about a cash buyer being approved for loans, so it’s a very reliable choice for the seller. Plus, a cash transaction means a quicker and smoother sale. So, cash buyers have greater negotiating power on price, closing time, repairs, and more. Some sellers will discount the cost of the property if the buyer pays in full, upfront, with cash. When using cash, and not a loan, the home-buying process is quickened and becomes much easier for both parties. Without loans, there are no stacks of paperwork to fill out and you don’t run the risk of being delayed for approval.

Cash buyers can save money on closing costs, bank appraisals, mortgage applications and fees, title insurance, and more. There is no risk of loan denial with cash purchases. Cash buyers don’t have to pay interest on any loans, so they end up paying much less for their homes in the long run. Cash buyers have a better sense of security about their home. Paying in full and upfront eliminates the chance of losing your home if you can’t afford to repay mortgage loans. Losing a job, becoming injured, or facing other hardships doesn’t affect the cash buyer’s sense of security-no matter what the circumstances, there is never the risk of losing the home to foreclosure. Cash buyers gain full, immediate, excellent equity in their home. In the case of any type of financial emergency, homeowners can draw on that equity for quick cash.

If you would like to speak to me about the buying process, please feel free to contact me via 505-252-2715,, or I look forward to hearing from you.

Christella Padilla
Pargin Realty ERA
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Write up your offer, and send it. If your not working with a Realtor please let me know
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Cash does speak volumes! If you have two very close offers and one is cash, most sellers will opt for this as many loans fall apart. Cash offers can close as quickly as 10 days and many cash buyers will take the home "as-is" and waive inspections making their offers even more attractive. Lenders require certain inspections to be completed such as VA loan requires termite and pest inspection.

Offering a fair offer based on a Comparative Market Analysis while using cash is most definitely a benefit in a multiple offer situation. Call me if you need someone to work on your behalf.

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This usually depends on the situation and the additional conditions of the purchase offer. Many people, mistakenly feel that because they are purchasing in cash that they can expect a huge discount.

Consider yourself as the seller.....with multiple offers on your property. One is a $20,000 higher financed offer, while the other is one in cash. The only real benefit of offering cash is that the seller doesn't have to worry about the lender approving the buyer's loan. I for one would have to consider the benefit(s) of giving up $20,000.....

Hope this is helpful,

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Not always, but I would say that in many cases this makes your offer a very attractive option for a seller.
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every situation is unique every property owner has a different perspective on cash. With for closed properties that are distressed cash is king! Some properties may not close with a long so cash is the only option. With those properties buyers who were able to pay cash are going to experience a severe discount over the market price, but at the cost of needing to go in and do some renovations on the property. With a traditional property that's in good shape and is showing well cash is not going to be much different than all the other offer with financing and a pre-approval letter included. Most sellers are going to choose a higher offer even if it means going to the financing process.
I work with buyer's a lot and from my perspective I think the most important thing you can do is establish a good working relationship with your buyer broker. You want to be set up on a client portal so you're getting the properties you're interested in on the first day or two that they're on the market. You want to go out a couple of times with your agent so that you and she or he are on the same page and their understanding exactly what you're looking for. And you want someone with the critical eye who's going to be helping you to assess each property for its benefits and challenges, who's going to be honest about home inspections and repairs, and he's going to work hard to keep the transaction on track for closing on time for you getting the best property possible at your price range. If you'd like to establish a relationship like that with a designated buyer broker I'm here for you. You can call me at 5:05 4406 293. Please leave a message if I cannot pick up and I'd like to call you back and discuss your situation. Regardless of who you choose, I hope you get a great deal and what's most important, the right property for your needs!
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Hi Silva, wasn't what it used to be. There was a time when my cash buyers would win in multiple offer situations, even when their offer was lower than the financed offers. Today, not so much.

The primary benefits to the seller is time and costs. Since a cash buyer doesn't have to jump through all of the financing hoops, they can and are often expected to close quickly. Then, the savings it can provide the seller for the costs that would normally be requested by the buyer.

Now, if a cash buyer still needed 30 days to close, then their value would be virtually identical to a financed buyer who requested no lender closing costs assistance.

If you're interested in paying with cash, have your liquid funds ready. Be sure to have a verification of funds letter/statement available upon request.

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At the closing table, IT"S ALL CASH!
To get the discount you want, you need to highlight the benefit your cash offer presents such as:
* Close in four days
* Waive appraisal or no appriasal
* Inspect before making offer means no inspection contingency
* No insurance inspection
* Seller can get on with their life
These have real value.
Some cash buyers fail to leverage such advantages and pile on the contingencies not realizing, their offer has been reduced to the same level as a finaced offer.
To hit a home run, the conversation you had with the seller or listing agent may have revealed a few motivation elements that you should capitalize on.
When you saw the house, and you observed all the other cars full of buyers waiting for you to leave, this shouild give you a heads up and warn you not to go crazy. Remember, at the closing table, it's all cash, the speed in which you can get to the table is the VALUE of a cash offer.
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You could very well get it at a discount. Only way to know is to present an offer. If this particular home will not entertain a discount for cash I know of some that would. Let me know if I could help you out.
Thanks, Ron
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Hello. There are some savings to you when you purchase a property for cash. No loan fees especially the appraisal. The seller may consider a lower offer because there would be no financing that could fall through. Does that help? Can I answer anything else? Linda Coy, Keller Williams. 505-259-7477 or 505-271-8200
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Very possibly. If you are a cash buyer who is ready to move you are a more attractive buyer. Call me if you want to make an offer on this unit.
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