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Kellyltrc, Home Buyer in Belleville, IL

yeah what is it like living in 62220

Asked by Kellyltrc, Belleville, IL Sat Aug 20, 2011

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Belleville, IL has several different zip codes. 62220 is mostly downtown Belleville, while 62221 is the east side of Belleville and part of Shiloh, 62226 is the Swansea area of Belleville and some of the west end, along with 62223 also being mostly the west end of Belleville. 62220 is the downtown area for the most part, and would be close to some resturants downtown, the court house, etc. within walking distance for the most part. It has mostly older homes, etc. good access to the Metro Link, and not too far from Swic junior college, Lindenwood College, Scott AFB, more shopping in Fairview Heights and such, but you would have to drive
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Lived in this area all my life. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else! There is a sense of community and safeness here.
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i've lived here almost 9 years and was an 'outsider' from another town and i love it here. its close to alot of places but far enough away that it has the quite feel of a small town. close to stl and fairview
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If you want an honest answer about the area you are looking to buy a home call the local police department.
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Have a nice Holiday weekend!
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At the same time i would want a realtor who will to upfront and honest about the area I am inquiring about. Have made friends with a family that was transplanted from CO to Belleville via the Airforce only had their realtor to rely on when they bought their house here. Speaking with them had they known more truthful details about the area they would have picked another location near SFAB. I've never seen a family so happy to get the option to get transfered out of this area even while taking a huge hit on the house they bought a few years earlier and planned to raise their family here.

Sure the Belleville area is great if you spend only a fraction of your time in it and reside elsewhere. Oh yes a few blocks of Mainstreet are quite nice. (well except for the huge asbestos hole) and a few of the neighborhoods still remain nice. But take a drive around and see the gang logo's spray painted on the bus stop signs. Look at the run down homes you have to drive by to get to the lovely Main street. Oh wait 17th street will be the new funnel to get them there off of 15.

and do we even want to discuss property taxes in Belleville? or the whole wheel tax debacle that took place? or just how elected officials are wearing the same rose colored glasses?

Yet again the question was asked about what it is like to live here, not glide through on a big red shoe on a sunny day with the birds chirping and whisk you away at the end of the day.
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i dont like belleville either but millstadt is not the same as belleville. just saying
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The reason I assumed your response to be negative is based on the spin you put on it that made it sound negative. While I currently reside outside of 62220, I have and still do live in or within a close proximity the zip code and work within it often, so your statements are not warranted.

Who said anything about butterflies or roaming fields of daisies? I merely provided the person asking the question with a way to make a fair and accurate assessment of an area that was unbiased by comments such as yours. That is what Realtors do, we don't or at least should not be steering people into or out of an area, as the law requires and a good code of professional ethics mandates. Not to mention, if I were a home owner listed, living within the questioned neighborhood, I rightfully would be very upset with agents that steered potential buyers away, especially based on inaccurate information.

I am very sorry that my answer somehow offended you, however feel it important to provide professional and informative answers to questions which can then allow the person asking the ability to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Have a good Holiday Weekend,
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I loved how you automatically assumed my reply was a negative one, then again someone who is trying to sell you (aka make money off of you) is going to paint a different picture filled with butterflies and roaming fields of daisy's. Also someone who does not actually live in the zip 62220 will also have a blind eye as to what it is like.

The question was asked what is it like living in 62220, not "give me your opinion while you yourself reside outside of the zip code in question"

It's funny how a few realtor's I've spoken with in my hunt for a home agrees with me that if you want to live in the general area Belleville is NOT the place to be looking.
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Paul was very accurate in his answer, contrary to the answer provided by type147guy. The Belleville News Democrat services a very large demographic area and sadly as is the case with most news sites, these days, is prone to providing the news in a way that they believe will produce the best ratings/readership for them and lets face it, we are in an age where blood and gore does just that, I won't even get into the accuracy of such information, I'll let you Google reviews and decide for yourself.

Back to your question though.

Belleville as well as it's surrounding communities provide a smaller town atmosphere than that offered by St Louis, while still being near enough for it's residents to appreciate the many benefits that can only be gained by a large city such as St Louis. Home prices here typically (in my 20 years experience) remain much lower than comparable homes and neighborhoods on the Missouri side of the river, while still being in many cases an even shorter commute for those working down town than what they could find on that side of the river.

I always tell my clients that to ask a person a question like this, will get you a very biased answer. Drive the Neighborhoods, are the houses maintained as you maintain yours, yards well manicured, cars similar to yours and not all beat up and rusted out, kids out playing, people walking their pets, riding bikes and the like? No matter what your answers are to those questions, just the fact that you've driven the neighborhood, should have given you a sense of your own comfort level there. Try waving to those you see within the neighborhood. Do they wave back, smile, offer to help you find what you're looking for? These are a much better gauge of how it would be to live in a neighborhood than asking for biased opinions. Check with the local police department and ask them as well, as they know how often they are called to certain neighborhoods for problem situations and crimes.

By human nature, the City, community, Neighborhood, school district,or whatever, that we live in is the best around. Why would we admit to living there if it weren't, likewise, those that aren't our own, we tend to want to make less favorable, so we can continue to feel better about our own. It's not a bad thing so much as it is a fact. That being the case, look for ways that you can make an informed decision for yourself vs relying on other's biased opinions and you'll be happier in the end.

If I can provide any further assistance, please feel free to let me know,

Terri Blackman
Broker Associate
RE/MAX Preferred
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Please give me more details to your question
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